FB2-13 "The Morning After"

FB2-13 "The Morning After"

A Chapter by dw817

"What ? What do you mean, TWIRL, Sally !?" "Just like I did !" she said angrily and sat to watch him. When he didn't move immediately, she raised the price and said, "41,000 !"


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© November 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

CHAPTER 13 - "The Morning After"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

A pleasant chime emitted from SAN's main speakers in Jeffrey's bedroom signalling it was time to get up. He flopped the covers from over his head and spoke blearily, "Time ?"

"The time is 8.15."

"Thank you, SAN."

He then got up out of bed and stumbled into the bathroom to gaze into a mirror holding his head mumbling to himself, "Gotta be a nightmare. There's no way that sweet, charming, innocent -"

Then he saw the smeared lipgloss all over his face and spoke more of the same sentence yelling it now, "evil, arrogant, jealous, B***H ... " He was so angry he couldn't finish. He put his hands in the sink's opening and they started to tremble.

My God, he told himself, it actually happened, and that means I must've ... He started smacking his forehead rather painfully, "Stupid, idiotic !" he looked back in the mirror and saw she really made a mess out of him last night, and apparently he DID enjoy himself looking down and seeing a horrid mess of his underwear.

"How on earth could I be so lame-brained to allow ... " he mumbled loudly to himself as he reached to pull out a bath-cloth and new bar of soap while stripping off his underwear which peeled off of him like Sara's Wrap from being so sticky and tossing it in a different unit to be washed on a POWER cycle.

"D****t !" he shrieked, and hopped in the shower speaking, "50% gravity, skip sonic shower, use real water ! I'm gonna get CLEAN of this !"

SAN beeped acknowledgement and the water ran. "Hotter !" he said and then the water became scalding which he yelled angrily at but he stayed in and scrubbed his face and lower midsection hard, eventually washing his hair, arms, legs, chest, back, feet, and hands.

He STERILIZED himself in the ultra-hot water and stepped out with a cloud of steam that clogged the whole bathroom. His skin was slightly red but started to cool as he dried off. Then he walked to the console still wearing his towel and picked up a phone shaped piece of clear plastic, then set it down again. He lifted it again, then shook his head and set it down.

He stamped his feet in place, angry at his indecision, and picked it up again. Before he could make a call, his own phone rang. Since he still had it in his hands he answered, "Yes ?"

Sally's beaming face appeared on the screen. She looked great dressed in a cute rainbow pastel colored nightgown, obviously very pleased with what she did to him last night.

Jeffrey shrieked in the receiver without giving her a chance to speak first, "Whattyu want, you frocking b***h !? Listen up, it's your word against mine, I swear from this point forward I am going to make your life a living hell at work until you're forced to quit and wind up destitute and living in the sewer sucking s**t for a living !"

"I'll personally take you there myself - right now, get your purse ! I will NEVER be your boyfriend, do you hear me !? Whatever happened last night never did ! I'll deny every word of it ! You have NO proof whatsoever ! And I'm getting my lock changed ! Whattya think about that, you goddamned frocking S**T !?"

She was prepared for this and spoke quietly with conviction, "Now, is that any way to talk to your sweet new best-girlfriend ? And after you had such a GOOD time last night too ? I know you may be feeling a little confused right now which is why I wanted to show you this great rated-G family video I got from the rental last night."

And then she played back a bit of the video she recorded the night before showing him working on her and WHERE he was doing it. She didn't even show him the entire video. Then she smiled back at him and her top teeth were showing as she slightly bit her bottom lip knowing she had all the right cards now for a perfect blackmail.

When he didn't say anything immediately because he was speechless that she had the gall to record the marked event as well, she added, "Rated-G for GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY !" and then laughed cruelly.

A video like that in the wrong hands would ruin him completely !

Jeffrey started stammering and the tone in his voice changed completely, "Now - now. Sally, we're good friends, aren't we ?" and he fell down painfully to his knees with his hands clasped before her begging forgiveness. "I - really - didn't mean anything I said earlier."

Sally scratched the side of her ears thoughtfully, "Living in the sewer ? The way you acted with me last night, that wouldn't be much of a change for you Jeff, but I'm sure I can think of something nastier for you later, if you like."

"I was just joking !" he said frantically and his eyes had tears in them from stark raving hysteria and he tried to laugh but it sounded like an old car not able to turn over he was so upset right now.

"Look," he said swallowing hard on his tongue, "I think we can come to some kind of arrangement. I'll give you 1,000 credz for that video. I'll - ah - hang onto it for safe keeping ? So we're even, you get some nice pocket money and we can wash our hands free of the affair and I won't EVEN hold anything from last night against you, deal ?"

Sally rubbed her chin thoughtfully but answered back a little too quickly, "Nope. 40,000 credz or I hand-deliver this directly to Jennifer this MORNING, I was even gonna wrap it as a present, real pretty-like ! I hadn't picked out a bow yet though."

He looked back at her shocked as she continued, and then she put her pretty face against the camera with a seductive smile, "I'm sure she'd like to know just how much you've been craving after my SLURPOLICIOUS butt !"

