FB2-07 "Stefani's Confrontation"

FB2-07 "Stefani's Confrontation"

A Chapter by dw817

Stefani then pulled the blade out fully keeping it behind her and out of sight of the guards. It had a baby-blue handle and emblazoned on it was a picture of a cute little Japanese anime girl.


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© October 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission


* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

Jeffrey looked down sadly, "Murphy's a good friend of mine, but I won't have him and his followers jeopardize everything we've worked centuries to achieve. Regression is a perfect process. We've done away with murder and death of ANY KIND."

"Even the government, declared any death by anyone, even legal authorities, is an unpardonable murder and murder in the first degree. My God we made this a law nearly 1000 years ago !"

"I really don't think we want to go back to being barbarians and judging and killing each other like we used to. That is only for Fate to decide, not us ! It was NEVER our decision to begin with ! We should never have decided to become executioners, ever, in any capacity, no matter what the crimes we were punishing them for."

Jennie put her arm around him and gave him a gentle hug as Jeffrey was obviously upset that Murphy was still trying to overthrow Central's decision on Regression. They walk away down the high-tech hallways and the scene blurred and faded to swirling darkness.


Meanwhile Stefani, Dempsey, Petrov, and Morrigan had JUST reached the bottom of the lift back at the Arkos Institute. Stefani still had Tyr in both of her arms, her right index finger still in Tyr's mouth, and are surprised to see armed Arkos security guards waiting for them ! There were 3 of them, and they all pointed their guns at the group !

"Hold it right there !" one of the guards spoke and there is a loud set of clicks as they focused their guns on their targets. Stefani appeared frightened for a moment but then realized they were needle guns, not capable of harming their target, only knocking them out for a short time, like Dempsey's.

The guards however were still heavily armored and bulletproof from head to foot in grey uniforms and they were wearing a helmet similar to World War II gas masks so their facial features were completely covered.

Red lights glowed out of a collection of holes from a protruding cylinder where their mouth would be and they all had battle batons strapped to their sides. In addition to this, they had cooling coils that went up and down their chests apparently keeping them refrigerated under such a hot outfit.

One had a set of double metallic tanks on his back, obviously Tangerine Gas and another had a portable computer bundled up on his back which glowed slightly showing it was turned on and active.

On their chest was the unmistakable Arkos logo and a series of colored bar codes stating their rank.

Their inside helmet was lit up by a bright blue bar near the eyes but you still couldn't see the inside. One guard facing her though did have an additional sidearm, and doubtless it shot real bullets should he need to effectively kill his target.

Stefani then shifted her grip to continue to cradle Tyr solely with her left arm, pulling her own finger from her own right-hand out of her mouth and then lifted Tyr's hand to stick her own smaller index finger in there so she could suck on that instead. Tyr slurped on it gently in the silence and Stefani watched the guards carefully without blinking.

Then Stefani, now with a free hand, slowly reached innocently behind her as if deciding something. She reached inside the back of her panties right down the soft wedge between her buttocks and unsheathed a gleaming blade, nearly half a foot long, from a soft, thick pink cloth that dangled right down the middle of her butt-cheeks, hidden from her skirt.

As she silently slid it out, she moaned ever so slightly in pleasure feeling the sensation of the blade slide up against her there. The guards wondered why she was smiling so much now.

She then pulled the blade out fully keeping it behind her and out of sight of the guards. It had a baby-blue handle and emblazoned on it was a picture of a cute little Japanese anime girl no older than 6-years of age in a darling pink dress with a big matching hair bow that had fallen on her back with her feet in the air revealing her white panties to the world.

She was holding on to her white socks which had pink little pom-poms near the ankles with her small and delicate hands for balance. The expression on her face looked was as if she had keeled over from laughing at a terribly funny joke. Even her pretty eyes were crinkled in delighted amusement.

The blade curved suddenly slightly at the bottom and appeared to be sharper than the sharpest razor. There was a tiny dried blood stain near the curve, apparently from her last victim. Stefani's grip was tight on the blade. She stealthily rotated it in her single hidden hand until the sharp end was facing up with no hesitancy in her muscles.

