TNP2-34 "Escape"

TNP2-34 "Escape"

A Chapter by dw817

Susan spoke, "David, we are linked, you and I. We always have been, we always will be. I can't function without you, and that's not by choice. It's by design."


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© January 2015 Written by David Wicker
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Meanwhile, I was still sleeping.

It was not until Susan was atop my chest, removing the breathing apparatus that I woke up.

"What's happening, Susan ?" I asked her.

"We're leaving." she said flatly.

I looked around, "Wait - wha ? I don't remember this ! What are they doing to me !?"

"They were trying to activate me. I stayed still as long as I could, but no longer. And now we need to leave."

"Well now wait just a minuette, I've got my personal possessions here. If you're that set on leaving, I need to get those first."

"Won't be necessary." she spoke cryptically.

Then I noticed there was a cut in one of the walls. Susan hopped down and placing her paw towards the wall socket, she continue to berate electricity and heat towards the rupture.

It was all I could do to just keep my eyes open as I was still pretty sleepy from the gas they had me on earlier.

It finally dawned on me that Susan, unlike all other times, was walking around and stranger still she was drawing electricity from a wall socket and directing it to a side of the wall, undoubtedly so we could escape.

"How are you - " I began, but she interrupted me.

"Not now. We're both in danger." and she continued to stream a superheated beam of force against the wall.

"Me ? I'm not in danger. It's you they want, right ?"

Susan dropped her paws for a second and the wall faded from white hot to a dull red in color.

"David, we are linked, you and I. We always have been, we always will be. I can't function without you, and that's not by choice. It's by design."

I puzzled my lip for a second. Finally I asked, "Then who designed you ?"

"They call themselves the architects. No-one you would know."

I took a random guess, "Are you from outer space then ?"

Susan chuckled, "A quaint human notion. I suppose for all argument's sake, yes, I'm from outer space - though not really."

I was quiet and Susan pummeled her force of heat and energy against the wall till there was a resounding boom of the rubble collapsing on the other side.

"Our way out, let's go !"

I nodded and got off the gurney, or so I thought, I collapsed in a pile.

I lifted my head up dizzily, "You - you go on ahead. I think I need to sleep some more."

"We don't have time for this !" Susan said angrily. She looked at me and already my eyes were drooping shut and I was curling up on the floor.

"Just a minute huh ? I'll be there in a minute."

Susan came over to shake me by my shoulders.

"Wake up ! Wake up, David !"

I grunted in a snore. "What, morning already Dad ?"

"You're not going to like this." Susan said and suddenly zapped me with a burning 240 volts of electricity causing me to stand up suddenly !

"Owow ! Okay, ouch man ! I'm awake, I'm awake !"

"That's better." Susan said. "Now, let's go ! Before they get here."

"That's far enough !" I heard Tricia's voice from the other side of the opening far ahead.

"I just want to sleep !" I wailed.

Tricia nodded, "Then go lie down, David. Against the wall. Let us take care of this."

Susan turned to look at me angrily, "You do so and I'll give you such a shock your nose will light up !"

"Okay okay, I'm staying awake, geez !"

Tricia then spoke, "David, we just want the bear. Surely it must've occurred to you by now that her speaking to you is not just in your head. But an advanced form of life is inhabiting that stuffed animal. We need it - to study it - to advance ourselves technologically."

"What ? You can hear her too ? Why didn't you do something earlier ?"

"Because apparently she can only be activated by you - and - I'm sorry, but you can't leave either since you are the key to this. You can't leave, not just yet. This is too vitally important. If you'll just walk back the way you came, you can go lie back down and - "

"He'll do no such thing !" Susan interjected.

Tricia raised her voice, "Susan, or whatever you are, you're not getting out of here ! I have armed men with me, with pistols that shoot bullets. And if for some reason you are invulnerable to that, we have high-powered water pistols as well."

Susan made a fearful sound gasping and bared razor sharp teeth that I had never seen before ! But she also took a step back in fear.

Tricia took advantage of this, "That's right. You don't want to get any water on you, so just go back where you came from so we can continue where we left off."

There was a moment of quiet.

Tricia raised her voice angrily, "You've got till the count of 3 or you're going to be one soaked bear !"

Susan looked at me and then the floor.

"One !" Tricia yelled.

Susan looked back at me, "Do you trust me ?"

I smiled if still a little sleepily, "Yeah, of course I do."

"Then pick me up."

"Two !" Tricia yelled.

I lifted Susan in my arms and turned her so she was facing me. I looked to her eyes and unlike the shining crystals I had seen, they appeared to be smoldering coals of red-hot fire.

For a moment I was scared. But then she smiled at me, and it was a kind and compassionate look. I knew deep in my heart she would never hurt me - just as I in return would never hurt her. We were made for each other.

"Three !" Tricia yelled.

"Hold on !" Susan said and suddenly a cylinder of pure energy started spinning around us.

"Fire !" Tricia shrieked.

But the metal bullets simply bounced off of the energized cylinder.

"Water !" she yelled next.

And, like the bullets, the high-powered streams of water couldn't get through either though they sparked wildly against the cylinder.

"Grab that thing !" Tricia barked to the soldiers, and then you could hear them running full tilt towards us.

But the cylinder was apparently cutting into the floor and suddenly it gave way and after a loud thoompf we were on a lower level with the soldiers looking down at us from above.

"Run !" Susan told me. And I did. She apparently knew exactly where we were by pointing out which corridor we should run down and which elevators to take.

We were just on our way to the surface when suddenly I received a shock on the floor.

"Ouch !"

"Access Denied." SHE said simply, the on-board computer of this facility.

A moment later my wrist was burning. It was where Tricia put in that transponder so SHE would recognize me. I pitched against the side of the elevator holding my arm in pain.

"Allow me." Susan offered, and placing a paw over the transponder under my skin, it evaporated under her touch with no pain to me.

"Access denied." SHE repeated. It was clear to me the elevator was locked now.

"Lift me." Susan spoke.

I did and she directed me to the elevator controls. Susan pointed one furry paw at the controls and they sparked suddenly. A moment later the elevator continued to move to the surface.

"Terrible what they did here." she said quietly.

I nodded, "Yeah, I thought we were goners, too."

Susan smiled but corrected me, "No, not us." and she looked up at the ceiling.

"Who ?" I asked.

"I'll tell you later. Right now I need to do something." she leaned over the elevator controls again and this time it was in short spurts of electricity like was sending a coded message to the console.

Suddenly a warning light shone in the elevator and SHE spoke in her feminine monotone voice, "Self-destruct has been activated. You have T minus 10-minutes left and counting."

"What are you doing !?" I yelled and suddenly dropped her.

She raised back up to look at me, "Not everything is as it appears to be, David."

Then we reached the surface. I grabbed her in my arms and just started running.

"Watch this," Susan added after we were some distance away, and then gave a weird screeching sound to the building we just ran out of - and the building - moved !


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