TNP2-04 "Getting Dressed For Dinner"

TNP2-04 "Getting Dressed For Dinner"

A Chapter by dw817

"I'm pretty certain she doesn't want you running around in - " but she couldn't finish the sentence and holding the panties by both hands dangled them in front of me giggling slightly.


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© May 2014 Written by David Wicker
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* * *


I looked at Trudy's fearful face. "Is that what those are ? Sprinklers, huh ?"

"Sure they are." she said nodding her head but her eyes were tell me, no, that's not what they were. Just then I heard a soft chime go off and Trudy bounced off the love-seat to answer a panel on the wall. She held down the button and spoke into it, "1st floor, room 6. Trudy speaking."

I heard Tricia's voice of confidence come out of the speakers, "Do you and David have everything unpacked yet ?"

"Almost." Trudy said and did an odd hop on one leg stretching on the calf before putting her leg back down. I smiled at the move, she sure was limber.

"That's fine." Tricia replied, "Dinner is almost ready here. Show David his facilities and see to it he is wearing the appropriate attire for dinner."

"Yes ma'am." Trudy said respectfully and closed the line. Trudy then faced me and held out her hand, "David, since this is your room now I'll show you where you can put your things and freshen up."

I nodded and stood, taking her smaller hand in mine. She smiled at me and went to a panel that showed 3 wavy lines above it. I looked at it quizzically. "That's the symbol for water closet, your bathroom. There should be a change of clothes in there too. Why don't you get ready and come out when you're done ?"

I went inside when suddenly Trudy closed the door behind me and I was plunged in pitch darkness. Fumbling around I found the light switch and my bathroom was certainly more elegant than my last. Because I was going to undress I looked behind to see there was a brass button beside the door handle.

I pushed it and it clicked in with a satisfying locking sound. Then I looked at the rest of the bathroom.

Before me to my left was a beautiful silvery sink with 3 faucet handles, not just 2, for hot and cold. To my right was a sumptuous bath or more like a whirlpool. And it was already turned on and the water was churning around it as a fine warm steam rose from the center.

Surely I wouldn't bathe in here ? What about a bathtub ? I looked down near where you were supposed to step in and saw a small plastic bag attached to a spigot that read:

Antibacterial Soap Insert.

For use only with the Jetpool Mark 9 bathing system.

Scent: Rose.

I wrinkled my nose at the all-too floral scent. I wouldn't have time for a bath anyways if we were going to eat. Straight ahead past the sink were 3 doors closely beside each other. The door to the far left and right were storage closets and I saw a gift box in the far right one as that closet door was open.

I ignored that for the moment and checked the center door which was actually a small stall for a commode. Beautiful at that, clearly cutting edge technology. But if you closed that door behind you in the stall, you could easily die of claustrophobia from the small space you were left with.

Nodding, I decided to check out my gift box. It wasn't sealed. Pulling off the lid inside was some folded clothes along with a message printed on monogrammed stationery. It read:

"David. This is a dinner robe. I want you to wear it for our engagement tonight."

* * *

Just a robe ? I looked underneath that in the box and there were some very thin white socks and ... pastel blue undies ? Not underwear but - panties ? The robe was fine and beautiful, black, with a handsome blue and red crescent design on the front and back, very masculine, but I was not going to wear ... what was supposed to be underneath !

I kept my underwear on and slipped out of my clothes into the robe enjoying the comfort of it. I was also hoping this robe went down to my toes and fortunately it did, so at least Tricia wouldn't be the wiser about my undergarments. Surely I could convince her to get me some underwear if she had already tossed my own.

Suddenly I heard Trudy knocking on the door. "David ! You don't have time for a bath ! What are you doing in there ? We need to go !"

And then despite the fact I thought I locked the bathroom door Trudy easily opened it and saw me in the robe. She whistled appreciatively. I barked in anger at her, "I had the door locked !"

Trudy went over to me and motioned me beside the door. "Do you mean this button here ?"

I nodded. It was beside the door handle and apparently the only way to lock the door. Or so I thought.

She shook her head and I saw her earrings flash for a moment from the hair around her ears. Something like a vector design. "Your bathroom doesn't have a lock, David. This just shows that the bathroom is - occupied."

"Don't I get any privacy at all !?" I said raising my temper and my arms in anger and frustration at the same time.

Suddenly Trudy looked down and gave me a soft smile covering her mouth with one hand. I then realized when I raised my arms up the robe which wasn't fastened yet popped open revealing my ...

I flung my arms back down and gripped my chest.

Trudy smiled, "It's okay, David. Everyone wears a robe for dinner. I have one too and we were going to stop by my place to get it but I think Tricia wanted to see you settled in first." Then she reached forward, "Here, honey. You fasten it like this. There's a little clasp on the front. See ?"

"I got it, I got it !" I said waving her away but she wasn't put off by my irritability and leaned down to help me with it.

I watched carefully as she clicked it closed and I checked, the robe was going to stay on this time. I breathed a sigh of relief.

I shook my head and went back over to the gift box and held up the panties to show her, "But - I'm not settled in ! And I'm NOT wearing these ! Where is my underwear anyways ??"

Trudy met me with a serious look taking the fabric from my hands, "David, I just told you, Tricia has a very serious rule about cleanliness here. Remember ?"

I shook my head.

"You remember what we talked about earlier, right ?" she said, getting a little cross herself.

"Yes !" I said finally exasperated.

"Look, I'll - talk to her about getting you some underwear. I'm pretty certain she doesn't want you running around in - " but she couldn't finish the sentence and holding the panties by both hands dangled them in front of me giggling slightly. I looked down at my toes in frustration.

"I'm sorry - I know this is difficult for you." she said and set the fabric on the sink. I continued to look down at my feet. I guess the socks Tricia set out for me would be okay. I went over to put those on. Unfortunately, they were really thin material and hard to stretch over my toes. I sat down on the floor to try and pull them on with no success.

"You want some help with that ?" she asked encouragingly watching me struggle with the material.

"No ! No ! No ! D****t !" I said getting angry again. "Look - can you just go - I'll be a minute, okay ?"


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Interesting very interesting. :-) loved it.


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5 Years Ago

This particular story is difficult to write as I have no drafts from years past, Kaze. Instead I am .. read more

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