FB2-01 "Crystal Destiny"

FB2-01 "Crystal Destiny"

A Chapter by dw817

She had just coasted her bicycle to a stop and looked up to the sky. Gorgeous with tinges of purple and lavender in the clouds hinting at possible rain later, but for now it was definitely Summer.



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FUTURE BARRIER started out to be a silly work I thought I would write in a month or so but it has expanded considerably into what is now years of writing and already spans 3 full novels, or a little over 2100 full pages of writing.

I attribute this in part by reading other fictional novels from brave writers who share not only their excellent literary skills but wove in their non-fictional recounts and ideas from their own lives.

So just like them you will see me including and writing down real-life events from my past as and the vivid sometimes bizarre dreams I have had and continue to have, directly into this fantasy story.

Mostly, however, my writing will detail the many misadventures I had with Tyr, my rather precocious and certainly obnoxious girlfriend while we attended classes back in Elementary and Middle School.

And some of this writing may reflect the many dysfunctional relationships and brushes with the same and opposite sexes I had growing up - still leaving me utterly confused and frustrated about both to this day.

How do I feel today ? I am not really sure who I am or where I belong in the world. Where do I belong ? I've asked myself that question more years than I can remember.

Oddy enough I've had many MANY people tell me where I do in fact belong - and not all of them were just teasing me but telling me.

But I do want to point out the main focus of this writing is on the "Wishful Thinking" aspect of it, and what happens when a young boy finds a way to solve his bullying problems which I never did growing up.

Yet - he does solve them, utterly and completely, with absolute power from a device curiously sent to him all the way from one million years of his own future to his current time period.

Perhaps we have all wished for this ... ? A way out of our past difficulties and to be free from of our future problems ?

There are many influences in this story. I would like to thank my Mom and Dad for raising me as well as they could. My sister for putting up with me cause I could be a real pip at times, and the true and few friends I have made in life throughout the years.

One such strong influence comes from the author Max Rabinowitz and the journal he wrote about his time in the funny factory.

He showed me it was possible to write about oneself even if you are a little crazy in the head, and at a personal and intimate level too without being afraid of the content.

And this instills that much more courage and acceptance of me as a person with unique ideas, aspirations, and feelings.

Rose, my long-time girlfriend also wanted to be in this story too so she is listed as Lilly Veneir, attending the same school we are, and she truly is a bit of a twist to the story.

I modeled her after a girl I met when Dad left me and my sister at the babysitter's, I was 7-years old at the time, obsessed by colored pegs.

I only met her once but she made a lasting if not painful impression on me that showed me there was more to life than just colored pegs.

In any case, a full character synapse is located at the end of this book detailing all the people in it, but you should save reading that until only after you have read to that point, cause it might spoil the story if you don't.

There will also be original chapter illustrations done for Barrier by a talented free-lance artist a few years back. While he did several for the first few opening chapters, he didn't cover all of them I think ultimately being distracted by other projects.

So at this time I am looking for someone who is an artist and would be interested in drawing illustrations for any part of these chapters. I will certainly give you full credit and link to your site wherever it may be.

The style of artwork I would especially like would be 'minimalistic' with very little effort on the part of the artist and done in a style similar to courtroom drawings like

Well, with that I present to you, "Future Barrier," told ultimately in 4 novels. Once I finish up the 3rd book, I will start on the 4th and conclude this crazy silly fantasy nightmare magical romance story.

Written to where I can refer to all of them, but never have to relive these strange and often bittersweet memories and visions again - unless I so choose to ...


This is the =2nd= book in the series. You can find the completed first one

Last we left Tyr, she was in the clutches of the evil Stefani from the underground organization of Arkos. Tyr had brought attention to herself by her new-found ability of Telekinesis granted from what was simply described as the Plugin. What follows is the next story.

F U T U R E   B A R R I E R

( The 2nd Novel )

© September 2014 Written by David Wicker

Looking for the Character Synopsis ?
That can be found

* *

Some terms and names you should be familiar with from the first book:

PLUGIN: USB, home to sentient being SIM, capable of restructuring reality to any form or manner, usually with permanent results and consequences.

SIM: The sentient being in the plugin. Capable of speaking and understanding human speech.

DARVIN:Little is known about him. He mailed the SIM to Dev in the first book, first chapter. It is surmised he must have been in contact with Darceon but no information to this effect has been given as he is only mentioned briefly in the first book's opening chapter.

