Dream Diary - December 9th 2014

Dream Diary - December 9th 2014

A Chapter by dw817

Take Your Meds Or Else / Cures What Ails You / Fantasy Life / Conversation w UFO / The Not-So Fun-House / Shop Cart Thief / The Cursed Paper / New Heroine In Town / Conspiracy In A Ward / Hot Software


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  Dream Diary  


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© December 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


* * *

These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


I'm on this unusual website and it says, you're getting more meds on Thursday as disciplinary measures for your previous behavior.

I'm - not sure what I did wrong or could remember what I did wrong in the dream to merit such an action.

As I'm trying to think about it, there is a knock at the door. I see I am in my old apartment. I open the door and see 2 orderlies who say they have my pills and need to give me an injection.

I tell them, no, I feel fine, but thanks for visiting, and try to close the door.

But one reaches behind and has this spring-loaded metal bar and jambs it in the doorway to keep it open. Then they wrestle me to the ground, pinning my arms behind me and my face is on the floor. They force me to take the pills, yank down my underwear and give me a hard injection on my butt.

After that, they head out. I try to get up to call the police but my legs aren't working and suddenly I feel very tired, like sand was trickling in my brain. I lay down to sleep and when I woke up, I was back in bed, awake from the dream.


Dreamed I went to this photo shop, it was me and a bunch of girls. We were going to get some photos developed. The photos were of a birthday party, there was a bunch of kids wearing kooky crowns and tiaras, eating cake and ice cream and being very LOUD.

I remember having a tremendous headache from all the shouting going on from the girls that were with me and I was telling the lady at the shop that I wanted to change jobs. She went behind the counter and gave me this bottle.

She said to drink it and I won't have to worry about the noise again. I pulled out the cork and drank it and suddenly everyone around me vanished, I was in an empty store. I walked outside and there was no-one there either. And it was quiet, no birds or any other sounds for that matter.

I was trying to figure this out when I woke up suddenly.


Dreamed Mr. Rourk from Fantasy Island was going to take me to meet my sister at this Mexican restaurant. And he was treating us. He sat down next to us and had a bunch of adult questions, about what me and her were going to do with our lives.

I told him that I am quite content to float, you know - go where the tide takes me.

My sister however said she was going to stand tall and take complete control of her life, and not any one person would tell her what she could or could not do.

I laughed at the difference in outlook we both had for the future and suddenly woke up laughing.


Dreamed I was with Dad, his G/F, and her son. We were in Dad's '66 LeMans. Dad was driving when a UFO came down from the sky. A loud voice from them announced asked if we were Christians.

I nodded. Everyone else in the car nodded too.

The voice continued, sorry about what happened in the past, had we known better things would've worked out differently.

I stood up in my seat and asked them what would've worked out differently.

The voice said, the Bible.

I then asked how on Earth that would affect us now, we didn't write the Bible.

A pink light shone down from the UFO directly on to me and the voice spoke, but you are in the Bible, everyone is, and therefore we affect it by reference to God's creation of man and mankind.

I got confused with that statement and sat back down. Then Dad turned to look at me and he had these hollow empty eyes. I woke up in a fright.


[5] I was with Dad. I guess we were going on a joyride. Finally we decided to go to someplace called Superland, which was $400 a ticket, but all the food and rides were free at that point. I know we arrived and Dad insisted we try out the fun-house that was at the entrance.

We went and it was pretty crazy. They had these stairs keep sliding left and right making it difficult for me to even pass the first part of it. Dad was already well into it. By the time I caught up I heard a loud click and somebody turned the ride off.

Then it felt like someone grabbed my arm and started dragging me in a direction. I woke up in a fright.


Dreamed I had a lot of money so I was in this store buying lots of candy and toys for when I saw Rose. But somebody kept stealing stuff from my shopping cart.

I finally caught the perpetrator, it was an old woman. I grabbed her hand which was on my cart and she shrieked, RAPE !

A few people walked by. One told her, you wish. She apparently realized that was not the thing to yell. Finally she yelled FIRE !

That got everyone going. The lights went out in the store and a turning red light appeared at the ceiling along with an ear-splitting siren.

As I was looking she suddenly took my shopping cart and dashed away with it. I was running after her when I suddenly realized - the place was actually on fire !

