Annie Cryshta

Annie Cryshta

A Chapter by dw817

Annie was the leader in most things and often balked at authority figures and stood up to them. She was a terrible bully in schools, headed up groups, and had her time in fierce gangs as well.


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Tyr's Adoptive Mother

Annie Cryshta, when she was younger, was a strong and strict person as she was growing up, taking no guff from anyone, as her parents brought her up to be. She was the leader in most things and often balked at authority figures and stood up to them. She was a terrible bully in schools, headed up groups, and had her time in fierce gangs as well.

You were either stupid or foolish to attempt to rob her in the streets as she would literally kick your a*s, and then hand it back to you, wrapped as a present. She was powerful, forceful, aggressive, never called the police on anything, and few people ever went against her once they learned how empowered and independent she was.

And she dated no-one, nor ever married, never giving anyone any leverage over her.

However, since she adopted Tyr she has been drained of all this. Now, being weathered and beaten from Tyr's relentless misbehaving she and has, in the past, spanked her more than 20 times in one day.

She now usually just nods her head quietly to most anything that happened in their household and doesn't bother with discipline anymore, as it seldom made a difference. If she did discipline Tyr, then Tyr would cry as loud as humanly possible and make it appear to neighbors like she was being seriously abused.

And sometimes Tyr had the mind to spread vicious rumors about her own mother this way, especially if Tyr was in serious trouble from school. Annie learned this, the hard way, and always realized there would be consequences in disciplining Tyr.

At one point, Annie spoke with the Orphanage, but they refused to take her back. Only if Tyr stole money or property, hurt someone so they wound up in the hospital, or seriously managed to hurt herself in some way, would they consider it.

And with what they knew of Tyr from school records, they weren't about to take her back ! Why the influence on other well-behaved children would be disastrous !

And Tyr was a perfect angel when the people from the orphanage came to check up on her. Tyr convinced the orphanage that Annie wasn't all there in the head, and that she made up these stories about her.

But Tyr, appearing more mature than she was, told the Orphanage that she was a good Mummy nonetheless, and that she would look after her as best she could.

Tyr was terribly convincing ! With these new rumors floating around, Annie grew wrinkles and aged well before her time. She finally decided it was better to let Tyr be, with only occasional discipline which really did no harm but let Tyr know that she was still the Mother in the family.

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Annie originally grew up in a broken home, and mispronounced words and used them in the wrong context sometimes. Since she raised Tyr, this is reflected in her as well. Sometimes Dev would try to correct Tyr in her speech and while she would let him and ONLY him correct her, she would still often shoot him down for it.

Since adopting Tyr, she never married, always telling herself that she wouldn't put any man through the kind of torture Tyr often put her through daily.

Annie worked for a little clothing company and prayed for the days when she could be away from the house, either visiting others or on extended vacations. During this time she called Maggie, or Ms. Oshmeyer to babysit Tyr, so she would not have to keep track of Tyr's mischievousness every day.

Tyr was a high-maintenance child and Annie, at the young age in her mid 30s already had gray hair and sore joints from Tyr's continued bad behavior.

Annie was also used to the huge collection of mail telling what BAD things Tyr did TODAY that she received from school. The schools, having giving up disciplining Tyr as she usually smashed things around her in a temper tantrum, or spread believable vicious rumors about the teachers, finally left all of it up to her Mother, Annie, to straighten her out. Little chance there !

And Annie couldn't take her out of school, nor could the school expel her due to an unusual policy both she and the school signed from the Orphanage. And once the first school signed it, unless they wanted to break the law, ALL the schools had to sign it. It was a seamless policy. Tyr could not be taken out of school for any reason.

Despite all this, Annie did dearly love Tyr, despite her consistent shenanigans. And Tyr, for the most part, was a loving child to her. Annie would tuck her in bed at night, read her bedtime stories, and was the most beautiful and caring child any Mother could ever hope for. But only when things were going well for Tyr.

As Tyr did get older though, she did spent more time focusing on teasing Dev and less time hassling her Mummy about homework, housework, or misbehaving in public.


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