FB2-10 "Sweet Vengeance"

FB2-10 "Sweet Vengeance"

A Chapter by dw817

Jeffrey was perfectly spread-eagled now in an X formation, and oddly enough snoring quite loudly now, obviously still unaware of the direct imprisonment that Sally had placed him in.


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© November 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

CHAPTER 10 - "Sweet Vengeance"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

The scene fades and the camera pans through the elevator Stefani is descending in. It rises past the floors and to the surface where the broken pine woods were still laying atop one another from the earlier explosion.

The camera pauses only for a second to rotate 180 degrees and lift straight up again directly into the stars and then catapult into the galaxy beyond.


We focus on one small gray planet and hurtle through the clouds and ionosphere to travel under the planetary surface, where Jeffrey and Jennie are still walking in the deep halls talking to each other about tomorrow's event.

Jeffrey stops by one door marked with a triple up chevron, and both Jennie and him enter inside. There is a double circle glowing on the floor. He taps it with his foot and speaks, "Home, please."

He is in the Transit, the rapid form of transport capsule to get from one office or room to another. It uses a set of temporary reality affecting bubbles to create controlled effects that can hover and hurtle it at breakneck speeds and in any direction.

A wave of violet energy oozes across from corner to corner where they stand and the familiar peeling sound. A different reality's reagent, and the ability to scan who it was so it knew whose home to go to.

Then the room levitated and flew straight up in the air at a hard diagonal angle to the right. Symbols, not all English, appeared on the door they entered until it stabilized with, "Jeffrey Stansil's Living Quarters."

He steps through the exit and Jennie follows him. Inside, everything appears like a common room from the 20th century, with futuristic overtones. There is a comfortable red leather couch with ample thick green carpet space around it. A panel of wall reveals a beautiful night sky showing air cars traveling left and right in a traffic below, like rainbow lines in a dark galaxy.

Welcoming doorways spanned to the left and right leading to the kitchen and bedroom, and the walls in here appear to be made out of a beautiful and expensive wood. His entire home is a hologram using forcefields to make solid surfaces solely.

Jennie then tapped the console near the Transit's door and the furniture changes appearance. The couch turns a deeper burgundy and appears plusher with more fuzz. The carpet vanishes and is replaced by a short blue linoleum. The wall design and color changes too. Now it appears more like jagged rings of orange fire from a stained-glass window design.

Outside the front window the scene of darkness fades and it looks like you are overlooking an ocean view with a lighthouse in the distance. The surf crashes audibly against the lower deck, and you can hear a slight creaking of wood with a bit of saltwater in the air.

She smiled at the new view and then spoke crossly to Jeffrey, "I thought you liked the pattern I sent you ?"

He reaches over her hand and taps the console to return it to its original configuration. "I like mine better. If you're spending the night, we can keep your pattern though ?"

She smiles shyly but backs out of his grip, "Maybe later. I still feel icky from the mud."

"That's all in your head !" he said not wanting to let her escape, "That reagent is gone, there's not even a molecule of mud on you. Well, it's not even mud, it's river chocolate. You know how the elements work." and he pulled her closer to him. He felt her warmth on his chest and it aroused him.

"That may be," she replied tartly pulling back, "but I'm still gonna take a hot zero-G bath to be sure, ALONE."

She sighed tiredly and held an apologetic hand out. "It's been a day, Jeff. I'll see you tomorrow in the afternoon at the meeting, okay ? We still gotta deal with Murphy's tirade and get Cheani ready for time-travel and that's going to take a little time."

He nodded but leaned forward suddenly to kiss her on the lips tasting her sharp, cinnamon lipgloss. He tapped the console during the romantic moment and strains of a beautiful syrupy music started playing in the background. It was Jennie's favorite song. He was as subtle as a brick through a glass window.

She pulled back giving him a smirk, "Nice try Romeo. I gotta go. See you tomorrow after lunch though, okay ?" and then she went through the Transit which showed a double image. One of her fading to darkness and the other image shooting away in the distance.

She certainly was pretty he told himself, licking his lips, savoring the taste of her lipgloss.

Sally was cute too, he told himself, but she was a little shorter and her butt was a little bigger, which stood out at times being she was slightly pear-shaped. And it pushed out against her skirt making her undies visible slightly from behind. He would never tell her though, knowing she was already quite self-conscious of her appearance.

He was much too sophisticated to be interested in her fat a*s and shook his head dismissing the thought. Jennie's the girl for me !

Jeffrey tapped the console again and the music changed to something a bit jazzier but still quiet. It was late at night, but he didn't know what time. "Time, SAN !" he finally spoke out crossly.