Now it was so not so much of keeping up with her as it was to get away from the fire.

I woke up patting down my chest from flames that weren't there.


Dreamed of this scary piece of paper Dad and me were trying to get rid of. It had scribbles on it that moved on their own. We tried to fold it in the trash, crumple it up, even burn it, but it kept coming back.

Finally Dad tossed it out the door but it quickly whistened back in through the chimney. Dad took scissors to it then but as soon as he cut it up, the pieces reformed together.

I grabbed and dunked it in the water in the sink and you could see air bubbles coming from it. Finally I turned on the garbage disposal and stuffed it down.

There was the ragged sound of thick paper being cut up by it, like hearing a chainsaw through wood. Finally the disposer was silent. I turned it off. Looked to Dad. He pointed back at me with a fearful look on his face.

The paper was climbing out of the sink but now it was 20x bigger than it was originally, and it formed into the face of an old man with a scowl on his face, like Origami gone bad.

I reached behind me to punch it in the eye when I woke up punching air.


[8] I was in this computer store all by myself. I turned the volume down on one of the computers as it was making this weird noise.

I was typing on a different computer, getting ready to log in to a server when these people came in the store and asked what I was doing.

I replied simply, nothing.

One of them said they were going to call the police.

I said look, I've been in this store many times before, all I'm doing is logging in the server to see if I have any mail.

That didn't seem to satisfy them, so I left the store. I used my flying technique, where I put my hands above me in a triangle and shot straight up into the air.

I got higher and saw Superman was there. He was talking and shaking a finger at some woman who was apparently some kind of superhero herself, but that her theme was wind and tornadoes.

The conversation he was having with her was that tornadoes were damaging whereas what he did was good for mankind.

She said mankind can blow her.

I woke up laughing.


Dreamed Dottie was a bad person instead of good. She was mind-controlling Dad. I brought it up to her. She said, you need to go back in the ward with delusions like that.

Then she reached over to pick up the phone, apparently to make a call to do just that. I pulled out the phone plug, then she said, who is the crazy one here ?

I started to wrap up the phone in the cable when someone came up from behind me and injected something directly into my back. I staggered and fell over.

She then started to talk to me about the boiling point of glass in a furnace. I told her I'm not interested in that, she needs to leave my Dad alone ! And I was shouting it now.

Someone grabbed me from behind and injected me again in a different place in my back. But now it was difficult for me to breathe. I fell down and curled up in a fetal position.

She leaned down to my face to gloat and said, soon, you're going to be right back where you belong, in the ward.

I couldn't argue as my brain started shutting down, then I went to sleep. I woke up in bed.

. . .

I go back to sleep and the dream continues. I wake up just a bit and I'm frightened as she is still leering down at me.

I tell her, I'll go but no needles. She said, sure, that's fine, however you want to enter the ward, but you are going back to the ward, I'll see to that myself personally.

I feel someone grab me from the back, pull my arm behind me, and started dragging me away with the other arm.

I was roughly put into a chair, apparently to sign a form. They put a pen in my limp hand but I was so sleepy and dizzy I couldn't write straight. Someone grabbed my wrist and forced a scrawl of my name in standard letters.

The next part of the form I was supposed to write down my deepest fear. I told them, I'm not going to do that cause you'll just use it against me like room 101.

I felt someone then lift me up and put me in a wheelchair. They started wheeling me out the room when I cried out for Dad. I was frightened, scared, and I didn't want to go back there. Then everything started to get misty and dizzy and I woke up in bed again.


Dreamed Dad's computer was in the fireplace. I was working on it but it kept fritzing out. Finally I told Dad to increase the gas gauge. He did so and re-lit the back of it. The computer flared to life but the keyboard was hot on my fingers.

And - apparently there was common logic taking place as the computer did catch on fire itself and I dashed out of the fireplace before I caught on fire myself.

Dad turned off the gauge and said, just wait till the computer cools down before using it again.

But I told Dad, no way am I going back near that thing.

Dad gave me a sideways look, then took a hatchet to the computer. I asked him why, he said it was obsolete and he was going to get a newer model, one that was fireproof.

I joked and told him, make sure it has a good firewall too. I laughed at that and woke up.

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