Dream Diary - November 18th 2014

Dream Diary - November 18th 2014

A Chapter by dw817

The Library Leg / Hot Snow / Kitten Clearance / Technological Antiquities / The Writherlings / The Gunk Gun / Interference From A Cellphone / Gift Giving / A Foreign Carnival / A Crank For R. Williams


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  Dream Diary  


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© November 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


* * *

These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


Dreamed I met this girl at a country club. We were having a brunch and she showed me her leg, which was not only made of wood but she had recesses built in it so she could carry her favorite 7 books. She pulled one out for me to read.

Naturally it was all gibberish (if you didn't know, most dreams will not let you read books). It was at that point that I realized I was dreaming and woke up.


Dreamed I was with Chris, we had just done a nice walk when snow started coming down. It was in thick blankets and made it difficult to see.

We finally got in and for some reason I had a television, the back of it was glowing white hot and scorching the wall behind it. There was electricity shooting down from the sky directly into it.

On the screen it showed a picture of a bright sunny day. I wondered if that had something to do with the snow falling outside.


A boy came to visit me in class. He had a pencil stuck halfway through his wrist. All of a sudden a bunch of bigger kids came in to tease him.

I went over to defend him but then they attacked me, with these wooden weapons that were fastened to their hands. sort of a swinging snapping mechanism.

Dad is there now and he says, you need to get away from here. Take the jet car. I ask, you have a jet car ?

He says, yes, and take it now, go to this address and you will be safe.

I get into the car and don't even need to drive it as it apparently has a mind of it's own. It takes me and the boy to the designated address Dad talked about.

I try to walk in the door but there are these kittens everywhere. Both him and me are trying to get the cats back outside as it's clear to use they are strays. Just as we are making progress, one of the kittens savagely bites me.

I look at my hand and the cat is wrapped up in paper like for a present, with sharp teeth poking out. As I look on, the cat starts to sing in a high-pitched voice, something about a song from the sea.

Then I wake up.


Wow, what a whacked out dream. I was visiting my neighbors and they turned out to be hillbillies with these super fast racing cars. Hi tech electronics and thousands of dollars in jewelry that they hung up from every light in the house.

I remember that they took care of these creatures. They lived in miniature hotels that they built in one of their big rooms. It was like a miniature metropolis.

The creatures themselves were crablike but had this high-tech thing they wore which enabled them to communicate with the hillbillies and tell them what they wanted.

I remember being asked if I would like to join them ? I asked in what way ? Then they shone this warm pink light on me and I remember I was shrinking. I got frightened and woke up.


[5] Dreamed that Star Wars and Star Trek were real things. They had teamed up together to fight this great evil.

What - the evil was I wasn't certain. They said it was a hole in space, that it was from a dark dimension and writherlings lived there. A writherling according to my memory of the dream was this pulsing red ripple of tentacles that burned with temperatures as hot as the sun - so it was indeed a threat.

I remember being on the Enterprise and as I was talking to Kirk, a writherling suddenly leapt out to crush it's burning tentacles across the bow of the ship and red alert sounded. I woke up suddenly.


Dreamed I was at school. There was this fellow who was putting gray marbles down the sink in the school bathroom. Seeing me he shot this strange gun at me that had gunk in it. Very sticky. I tried to get free but it was work.

When I returned to the classroom the gunk was all over my shirt and my shoes were slippery, it was difficult to stand. Rose was there in the classroom with me. She said after class I was to join her in the girls' restroom and she would help get me cleaned up.

I was about to tell her I wasn't permitted in there when I looked down and saw I was wearing this pretty dress - so - perhaps I was a girl ? I then woke up.


Dreamed Dad was trying to get this cellphone to work. He kept pushing buttons on it and for some reason, it directly affected his computer, as if the two were tied in together.

I looked outside and the clouds were acting up too. A terrible storm crashed in and these witches came down from the sky and cried, "Any old things for sale ?"

I said no, nothing, please go away. But they were persistent. "Any old things for sale ? ANYTHING ?"

At some level I realized they took things and gave nothing in return. Since it was Dad's cellphone that was causing the problems, I offered it up to them.

I held my arm straight up in the air with Dad's cellphone. One witch soared down to retrieve it.

"A devil's instrument !" she said.

"Sure," I said agreeably, "Just leave, okay ?"

She cackled in the back of her throat and taking Dad's cellphone left. The sky cleared up. I went in to look at Dad's computer and apparently it was doing better now too.

It was then I woke up.


[8] This is a dream I've had several times. I am carrying a bag of gifts and seeing and meeting homeless and mentally retarded people. I have gifts for all of them and my bag never seems to run out.

I know it ran out one time and a fellow there told me to invert the bag, turn it inside-out. I did so and somehow it refilled and I continued to hand out presents.

I - guess I'm supposed to learn from this, that there is small comfort in items. Jewelry, toys, games, etc. While it is material - it still does serve a temporary purpose to avoiding the real problems in their lives. And in some cases, there is no cure - so this is the next best thing.

And in some cases, that is not entirely a bad thing.

Sometimes the dream turns bad and there is rotten fruit in the bag instead of nice gifts. And the fruit bursts open and it's full of these spiders with razor sharp legs. I remember looking at the people I was giving gifts to and their faces were being torn up by these spiders, it was very gruesome.


I was at a carnival at a type of fun house. What I didn't know is apparently it was done by a foreign country and they weren't supposed to be there. I had my head in a bucket of apples trying to pull one out but when I lifted my head, the country had all changed.

Emma and Kay were there. I had this little doll wrapped under one arm. To my knowledge I had won it from a carnival game. She was wearing an underwear which read, "Crustacean Treasures."

I smelled gunpowder, it was a long gray and green field of grass and people were running around and there was the sound of rifles and gunfire. I left the carnival and passed by stands of people selling imported silks and fine fruits and vegetables.

But there was definitely war in the air. I heard a shot above me and ducked instinctively. Then I heard a low shot and tried to jump but was too slow. It penetrated my heart and I fell over staring at the unmoving clouds. Then I woke up.


Robin Williams visited me. I had told him that something was strange. People had brass knobs on their backs, like for a door frame.

He nodded in agreement then fell over dead in front of me. On his back he had a turn crank which apparently powered him. I tried to turn it but it wouldn't turn. Apparently it was rusted shut.

I reached around my own back to feel and felt the familiar brass knob too, like a door. I got scared and woke up.

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My dreams have been quite strange as of late ranging from bees to snakes to a classmate being found dead in his dorm. Quite strange. Thanks for sharing yours DW!


Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

You should write out your dreams, Cody. I think people would be interested in that !
BTW, your.. read more
Cody Williams

6 Years Ago

Okay, I'll take care of that.


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