"The time is now 23.87." a pretty computer's voice spoke. While the computer herself was not entirely sentient, everyone in the complex called her SAN. The nomenclature had long since been forgotten, but the name stayed since its development several hundred years ago.

"Damn, already midnight." he said remembering the time SAN told him, and then started walking to the right to his bedroom. He looked at the plush red bed, it still had hearts and kitty cats on the cover design from when Jennie last spent the night with him. He tapped the console and it changed to an aquamarine blue with fishes on it.

The holographic fishes darted around the covers almost as if they were communicating with each other. That was kind of annoying. He sighed, "Freeze fish pattern on bed covers, SAN."

The fishes froze their movements and only pretty bubbles burbled up from below. "Good enough." he commented and went to one side of a wall tapping the floor where a closet opened on the side.

"Clothing removal." he said quietly and then tapped his finger on his shirt and shorts. They quickly vanished from the laser-lines and appeared in the closet, though it was just a holographic image for reference of what clothes he had removed or could wear.

He looked up and saw the pretty heart-shaped necklace Jennie gave him with the wide collar. With his tightie-whities on, he looked a little like a Chipandale dancer, he thought to himself with a frown. He tapped the necklace and it too appeared in the closet.

Then he went to the bed. He sat on it for a second listening to the quiet music in the other room. "Sleep mode. Galaxy Q87 backdrop." The ceiling suddenly lit up bright and then got dark revealing beautiful stars appearing millions of miles up in the night sky.

They twinkled like little precious crystals and you could see the violet cloud forming a deep galaxy far off in the distance. "Ambient, crickets, basic." he added.

The sound of crickets for a summer's eve were then heard chirping quietly in the background.

"Better." he said to himself and crawled into bed. He shifted the covers over himself watching a little hypnotically the bubbles appearing from the bottom of the covers to float towards him, almost like he was traveling through space and the stars were bubbles. The fish in the graphic pattern on the covers stayed still as he requested.

* * *

"Hmm." He commented, and put his head on the pillow. "Tranquilizer please, 24% power, 8 hour sleep." he said and then nestled his head in the pillow watching the stars with wonder above him.

Curious brightly colored sparkles trickled down from the holographic ceiling onto his head. He breathed them in and it was like icicles in his throat. It felt like soft sand from countless diamonds were trickling in his brain, closing everything down. He shut his eyes eventually and felt the drug work on him, putting him peacefully to sleep.

After several minutes he was snoring quietly and dreaming beautiful dreams of Jennie.

Sally, in an entirely different room, was sitting in a comfortable pink chair absently watching an old TV show on the far wall that showed the actors in it wearing garishly futuristic regalia complete with little antennae and acrylic rings around their hair. It was a most uninteresting show.

She tapped her fingernails impatiently on the rose-colored table in front of her.

A chime suddenly occured. SAN spoke politely to her," Ms. Weirstrom, you wanted to know when it was 3.00."

"Thank you." Sally said and got up to stretch. She went to her own bedroom which was predominately pink with an animated design of fat little fluffy white and brown teddy bears dancing to silent music on her walls. She watched them for a bit.

One pink bear danced in a twirling motion around the others and appeared on the other side of the wall as if a mirror were there. She danced herself in a bit of a circle watching them and kicked off her shoes in the motion. Then she sat in a chair to remove her stockings so her bare toes peeked out.

The television show in the other room could still faintly be heard.

She walked to her closet and opened the door revealing a mirror. She tapped the mirror with her hand and the view showed her from behind. She stared down at her butt and saw her skirt was still riding up over its ample portions. A bit of her white panties were peeking out from below again.

"D****t." she said quietly and tugged down on the stretchy material again trying to cover it. She tapped the mirror to view from the front again. Then she tapped to the side to cycle through colors for her blouse until she found the color she wanted, a blue-violet, obvious envy from Jennie's earlier outfit. She did the same for her skirt finally settling on black.

A perfect color for overdue vengeance, she thought to herself. She then spoke, "Accessories. Mango lipgloss."

The mirror shot a beam out and laser-lines quickly built a little golden tube in front of her rotating slightly as the tractor beam twirled it. She snatched it from its floating position and put it in her skirt pocket. She looked in her pocket to see she also had her keys with her. She lifted her crystalline purse off the bed.

She went over to a counter that had 4 small plastic boxes with a picture of a padlock on each of them as well as an acrylic receipt of purchase. She bought these from a special underground store she knew of that sold kinky S&M high-tech devices.

