FB2-09 "Wicked Plans"

FB2-09 "Wicked Plans"

A Chapter by dw817

Stefani screamed out and her wrist glowed an unearthly white and you could see the electricity dancing between her teeth and her pretty blonde hair appeared to flash silver momentarily. (More)


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© October 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

CHAPTER 9 - "Wicked Plans"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

The Director's voice paused for a moment and then faded slightly like he was stepping away to check something, "Stefani, also I sent three guards to detain you, peacefully, I had hoped, and I'm not reading life signs from their bracelets. Can you explain this to me, please ?"

"Sir. I killed them all. I'm sorry, sir." and then she tried to sound concerned but it didn't work. Stefani had no heart and the Director knew it. "They just got in my way, sir." and Stefani paused with just a hint of fear in her voice.

He clicked his tongue apologetically, "Terrible shame. Can't be helped, I guess, you always were a wild child, little one. We'll take care of the arrangements for them, of course. I'll grant you one more night with Dev and then you need to release him to the surface."

"Once he gets what we need, we'll let you retrieve him, and then you can have him for keeps to do with as you like."

"As for Tyr, please place her in the padded Holding Cell #28 for tonight. We will tend to her with a suppressing headband to prevent her telekinetic ability until we are ready for her, and then she will be your new client the day following."

There was a moment of silence and then Mr. Arkos' voice was louder and angrier, "Please don't disappoint me again, Stefani. I know EVERYTHING you have done, every despicable thing you have done to date, and your combined crimes against the company far exceed our laws for your unquestioning and immediate execution, skipping trial or appeal COMPLETELY."

Then he sounded a little tired, "I've overlooked your insurrections far more times than you'll ever know."

He continued, "However, I will waive all charges against you to date if you can break down Tyr's resistances and bring her to me, in person, within 72-hours from now for a full demonstration of her telekinetic abilities. But, fail me again, and I will execute you myself, and I won't need any guards to do it. It's really quite simple for me."

Stefani's bracelet suddenly blinked a bright red alarm and made a warning sound she was terribly familiar with. She rapidly set down Tyr on the floor and started fighting it, entering counter-codes of her own on the bracelet but was unsuccessful as 30 seconds later it glowed bright blue and sparks leapt out across her entire body from the small trinket.

She screamed out and her wrist glowed an unearthly white and you could see the electricity dancing between her teeth and her pretty blonde hair appeared to flash silver momentarily. She raged and her illuminated fingers showing the bone, pulled at her sparking horror of a bracelet, unsuccessful to remove it. The pain only lasted a few seconds but felt like hours to her.

There was an electric explosion from the offending bracelet and she was blown back against the wall. Then she was found panting and wheezing, against the side of the elevator wall from the impact, and on her knees, trembling and shaking.

The Director spoke carefully, "It's a special kind of pain I can put you through, Stefani. It can be repeated over and over again with no real damage whatsoever to you, and no fear of you ever being killed from it or even losing mere consciousness either, but I really don't think you want me to overload your nerve endings this way do you ?"

Stefani was quiet, but it wasn't by choice, she was still reeling from what she went through.

He raised his voice, "Do I REALLY have to torture you this way only to get you to your job as you promised to when I hired you years ago. DIDN'T I save you from death row after you murdered your psychiatrist in cold blood, or shall I say COLD WATER !? I think you owe me something here, Stefani, don't you ?"

Stefani shook her head disagreeing, obviously unseen to the Director, and to prove her point she grabbed the bracelet and pulled hard on it, trying to snap it off. She pulled for nearly a minute and the Director was silent, waiting for an answer.

She finally staggered to her feet and stared down at her bracelet in rage but couldn't remove the accursed thing, and only made her wrist red and raw by trying.

The Director's voice was finally heard from the prolonged silence and had almost a sound of a chuckle in it, "I take it, this little sample was somewhat productive for you then, dear Stefani ?"

She spoke, her voice quavering slightly in fear, "Yessir. I will release Dev tomorrow morning." She then rotated the bracelet so it was comfortable back on her wrist again.

