TNP2-05 "The Secret Floors"

TNP2-05 "The Secret Floors"

A Chapter by dw817

Trudy spoke, "We passed 19 floors and I don't even know how fast the elevator was to do that without us getting sick. As near as I can tell by clocking it one time, we were traveling over 100mph."


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© June 2014 Written by David Wicker
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"Okay, David." Trudy chirped agreeably. She then turned around and quietly closed the door behind her and I was alone in the restroom again. Already I was starting to smell the rose scent of the bubble-bath and I rubbed my nose in disgust at it.

Starting at the toes and rolling them on by inverting the material I finally to get the darned socklets on.

Then I took the panties from the sink and stuffed them angrily back in the gift box. I then slammed the closet door shut, but it wouldn't close. I slammed it harder, it opened more. I was getting angrier by the minute.

Suddenly I gave it an almighty slam, so hard the gift box fell out and the panties popped out on to the floor.

"David !" I heard Trudy say from outside the restroom.

"Alright, alright ! I'm getting there." I scowled back.

I kicked the box with my foot and finally looked at myself in the mirror. I liked the robe, there was no doubt about that and even the clasp was interesting. A double pyramid, one hollow, and the other like an acrylic inverted outline.

I scratched my head on why I had to wear a stupid robe anyways and finally opened the bathroom door to see Trudy was carefully arranging all my Teddy Bears on the far wall which had slats so you could build your own shelving.

Seeing me she nodded. "All set ?"

"Yeah, I guess so." I said sourly, "That had better be a great dinner."

"I'm understanding Tricia prepared it herself." Judy said as she reached over to get her own pocketbook.

"Oh, can you ?" she said suddenly, standing by the door to the main hallway.

"Can I what ?" I asked confused.

Trudy waved her hand in front of me. I understood. I waved my own hand in front of the sensor device and the door opened. I was puzzled though.

"Couldn't you do that yourself ?" I inquired.

"No." Trudy replied, "I - we - can come and see you but you have to let us out. I'm - not certain why Tricia has it set up that way in here but that's the way it is for all the rooms and all the - guests."

Weird indeed ! "What room are you in then ?" I asked her looking around and seeing only the 10 rooms.

"I'm on a different level, David. We'll take the lift."

I followed her and I thought we were going to the lift I arrived on but apparently there was a different one. What I thought was an expansive closet was actually an elevator. It was quite different from the first one in that it didn't seem to have the same kind of complex security measures the first one had.

"So, what - floor are you on, Trudy ?"

"It's supposed to be the 2nd floor, but I call it the 20th, you'll see why here in a minute."

I watched. To the left of the elevator door was a large metallic plate, I guess decorative, and to the right of that was a set of simple set of elevator switches covering 3 floors with 3 switches, as well as one for an emergency.

"Now watch this." she said as she pressed the "2." I watched. She pointed to the closed door ahead of me. "Watch closely. Here I'm gonna get the lights." Suddenly we were plunged in darkness except for the light barely shining ahead from the closed elevator door.

And then we were off ! While I didn't feel any discomfort it was clear the elevator was flying at high speed ! And just like she said, I counted a good 19 floors from the ascending ramp lights ahead. Arriving, above the elevator it lit up and showed in green digital print "2."

Trudy turned the lights back on.

"2nd floor my a*s !" she said scowling, "You saw it didn't you ?"

I nodded. She continued, "We passed 19 floors and I don't even know how fast the elevator was to do that without us getting sick. As near as I can tell by clocking it one time, we were traveling over 100mph easily but there was no sense of momentum or even stopping. How can it do that ?"

I shrugged, I really didn't know. But despite the fact the elevator said we were on the 2nd floor, the evidence was clear. We weren't - we were on the 20th floor so clearly and impossibly - somehow this residence went 30 floors underground and that it apparently was a big secret to the people staying here.

Then I asked the important question. "If people are staying on the 20th and 30th floors, let's say, what's happening on all the other unlisted floors ?"

"Don't know. But I'm gonna tell you right now, David. You keep this to yourself. I've lived here 5-years now and I've seen all kinds of kooky things in that time period. I know once I went from the '1st' to '2nd' late at night and somewhere between there I saw a weird green glowing light from beyond the elevator door that wasn't there before."

"Best to leave well enough alone." I warned her. She nodded. I looked back at the elevator and even in raised print it said, "2nd Floor."

I shook my head dismissing the strangeness of it. Ahead it was curious, it was almost like a carbon copy of of the first floor with a few subtle differences. The air smelled more refined, there were a few different paintings hanging up on the walls, and I heard voices from the rooms as we approached them from the left.

Suddenly she stopped before a room marked, "3" and using her hand motion went in. I started to follow in after her but suddenly she pushed me back out. I gave her a bewildered look, I mean, after all she freely entered my room and I couldn't even see hers for a moment ?

She smiled at me obviously knowing I felt cheated here and said, "Later maybe. Look I'll change and be right out."

And then the door closed in front of me. I waited for a moment and then thought I would do to her what she did to me. I waved my hand over the sensor but it gave back a short angry beep letting me know that I didn't have authority.

I sighed and leaned against the wall to wait on her. Suddenly I saw a woman to my left step out of her room, but she looked really odd, like she was in the military or something, a flight jacket and even a captain's hat. She walked by and greeted me with a polite smile and in high-heeled shoes clicked her way to the elevator.

I waited a moment more and was thinking about knocking when she stepped out. Whereas I was in a black robe she was in a violet one, very pretty, with a kind of undersea coral design printed on it and clear iridescent seahorses.

Before I could say anything polite though my stomach rumbled unhappily. Trudy suddenly stepped close and embarrassed me thoroughly by leaning down her head and spoke to it rubbing it in a circle with her hand, "Whassamatta ? You hungry or something ?"

I pulled away from her grip. She patted me comfortingly on my back. Then the door behind her closed automatically and we were headed back to the elevator to see Tricia at the upstairs dining room for dinner which surely was ready by now.


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Really nice. :-))))


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Sorry, responding to a different post. Glad you like it. :) This story is fictional, whereas the one.. read more

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