FB2-16 "Learby Is Dismissed"

FB2-16 "Learby Is Dismissed"

A Chapter by dw817

"Any further blaspheming against Central, Murphy, and you may find yourself imprisoned and ultimately Regressed yourself, from the very punishment you have been working for years to eradicate."


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© December 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

CHAPTER 16 - "Murphy Is Dismissed"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

But Tyr from the future didn't get very far. Apparently Jennie was successful in calling the police, and having explained the situation to them, they made a few calls to the laboratory to call the guards right outside. That there had been both a breach of the Gate and a murder, possibly two, involving the little girl, Tyr, her daughter.

Several guards crashed inside the main entrance to the laboratory and fired their weapons, a kind of electric plasma projectile at the two visitors from the future. Because the pair of villains were caught completely by surprise, Tyr was hit first and heavily in the chest by one of the marksmen and she fell over shaking violently as it had a kind of shocking, paralyzing effect.

Electricity danced over her form as she twitched on the floor and her eyes stared ahead emptily.

Darceon, more lively on his feet, rapidly pulled out a diamond shaped metallic symbol and hurled it to the floor. There was a terrible explosion around him as violent fire leapt out from a bright green center of it to ignite the laboratory around him, and during the confusion he leapt out a different door to escape the line of the guards' fire.

The sprinklers turned on immediately, confusing the guards for a moment, and then half of them ran after him as the others surrounded Tyr and quickly handcuffed her with laser bracelets.

She was just staggering back up, and blinked her eyes to get vision back in them, cursing under her breath for ineptitude and she couldn't use her needled fingers on any of the guards.

One of the guards checked her bindings and as he did she flicked her finger and the needle bounced in and out above her finger, hitting empty air. He rubbed under his nose watching it thoughtfully but stayed clear of it, knowing full well it was deadly poison she carried in there.

Then a sergeant-at-arms arrived and looked to Tyr's hands. Realizing she was still armed with these gloves, he roughly pulled them off of her. He carefully examined the needles in the light. "An aconite derivative. I assume this is what you killed Steve with." he said and went over to him shaking his shoulders in sorrow and dragged a flat hand across his face closing his eyes.

And then shook his hand disgustedly as it still had the grey liquid on it from his eyes.

Finally he exploded at her, "Goddamit ! He was a personal friend of mine. Just who the hell are you, woman, an assassin !?"

Then it was time for her to smile and she spoke in that same self-righteous voice she was so accustomed to, "I am Tyr, his daughter. And yes, I have just accidentally murdered my only Father, isn't that terrible ?" and she gave a smile to chill him to the bone.

"Daughter ... !" he said and rubbed his chin. Then he shook his head at the impossible thing she said with tears in his eyes. He cried out in anguish and leaned his head back with both hands over his eyes. "Nooo !" he yelled and even the guards were surprised at his outburst.

Finally he pounded his fist on the table which showed a grid slightly as it was a fixed hologram, but dented it nonetheless and then to his guards, "Destroy that damned thing !" and he pointed to the Gate that still had a little of Tyr's blood that dripped from Darceon by its entrance.

The guards, not understanding what he wanted, as they weren't about to shoot at a device that was worth pretty close to a billion credz, stood by and shrugged their shoulders. Seeing they weren't going to do anything the sergeant reached over to a guard to remove his sidearm clumsily.

"Give me that !" and to the bewildered guard's sight, he fired on the Gate at the edges of the mechanism of it.

After the first shot it seemed to power down as there was no more swirling, but he kept on firing at it as smoke and spark jumped all around. Suddenly something wet and green flopped out from the middle of it, like an oversized melted human hand from battery acid, but, with his jaw trembling at the terrible sight he continued firing.

There was a low unearthly moan heard from inside as it sounded like he might've damaged someone or -something- ... ! The Gate, while missing pieces to it started to form something terrible inside the center.

The gun grew hot in his hand and smoke rose from the hilt of it but he continued to fire until the Gate was just a pile of smoking rubble and even then he kept firing though there was a plaintive beep each time now as he had exhausted its fuel cells.

"Sir." one of the guards spoke and shook him as he continued to fire the empty gun at the sparking rubble. "Sir !" and he finally took the gun away from his spasmodic twitching hands, dropping it quickly as it was red hot. The sergeant's hands were shaking because he was so deeply enmeshed in rage at losing the life of his friend to a Gate accident.

He went down to his knees and covered his face wailing loudly in his anguish and then he peered up with the look of a madman and he was not far from foaming at the mouth, "Destroy all Gates ! Destroy all Ga -!" he said with insane hysteria and then you could see his face clearly in the video, it was Murphy from many years ago !

But the video had stopped suddenly and went to black, possibly because Central didn't want to playback anymore of the disturbing scene at this time, and this left the room in silence to the watchers of the presentation.

Suddenly, Jennie, who was sitting next to Murphy during the presentation started audibly crying.

