Dream Diary - Special Entry, "Return To The Ward"

Dream Diary - Special Entry, "Return To The Ward"

A Chapter by dw817

"That's fine." he began, "Look, my name is Sam, I'm just the janitor here. Where you are now is a bit of a secret. I can take you away, but you can't know where you are. I have a way to remedy this."


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  Dream Diary  


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© August 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.

Occasionally there may be a special entry, such as this one, which covers the week.

This particular special entry won first place in a recent Dreamers Contest !


* * *

This entry is Rated: EVERYONE


Most of my dreams are focused around school, classes, bullies, finding my way home, and spiders. Last night, however, I had a dream of returning to the mental ward. And - I have had a few dreams of this, the fear of losing my independence and being locked up in mental ward with no way to escape.

This dream was like that, let me explain.

I remember being in this big white building and no-one would tell me where I was. Dottie was there. I was mad at her. She wouldn't tell me about Dad.

And every time I confronted her, someone from behind forcefully gave me an injection of something in my back from a painful needle. It took two of them and then I vanished from that scene to be replaced by another.

I wanted out of this place. I didn't know where I was and it was like a big secret. I finally found a way to open a window and there was a pretty garden out there several hundred feet below.

I stepped out the window and jiggled my arms and legs a certain way, I was going to fly. I had done this before. It was pushing against the air beneath me and raising myself up, trying to clear myself of the tall walls around me to touch open sky.

I was doing so when some doctors came in and reaching out the window tried to grab me. I knew that if they caught me it would be more needles. So I pushed hard on my arms and legs to stay aloft and out of their reach.

Finally they left and a different fellow arrived, dressed very differently, in plain clothes like a plumber. He talked to me peacefully enough. "David, I understand you don't want to be here. And that's fine with me. We don't need you to stay. But you need to come inside now."

For some reason I trusted him and descended a bit. He pointed over his shoulder, "See there ? The door is locked from the inside, it's just you and me. Can I get you to come in for a minute ? I promise I won't hurt you."

I was hesitant but did fly to the window and climbed back through. "That's fine." he began, "Look, my name is Sam, I'm just the janitor here. Where you are now is a bit of a secret. I can take you away, but you can't know where you are. I have a way to remedy this."

"If you'll give me a second, I'll get it for you. Do you trust me ?"

There was a quiet moment. Well, did I ? He certainly seemed to be in my best interest.

"Sure." I said finally.

"Good, I'll be right back. You stay here. Won't be but a minute. Lock the door if you like."

I nodded, then he unlocked and opened the door. Outside there was a mass of staff members waiting, but true to his word, no-one entered. I locked the door in any case after he left.

I looked around. It wouldn't take much to climb back out the window and try my flight out of here again.

As I was thinking this, I heard a knocking. "Hey, it's me, Sam. Open up. It's just me, no-one's going to hurt you."

I unlocked the door and this time out of curiosity I opened it wide all the way to see a whole assortment of doctors and nurses out there busily talking to themselves and pointing at me like I was some big problem.

They were ready to move but stayed where they were. Sam came back in, carrying a black bag.

As soon as he entered I locked the door again.

He motioned me to sit in the chair and reaching in his bag and pulled out a breathing mask, a really small one. I watched as he unfolded it. "Oh don't worry, it's just oxygen. You breathe enough of this and you'll be asleep in no time and I'll take you to your Dad's place, would that be alright ?"

"Sure." I said.

"Fine, just breathe in through here."

I pulled back ready for the window again. He held out an empty hand, "Look, see ? It's under your control. I'm not going to do anything. I know you're feeling a little testy right now. You just do it and once you're asleep, I'll take you back, it's as simple as that."

I didn't say a word. I sat down in a chair in the room, there was a long white table and a white  cardboard box like a shoebox. In it were little pieces of candy, like candy corn, cinnamon drops, and mallow pumpkins.

In the back of my mind I felt like it was October so this was Halloween candy.

"Just take a few breaths to get started," he offered as I was lost in my thoughts.

I looked at the device. It wasn't complex. It had a square tank with a little nozzle on it and a pressure reading. Currently it read zero.

"This is the only way ?" I asked.

"This is the only PAINLESS way." he offered, smiling in a strange way. I wondered if perhaps I was being blamed for some crime I didn't commit and was brought here for therapy and - he knew this and wanted me to leave without a fuss, possibly against orders.

I nodded, put the mask to my face and turned on the handle. As he said, it was just oxygen, pure, and sure enough I was feeling comfortable and sleepy.

"That's just fine." he said after several minutes of silence, but his voice was behind me. What was he doing ?

I was too tired to turn my head and look when I felt strong hands on my shoulders. Two on my left and - TWO on my right ??

I struggled to get out of my seat and let the mask fall to see he had unlocked the door and let in two orderlies, great big guys in white suits, and a pretty female doctor with a sick smile on her face.

She spoke in a candied voice clearly reserved for children, "David ! There you are, we need to get you back to your room, honey, okay ? It's not your fault. Everything is going to be fine !"

I whirled on the man I trusted. "You LIED to me ! You you - " I stuttered on the words. Finally adding, "You just want to do experiments on me so you can find out how I fly in the air."

"Farthest thing from my mind." Sam said easily enough. "What, you don't believe you can fly do you ? How long have you believed this ?"

He turned to face me and spoke in a serious tone, "I came in here and you were threatening to jump out the window, I just came in to calm you down. We didn't need an incident."

Tears fell down my face now. "No, you're lying ! You SAW me flying out there - out - out - outside this window. I was pushing my arms down to keep afloat. I've flown many times before !"

The look on his face was indescribable. He was either lying to me again or giving me the look that I really was crazy believing I could fly.

I sat down hard in the chair and the orderlies held me in place as a new mask was put on from behind. This one wasn't quite so kind and had a locking mechanism behind it which they fastened into place.

I saw the tank this one had, it was a black cylinder with the words, "Methoxyflurane" on it. With a hissing I knew it was turned on.

I had to do something - SOMETHING, to get away !

I reached into the box and felt the candies. Somehow in my mind I felt I could write a message for help by re-arranging the candies. I did so. Sam came beside and looked and said, "David, David, what are you doing there ?"

Then the female nurse came over and said in her saccharin sweet voice, "Oh, you're decorating for Halloween. That's so sweet ! Isn't that what you're doing, David ?"

My brain was fried by the gas, all of a sudden I felt like I was 3-years old and I felt my head nod forward and I spoke words, "Yes ma'am."

"That's just fine, David, it's very pretty, we'll save it for you. We're going back to your room now. Remember the one you counted the pillows in ? The padded room. You can count those squares all you want and I'll come to check on you in a few hours and I'll even bring applesauce for you, won't that be nice, honey ?"

At this point in my bed I was jerking my head and neck straight up to leave this damned nightmare.

I finally woke up, my teeth chattering. It - was a long and involving dream. Normally I don't have dreams this vivid, but I did, so I thought I would get it all written out and share some of my fears with you.

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© 2014 dw817

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I really enjoyed the way this was written; I feel like it has a kind of meta-fiction element to it in that the narrator almost knows we are reading about the dream. Well done ^_^

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Thanks, Lucy. I didn't want the reader to misunderstand - there are certain concepts in dreams I thi.. read more
Lucy Morningstar ♥

6 Years Ago

no problem my friend!
I love these. They're all great!

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Thanks, dream. The curious thing is, the last mental ward I was in, I did raise up a heavy chair and.. read more

6 Years Ago

That's not too uncommon with a lot of people ;)

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