TNP2-11 "Panties"

TNP2-11 "Panties"

A Chapter by dw817

"Not really." I mumbled under my breath, not really - not really - to all of this ! No abuse was worth this ! And I was going to get MARRIED to her on top of it all !? Maybe I could talk to Trudy.


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© July 2014 Written by David Wicker
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* * *

Rated: TEEN

Seeing me, Tricia stood up suddenly and said simply, "Off." and the beads went dark.

There was a moment of silence as I stared at the black screen trying to memorize what I saw before she finally spoke again, a little crossly, "You need to hurry and get dressed." She looked at me with a blank stare.

I brought over the offending package to hand to her. "You - must've given me the wrong set. I think this one is mine." and I took the other bundle she set aside on the couch.

"If you say so, honey." she said and gave me a most disarming smile.

From the look on her face I knew something was wrong. I peered down at the wrapped bundle I just picked up. They were the same undies, same size, but PINK and this time with white frilly lace !

"Personally, I think you'll look darling in them." she said and then looked around my room as if that was a perfectly normal thing to tell someone.

What did she just say !?

I felt sick, weak, dizzy, all the above. Finally I exploded, "NO !" and gave her back the bundle so she had both in her arms. She shrugged and handed me back the white ones. I was confused now. They were both sets of - I swallowed hard - panties - surely she didn't expect me to ...

"No !" I said my voice rising in alarm interrupting my thoughts. "What about underwear ? Guy's underwear ! There is a difference ya know !"

Tricia threw the pink set down on the floor, a clear sign of disapproval from my tone of voice and approached me with a dangerous look in her eye as if the white pair were a weapon.

She shoved them hard up against my chest and spoke angrily, "Now you listen to me little mister and you listen good. What's good enough for me is good enough for you. When I think you can wear big boy pants I'll let you know, and not until then. Now put these on, NOW !"

"That's not fair !" I wailed looking miserably down at them.

"Do you want your damned money or not ?" she said raising her voice at me.

I looked up at her, shocked she would say something like that. Finally I walked away dejectedly back into the bathroom with the horrid bundle in my hands.

"Not really." I mumbled under my breath, not really - not really - to all of this ! No abuse was worth this ! And I was going to get MARRIED to her on top of it all !? Maybe I could talk to Trudy and have the whole thing called off and - and I could get back in touch with Rose ?

Rose ! She could solve this. She could solve anything ! I pinched the bridge above my nose forcing the tears not to follow, as if tightening a vein there would stop them. God I missed her. Money ruins EVERYTHING I told myself. And this was a clear example.

I took off the robe to toss to one side and glare at the package angrily holding them up so I could see just how much I hated them.

My brain was all aflutter. Rose teased me, I knew that. But NOT like this ! This was - wrong - what Tricia was doing ! Some kind of demeaning behavior. I looked at the bundle and squeezed them hard, forcing the air out of them, and finally threw them on the floor in utter contempt and disgust.

Suddenly I sensed movement behind me and it was Tricia ! She apparently wasn't going to give me any privacy either by walking in quietly to see that I did what she told me to ! And I was naked besides !

"Decided not to wear them after all !?" she asked in a severe tone.

I looked at her, furious she wouldn't give me any ground on this, "Tricia - I can't ! Okay ? There's just - some things I won't do, alright ?"

"Fine." she said reaching down to pick up my regular underwear, rather ragged at this point, and stuffed it in that same bag she was carrying. "I'll dispose of these in any case."

My eyes squinted in anger. I was seriously thinking of jerking that bag away out of her grip to retrieve them. She spoke darkly to end my muddled thoughts, "It's this or nothing, so what is it going to be, David ?"

* * *

"Then I'm not going !" I snarled back, determined to be firm about this.

"Then you're not getting your damned money !" she bellowed back at me.

I tightened my fist in frustration. She stepped closer intimidatingly and if I thought she was mad earlier, she was positively livid now.

"And let me tell you something little mister, I don't appreciate the way you've been acting. Out of the kindness of my heart, I let you in my home, I let you wear my clothes, I let you eat my food, I give you a roof over your head, and THIS is how you treat me !?"

