Stefani Charteiris

Stefani Charteiris

A Chapter by dw817

When the doctor got up from his chair, he returned Stefani's smile and was thinking of what a good and possibly willing candidate she would be for a full frontal lobotomy.


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Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance
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Arkos Employee - CEO

Stefani is the CEO President of Arkos Institute, a company designed for locating and experimenting on gifted children. Her CEO title she earned solely through paperwork from the director of Arkos himself. No-one knows how she entered the company or even gained immediate promotion for her duties or lack thereof, or even where she came from at all.

Stefani has dazzling physical beautiful. Vain being a serious understatement, she starves herself to maintain a drop-dead gorgeous figure, takes multiple vitamins, works out, and always walks in Arkos instead of taking a tram or bicycle as most other employees do.

She is quite tall, 6 feet, slender, muscular, and gorgeous in every possible way. She dresses to kill, literally, with rainbow highlights in her hair, florescent violet eyeliner, holographic fingernails, fruity lip-gloss, and a skirt that dares to be touched.

She is in her 30s though looks to be much younger and is the crush on nearly every single warm-blooded male in the organization. She has been seen to be polite, generous, playful, and almost always a bit of an exhibitionist, causing boys to look at her with extreme interest and other women to giggle at her bravery and lack of shame.

She often dresses as provocatively as she can get away with while at work, sometimes being reprimanded gently for it in the workplace, which wasn't very often as her figure really did match her outfit, and she strived for perfection at this.

The truth of the matter is she is vindictive and cruel, highly manipulative, and narcissistic. And few people know this, except who are high up in the organization, and they keep it a secret as she is such an effective interrogator when they ask her to be one for one of their gifted children.

As a child, she was sexually abused and forced to do debasing tasks for her Mother and Father, all the way till she was 14-years old. One night however, she got back at them, appearing cheerful one day and baking a nice meal for them. In the meal, she put in heavy tranquilizers she stole from behind a pharmacy's counter when the pharmacist went in the back to refill a candy jar for her.

As everyone slept that night, she got up at 4am to murder them in their sleep, drowning each one, consecutively in turn, in their own home's toilet. Afterwards, she peed on their dead faces and then ran away from home.

She was caught running in the streets weeks later as a young prostitute and brought before a court who ruled her criminally insane being solely responsible for the death of her parents, and she had to be institutionalized in a mental asylum.

She made friends while incarcerated there, and a year later, on her 15th birthday, she was brought before a psychiatrist so they could learn what happened to her in the past that made her so dysfunctional today.

She arrived in the plush office in a strait-jacket, but screamed and yelled about her PPR (patient privacy rights) until the doctor reluctantly asked the orderlies to leave, granting her a private audience with him. Beyond better judgement at her insistent and polite request, he unbound her, to gain her trust.

Then she was completely cordial, benevolent, and eager for a secretive conversation with her caretaker and psychiatrist, as if it were juicy gossip. At the end, she had revealed a great deal to him, showing how completely insane she really was.

The doctor shuddered in his chair and realized he was safer with her being in the strait-jacket, but tried to maintain his smile to her, not showing any fear.

Then she stood up from her chair, reaching out her hand to him, smiling, to shake his for being such a good friend to her. When he got up from his chair, he returned her smile and was thinking of what a good and quite possibly willing candidate she would be for a full frontal lobotomy.

Just before he could hold out his hand to shake hers however, she suddenly lashed out with a hard and high karate kick to his jaw, aiming for a special nerve there she had learned from other inmates, knocking him unconscious in the single blow.

And then, strong teenager that she was, dragged him to the nearest restroom located inside the office she was talking to him in, and opened the door there. She turned on the lights, smiling in delight at the nice clean toilet in there. Immediately she went and peed in it but didn't flush it yet.

Then she dragged her psychiatrist with both hands and a muscular grip that incredibly belied her small size at the time to put his head in the toilet and flushed it. When the water returned to refill the bowl she sat on his back, straddling him and forcing him to stay.