"Good girl. Your security access has been reinstated. I will see you in 72-hours with Tyr, and she had better be manageable by then. That is YOUR responsibility, Stefani We have great plans for that girl." and then her bracelet clicked off concluding the conversation.

Years ago when Stefani was fitted with the bracelet, she had tried many different techniques of hacking into it and using bypass techniques to get it removed, but was completely unsuccessful. This was not the first time she had received what she now called, Primal Shocks. They were beyond agonizing and apparently only the Director could activate it.

But it wasn't very often she heard from the Director as well, not verbally, usually it was only reading messages that were sent publicly throughout the network. He SPOKE with her audibly, and he hadn't done that for years. For a long time she really didn't even know if he was still alive.

Tyr apparently was more important than she thought if the Director was this interested, to make a personal call to her. She lifted Tyr again and spoke clearly into the elevator console, "Stefani Charteiris, Holding Cells."

The elevator beeped confirmation and thrummed to life, she was on her way. The elevator not only traveled up and down but sideways as well as diagonally. A few minutes later the door dinged and opened.

She carried Tyr inside the long stone hallway and passed by several doors. At the moment, all of the 32 holding cells were empty. Following her orders, she opened the door to #28. Inside an odd blue light shone above very dimly, barely lighting the room. Stefani hit the light switch and it turned from a dark blue to a bright and brilliant white.

She stepped up into the padded room and looked around. These cells were used to keep unruly children in when the organization didn't want to bother with them at the moment or if they were especially rowdy and they didn't want to punish them, either.

* * *

She set Tyr carefully on the pillowed floor in there. She stepped down, out of the room to go to the end of the hall to go through a locked door requiring clearance to get a rolling gurney that had a large transparent plasteel covering that fitted over it.

At the top of the covering was a special valve to release carbon-dioxide from anyone who was inside it. She made sure it was open.

Strapped to the sides of the gurney were two tanks of Tangerine Gas. She checked the levels, completely full, and then wheeled the gurney in with Tyr beside her, bouncing it over the oddly cushioned floor. She then lifted off the plasteel covering and set it on the floor away from the gurney.

Then she went into a linen room on the opposite side of the room Tyr was in and pulled out two big soft pillows returning back to the other room.

Then lifting Tyr, who was slowly regaining consciousness again, she set her on top of the padded gurney, tucking one of the pillows under her head and the other under her legs. Then she snapped the plasteel covering completely over the gurney covering every square inch of Tyr's small frame, locking down the fasteners there.

As she clicked the last one down, Tyr suddenly raised up out of bed to stand on her knees, her pretty red-hair just touching the top of the dome she was trapped in. Stefani rapidly reached around the side and quickly turned on the gas. The handle squeaked as she rotated it into an ON position.

Tyr panicked, looking around to see where she was and pounded her little fists up against the plasteel surface, silently however, as it was soundproof. She pushed against the sides and top of it, but it was locked down tight over her. She kicked the plasteel hard with her foot and the gurney moved a millimeter on its wheels but nothing else happened.

Then Tyr cried for help, also silently. Stefani smiled at her defiance and stayed with the gurney, staring at Tyr hungrily from the top of the dome, waiting for her to stop struggling. Tyr tried her telekinesis and the gurney shook for a moment. Stefani watched carefully, but she still wasn't strong enough to use it properly just yet.

Then Tyr noticed a strange orange gas emitting from the pillow near her head, and panicking, put her fingers against the vents to try and stop it, also unsuccessfully. She put the pillow against it but it just went right through it, even worse than with her fingers.

She had to cough suddenly for a moment, holding her curled fist up against her mouth and looked around fearfully. The orange gas had now covered the whole tent she was in and she reeled her head dizzily unable to think clearly.

She licked her lips fearfully trying to form a plan and tasted the delicious orange candy and, despite her fears, thought how wonderful that pillow looked right now where the gas jets were blowing. If she took a nap right now, just for a moment, she could surely wake up after a few minutes and escape with her energy renewed.

She nodded her head visibly at this thought as her eyes continued to wilt under the relentless Tangerine Gas that clouded around her whole body now. Finally giving in, she stepped off of her knees and put her head on the soft pillow, her legs sprawling out where she fell.