I hated arguments. I hated them so much I always gave in to them, especially to Rose. To this day I couldn't think of one argument I won against Rose and maybe that's why we had been together as long as we had ?

I didn't know anymore. I just know I didn't want to be where I was right now. I wanted - I liked it when I was asleep with Trudy. She would never treat me like this ! I was certain of it !

"Look I don't mean - " I said apologetically but she cut me off stepping closer until she was leaning her bloused chest against my bare own. She sidestepped me until she was behind me and rubbed my shoulders comfortingly.

Then she spoke in a tone of soothing confidence, "Look David, no-one is going to see what you're wearing under there - except me. We're going to be married ! I think you'll find that gives me certain liberties with you."

She stepped to face me again and raised her voice, "And since your Mother apparently did such a lousy job of bringing you up - "

I interrupted her, "You take that back !" I was angry and there were tears in my eyes now, and I couldn't stop them no matter what now.

"Why ?" she queried challengingly.

"Because - because - " and my voice faltered, "Because she didn't raise me."

She threw her hands in the air exasperated, "Well then who the hell did raise you is what I'd like to know !?"

"My Dad." I said flatly.

She sighed trying to be reasonable, "Fine, well, your Father. I'm sure - he's a good man and all but he did NOT teach you how to clean up after yourself, how to feed yourself properly - " she paused to look down at my nakedness up front which I quickly covered up with my hands and glared her in the face. I felt scared now, like a naked mole rat cause I knew I didn't have any body hair either.

She continued staring intently without shifting her gaze, "and I'll bet there are a lot of other things I'll find out about you besides to show the absolute neoteny about yourself ! My GOD my work is truly cut out for me !"

Her tone softened, "David - listen, I'm only doing what's best for you, honey, can't you see that ?"

I stayed silent covering myself. At a level I knew she was trying to help but at another she was terribly controlling. If I went along with this, what other terrible things would she have me do ?

But I didn't have a choice right now. I knew she could make my life a living hell if I let her. More so than just this ! And - I didn't want that. Better to go along with whatever madcap ideas she had right now and see if I can earn her good graces later.

I reached down to snatch up the package I threw on the floor earlier and covered my front with them. Then I turned around, my back to her and  pulled the packing open and took a pair and put them on and then turned around to look at her with a fierceness that let her know I was going along with her - for now.

They weren't even cotton, my favorite fabric, but some kind of satin. God, could this get any worse ?

If I expected applause or a show of appreciation to this humiliating act, there was none to be had.

"That's a start." she said impatiently looking down at me. "Now get dressed. We're already late to meet him."

I sighed. She stayed where she was, apparently determined to still not give me any damned privacy at all.

Going over to the closets I did see that she had apparently washed and pressed my 2-business outfits so I picked out the lighter colored pants and dressed in it. I took my business shirt and smelled - yes - there it was - some kind of fabric softener - rose - of all scents.

I bit my tongue keeping silent about it's floral fragrance and got dressed nonetheless remembering what I was taught back at work from the bathroom attendant there. I wash my hands first, front and back. I tuck my shirt-tail in, all the way. And then I zipped my zipper to the tippy top.

"Come here. Let me see." she said sharply.

I walked over. She got behind me and tugged up on my belt causing my pants to tighten up against me. Then she did this all the way around. In a way it was familiar, like at work. But I didn't like the way it made me feel. It was as if - she felt I didn't even know how to dress myself. After all this time and all the tutoring at work ?
(seen in previous novel, chapter 7)

Finally she sighed discouragingly as if I were a dismal failure, "That'll have to do for now. Come on ! We're late. And Smithers is waiting outside for us."


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The Nancy stories are getting better and better with every chapter. :)

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I'll just warn you know that I haven't been on writerscafe a lot lately, due to school. But I'll sti.. read more

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Ok ok... :)
Great write DW! Love the Nancy stories!


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Thanks, Cody ! I have less of this archived so in a few weeks I'll be forced to write new content fo.. read more

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