Dream Diary - September 16th 2014

Dream Diary - September 16th 2014

A Chapter by dw817

Glass Eyes In Mayberry / Mr. Wonderful / The Silly Skit / Advice To A Manager / Payment To God / What Did I Learn ? / Coffee Elf / Prayer At The Rink / Join Us / Advanced Arcade


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  Dream Diary  


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© September 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


* * *

These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


Dreamed I was in a shopping mall that was somehow outside of Andy Taylor's sheriff office. For some reason I was looking at a collection of glass eyes for people who had been injured.

What surprised me was this woman that showed up and was trying them on, but she had them in both of her eyes. Finally satisfied, she left with both of them in her eyes and I'm not sure how she could see.

I remember picking up one and accidentally dropping it. Something I learned is if I touch my index finger with my other hand's thumb, I can reverse time to correct a mistake and I was preparing to do so.


Dreamed I met a Mensan who said he knew my Dad. And he wanted me to call him Mr. Wonderful.

I asked why and then he did some amazing magic tricks for me. I thought he was a pretty neat guy so I did in fact call him Mr. Wonderful.

The only thing out of place with this dream was is I knew I had a small container of nerve gas on my watch. And it trickled into the mechanism making it pretty and sparkle.


I was staying in a sort of halfway house with Emma and company. Emma said there was something that I needed to take care of. Then she did this silly skit which made no sense to me.

The best I could understand from it, I said, so you're saying, don't get in the way of people ?

And she said, no, it means you don't necessarily need a leader for everything. Then she asked, do you trust me ?

She was my sister so I said, sure. She then showed me this pistol that when you spoke into it, it reverberated with a deep metallic and robotic voice. She asked me to speak into it and say, Taco Tuesday.

I woke up laughing.


Dreamed I was in a grocery store giving advice to the manager. I told him that the advice she gave me earlier was good and useful.

That it reminded me of a storm cloud, so that you are prepared for rainy weather. That she needed a Taco Tuesday for her employees and she needed to do nice things for them so they wouldn't quit and feel like they were part of the family.

To give them certain liberties. She said she would think about it.


[5] Walked into Denny's. There was a woman there getting angry at her kid. The kid was watching a TV show on a screen above called Captain Circumference. She was really mad and was shrieking, demons be gone, devil be gone !

I saw her and spoke saying, God loves all men. There was a man behind me who came up and smiled, apparently agreeing with what I said. Let Him take care of the devil and the demons for that is his position.

My Dad was there too and he spoke saying, you're speaking like you know for certain - like you owe God or something.

I said, in a way I do, for many things. I then woke up.


I was watching a terrible scene. There was this little girl that fell in the path of a huge tractor. The driver got down very upset. He said that she died an innocent child and that he would prepare a place for her.

But then the scene changed. Somehow the little girl was older, and she was high on drugs, and fell into the incoming path of a fast moving car in the road. The driver this time however was not so upset and blamed her for her own stupidity in not looking both ways before crossing the street.

I'm not sure what I was supposed to learn from these two differing scenes.


DI opened up my coffee machine as it wasn't working correctly. Inside was a little elf who said, yeah, I know there is supposed to be a little machine in here to make coffee, but there isn't, it's just me, how can I help you ?

I asked him if he could make me an ice cold Coca Cola from where he was.

He said, close up the lid. I did so and put a cup underneath where the hot coffee normally dispensed. Instead of coffee, however, it was indeed ice-cold Coca Cola complete with ice cubes.

I decided then to befriend the elf and do nice favors for him.


[8] DI was skating at an ice-skating rink. There was a big man on skates there who asked me, how much of a brother are you ?

I said, I beg your pardon ?

He then said, someone told me that you like Teddy Bears.

I said, yes I do, I collect them.

He then said, well, I have one for you, but I need to know why they are important to you.

I told him about my sister from the past who chopped up the ones I had with scissors years ago. Very bad memory - and perhaps today I was trying to compensate for that by collecting them.

He nodded, but then had me do something strange. There on the ice-skating rink he had me stand on my head and he gave me a prayer in a foreign language.

I didn't understand the words but I gathered the meaning was that he wanted my heart and my head to be still, to be free of this pain from the past, and not feel like I had to gather worldly possessions to compensate for what happened in the past.

He then said he wanted me to be cleansed from taking drugs.

I told him all I take is 400mg of Seroquel every evening, but that is prescribed by my psychiatrist, it keeps me stable.

He nodded and then added to his prayer that he wished me to remain stable and if Seroquel was the drug that was doing it, that I continue to take it for that reason.

Then I woke up - very busy and involving dream.


[9] I was on a long journey. I finally arrived at this hotel from the desert, the corridors were very narrow and would only allow one person at a time to cross the threshold.

I went inside and the doors to their apartments were open. They were dressed in tattering rags and acted like they had just come out of surgery.

While I didn't like them they were chanting, join us, you will soon enough.

It was pretty grisly and gruesome, I finally woke up.


Dreamed I was at a videogame arcade. There was this new system there that cost $40 a play. It used a special code you entered from your last game to continue your current game.

I thought that was pretty neat as it was the first to my knowledge of it's class. The game itself was your basic RPG with stolen princess, evil wizard, and deadly dragon.

Still, it was neat that you could save your game and continue it by entering 4-letters of a code.

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Added on September 16, 2014
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