FB1-58 "What Did She Say ??"

FB1-58 "What Did She Say ??"

A Chapter by dw817

She was some kind of Socio-Psycho-Sexual Assassin ! It's because I didn't divulge any information about Tyr when I had a chance earlier to that agent, Petrov ! Ordered by Arkos to terminate me !


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© June 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission


* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Up to this point I had been nodding my head up to now, but suddenly my brain scream an alarm on that word she spoke. Like an unconscious movement I jerked back, so hard I'm sure the mattresses shifted their position; both of them. My hand snapped from her grip and I choked hard on my tongue.

If Stefani noticed my change of mood, she failed to show it as she smiled and leaned forward to follow me.

"Right, so it's just one more jar for my good boy Dev and it's sleepy-bye until the morning. I'm so proud of you !" and with a big smile on her face she scooped out another gooey morsel to put in front of my face as if I was going to eat, 'here comes the airplane' again.

What was I eating ? What did she say !? She had to be kidding ! I looked intently at her eyes for any betrayal of a lie and she only smiled politely back at me. I scanned her expression for any sign of deception, any sign that she had to be teasing me about this ! She had to ! There was no possible way she could be serious about this !

And then my brain started running down a hundred corridors to try and determine just what it was I was eating. It was babyfood right ? I could've punched myself right now for not having tried it out of curiosity when I was younger. Would I know the difference ? Would ANYONE ??

Maybe that's why I was burning up right now. I had a fever and I was sick, VERY sick. I was eating something you're not supposed to. Why would she do this to me ??

"Eat it, Dev." she said a little dangerously now. I kept my mouth closed and started to leap out of the bed when I suddenly felt an intense pain in my wrist and cried out glaring at that darned bracelet attached to me.

"That's just 1." she said, the kindness now missing from her voice. "It goes all the way up to 32, but I suspect if I did that, you'd need to be carried away in a stretcher, if not a dustpan." and she laughed with an evil lilt.

The fever was eating me alive now, that combined with the fear that she was going to make me eat more of her wretched babyfood sent my head in a terrible spin. I fell back on the bed breathing hard trying to figure a way out of this.

Stefani seeing I was distracted, reached over to lock my bracelet to the arm of the bed again. Then she got up with the jar and started walking to the microwave.

"I think the main problem is it needs to be warmed a little." and she put it in the opening, clicking it for 45-seconds. As it heated up she reached back to hike up her panties again. Now I would NEVER be interested in that little quirk of hers again, EVER. Not with - where my head was right now !

I pulled hard on the chain and the bed didn't budge a millimeter. I suspected it was not only bolted to the ground but made from reinforced iron. I doubt a dozen strong people could shift it.

The microwave dinged completion and she pulled it out, putting the spoon back in stirring it with vigorous interest, clattering it against the glass. Visible steam rose from the jar.

"Mmmm !" she said trying to convince me how good it was. "It really is better heated. I think you'll like the taste of it better now."

She started walking back over to my bed where I was handcuffed and my brain was in dire confusion. WHY did she want me to eat this stuff ? I thought hard and recalled a bit of text I saw on the internet years ago, "Eat s**t and die."

* * *

That was it ! She was some kind of Socio-Psycho-Sexual Assassin ! It's because I didn't divulge any information about Tyr when I had a chance earlier to that agent, Petrov ! She was ordered by Arkos to terminate me; codename: NASTY.

I was going to die ! That's why my forehead was burning up, my stomach felt so terrible, and I was swimming in dizziness that just wouldn't quit !

She sat back next to me on the bed. Her eyes sparkled with new playfulness. "Ok Dev, now it really is going to taste GREAT now. Let's finish this tasty jar up so you can go to bed and we'll have a nice busy bizzy wizzy day tomorrow."

This was too much. I sat back up with my hand in front of me pleading and pulling on the chained one besides. "Stefani, you don't have to kill me ! What is it you wanted to know, about Tyr ? I'll tell you, I'll tell you ANYTHING, only - please - don't - make - me - eat ... !"

"Hmmm ?" she said raising her pitch innocently and held out another slimy spoonful in front of me. I could really smell it now with the steam rising off and it was just, plain, disgusting. My tummy gurgled. It definitely didn't want any more.

She put the spoonful back in the jar and stirred it absently. "C'mon Dev, just one more jar and you'll sleep really well, I promise." she assured me.

Yeah, I'll sleep well alright. I'll be DEAD ! And she was probably the kind of kinky girl that got her thrill by poisoning others with her "all-natural" babyfood. I'm certain Arkos sent her here at midnight to kill me. Terminate Dev, have fun doing it.

Finally she surprised me laughing saying, "Dev. You're not going to die ! All those good feelings you're feeling now ? The warmth, the dizziness, the sleepiness ? That's all from the healing and beneficial properties of my babyfood. It's really quite good for you."

Then she raised her arms to the ceiling angrily, "Gosh darned it if people just don't know what to do with such wholesome goodness as only I can make it for them !"

My eyes bugged out of their sockets and my jaw fell open in awe. Ok, so maybe I wasn't going to die but she was now stark raving MAD !

I shook my head. She scooped up another spoonful and with a really friendly smile held it in front of me. I clenched my mouth shut and stared at her with an anger I hadn't felt before.

She returned the glob back to the jar with a clatter of the spoon. "Going to be difficult, huh ?" she said, in a voice carrying challenge. I nodded tersely.

She shrugged her shoulders and sighed, then reached behind into her dufflebag and pulled out a strange device, it looked like a small plastic box for first-aid. It had a wire on the end of it ending to a matching blue-color plastic box with a control.

"Ever seen one of these, Dev ?" she asked with a wicked smile.

No, I hadn't, but I didn't grace her with an answer. I continued to stare at her with even malevolence.

She reached to her bracelet and tap-tapped it. I stared in horror to my wrist where my own bracelet was shooting out painful little barbs of electricity into it. "Lie down, Dev. I'll take care of everything, okay hun ?"

I didn't like the hurt I was feeling, so I complied but kept my other arm out of her reach and my mouth shut tight. I closed my eyes additionally wishing this nightmare would end. Stefani, sensing I was vulnerable now started to lift the covers off of me. Despite my hatred, it was like being with Lilly all over again with the towel !

I tried hard to think ! What about ? Oh yeah, Baseball baseball baseball !

"What is this ?" she said laughing. "GIRL's panties ? Dev, is there something I should know about you ?" and she giggled to herself.

Keeping my eyes closed I replied through clenched teeth, "Your assorted NUTS that kidnapped me also took Tyr's clothing instead of my own."

I reached to protect myself down there with me free hand as she was obviously going to do something untoward down there but then she zapped me with that darned bracelet again.

"Hands back, Dev. This is a woman's job." she said like it was a time bomb ready to go off. I opened my eyes to see what she was up to and raised slightly on my elbows for a better view. She took the strange device and strapped it around my bare leg, close to my inner thigh.


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I agree with the others that have commented on this. AMAZING!


Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Really ? My - well thank you ! This story does go on for quite a-ways, and it's gone through a few r.. read more
I like your writing style very much. Very easy to fall within the words and wish to continue. Very well done xx

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Hi, thanks KWP ! I try to make them like cliffhangers too so you gotta read the next chapter to see .. read more

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