FB2-11 "The Matter Of Kissing"

FB2-11 "The Matter Of Kissing"

A Chapter by dw817

Sally eased in carefully until Jeffrey was in position. Then he kissed her there ! She squeaked suddenly but bit her lip trying hard not to giggle. He continued kissing, unaware of what he was doing.


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© November 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

CHAPTER 11 - "The Matter Of Kissing"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Sally then climbed up on Jeffrey's bed with a wide smile on her face. She looked up knowing that SAN wouldn't be here to bail him out of this predicament, and moved closer to him until her face was inches from his. She looked at him still sleeping and thought how peaceful he looked.

Then she tousled his hair playfully and slowly. He moaned in pleasure and moved his arms, though they were still bound by the padlock boxes she put them in.

Trying hard not to laugh she spoke in a deeper voice, "Jeff, this is Jennie, how do you show your love for me ?"

He started snoring again, ignoring the question. She reached over to squeeze his cheeks puckering out his lips and asked again, "Jeff, how do you show your love for Jennie ?" with a bit of an angry whisper.

He then spoke quietly and slowly in a drugged voice, as if hypnotized, the sleep crystals still permeating his brain, "I kiss her."

"Give me a kiss now." she said and tried to keep her voice deep like Jennie's. She let go of his cheeks and he puckered out his own lips slightly to give Sally a nice kiss on her face. Sally, enjoying this game put her face a little closer and returned the kiss with her own lips, licking his thin mustache delightedly.

Jeffrey continued to kiss her softly. Sally then reached under herself and rubbed herself a bit as he did so. After a minute of this, she was breathing pretty heavily and pulled back. Then holding a hand to her mouth to stifle laughing out loud, she carefully turned around backing her bare butt onto his face.

She eased in carefully until he was in position. Then he kissed her right there on the pucker ! Sally squeaked suddenly but bit her lip trying hard not to giggle. He continued to kiss her right there, unaware of what he was doing.

She was beside herself with tickles and oh did it feel so good what he was doing to her. Sally shuddered and started to sweat at the intense pleasure he was giving her.

She let him continue to kiss and probe her back there for nearly 10-minutes, all the while tickling her fingers up front and below. She suddenly gasped, climaxing hard and her pretty brown hair now had traces of sweat in it and her bare legs had drops of sweat in them as well.

She trembled unsteadily trying to hold her position. Suddenly she lost her balance and collapsed on top of him painfully and he was awake in an instant !

What the hell !" he said suddenly and then gasped in horror looking at - her ... !!

Sally raised back up on her knees and wiggled her butt invitingly for him, "Morning, sleepyhead." she said looking back at him with a playful smile.

"Sally !" he yelled beyond apoplectic rage at who it was that broke in his home, "Get the HELL offa me !" and he licked his lips shuddering to himself trying to rid himself of the overly sweet mango flavor.

Sally was enjoying the fact he was awake now, "Hmm.." she said playfully rubbing the lips around her mouth with a finger, "Not yet. I think you owe me something, Jeffrey."

Jeffrey stared in disgust unable to pull his eyes away.

Jeffrey was furious and ready to retch, "I think we're even ! More than even ! What the hell, SAN ! Get me security, priority, POLICE, NOW !" he shrieked.

* * *

"SAN can't hear you right now." Sally added and twirled two of her fingers around each other innocently. "I told her to take the night off, and you know these quarters are all soundproof from each other so you can just YELL all you want. it's just you and me now, boyyy !"

Jeffrey tugged on his arms painfully and he only raised up an inch away from her. Shrugging at the futility, he tried to pull free of his legs which caused him to slide on the bed, his face shot straight into her waiting butt ! His nose went right up into her and he was now drowned in the sickeningly sweet scent of mango lipgloss.

"Oh, Jeff." she said in a faked passionate voice at suddenly feeling him cram his face up against her. "You do love me after all !" and she put her fingers on her chest like it was a gracious and delightful surprise.

"No I don't !" he said but his mouth was muffled at the moment. He coughed, disgusted at where his head was now.

He then pulled back on his arms and slid out from under her again. He tried to regain his composure to ask her seriously though his voice was shaking, "How ... how did you get in here, Sally ?"

"Remember, you gave me a passkey in case there was ever an emergency. That was very kind of you to do that. You can see I didn't waste it."

Jeff spluttered in fear now, "That was for EMERGENCIES ! What the hell, you think crowning me in the middle of the night is an emergency right now ?"

"It most definitely is !" she added and then got up to stand on the bed facing him. Then she walked forward slowly bouncing her bare feet like skipping gently on the bed until she was facing him, her toes straddling his ears.

He looked fearfully left and right realizing she wasn't going to free him until she got what she wanted. He coughed again, looking back up at her triumphant face.

He was beside himself with terror now realizing she was having a GREAT time doing this, "Look, ahh, I'm sorry Jennie did, ahh, what she did out there on Eden 02, Sal. But that's not my fault ! Take it up with her ! Here, you've got my permission, take the passkey for her so you two can, ahh, talk it out, or something ! Just LEAVE, please ! I'll look this over for now !"

"Reeeally ?" she said and then squatted down over his face, threateningly. Right then it tickled his nose and he reached up to scratch it, but his hands were still bound to the sides of the bed. He wiggled his nose uncomfortably and finally sneezed.

He coughed again and his whole face was wet.

She sighed seeing how wet and miserable he looked, and reached down to scratch his damp nose for him, playfully, and then stood back up, towering over him.

"What am I going to do with you ?" she said like she was frustrated with him, and rubbed her midsection with her fingers under her blouse.

Without waiting for an answer she turned around so the back of her faced him again, then she squatted over his face like she was hiked up over a commode.

His chin was shaking violently from fear and confusion. He realized she was not going to leave until she got what she wanted - so - he finally relented.


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© 2014 dw817

Author's Note

BTW, the captia was, "seasick," probably how Jeffrey is feeling right now. :)
This episode will be concluded next Wednesday.

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