TNP2-15 "Phone Trouble"

TNP2-15 "Phone Trouble"

A Chapter by dw817

Apparently she read this in my face and smiled softly, "Oh, we'll work with that too. Don't you worry, I have it all figured out, there's a first time for everything." and she tousled my hair.


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© July 2014 Written by David Wicker
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* * *


I pushed the button on the intercom again, "Umm - okay, great, I'll be there in a bit."

She didn't reply, I left my room and looked for the elevator.

I thought about what Trudy said, how there were secret floors that the elevator wouldn't stop on. I was alone so I would do a little experiment.

I hit the light switch and then hit the floor I wanted knowing it would pass by the mysterious other ones.

I watched the edge of the door. Sure enough, just as Trudy said it would, there was a floor between the others. Maybe not as many as she thought but there was =1= floor between 2 and 3 and you could see it by the telltale green glow before arriving on the 3rd floor.

At some point I would investigate this to find out what it is. But for now, it was ice cream and cake and I wanted to relax.

I entered the cafeteria and saw Trudy there along with a few people from work, not Barbara which was good as I still think she had it out for me. And neither the cake nor ice-cream were started into yet. Apparently they were waiting for me

I did see a punch bowl and everyone had a drink ready.

Trudy invited me to sit with her and I did. Then Tricia came over, held a level hand over my head and said, "People, I just wanted to let you know that as of this moment, me and David are officially MARRIED. It was done through paperwork and at David's request, we got some ice-cream and cake to celebrate the occasion."

If I was expecting applause there was none to be found. I thought about it and came across the conclusion that Tricia was a very well-to-do woman and me ? I was and always was a scrudgy little nit who thought more of computers than anything else.

Nonetheless there were some smiling faces at the news. Tricia used a cake serving knife and pulled out a slice. As she held it on her plate, she cut it with a fork and offered me a piece, holding it hovering in front of my face.

"I can get my own." I mumbled.

"Nonsense, this is tradition, David. I feed you, you feed me."

"Oh ? Okay." After I ate her piece, she gave me the fork and I cut her a piece, she ate it - and - I guess our love was consummated now.

Trudy was quiet all this time but I could see she was just busting over with questions. I sat back next to her.

"You're married ? What about a big wedding ?"

I shook my head, "We went to a legal firm - of sorts - and he drew up the papers for it. I guess Tricia didn't want a formal wedding."

"I see." she offered softly. Then she quietly ate her cake and ice cream as did the other guests.

I cut another piece of cake and took a dish of ice-cream. I looked at everyone else for a moment. There was still something strange about this establishment. I looked at the far wall and, sure enough just like before, there were no seams or anything to show construction.

"I'm going back to my room." I mumbled to myself, just loud enough so Tricia could hear it.

* * *

"Okay, David." she replied. "I'll come to check on you later. We still have a honeymoon to prepare."

"Is that just going to be paperwork too ?"

I bit back my lip but it was too late, I already said it. Tricia looked very angry for a moment but then laughed, "No, silly. We're going to have a real honeymoon, just you - and me."

I swallowed hard. I hadn't even made out before if you didn't count Rose - and what me and her did in bed didn't match any normal conventions. I really - really did not know what to do.

Apparently she read this in my face and smiled softly, "Oh, we'll work with that too. Don't you worry, I have it all figured out, there's a first time for everything." and she tousled the top of my hair.

I nodded briefly and took my cake and ice-cream out of the cafeteria to return to my room. Once there I set down my plate and wanted to call Dad, I mean - I'm pretty sure he didn't know I was married.

After dialing I listened on the line. There was this curious electronic chirping noise for a moment, not your standard ring tone, then I heard Dad speaking.

"You have reached the Wicker residence. I'm not in right now, but if you'll leave your name and number I'll get right back to you. Thanks."

The line beeped and I spoke, "Dad - I hope you're there. I - uhh - got married to Tricia, you met her earlier, it was done with paperwork that's why there was no formal wedding. Anyways, you can call me at - "

And I paused to look at the phone, "555-2874. I'll be here for you."

With that I hung up. As Tricia promised I had two lines to work with. I hooked up the other telephone line to my modem and getting the new computer unboxed and hooked up, ran my initial Doomsday BBS to see if there were any callers.

Strangely it was silent. Usually I had 8-10 calls per day. Tricia promised I would have the same phone number as I did from my old place so I wouldn't lose any traffic.

But - I wasn't receiving any. Curious I disconnected and hooked the phone up to the line to listen. There was a dial tone there but - something else - it sounded like someone was whispering quietly. I couldn't make out the words, then there was an audible click and all I could hear was the tone now.

I wondered if it was possible that my callers couldn't get through because of line interference. I would call up Chris to see if he could reach my system.

I called him up on his house phone and listened, it did that odd warbling ring-tone, but after 6-times, it hung up ! No, I didn't hang up the receiver, the phone just decided after 6-rings it wasn't going to reach anyone and wouldn't let it ring any further. And that too was odd as I know he had an answering machine that picked up after 4-rings.

Hmm ... I would have to talk to Tricia about that. I looked at the clock and it was late after all, about 9pm. I looked to the walls where Trudy had lovingly arranged all my Teddy Bears.

I retrieved Susan, my favorite Teddy Bear from the bunch, placed her on the bed, then went to wash up and get ready for bed.

Even though I bathed earlier, I took another bath with that rose scented soap. I luxuriated in it for a good hour keeping the temperature high. Finally I dried off, stepped outside and listened.

Either my room was soundproofed, and I was beginning to wonder this, or it really was quiet outside and everyone was somewhere else.

Despite this, I put on a fresh pair of undies, turned off the lights and headed in for bed.

I must've been tired because after only a few short minutes I was already asleep.

And I dreamed - or - I wasn't sure what was happening. It felt like my bed was being rolled out of the room on squeaky casters. I couldn't tell for certain because I couldn't open my eyes nor could I move, and my left arm hurt.

And there were voices all around me. While I couldn't make them out it had something to do with medical stuff and - electricity. I struggled to raise up but I just couldn't. There were bright lights I could tell even with my eyes closed, and then I felt cold hands upon me.

I woke up in a fright to look around and see nothing had changed - except my left arm was hurting a bit, like I strained it somehow.

I got up to take a look and saw there was what appeared to be a bug bite right on the shoulder. It didn't burn or hurt or anything, just felt like I sprained it and the muscle was sore.

I looked in the bathroom for any antiseptic but didn't see any. Finally I just took a wet washcloth to it and rubbed it for a bit. Feeling better, finally went back to bed and had normal dreams, no nightmares.


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A very interesting chapter. :)

Posted 5 Years Ago

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5 Years Ago

Thanks ... I think I did alright in the first book, especially since a good portion of it was non-fi.. read more

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