She turned one of the boxes over and read the fine print on it. Satisfied as to how to use it, she pocketed the 4 with her regular keys. She then walked to her bathroom and retrieved a little pink washcloth there.

Almost forgetting, she reached to a chair and there was a little acrylic plate the size and shape of a small book and she carried that in her purse. It had a little glowing circle in the middle of it but no other features and was perfectly transparent like glass.

Then she went to the Transit and walked through it. Inside she spoke, "Jeffrey Stansil's quarters."

There was a flash of yellow light from the ceiling and SAN spoke again, "Mr. Stansil is in sleep mode now, Ms. Weirstrom and will awake at time 8.15. Would you like to leave a video message instead ?"

Sally reached into her pocket to pull out her keys and fished for a card to hold against the ceiling, an apparent bypass message. Then she spoke acridly, "Bypass it, b***h."

Three brightly colored laser lines honed in on the card and scanned the information there. Then they snapped off.

"Confirmed." SAN spoke and the Transit was on its way. After less than a minute she stepped out to enter through Jeffrey's front door and heard the soft jazz music playing. She then tiptoed into the bedroom to the right.

The sleep crystals were still falling from the ceiling. Sally covered her head with her hands and ran over to the console on the far wall and tapped a button there. The crystals ceased. She whoofed a breath out, and shook her fingers and hair free of the drugged sparkles.

Then she carefully took off the covers showing him naked except for his all-white underwear. His muscular chest was bare and there was a little hair in the pit of his washboard belly.

"Wowee !" Sally whispered to herself, definitely feeling horny at what she was looking at now. Not wasting any time, she took out the acrylic small book she had earlier and positioned it so the circle faced him and she could clearly see Jeffrey's head on his pillow at an angle through it so most of his hair was seen.

She tapped the circle in the middle on the other side and a little laser jet shot out from below and above locking the rectangle in place. The lasers vanished but the device stayed perfectly motionless in midair. After a moment a keyboard popped up near it.

She rapidly depressed several keys and a blinking red light appeared on its surface which quickly faded as well as the keyboard, showing that the motionless video camera was now recording what she saw.

Then she got up to the side of his bed to gently lift his arm off of his chest to tap his wrist several times with one of the boxes that had the image of a padlock on it. Each time she tapped a spark appeared from the box.

On the 3rd tap a bright green energy ring leaped out to lock his wrist to the side of the bed-frame and then turned to solid acrylic transparent green. He slept on unaware.

She did this with his other wrist and looked down. His legs were curled up beside him so she would have to do something to get those down if she wanted him in a spread-eagled position.

She thought about Jeffrey calling for help if he did wake up. She couldn't have that. She looked up to the ceiling and spoke, "SAN, I need you to shutdown for the next 2-hours."

SAN's voice spoke seriously following a quiet warning warble, "Please confirm you are bypassing voice control for emergency or maintenance usage only."

Sally was unafraid and continued, "This IS an emergency, SAN. Restart keyword is 'Antwerp' if I need you before that time."

The emergency warble toned again and SAN spoke in an urgent tone, "Confirm Ms. Weirstrom, you are bypassing safety features of voice control for emergency and maintenance purposes only. Priority restart keyword is 'Antwerp.' if you need system reactivated before 2-hour time has elapsed."

"Confirm this non-standard change, Ms. Weirstrom ?"

Sally spoke angrily waving her hand irritatedly, and focused back on Jeffrey, "Confirmed confirmed, now go away already !"

A small blue circle that had appeared in the top-left-hand corner of every wall suddenly went dim.

Jeffrey nodded his head for a moment to her speaking louder but didn't wake up. Sally watched his face carefully. Finally she eased his legs out carefully, making sure not to wake him and tap-tapped the remaining two padlock boxes on his ankles. The bright rings shot out pinning him to the bedframe there.

He was perfectly spread-eagled now in an X formation, and oddly enough snoring quite loudly now, obviously still unaware of his direct imprisonment. She nodded and walked back to the foot of the bed rubbing her chin thoughtfully.

She then stripped off her undies to let them drop on the floor, and giggling to herself reached in her skirt pocket for the mango lipgloss. Then she crouched down and reached carefully under her naked bare bottom and applied the lipgloss right there on the pucker making certain there was a full covering of it.

She grunted a bit squatting further, to and applied another layer of the sweet and delicious mango lipgloss to it. Then she looked up with narrowed wicked eyes from floor level to see him still sleeping comfortably up there.

As Sally stared up at Jeffrey, she licked her own lips, fully wet now, in evil anticipation of what would follow.


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