FB2-15 "Tyr Meets Tyr"

FB2-15 "Tyr Meets Tyr"

A Chapter by dw817

She smiled at his discomfort and spoke sensually wetting her lips which had a flaming red glow to them, "Aren't you HAPPY to see me, Father ? Aren't you going to give your long lost daughter a KISS ?"


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© December 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

CHAPTER 15 - "Tyr Meets Tyr"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Suddenly Murphy came running up to them. Jeffrey looked up momentarily, and seeing him, ran past him still crying in shame from what Sally did to him the night before.

Murphy spoke to the two girls who were still fuming at each other, "What are you two doing ? We've already began the meeting !"

"Sorry." both girls chimed together and then ran after Murphy into the meeting room to take their seats.

There was already an automatic presentation going that was explaining some common history about the "Gate War." A video prepared, spoken and directed by Murphy to show a bit of the positive uses of controlling time at a limited level that was used today and the more definite negative effects of creating Gates for them.

"... And it is to our marvelous technology today that allows mankind to live to be over 200 years old ! By doubling our lifespans we have not only multiplied our productivity, but our technology as well. And WHO wouldn't want to have the intelligence of a 30-year old person and still not look a day over 15 ?"

There was polite laughter and applause from the group watching the presentation. No-one appeared to be over 16-years of age, which of course, made them actually over the age of 30.

"However, Central then decided it was important to develop time-travel rather than continuing research into slowing down our own life-clocks. The Gate Wars were terrible periods of their existence and a conflict that lasted 20 years when time travel was used solely to attack other countries and organizations for property and financial gain."

"When time travel was discovered nearly 1,000 years ago, every indicator from Central was present to show that it could be used for positive research and development, and we could learn more about our ancestors this way."

"Unfortunately, there were large corporations out there that wanted to go back in time and corrupt it, making themselves superior in the NOW, by eradicating their competition at the root and bringing forbidden knowledge about the future to the past to further support themselves."

"A terrible war erupted as not only companies but entire corporations and continents fought to control time. It was a dark period for our future and we discovered, rather unfortunately, some of the serious side-effects of long-term corrupting timelines as seen in this video clip ..."

A video played that showed Steve, Jennie's deceased husband, working in a laboratory in a controlled experiment involving one of the Gates. There was a large metal ring nearly 10 feet in diameter on the other side of the room, which had odd notches around it and small display regions to highlight important information about its configuration. In the center was a swirling mass of cloud and energy.

Steve was looking at a computer console and entering in figures, not paying any attention to it.

He had brought Tyr, his and Jennie's daughter, who was 5-years old with him to the laboratory and had her sitting on a bright and colorful chair playing a videogame designed for both education and amusement for children her age. Steve was talking with his wife, Jennie on the videophone as he compared figures.

"How much longer are you going to be ?" Jennie asked. "It's nearly 21.87 as it is !" and she paused and stammered, "I - I mean 9:52pm, I never could get used to our new time notation. anyways, Steve, please come home !"

"I will, let me finish up here. You know, Tyr is showing remarkable aptitude. I've been meaning to tell you about - Tyr ? ... Tyr ?!" and then he looked for her to see she had stepped out of her seat without him being aware and was curiously approaching the Gate ring on the other side of the room reaching out a small hand to it.

"Tyr !" he cried out in panic. "Get away from there ! That's dangerous, honey !"

Tyr was so small and cute, with little violet eyes and a small crop of red hair already growing. She had walked over to the Gate because she saw something moving in it. There was a visible yellow spark appearing where she was and at it was at her level too, 3 feet from the floor. She poked her head inside the Gate at the yellow spark and it vanished showing a headless little girl.

Steve was out of his chair in an instance and started to race over but then stopped when she pulled her head back showing she was okay. He sighed and started to walk firmly over there to take her away from the portal, but then a curious and slender woman's hand appeared reaching out of the Gate and touched Tyr on her small chin.

The hand had strange and sinister looking devices on it.

Steve was still halfway across the room and ran top-speed to grab her away from the hand but then slipped on some coffee he spilled earlier and crashed hard into a table.

The hand appeared uninterested at the commotion and reached out to deliberately caress Tyr on her hair. Tyr giggled at the unexpected touch and then a beautiful woman stepped out of the Gate and held Tyr in her hands. She was strikingly beautiful, appeared to be about 20-years of age.

Her outfit was predominantly black, with flared arms, and she wore a tight black skirt that revealed a centimeter of her red panties from the back, and a low cut metallic tunic that plunged showing ample flesh and cleavage. and it was obvious to him she was not a kind woman. But her eyes commanded respect, he could see that.

She twirled her fingers in the air thoughtfully and Steve could see that she had curious thin needles that went up and down both the tops of both of her index fingers in a kind of futuristic assassin's glove. Some kind of liquid went up each of them from above her wrist. Apparently a drug or poison to affect her victims with.

Steve was back up and limped over to her. The woman smiled at him, not a friendly smile he noticed and - he was afraid.