ARKOS: Secret underground organization that experiments on gifted children and tries to find ways of using their special abilities to further Arkos' ends. It is also the name of the founder.

TYR: Girlfriend to Dev. Mischievous at best, criminal at worst. Always teasing Dev, sometimes in a provocative or unlady-like manner. SIM gave her telekinetic ability. Arkos becomes aware of this in the first book.

DEV: Protagonist, founder of SIM. Warns of the dangers SIM can create if not handled properly. He is also naive in matters of maturity and a great many other things in life much to Tyr's and Lilly's delight and ability to both manipulate him.

LILLY: Friend to Tyr. Obsessed with murder and blood. She has a pet squirrel named Choo-Choo. SIM gave her pet squirrel ability to speak with humans. She is close friends with Tyr and they often scheme of things to do to Dev.

MAGGIE: Really bad and unreliable babysitter. She runs off with her boyfriend instead of watching over Dev, Tyr, and Lilly when the parents are gone. In her absence, Lilly and Tyr take the position of 'babysitting' Dev.

SWIRLIES: A despicable form of bully abuse where someone's head is swirled in a toilet and flushed, usually a public bathroom.

SCANT: Real name Theodore Merriwether. Complete bully to Dev in all books. Hangs out with five other troublemakers, always involved in giving swirlies to Dev at a moment's notice. Fond of Tyr and often "behaves" in her presence. Dev vows terrible vengeance on Scant - some day.

STEFANI: The most evil and wicked woman in the entire story. She has a very abusive history and as a child murdered her parents. She will eventually meet her end and most befitting of assassinations she has done to others in the past.

DEMPSEY: right-hand strongman to Arkos. Very fond of Stefani. Will basically do anything for her, if just to be beside her. He is not very bright.

CAPTAIN CIRCUMFERENCE: A silly cartoon of a superhero that teaches mathematics and problem solving.

POLLY ROCKET: Silly cartoon of a super-heroine for girls. Teaches very little of anything useful, is especially cringeworthy. Very popular with Tyr and Lilly.

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

She had just coasted her bicycle to a stop and looked up to the sky. Gorgeous with tinges of purple and lavender in the clouds hinting at possible rain later, but for now it was definitely Summer.

It was really beautiful too ! The sun was shining, you could hear birds singing, and the sounds of other happy people riding on bicycles or having a picnic on the grounds around them while chatting happily with each other.

She sucked in a breath of air, and it was clean and warm. No pollution in the air at all. She was bicycling with her friends to go to the river nearby for a nice picnic.

She looked behind her, "C'mon Sally ! Try and keep up !" and she laughed at her slow-poke pedaling. There were no gears on the bicycles so neither had an advantage or disadvantage over the other.

Sally behind her was struggling with her bicycle as she was trying to ride it with one hand while hauling a hand-woven picnic basket heavily in the other. "Easy for you to say, Jennie ! You're not carrying anything !" and she puffed as she was climbing a bit of a hill now to catch up to her.

Jennie was not put off, "I'm carrying me, and I'm heavy, aren't I ?"

Sally smiled at her. Well, there was a lot to smile at.

Jennie was in her 20s fit, lean, the show of perfection for a teen her age. Quite muscular and beautiful in every way. Dazzling violet eyes, stern chin, and incredible figure. Even her blonde hair was perfect as it trailed down to her waist.

She was wearing a shimmery violet-blue blouse and shortie little blue skirt with silver detail which raised up slightly and provocatively in the back, being custom made, and it hugged her body perfectly.

While quite beautiful, her eyes were sharp and commanding, not a woman you would want to cross swords with.

"You're the one who's slow !" Jeffrey called who was ahead of both of them and rang the bell on his own bicycle teasing them.

He himself was about 5-years older than Jennie and quite a catch himself, amply muscular, handsome with a bit of a beard, no mustache, deep blue passionate eyes, and a washboard chest that showed faintly through the colorful shirt he was wearing.

That got Jennie. "You're gonna get it !" she admonished to him and giggled as she pedaled faster to catch up to Jeffrey leaving poor Sally behind.

Sally finally reached the top of the hill carrying the picnic basket.

As for her, she was in pretty good shape herself, with short chestnut hair, muscular legs, and also a nice figure, maybe a little younger than Jennie, shorter, and carrying a bit more weight by maybe 10 pounds starting down from the top of her tummy down to her knees and not as muscular. Slightly pear-shaped.

