Deccos, Kelther, Dempsey, and Pritchart

Deccos, Kelther, Dempsey, and Pritchart

A Chapter by dw817

Billock works with the help of corrupt Officer Pritchart. Billock impersonates a law-abiding police-officer and is picked up by Pritchart outside the station when there is a call regarding kidnapping.


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( The 1st Novel - Character Synopsis)
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© June 2014 Written by David Wicker
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Bumbling Arkos Agents

Not much is known on these two agents from Arkos Institute. They approached Tyr's Mother questioning where her daughter was as she was involved in the incident at the construction on-site port-a-john.

Naturally Tyr puts paid to both of them with her telekinetic powers. It is assumed they were reprimanded upon returning to Arkos for their unsuccessful kidnap attempt of Tyr.

In any case, Dempsey showed up afterwards, considerably alone more formidable than the pair.

Arkos Agent - Strongman

Billock from England, is a really big fellow, in his 30s, sporting a mustache and beard that extended so far across his face they not only made sideburns but then climbed back into his ears to complete an inner circle inside his brain, most people thought. It was also suspected then the hair went back out through his nose to start the mustache all over again.

A real grizzly looking fellow.

He is tall, 6 feet 8 inches. Wide like a mack truck. Has so much mat on him he can't wear a watch or would get it entangled in his own body hair requiring scissor intervention. While appearing fat, he is not. His chest is like an iron board feet thick. At 240 pounds, raw muscle, he is not a man to trifle with.

He also works for the Arkos Institute, a secret company that experiments on children who are believed to be gifted with unusual abilities. He is generally the man to do heavy tasks and sometimes to head up kidnapping parties.

Easily lifting 400 pounds in a single grip, few children can escape from him when they are under a bed, behind a dryer, refrigerator, car, or anywhere else for that matter. He almost always has a successful kidnapping, though sometimes, Stefani is employed, especially if the client is a boy as they tend to trust her more.

Billock, despite his massive strength and bulk, is not terribly bright, and sometimes forgets what he is employed for, often scaring children more than necessary and being reprimanded for it by the company, but never being released as the company is secretive and would ultimately have to liquidate him, and he is too useful for them to do that.

He has a shady background. Being fired from several bars in the past employed as a bouncer for unnecessary roughness to its clients, he was finally offered a job to work for Arkos to be their leading strongman for their jobs.

Arkos pays him moderately well, and usually he is intimidating enough alone in appearance without having to use his strength, however, they also often overlook the damage he does to people's homes and public areas, unlike other employers.

Billock works with the help of corrupt Officer Pritchart. Billock impersonates a law-abiding police-officer and is picked up by Pritchart outside the station when there is a call regarding kidnapping.

Since Billock secretly works for the company that kidnaps the children, him and his partner go only out to find what others have seen and relay this information straightaway to Arkos itself.

Billock also has the hots for Stefani, one of the CEOs of Arkos, and, having never had a girlfriend before, he is awkward and callous in his approaches to her. Stefani snubs him cold, only making his desire for her greater.

Wanabee District Police Officer - Informant

Stanlie Pritchart from the UK is a 30-year old man, wiry thin, nicely shaven fellow and often follows the lead of Dempsey who is impersonated as a police officer. Stanlie has a strange lisp and emphasized his T's by spitting air.

Stanlie has always been a shady character, caught lying outright to his superior for a simple burglary charge, he was put on leave for several months and demoted in rank, though maintained active duty after his reprimand for his outstanding work prior in being a security guard.

During his leave, he was offered to be a spy for Arkos Institute sometime after that, and they paid him fairly well for his information, usually leading to gifted children.

Often working with Dempsey, he lets him borrow a police-officer's uniform before they answer a call from parents who phone in to report one of their children being kidnapped.

Since Stanlie works for Arkos, the company that does the original kidnapping, while he writes down what is said, listening to the parents, it is secretly relayed to them, as well as for the police station records. He is rarely sent out except to gather information.

Not much is known about his background. He was originally a security guard for an established warehouse with good recommendations when he joined the police force. Stanlie himself has never been in the institute himself nor knows its secret location. He is wired cash for his services.

Stanlie in his off-hours spends time with Dempsey talking in a bar. They are good friends.


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