Dream Diary - June 24th 2014

Dream Diary - June 24th 2014

A Chapter by dw817

Ready For Launch / Spanky's Vengeance / Dry On A Bike / Sewer Long Folks / Cat People / Mark Of Education / Treasure Hunt / False Father / Grocery Shopping / Out Of Control Car


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  Dream Diary  


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© June 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


* * *

These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


Dreamed I was with Chris, my best friend, and he was driving very recklessly. There was an opportunity for him to be presented in a show.

I was talking in a strange voice and the people standing around thought it was funny, like me and him were a sideshow or something.

This lady gave us a branch bone, like from a turkey. I give you mental, clean bill of health. But the bad guy from the mental ward was there. I told Chris to walk away, just walk away, don't bother him.

Oh, I was also wearing a space suit through half of the dream.


Dreamed about a character from Spanky And Our Gang. They came to see me, all dressed in black. Spanky was there and said he wanted vengeance. He showed me a clip on video where he was covered over in sand like at a beach.

I smiled and said, you don't want vengeance. Chris showed up and we kept Spanky there until he let go of this idea of getting even with the others who buried him in the sand.

I told him he was stirring embers in a fire. You could make a bigger fire and not even be aware of it until it was too late.


I had this really fancy bicycle. It had a roof over it so you didn't get wet when it rained. Everybody was trying to steal it from me. It was gasoline powered too. When you turned the handle it would start going forward.

I stopped by a gas station to fill it up, 7-11, but there were some bad people there. They wanted to steal my neat bike so I had to lock it up while I was in the store.


Dreamed I was living in a sewer. There was this fellow there who said he was working on a book and if anyone said anything negative about it, he would kill them. I said show me your book after I had accidentally stood on his hands.

Instead he reached for a gun and on the side of the pistol it said 273 rounds. About that point I woke up.

?? Woke up saying, "Irsen Purse" like it was a person's name.


Dreamed of a science fiction movie with Jim Carrey. You had these people launched in a space shuttle. They landed in a swamp on Earth.

They think they are on a different planet but they are not. But there are alien artefacts there nonetheless. For instance, bones and teeth of some animal that can't possibly exist.

There is this red bobber floating in the water that I go chasing after.

We finally come across this family living there that look very much like cats in the face. One cat person swallows this giant spider. I get sick and start throwing up, then I wake up.


Dreamed I was back in school. I couldn't find my homeroom. All I could find was a bunch of classes that were nurseries for very young children. I spoke with one of the teachers, a woman who was wandering in the halls.

She avoided my question of finding homeroom and said, well, we're going outside for recess. Outside was another woman who was interesting. She was using spray-paint to put messages sideways on the walls outside the school.

Then she noticed me and said, David, I like your art, you need to show me how you paint. Then I woke up.


I'm hanging out with these hillbillies, but they have this beautiful and powerful microscope. I say I want to use it. I look inside and I see a map, a treasure map. And it points to a gold treasure chest so it's quite valuable.

I tell them about it and they say let's see what we can find. We start outside the cabin to go look for the treasure and I wake up.


[8] This was going to be a nightmare, but I didn't let it become so. There was light everywhere. And there was a darkness descending. A dark being came to visit me and it centered around Dad so he was controlled by the being.

I lured him into the kitchen, then I picked 'Dad' up by his arms and shoved him right up against the kitchen light where he burned and screamed and turned into a red monkey that had sharp teeth and claws.

Then he turned into a can opener, then a pocketknife. Then my real Dad showed up. I handed the pocketknife to him and it was still screaming while Dad put it in his pocket.

Dad started making a U-turn back in to ask me about it. I realized I had better wake up so I did.


[9] Dad said if I want cereal I had better buy some milk. So I said yes. I walked into my bedroom and saw all kinds of toys I had lost. He gave me the money for the milk. Then Kay came in and said can you pick up some peaches for my Grandfather.

I said, yes, I can do that. Then we were seeing bugs and insects everywhere. Roaches, ladybugs, everything. There was this giant roach that all the insects picked up and started to drag under the house.

There were cats in the house and they were wailing too knowing something was wrong. All kinds of cats. I woke up hearing a cat meowing outside.


Dreamed my car wasn't acting right. It took off like a fireball. I let go of the steering wheel and it shot up the side of a building and tore it down. It tore down a billboard too. People watching were like, oh dude, you need a new car.

I saw a friendly detective. I had seen him in other dreams and he was always helpful. He said, well David, what is it now ?

But I couldn't answer. I was coughing up sharp bits of glass from my lungs from the collision with the building. He said, take your time.

I finally could speak and he said, well, let's go see your car.

He looked it over and said that it was totaled and wouldn't run again. I asked him if he would give me a ride home and he said, yes.

But before we arrived he stopped at this ice-cream parlor, went through the drive-through and got me a vanilla cone. In the middle of the cone of ice-cream was a pink plastic monkey which I kept as a souvenir for the day.

Then I woke up.

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It's really a great way to develop your writing isn't it to write about your dreams.. nice work !!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

Thanks ... I keep a little audio-recorder under the pillow at night so I don't lose any sleep trying.. read more

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