She was also wearing a blouse and skirt like Jennie, which she bought, though her panties stuck out a bit more from underneath as her saddle was a bit bigger than hers. She self-consciously pulled her skirt down over her butt as it was riding up a bit from bicycling.

She peered ahead with her pretty green eyes and finally called ahead of her gasping tiredly and her pedaling slowed down, "I guess no-one wants lunch, huh ?"

Jennie paused her steam to slow down and let Sally catch up. "Oh !" she said angrily back at her. "I was just about to catch Jeff, too !" she said and looked ahead at to see he had crossed a loop in the road far ahead whistling in victory, with both hands off the handlebars, showing off for them.

Both the girls smiled at his carefree attitude. Jennie got beside Sally and tousled her hair playfully. Then they both pedaled together to the river to meet him there.

Finally reaching the river it was a wonderful sight. There was a little babbling creek on a hill that splashed playfully down to the river below. Jeffrey had arrived first and, bouncing off his bicycle, ran to the river to cup his hands in and take a cool refreshing drink.

The girls arrived next, riding to the river's edge where Jeffrey was crouched down in the water. "Slowpokes !" he joshed and splashed some of the stream's water on them as they arrived beside where he was crouched down in the water.

The girls shrieked and giggled at the unexpected cold water on them and lost their balance on their bicycles falling onto the soft grass in front of Jeffrey. The picnic basket was saved as it bounced to safety on the grass away from the river.

All 3 kicked their shoes off to romp in the soft grass in their bare feet.

Jeffrey ran over to reach into the basket and pulled out a 3 beautiful clear glasses, which reflected rainbows when the sun hit them.

He went over to the sparkling stream and scooped up water for all 3 of them to drink from the glasses. The water itself was clean and cool, absolutely wonderful, and clear as tap water. He gulped it down thirstily and holding his own glass went back to the stream for seconds.

Sally reached into the picnic basket and pulled out a beautifully embroidered blanket to set it neatly on the grass for everyone to sit on. It had incredible designs in it and appeared to be handmade. Then she pulled out 4 plates, also clear, like glass, but they weren't.

"Anyone hungry ?" Jennie asked, and getting a show of nods from both Jeffrey and Sally got up to walk over to a fruit tree several yards away. She held out the front of her blouse as a basket and pulled out three fruit from the same tree to fall in there. An orange, apple, and a pear.

She brought the fruit back over to the pair waiting on the blanket and set them on the plate the other two had put in the center where they sat.

"Umm ! I love pears !" and Sally reached for her favorite one. Jennie smiled, looking inconspicuously at Sally's waist which was similar shaped. Jeffrey looked at Jennie with a mischievous smile and suddenly grabbed the orange seeing how she would react to that.

"Aww man ! I wanted that !" Jennie said and crossed her arms sighing at Jeffrey.

"That leaves you the apple." he offered and reached up to take a bite of his orange without offering to share. He didn't get very far. Jennie tackled to take it from him.

"Give it up !" she said and squeaked in laughter trying to tickle him.

"Hey !" he cried playfully and they both tumbled around, finally falling into the river. The river was only shoulder depth. In a few splashes Jeffrey had leapt out of the water, his bright colorful shirt soaked with the cool water. Jeffrey's chest rippled with muscles beneath his shirt.

He looked to Jennie who was still in the river and her wet blouse showed ample cleavage as her n*****s stuck out hard against the fabric from have been chilled in the icy water and for the fact she wasn't wearing a bra.

"Look what you did !" Jeffrey said in an anguished tone looking down at his shorts. Then laughing he leapt back onto Jennie who was just coming out of the drink. They wrestled around some more a little more playfully this time, tickling each other sensually, and finally wound up kissing each other on the grass passionately.

* * *

While Jeffrey had no commitments, he did enjoy Jennie's company and spent a great deal of time with her. Sally sort of invited herself along on this trip although Jennie did hint, and maybe she was too subtle as Sally was her best friend, that Jeffrey was her boyfriend, and not hers.

Sally however thought hope sprang eternal and kept trying to spend time with Jeffrey till he finally noticed her and asked her out instead of Jennie.

"Ohh, puh-lease !" Sally said and held her nose as if what they were doing was disdainful, though in fact, she was jealous, terribly. Her green eyes seemed to get even greener watching them.

