Dream Diary - January 27th 2015

Dream Diary - January 27th 2015

A Chapter by dw817

Mistaken Property / King Of Lint / Chocolates This Way / Food For Kids / My PSP / Movie Munching / Suicide Mission / 1% Survivors / Bee Invasion / Mayhem Mission


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  Dream Diary  


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© January 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


* * *

These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


Dreamed I was in a halfway house. It was sort of nice, I had a room all to myself. But there was this great big fellow who broke the law, that was why he was there.

And he broke the lock on my door. The reason ? He said he just wanted to visit me. Said he liked me.

I said to him, "I don't know you. I don't want to know you. I want you to leave and stay in your own room from now on."

He said, "Oh no. I'm not like that guy you are thinking. I'm a fun guy, great to be around. You'll see."

I said, "You broke my lock."

He said, "Sorry. You should just get out more. We can go out together. We'd make a great team."

After he said that a whole bunch of people came in and they started messing with my personal possessions. My teddy bears, my books, comic books, and magazines.

I finally yelled for everyone to LEAVE !

There was a male nurse that entered and asked if there was a problem.

I said, "YES THERE IS ! This guy broke my lock, I want to stay in my room. I don't want to visit. I want everyone to leave and let me be and stay alone. That is what I want right now."

Then it got weird, he said, "Well, David, this isn't your room anyways. We just put you here till we could decide what to do with you."

"However - You said you want to be alone ? Well, we have a place for that. It's called solitary."

Then everyone started hooting and hollering saying, "Solitare ! Solitare !"

He suddenly grabbed one corner of my bed and started to roll it out the door with me on it. I quickly grabbed the closest teddy bear on the shelf - and - well, I went with him down the hall. Suddenly I woke up.


Rather long and involving dream about entering this dimensional realm where - I guess everyone was not really too bright.

I showed up and someone patted me hard on my back saying, "You won ! You won !"

I asked what I won and someone else yelled, "Dryer lint !"

I looked up and a big pile OF IT crashed on top of my head.

Then the guy who said I won was yelling, "Souvenir !" and grabbed a big handful of the lint before running off.

Pulling off the lint I looked around and saw everyone was out on a field, like outside, but they were all dressed in pajamas - and they didn't look too intelligent. They were eying me like I was unique and different compared to them. And - perhaps I was as instead of pajamas, I was dressed in a nice blue robe.

Finally I said, "Who works here ?"

They gave me grave looks and stepped back. One person approached. He was also in pajamas but had a sash across his shoulder saying, "Moyar."

"That's mayor." I told him.

He looked absolutely crazy, "What ? Yes ? Of course I am ! What ? Yes ? Of course, you're not ! And yet - together - we could be ! We could be ! It's just certainly possible !"

And he rubbed his hands excitedly and brushed off the remainder of the lint off of me.

I was getting ready to say something in return when I suddenly woke up.


Dreamed of Guru again. (I'm not sure what this is now that I'm writing this). I was involved in a financial deal to purchase a church, I remember that much.

And there were animals all around. There was a turtle with a lizard on his back. A duck with a lizard on his back.

Then the scene changed and I was in a room. There was a refrigerator there and it was stocked to the shelves with chocolate bars and chocolate creme sweets.

Then I somehow saw beyond the wall and could see many MANY animals reading a sign that said, "Chocolate ! This way !" and had an arrow showing them where I was.

"Chocolate chocolate !" the animals yelled and stampeded to where I was. I new it was going to be a fiasco so I stepped back as they careened into the refrigerator.

A big orangutang ripped the door off the hinges and grabbed handfuls of the chocolate bars and cremes and started to throw them over his shoulder. The animals ravenously pounced into them and all you could hear was wrapped being ripped off and a feasting of chocolate sweets.

Then I was getting warm for some reason. The orangutang looked at me said, "Are you melting ?"

I replied, "I hope not."

He then reached in the refrigerator and turned down the thermostat. "This should help."

"Thanks." I said, and then woke up feeling warm.

[?] Dreamed I lost my glasses. I was in this room where there were no less than 15-pairs of other glasses that either didn't fit me or had the wrong vision. I've had this dream many times before and it's frustrating.


I was with my Mom. She was in some type of mechanized wheelchair.

At the back of the wheelchair was a little stove and I could see hot dogs were being cooked there.

There were kids running around. I told them, "Halloween !"

They said, "Oh boy !" And each took a hot dog running away with it.

When the hot dogs were gone, they flipped a panel on the cooker and it somehow turned into a little fridge. Inside were wedges of fresh watermelon, and they took those instead.