In less than a minute she was losing consciousness and her little hand worked its way back up to her face so she put her finger back in her mouth again. There was only the gentle hissing of the gas now as Tyr thought about her predicament.

Stefani checked the controls and made sure the dome was completely secure around her, now that she stopped fighting. She then increased the pressure of the gas another notch leering down at Tyr.

Tyr curled up her legs in a fetal position sleepily, tucking the other pillow beneath her calves, and started to slurp on her finger, scared, with tears appearing in her eyes and she wept, frightened and not knowing what to do now.

In a way she didn't want to rest because she knew she needed to be awake to escape. But in another way she did want to sleep, to close her eyes to the scary situation that was all around her, like it was a bad nightmare, and that orange candy tasted so good right now.

She licked her lips again savoring the flavor, and then it felt like her brain was drowning in liquid orange-flavored sugar.

She moaned uncomfortably, unable to make a clear decision as the gas continued to knock her out completely. Finally her legs and arms stopped fighting and she was motionless, only her chest was breathing in and out slowly and her mouth slurping on that one finger as a deep and dreamless sleep finally overcame her.

The Tangerine Gas made the decision for her. She would sleep for now.

Stefani confirmed the readings, there was 47-hours and 58-minutes of gas in there and she checked to make sure that Tyr's own breath was leaving the top of the dome correctly so she wouldn't suffocate. The mechanism was working perfectly. Then she thought about what she had to do next.

She was granted one more night with Dev and she was going to make it a good one, then have to let him go in the morning, back to the surface. She wouldn't fight the Director on this. NO-ONE ever fought the director and lived to tell about it. She had been in the company long enough to know this.

Well, win some, lose some, she thought to herself.

She hated to let Dev go as she was becoming quite fond of him, and for the fact he was starting to weaken against her, but then for the next 2 days after that, she had Tyr to play with. But maybe after she gave the Director what he wanted, she would be true to her word and let her keep him permanently then after he retrieved what the Director wanted.

It was not unheard of him to change his mind on things. And maybe when he was done with Tyr he could also give her back to her.

Stefani had some really creative tasks of debasement waiting for Tyr, like turning her into her own personal bathroom slave, and having her scrub the toilet or wet floor with her own pretty red hair until it got brown and dingy. She's always wanted a meek and submissive girl to wait on her hand, and foot like this.

Oh, she'd take good care of her too, making sure she was well fed. At least a double-serving of her special warm babyfood pudding every day in a bright and colorful children's bowl eaten with a cartoon caricature spoon, she could pick one out, for being such a good, obedient little girl to her sweet and caring Mistress.

And a consistent diet of that would soften her sweet and innocent little brain over time and cloud her reasoning rather quickly, making her easier to control.

She would even be so kind as to let her sleep in a basket of her dirty laundry in the cupboard until she needed her special services. And she delighted in thinking of leaving her there, dropping one pair of dirty underclothing on her face after another as she slept through the day, tired and weak from lack of nutrition, the poor thing.

She could even stuff her dirty panties in her mouth if she got cross with her, especially if she didn't do her demeaning chores precisely the way she wanted. And once Tyr submitted to her completely, she'd only be too eager to do whatever I told her at that point. I'd make certain of that !

Stefani suddenly laughed out loud at the terrible things she had planned for Tyr ! But oh, she was dreaming right now. The Director might NEVER let her go if she couldn't teach him where she got her telekinesis from. She would make certain Tyr would do that. She HAD to have both of these children for herself !

One for a son and properly subservient boyfriend she never had - and one for her own personal toilet slave, keeping her bathroom immaculately clean. She would warp their minds combined so they didn't even know who they were or each other. She nodded her head, thinking about these devious plans she had in mind for the pair of unsuspecting children.

Finally she tapped her sharp rainbow fingernails on the glass dome noisily for a moment, satisfied Tyr wasn't going anywhere, and then left the door, turning off the light to return it to the quiet dim blue illumination, and locking the padded room behind her, returned to the elevator to go see about Dev.


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