TNP2-13 "The Contract"

TNP2-13 "The Contract"

A Chapter by dw817

Tricia suddenly turned me around to face her and without a word, savagely kissed me on my mouth long and hard ! Cecil was quiet during all this but he sure did watch like a seasoned voyeur.


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© July 2014 Written by David Wicker
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"Yeah, whatever Candykins." Cecil said as he pulled his wrist back to look and see a small gash where Tricia poked him with the sharp tip of her pen.

Stefani then lifted the manila part and read it, nodding to herself, agreeing with the contents. I finally leaned forward to look myself but she suddenly covered it back up again and motioned me to sit in that terrible sagging chair again.

"Looks awright to you ?" Cecil grumbled, his attention to his office drawers as he searched for a band-aid.

"I see you have your usual - terms." Tricia said in an accusatory tone.

"Gotta make ends meet, dearie." he shrugged innocently, finally finding a single band-aid and spread it across his wrist.

"If your 'ends' were any closer to each other you'd be kissing your own - " she started out but then sighed. "Fine. Whatever." Finally she put her own signature on it, below my own.

Without waiting for her to give it more thought he snatched it up and looked at it. He then did something really creepy. He wrinkled his hairy nose up against the edge of it and sniffed it, as if it smelled I guess of - money.

"Yeah, that's a real honey bob we got there !" he said finally and wheeling his chair back against the wall there was a safe behind him, like you buy at a hardware store. He quickly did the combination to it, stuck the papers inside, and wheeled the dial shut again. Then he heaved his chest up and down while still in the chair to hop and get back to his desk and face Tricia.

"Are you still ... ?" he started to ask her.

She nodded.

He returned the nod and standing back up, returned to the filing cabinet and pulled out some more paperwork. He did the same thing with the ruler and manila envelope. He then turned it around to face me again. Tricia handed me her golden pen. I then realized why it was so sharp. The top of it was like a scalpel !

"Last one. Just like before, buddy boy."

I didn't want to get him mad so I looked around the parts he covered. This time it was very flowery and fancy writing. I hoped I wasn't signing a last will and testament but I still had no idea what it was.

I looked to Tricia again and this time she walked behind me and stood to my left side and held my hand comfortingly.

"So what is this for ?" I asked her, with the pen still in my right hand, not eager to sign.

"You asked for this." she replied cryptically.

Cecil chuckled for a moment but stopped when Tricia lowered her gaze to glare at him.

So I signed this document too. This time, Tricia didn't look at it, as if she knew exactly what it was, and taking the pen from my grip, signed it herself and returned the pen back to her purse. Once that was done Cecil took the paperwork and set it on top of his filing cabinet, as if it wasn't as important as the other paperwork he stuffed in the safe.

Then he returned to his desk and searching quickly fished out one of those celebration blowers like from a New Year's Eve party and blew in it so the paper uncurled from the front in a straight-line and made the sound of a tired kazoo.

I couldn't help it, I finally laughed and looked right at the wily old attorney. "You're nuts, you know that ?"

The party blower fell out of his mouth and he was standing up in an instant, a dangerous sneer curled up on his lip. But he bit it back and stepping around his desk he held his hand out to me defensively. It was then I noticed one of his fingers was cleanly missing so I put both my own hands behind me, frightened at the gesture.

Seeing my look of fear he said reassuringly, "Now now - that's no way to treat a guest ! I'm just wishing you and your lovely bride the very best in your new life to be !"

"What !?" I squeaked back.

Tricia suddenly turned me around to face her and without a word, savagely kissed me on my mouth, and I mean long and hard !

Oddly enough Cecil was quiet during all this but he sure did watch like a seasoned voyeur, licking his own hairy lips in the excitement. Finally Tricia let go of me so I could get some air back in my lungs and recover my wits.

"That's right honey." she said to answer my utter confusion. "We are now officially - MARRIED !"


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Nice write, I liked it. :)

Posted 5 Years Ago

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5 Years Ago

I had fun designing Cecil Quardland. I wanted to have one very shifty and disreputable lawyer - to t.. read more

5 Years Ago

Oh ok..........

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