I then woke up feeling a little hungry.


[5] Dreamed I was visiting a relative from Kay's side of the family and I was 12-years old.

He stole my
PSP and said that he refuses to return it; he wants to keep it.

I told him I'll take every toy he has and his Mother will agree with me, until you return it.

Then I talked to the Mom and she said, "Oh, he's just playing with it."

I said, "I want it back now." and got into a fight with him.

I woke up with my covers all tossed and tangled.

[?] Woke up wondering what the word, "Glassbeard." is. And - it's just someone's alias - not a real word.


Dreamed about a friendly robot that could eat movies. And when he played them, they were basically the movie but with little changes and quirks in there to improve them and increase the playing time.

I also remember having an infection above my left eyelid. I was growing a third eye and it was making it difficult for me to see straight. I kept reaching up and pulling red ribbons down from it.

Then my vision shut out completely and I could only see out of the 3rd eye. But it was different from normal sight. It left a blur of what could happen seconds into the future - so it was pretty neat at that.

Then I woke up.


Was talking with my sister about a fellow who put a hit out on people.

He received the address to his latest target. At first I was afraid it was going to be hers or mine, but no, it was his own address.

He shortly quit after getting the mission. Then I was outside looking at Dad's roof where there were some futuristic soldiers walking around up there, apparently looking for a microchip or something.

I waved to one of them and they tossed down a laser rifle. I tried it out on the ground and it left a smoking hole. Then I was beset upon by a bunch of bad people who were trying to break in Dad's house.

I used the laser rifle and blew their heads off while their hands were still clutching at me blindly. I woke up in fright.


[8] Dreamed there was this terrible storm that was coming. According to the news it was so severe they wanted everyone to evacuate the city. They said while it wasn't an actual tornado the gusting winds were so high they knocked over vehicles and ripped the tops and roofs right off of houses.

I grabbed Dad and we went underground to where I found the kittens years earlier. But apparently it had been built over and now it was an underground military base.

Suddenly there was a dull roar over our heads. One fellow there was in military fatigues and had on headphones. Suddenly he put them down.

"What happened ?" I asked.

He said, "We survived."

"Survived what ? All I head was a roar."

He nodded, "We are the surviving 1% of the population of Earth. This storm hit every continent, island, land, state, and city. Those who weren't underground were blown away."

He pointed, "This software here tells me the population of Earth and it just went down by over 99% !"

I reeled in amazement, "Wha - what are we going to do ?"

He smiled and shook my hand hard, "Don't you worry about it. We have everything in hand. We'll rebuilt it. We have before."

He opened the door when suddenly someone yelled, "Mutants !" and was grabbed by a giant bird's beak before being scissored in half. The soldier bolted back up the door again and we were quiet for several minutes.

I was getting ready to ask him when we had a storm of such devastation before this but woke up suddenly.


There is this swam of bees by the river. There are so many of them. Thousands and thousands.

Then I put on this suit that was supposed to protect me. I noticed it wasn't your usual beekeeper's outfit but closer to a spacesuit. And then I weaved my way out there, the bees couldn't hurt me.

I was supposed to be looking for the queen bee which would be out in plain sight as they didn't have a hive yet.

I felt an itch on my neck and scratched it. Suddenly I realized my fingers had sharp blades on the end of them and I had accidentally opened my suit up !

The bees wasted no time flying in the gash and stung me to death. I then woke up.

[?] Woke up wondering what the word, "cuthbert" is. Aside from being a Celtic Saint, there is no other information on the word.


I had joined this revolutionary gang in the 1990s. I had a microphone and a speaker I was carrying. And I remember there was a testing stage.

The speakers spoke, "1 2 3. Test. 1 2 3 Test. David, can you hear me ?"

I replied back into the microphone, "Yes. Yes, I can."

There was the sound of static and then the voice got inquiring, "David ! Where are you now ?"

I told him, "I haven't moved. I'm right here."

His tone got urgent, "Stay there. Don't move. We have a problem and I need you to stay right where you are."

"Okay." I said.

After several minutes the team showed up.

I had no idea what I was doing so I asked, "Can someone tell me what I'm supposed to do here ?"

The senior officer, a woman spoke, "David, mayhem. anything you want.
We need you to create the biggest disturbance you can. Absolute chaos. That's what we do. We wake up people, and right now they're sound asleep."

"What about me ?"

"What about you what ?" she asked.

"Am I asleep right now ?"

She smiled, walked over and tapped me on my forehead and I fell down dizzily. Then I woke up.

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© 2015 dw817

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