She sat on the blanket eating her pear, though it was not a normal pear. It was soft all the way through, like crystallized applesauce and much more delicious. There was no core nor seeds either.

She bit into it hungrily, accidentally squishing some of it on her short dress.

"Ohh..." she wailed and stretched the dress with her other hand looking down at the pear-mush disappointedly.

"Wash it off." offered Jeffrey, who glanced only briefly at her. He was still earnestly kissing Jennie. Jennie returned the kisses passionately trying to get all of his attention back on her.

"Don't mind if I do." Sally said to herself and, holding on to her fruit, took a running leap into the river herself while crying, "Water in the hole !"

Water splashed in all directions, directly on Jeffrey and Jennie who yelled in surprise shaking their head to clear it from the cold drops. For a moment it was quiet. Very quiet. All 3 faces got blank for a second, looking around as if something might be wrong.

Then a bird chirped tentatively and they started all talking and laughing again. Sally stayed in the river munching her fruit. Watching the other two with a bit more jealousy, her green eyes glittering. Then she cupped her hands and splashed Jeffrey and Jennie who were still there on the grass kissing each other.

Every time Jeffrey kissed Jennie, Sally splashed them hard. "Kissing Frogs !" she said and laughed as she smacked them with more water as she sat wading in the river out of their reach.

"You're the frog, you're in the water !" Jennie said, a little perturbed at the water being splashed on her now and retreated back to the picnic blanket. Jeffrey, finding himself alone on the grass suddenly went to go with her.

Sally ignored them for the moment and swam in the river enjoying the feeling of squishy mud beneath her toes on the river bottom. The river, if she stood up in it now, was only up to her shoulders. She looked around at the beautiful sun shining through the trees. The trees were green and fruit and other colorful flowers hung in all directions.

She looked at the water for a second too and realized it got deeper if she kept traveling towards the waterfall and shallow traveling away from it.

She smelled the fragrance of the flowers, around in the trees, definitely fruity and beautiful, like perfect roses, lavender, cherry blossoms, honeysuckle, and mint, all at once.

Then she reached down into the water, her head just barely above the surface, for a long time it seemed, but both Jeffrey and Jennie weren't concerned, having scooted off the dishes they had layed down on the blanket and were deeply kissing and probing each other fondly.

Jennie's pert little breasts which were still sticking out against her blouse is what was arousing Jeffrey right now, but Sally didn't know this, being a little too self-absorbed at the moment.

Jeffrey grabbed his orange and held it just out of reach of Jennie's mouth. Then he asked her playfully, "Want some ?" Jennie reached her head up to take a bite and he pulled it away at the last moment as she pushed him playfully with her wrists for teasing her when she was hungry.

Sally brought her hand back up finally and had a big chunk of brown mud in there where she squished it around her fingers, delighted at the feeling and being so close to nature. It was amazingly warm, apparently somehow being heated somehow from beneath the river.

The mud was perfect Sally noticed. No rocks, shells, twigs, or anything else to get in the way of it. Perfect mousse though quite a bit thicker. She patted it back and forth between her two hands, marveling at its stickiness. Then she put her nose up to it for a second and, without actually smelling it, pulled it away, disgusted, shaking her hands.

Despite the mud being fairly warm, the temperature of the water itself was pretty cold to her now.

She shivered suddenly and got out, looking up for a moment to marvel at the clear water splashing down from the small waterfall to her right which trickled in the river where she was swimming earlier. Maybe she should swim over there to investigate ?

She took another bite of her pear. Later, she told herself. When the water didn't feel so cold. She was actually hoping to get Jeffrey by herself at some point but that opportunity was gone right now.

She got out on the riverbank, facing the river and washed her hands as well as she could but some of the mud stayed, sticking to it. She got up to look at it puzzled, and then faced towards the grassy slope to start swinging her hand to fling it off.

After the 3rd swing a big wet piece came off and landed directly on Jennie's face - to Jeffrey's utter surprise !

Jennie flung her hands down and shot an angry look up at Sally.

"Omigod ! I'm so sorry !" Sally said and couldn't help but laugh.


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I liked this......... :)))

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i liked it. Kind of a funny story really ;)

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6 Years Ago

Thanks Dream°. I'll be adding two more chapters, one tomorrow (Wednesday) and another the day after.. read more

6 Years Ago

Great! Keep up the good work

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