* * *

His face paled. Omigod, he thought to himself, she really DID want to blackmail him ! He coughed for a moment and held his hands up so she would see he was agreeing. Finally he spoke in a choked voice, "Ok, whatever ! 40,000 credz !"

She stood up out of her chair and gave him an odd look, then she put her hand on her head and twirled around on one leg on the tip of her toe with the flat of her other foot touching the side of her knee professionally like she was a little princess from a music-box for a moment. She twirled twice in all and looked quite graceful as she did it.

Then she sat back in her chair facing the videophone and then said, "Now you seal the agreement by twirling yourself !"

"What !? What do you mean, TWIRL, Sally !?"

"Just like I did !" she said angrily and sat to watch him. When he didn't move immediately, she said, "41,000 !" Jeffrey stumbled to his feet noisily, the chair clattering over clumsily. "42,000 !" He tried to twirl but fell down losing his balance and grabbed painfully at his shin in agony. Sally opened her mouth threateningly ready to rise the price again.

But he got back up in a scuffle before she could and put his hand on his head and turned around rapidly with both feet in a circle. "No !" she said angrily, "On one leg only ! 43,000 !" He tried again and oddly enough on his first try twirled successfully by mimicking her actions immediately. It wasn't perfect but he did spin with his other foot balanced against his knee.

She watched for a moment but didn't say anything. He wasn't going to give her a chance to get a higher price on the blackmail so he twirled again and looked at her to see if that was enough. She still looked undecided. So he started twirling around as hard as he could. He was really quite agile and stayed on one foot as he did it.

Suddenly Sally broke out in peals of laughter and fell out of her chair, quite possibly painfully, but she was still giggling on the floor, you could hear it in the speakers.

Jeffrey didn't think he looked that funny and then he looked down to see his towel had flung off halfway through his twirling escapades so he was perfectly naked. Completely red-faced, he reached on the floor to grab back the towel and tucked it back on and around him again.

A hand reached around the table to the videophone and Sally climbed back up in her chair. She was still tittering to herself. Finally she spoke trying to stop laughing, "You looked really cute Jeff, like a sweet little ballerina princess ! All except for that last part. Ballerinas don't have that tiny dangling little - "

Jeffrey spat angrily at the camera, "Sally ! We had a deal ! I've got your money ready ! You and I both need to be at work by noon. Come on by NOW and I'll hand it to you and YOU give me that damned video you recorded." and then he tried to regain his composure and spoke quieter, "And that will be the last we'll hear of this ugly matter, and we can be friends again, okay ?"

Sally smiled and dangled the video in front of him on the videophone for a moment as he stared at the single reason that would break him up with Jennifer forever. "Ok." she said politely, and then clicked off the phone.

Jeffrey ran back to the bedroom. He was basically dried and sat in front of the mirror and spoke, "Work clothes, pattern 14." Laser-lines appeared briefly on him and he was dressed in a smart business suit with a pinstripe shirt, black shoes, slacks, even two pens perfectly nestled in his shirt pocket.

He went over to a hidden safe he had behind his refrigerator and opening it, pulled out a plasteel box that had little plastic tokens the same size and shape as domino chips. They had detailed writing over them and appeared to made from some kind of synthetic miniature gold blocks. He carefully pulled out 22 of them reading them carefully ensuring it was the right amount.

After 5 more minutes there was a pleasant chime showing Sally was at his front door.

She could've used his key to get in but didn't, so maybe that meant there were no tricks and she was going to honor this agreement after all ? Jeffrey could only hope. He closed up and hid his safe again, then went to the door and tapped the side of it. Sally stepped inside, also dressed for work in a beautiful flattering blue skirt, pink blouse, and tan work shoes.

And she had the offending video wrapped up all pretty in gift wrapping paper with heart crepe paper.

"Hi Jeffrey !" she said innocently, "How ya been doooing ?" and she reached out to give him a warm hug.

"Fine." he said with an acidic tone, pulling away, and not wanting to play games right now.

"You look - nice." He said trying to make small conversation, but it sounded flat and unconvincing. Finally he added, "Is this it ?"

"This is your special present." she said quietly.

"Good." and he took it from her.

"Now wait just a minuette ! We gotta sing Happy Birthday !"

"What !?" he asked, the anger returning to his voice.

She was insistent and took it back from him, "You NEVER get to open a present without singing Happy Birthday first."

Jeffrey sighed. MY GOD he wanted this day to end early. "Awright." he agreed tiredly. There was a moment's silence and then Sally started singing out shrill and loud. She only did the first few words of the stanza and then glared angrily at Jeffrey so he would sing along with her.

He shook his head disgustedly but started singing in his rich baritone voice. After a minute he realized that Sally had substituted the word, "You" for "Poophead." He ignored her and continued to sing the right words until the song was complete.

Or so he thought, because then she crossed her arms and stuck out her index and pinkie fingers over each other like she was doing rap music, "So what is it that you wish for, can bought it be by a store, if too much cake, you do eat, won't fit through the door, HUU !" and she flung her arms out as if it added to her improv.

If Jeffrey wasn't so angry with her right now, it might've seemed funny, but he wasn't in the mood for games. He wanted this terrible business OVER with. She then handed him the present, "Happy Birthday, Poophead, I mean Jeffrey ! You'll NEVER guess what I got you !"


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