He never recovered consciousness though, making her work that much easier, and resulted in his horrible death by deliberate drowning. She tried to escape then but the orderlies were waiting outside and easily caught her.

Her despicable acts of murder were finally put up for serious criminal charges, multiple counts. She was deemed incurable and ordered for immediate capital punishment, the death sentence, to be carried out on her 16th Birthday. The youngest person to ever receive such a notice.

They then gave her an elevator ride to the top of the mental ward and put her under maximum security, only letting her leave her padded room if she were accompanied by 5 big muscular orderlies. And because they were all women, she couldn't arouse or seduce any of them. She was powerless in their care.

True enough, on her 16th Birthday, she was sent underground in the same facility to an execution chamber prepared for her. But prior to being given a lethal injection, someone in the Arkos Institute showed controversial paperwork to them, claiming they would correctly rehabilitate her and return her as a contributing member to society.

She was released on this shady documentation and weeks later, all her medical records wound up missing too, to the point there was no indication she was ever institutionalized there.

Police records however, were maintained, and she was recorded as having a long history of homicides, drowning others, usually in filthy water. These records were backed up in triplicate so should her fingerprints ever show up again, she would be hunted down and still be given the death sentence.

Rumors floated in Arkos that she must have slept with the Director, Arkos himself, as part of her contract to him for being released from death row. As such, she is immune to any possibility of being let go from the company for her horrendous methods, no matter how terrible they may be.

When she was called to be an interrogator, she was uniquely effective, breaking down their defenses with a wide variety of techniques she has developed herself, often with debasement, intimidation, shame, and other despicable acts.

She has also spent countless hours studying the psychology behind childrens' naive and unconscious visual and audio desires in a perfect companion and friend. In addition to training herself to communicate to a wide range of children at their level in order to ensnare them when she is on a kidnapping assignment.

She takes special pride in the "babyfood" she makes daily, which is nothing of the sort. She takes "colace" every morning and prepares her recipes in the evening on this basis, often putting it in baby-jars. When she is working with a client, she cuts off all their food intake and forces them to eat this every day.

* * *

She is well aware that long-term feeding of it to those she works with will eventually break down their mentality and willpower through lack of proper nourishment, though it doesn't kill them. She keeps at it until she gets complete control over them, and then she does further terrible things to them, testing to see how far she can go in her domination over them.

She includes blurring their own sense of self-identity so they have no ego defenses of their own.

She also sometimes takes an interest in one child that is recorded as having gifted abilities and by visiting them daily, as a friend. She would continuously break them down, day after day with new tasks of debasement until their self-esteem is at their absolute lowest.

Only then, and often reluctantly as her passion is at a peak then, does she release them to Arkos to be experimented on.

Since the children she returns are in such a meek and subservient state, she is lauded and applauded for her incredible and effective methods of causing them to surrender their skills and information. As for the techniques she uses, the organization does not know what they are, and she does not tell them.

A few children she has worked with this way, which seem to stand against her or are prolongedly defiant despite the babyfood she force-feeds them, if they do not bend to her will after weeks of her behavioral adjustments, suddenly and mysteriously die under her care by them somehow accidentally drowning themselves in their own toilet.

She is always dismissed from blame by higher up in authority and is never held responsible when this happens, though those is lower authority murmur uncomfortably to themselves about this.

Because of the disturbance she causes amongst the male workers at Arkos, their direct arousal to her, she hires only women to work in her office and delights in their company. She only occasionally treated one or two hatefully if the friendship became close and she found out they have no sexual depravity of their own. She despised that.

She is also friends with Umeyo, from a different department, sharing some of the same depravity, hers being an interest in giving children enemas when she is interrogating them. They would often visit each other in their quarters and talk long hours with each other in addition to general gossip.

Outside work or during lunch though, Stefani would also flirt with the boys shamelessly, kissing new employees on the fly as they made their coffee in the break room in the morning. She was eagerly looking for boyfriends, but she was very selective at this.