"Please." he began fearfully, "Please give me back my daughter !" and he reached his hands out to her.

* * *

The woman seemed amused and spoke in a voice that demanded absolute obedience with a haughty flair. "Sir, or should I say FATHER. I =AM= YOUR DAUGHTER !" and then she stepped forward for him to look closer at both faces. He leaned his nose very close and looked. The strange young woman had the exact same kind of eyes and facial features.

He realized, there was no mistake, it was indeed his own daughter, aged by 20 years ! He fell back collapsing over a table.

He got back up hurriedly and spoke to her in a quavering voice, "Please - please you need to leave the way you came. It's not your time - yet. SHE - " and he referred to his little girl, "isn't ready for you - yet. You need to go back to your own time." and then he raised his voice in a combination of anger and hysteria, "You DON'T belong here !"

She took little Tyr by her hand who looked up at her wide a wide smile on her face as she was still seeing the whole event as a great adventure. "Reeeally ?" she said dangerously and then walked over to him closer as little Tyr toddled beside her.

Then she scooted the smaller Tyr behind her, where she grabbed and tugged on her skirt. The older Tyr looked behind her and said quietly to her, "Mustn't play, sweetie-pie." and then turned back to look at Steve who was backed against a table, realizing how dangerous she was.

She looked at him, and her violet eyes flashed with a passion and fury he never expected his little Tyr to grow up with. Finally she stood very close to him, her breasts almost touching his own chest. He trembled but was unable to back away as he was already leaned up hard against the table.

She smiled at his discomfort and spoke sensually wetting her lips which had a flaming red glow to them, "Aren't you HAPPY to see me, Father ? Aren't you going to give your long lost daughter a KISS ?"

Then she leaned forward to kiss him and he turned his head so she would kiss his cheek instead, but she grabbed his chin hard and forced a passionate kiss straight on his mouth. He mumbled unintelligibly with his eyes open in shock as she twirled her tongue sensually around his own in furious deliberateness.

And as she kissed him, she stroked his neck provocatively with one hand, finally holding one of her index fingers out hard against the quivering lump in his throat.

Suddenly the needle from that finger darted out and stabbed him in the neck before retracting. The needle was so small and the motion was so fast that at first it didn't seem like he was aware of it but then he started gasping, unable to breathe, and fell over dead in less than a minute.

She let go of him as he collapsed she spoke cruelly, "The fact of the matter is, =YOU= don't belong here, dear Father. I am perfectly where I belong." His eyes were still open even in death, and they stared heavenward as a strange gray liquid oozed out from the cornea, a side-effect of the terrible poison she had injected him with.

Then Jennie screamed from the videophone watching all this and the screen went black as she disconnected the line to call the police. The older Tyr looked curiously to it and, seeing that it was turned off ignored it.

Little Tyr now looked upset, knowing something was wrong and appeared ready to cry.

Then the older Tyr looked down to her and spoke in a cheerful babyish voice. "Ooh ! Aren't you so cute ! Yes you are, the sweetest little girl I've ever EVER seen ! You want to explore the pretty sparkly glittery Gate ? You go right ahead ! Here I'll help you." and she led the little girl to the Gate.

But little Tyr didn't enter immediately. She started to suck on one finger shyly and twirled her shoulders left and right speaking in a small and quiet voice, "I'm not sposed ta, miss ma'am."

But the older Tyr replied back, some of the kindness in her voice now missing, "Oh, yes you can, now GO !" and gave her a gentle shove on her bottom with the flat of her palm. Tyr stood at the Gate and wisps of it reached out to tug at her small cute dress. Then an older man's hand reached around from the emptiness probing for her, and then roughly grabbed her inside.

You could hear little Tyr shriek with a blood-curdling cry and suddenly stop as certainly something must have killed her immediately and was then silent. And then another stepped out from the swirling Gate with the little girl's blood dripping on one hand.

He was a very handsome and muscular, thin fellow, with just a trace of a mustache and no beard. He, too, like the older Tyr had strange needle apparatus on his index fingers, and, like her was dressed predominately in black with red detail around his arms and legs for his long flared pants.

He wore a kind of metallic black raincoat that went down to his ankles and it was obvious, that like her, he was not someone to trifle with. His eyes were a piercing blue, like the most severe rainstorm, and clouds of cruelty and thunder rolled around them. His eyes darted around the room calculatingly, sniffing almost disdainfully at its decadent appearance.

"The past !" he hissed malevolently, not liking where the Gate brought him.

"Darceon." she said acknowledging as she immediately recognized him and went over to passionately lick his fingers clean of the child's blood as he held them out for her.

"Yes, beloved." he said and stroked her hair with a firm grip, for he was her husband.

"Darceon, we are home again." and she licked her own lips clean of the blood and then narrowed her eyes, "We are going to take this world and rape its people for everything they have !" and she started to laugh cruelly.


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© 2014 dw817

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Intersting chapter. Well penned...... :)

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6 Years Ago

Thank you, Zahra. I owe it all to being able to record my dreams and being able to work them into th.. read more

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