He reached his hand around her shoulder comfortingly. He whispered to her, "You see now why I want to end Regression, Jennie. We keep messing with Gates and WHO KNOWS what will happen or what demons we may conjure ? I am so very terribly sorry for the loss of your daughter."

She nodded and wiped her eyes. It happened nearly 5-years ago but the memory of it was still painful, at losing her daughter to -someone- that HAD to have also been her daughter but she was cruel in every possible way, and LICKED her little girl's blood from her equally evil husband's hands !? It couldn't possibly be her, her daughter !

"Darceon ?" she asked him as she tried to concentrate on the mission ahead.

Murphy replied, "He's still at large, as you know. We don't have any leads to his whereabouts. Hopefully with the destruction of the time package he sent, we can be rid of these terrible Gates, and he will make his move again. I'm certain of it."

The verbal presentation finally crossed the skipover point and proceeded as slides were seen to continue Murphy's historical recording:

... We had the first view of our future. Our destruction. Tyr, Jennie's daughter, from the future, stepped out from the Gate to murder both Steve and the smaller only 4-year old Tyr. Fortunately, the woman was tried for her crimes and sentenced to Regression. Where the prisoner, through use of of safe time-control technology is regressed to the age of 1-year old.

Then they are sent back through a Gate, a dangerous process, nearly 1-million years in the past, where they can do no harm." and then the voice got louder as Murphy's historical playback took on a new passion, "But, a weed is still a weed ! Even if -

A senior executive spoke crossly interrupting the presentation, "That's enough. We've heard this all before, Murphy." and he hit a switch which caused the lights to return and the presentation to end.

He then walked to the front of the room to address the group. "For those of you who don't know me, I am Senior Executive, Learby Pathos."

He waited for acknowledgement from the group gathered around the table. "Sir." most of them said and nodded to him.

He returned their nods, then he pointed to Murphy. "Murphy. Your reasoning is sound. We will consider your proposal to destroy the Gates once this nasty business is concluded as you do indeed have supporting evidence as to their dangers from this video you presented us with."

"But until such time, I have been ordered by Central to give you Leave Of Absence. You are not to return to work until the Achilles 02 project has been destroyed."

"Any further blaspheming against Central, Murphy, and you may find yourself imprisoned indefinitely and ultimately Regressed yourself, from the very punishment you have been working for years to eradicate. This is the only warning I am authorized to give you. You may leave the building now."

Murphy had tears in his eyes from the sudden infraction but blinked them back. Two guards arrived to escort him out of his chair but he forcefully shrugged his shoulders to be free of them.

Learby spoke again, "No, that's fine. Let him leave of his own accord. Murphy is a valuable asset to the company and always has been, I don't think we're going to have any more problems from him, are we ?"

Murphy ignored the pointed question and reached forward and took the digi-notes he brought with him. He gave Jennie another hug for comfort while giving Learby a dirty look, and then left the door with the two armed guards following him to ensure he did leave the premises quietly. Then it was silent.

Learby continued, "Let this be a warning to all of you. I can't emphasize the importance of needing all of you for this project, so please, no more slurs against Central. Murphy will be missed, but if we are successful he will return and we can continue our work on more important projects with him."

He then turned his gaze to Cheani, who volunteered the night before to make the dangerous journey back in time, "I think we're ready to continue here. Cheani Juntour will give you more information on our mission, ma'am." and then he saluted to her.

Cheani then stood up sharply and saluted back, and as Learby returned to his seat, she walked to the front to address the group where he stood. She spoke in a quiet nervous, and shy voice. "Yes sir. I'm ready, sir. I'll need two people to standby for safety of the Gate. Someone familiar with its operation."

Suddenly Jeffrey stood up and dragged Jennie was sitting next to him up as well, though she didn't volunteer. Sally, still sat on the other side next to Jeffrey was fuming, aware that he was going to try and tell Jennie what was happening between the two of them the night before, embarrassment and humiliation be damned.

She had to do something after the meeting !

"That's fine." Cheani continued seeing the two volunteer. "I prepared these last night." and she slid over the smooth desk two small discs half the size of a CD that they both caught. "These are a set of safety guidelines and regulations for the Gate and its usage. I realize you may be already aware of this, but PLEASE go over it again."

"I cannot emphasize the importance of not creating any more corrupt timelines." and then it looked like she was also going to talk about the evils of time travel itself too, but just seeing that Murphy removed from office on this topic, she bit her lip and held her tongue.

She continued, "We'll meet in Laboratory 5. We will also have a camera crew to record the event and military personnel standing by, in case there are - problems. But we don't anticipate any."

And then she saluted to Jeffrey and Jennie who returned the salute in kind before sitting down again. Sally, still sitting did a half-hazard salute disgustedly to the air but no-one caught her careless behavior.

Cheani then walked to the exit of the conference room and spoke loudly, "We will reconvene there at Lab 5 in 6.00 hours from now. Jeffrey and Jennie, please look over your safety guidelines during that time. People, you are dismissed !" and then she saluted the group stepping out the door.


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