She only dated those few who were completely alone, no family, no friends, and no relations. She checked their work background too and their internet activity. If no-one would look for them should they wind up missing, then she eagerly became their girlfriend and showed them a great time, at least for the first few weeks.

It was a game to her. She'd be quite kind at first, then ask them politely to do something debasing for her, to show their love for her. Then something more humiliating and demeaning. Only if they had learned to scrub her toilet after she used it each time would she consider keeping them on another month.

After that, he would have been so brow-beaten and intimidated by them both physically and psychologically that Stefani would help and convince him, as her lover, to commit suicide. That he wasn't worthy of her affections anymore. And she would be very convincing, with her allure, sexual charm, and background in human psychology.

This often involved in them drowning themselves and she readily helped them to do so in the very inimitable way she liked to have it done.

Once they were dead, she would strip them of their clothes, rings, jewelry, everything else they had, until they were completely naked and she would put them in a large brown bag she carried in her room.

Once she had done this, since she has clearance to all the facilities in Arkos, she would travel 2-miles underground by elevator to the sewage treatment facility.

She always liked this room, as unlike other chemical treatment rooms at Arkos, only bodily waste was permitted in here. Anything else was sorted into other facilities above. It was perfect for her needs.

In the back, behind a locked door were 4 large 25-feet diameter openings in the floor, filled to the top with brown muck and a ladder leading down each for safety. Only one of them had a sprayer on top of it. She always dumped him in the one with the sprayer.

There they were buried in over 50 feet deep of the thick pudding.

She would then climb down a set of winding stairs using a key for a security lock and go down them to find a chair waiting below. Then another locked switch she would activate with a key released special chemicals that would spray from the top that reacted to break down the solid waste matter.

As an added benefit it reacted quite violently to human flesh, turning blood to urine and everything else of her last boyfriend to thick, wet, brown crap in less than 10-minutes, blending them perfectly around the existing waste.

She loved the machine and once kissed the control-box and even grinded her hips passionately against a large part of the machinery for it against the wall until she climaxed, watching with delighted interest as her latest boyfriend dissolved nicely into a mass of putrefying feces in minutes. She was sweating hard, she was so aroused in viewing this transformation.

Oh how easy it is to get rid of troublesome people this way ! If only she had access to it before working for Arkos !

She wasn't sure what chemical was used, or how the process worked, but it was developed from Arkos Research and as such was probably unknown to the rest of the world.

That crap puree then was pushed back up a mile and oozed through the "pipes" while being heated to prevent clogs and smoothed it out more. After a week of this the pudding was sent into a different process which squeezed out the water at almost a molecular level for reuse in the facility and the remaining solid bricks were used for underground support and strengthening tiles.

Stefani marveled at the process of absolute purification, baptism by sewage sludge and months later, those same boyfriends of hers became bricks to strengthen the mantle above the facility.

Stefani often thought to herself and laughed cruelly, "They said they always wanted to support the Institute !"

Her disposing of bodies this way has never been caught to date and she relishes finding new boyfriends to satisfy her sadistic needs.

Though she is not a fool. Dempsey has offered many times to date her and she has turned him down cold, knowing that he is vital to Arkos operations. He keeps trying, however, unaware of how toxic she really is.

However, when she meets Dev, she immediately falls in love with him, treating him as her own loving child, because of his naivety, lack of assertiveness, low self-esteem, and emotional dependency on others. She wants to break his will down gently, until he forgets about Tyr, his true girlfriend and sees her as his only alternative.

She dreams of the day he will look up to her as his own new loving Mother and secret-lover combined.

There is only one man in the company aware of how poisonous she is, and that is Petrov. Having seen destructive relationships in his friends when he was in Russia, he recognizes her for what she is. "The Daughter Of The Devil."

And in truth, he is not far from ...


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Wow, that's very very interesting. Looking forward to finding out what happens next.

Kaze~ :-)

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Stefani is certainly one of the main characters in Future Barrier, Kaze. I started the next book too.. read more

6 Years Ago

Mmm, she's going to be a very interesting character. :-)

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