It was obvious to the 3 men behind Stefani that this exceptionally sharp little hidden dagger of hers would clearly and easily cut through the guards' bulletproof armor like hot butter. But did she really want to risk that ?

"Stefani Charteiris." one of the guard spoke in a louder voice as if she wasn't paying attention.

* * *

He then pointed his armored finger at her for emphasis. "You are to be hereby placed under arrest pending imprisonment for deliberately hacking into the main computer and falsifying records that you had returned Dev Borne back to the surface as you were ORDERED days ago."

He paused for a moment to raise his voice angrily. "When CLEARLY you had not, as we saw him asleep in his domicile from something illegal you drugged him with as we couldn't wake him. Nor could we release the bracelet you locked him on the bed, with your encrypted high-clearance password."

"He was to be RELEASED ! This was for Arkos to decide, not you !"

"Hmm.." Stefani said melodiously and then raised up her left arm which was still cradling Tyr, and looking down to her, kissed her softly on her forehead. Tyr moaned sleepily and slurped a little louder on her finger, nursing on it comfortably, which brought a slight smile to Stefani's face. Stefani definitely wanted to experiment with this curious behavior later.

"Sweetie," Stefani said quietly down to her and then set her gently on the floor beside her, while still perfectly hiding the blade behind her with her other hand. Tyr twitched one of her own legs uncomfortably for a moment but then went back to sleep on the cold metallic floor a foot away from where Stefani stood.

"Mummy is going to work now." she said to the air.

Stefani then stood back up to return her gaze to smile interestedly at the guards, her eyes narrowed like a leopard's, hunting prey and she watched the guards carefully without blinking. Petrov, Dempsey, and Morrigan, seeing she wasn't going to allow herself to be easily arrested, stepped back and away so the guards could get a very clear shot at her.

The guard closest to Stefani, even though he had his gun trained on her flinched at the scary look she gave him and his voice quavered, "Didn't you hear me, ma'am ? ... ma'am !?"

Stefani replied to this by kicking her high-heeled shoes off showing her bare feet. She twinkled the toes playfully as the 3 guards watched, perplexed by her actions. Her toenails had beautiful rainbow reflective and holographic designs on them, really quite lovely.

Dempsey looked down to see she had a red heart-shaped tattoo on each of her bare ankles seen from the back. He also noticed that the 2nd heart on her right foot had a tall, thin black cross added to the tattoo, looking much like a sword piercing the heart traveling from the top center of it to reach below the bottom.

The side arms of the cross were bent upwards diagonally so it was definitely not a religious symbol. Suddenly Stefani looked up for less than a quarter of a second before glaring back at the guards, as if gauging the distance of the ceiling to where she was. She never blinked and steeled herself for an attack.

Finally Stefani spoke quietly to the guard's accusations, "Reeeally ?" and it was so laced with venom, Petrov, Dempsey, and Morrigan backed up fearfully against the wall of the lift, clattering against it, hoping not to get caught in the fight to follow.

Stefani then crouched down slightly bouncing on her heels a bit to make sure she was familiar with the tensility of the metal floor.

Behind her back she had raised the hidden blade up by the hilt until it was just barely balanced on the tip of her index finger with perfect precision, not wavering in one direction or the other. Then she took her middle finger and playfully twirled the rounded handle by spinning the edge of it so the blade rotated.

She pulled her middle finger away and the blade gyrated for several seconds on the tip before stopping naturally again. She moved her index finger ever so imperceptibly still keeping the blade perfectly in check on the fingertip and not once losing control of it even after it had stopped rotating.

Dempsey watched her flawless movements and gulped in fear. My God, he had no idea Stefani could handle a knife like that ! He then feared for the guards' lives and shot them a terrified look hoping they would stand down. They didn't get the message obviously, and smiled thinking he was frightened of them instead.

"Ma'am, please." the guard added politely back to Stefani, now completely confused that a single unarmed woman would even consider standing up against 3 heavily armored guards and the fact they had her completely covered with their own pistols.


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