FB2-22 "Acquiescence"

FB2-22 "Acquiescence"

A Chapter by dw817

Jeffrey understood this game perfectly. If she flushed the water would have to rise past his face and quite possibly choke him with it. But would she drown him ? Then she sat her full weight on him.


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© February 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

CHAPTER 22 - "Acquiescence"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Jeffrey had no idea his chin could tremble as hard as it was right now. His teeth chattered violently together, noisily as if he were freezing in subzero temperatures, and his shoulders shook on top of that.

She was aware he was getting ready to yell in hysterical panic as he sucked in a breath so she kicked the bathroom door closed with her foot, and it sealed locked again behind her.

The bathroom was pitch dark again and he couldn't see anything. It was quiet and he wondered for a moment if she had just locked him in and turned out the lights. He nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard, "I can't hear you." she said in a quiet and scary voice.

Jeffrey coughed swallowing his yell and snot dribbled down his nose in his fear and he said quietly, "OK."

She stood back up and leaned her foot against his back to scoot his head deeper in the water. "I can't hear you." she repeated but giggled as she said it.

He coughed on the water with his face in it now and it splashed up in his nose as he eagerly replied, "OK, I agree !" he shrieked.

She was quiet for a moment and then changed the tone of her voice to one of serious inquiry, "You know, if I flushed now, do you think your little poophead would go right down that hole ?"

"No." he said. And then laughed at her stupidity, for her even thinking that was even remotely possible.

"We could try." she said malevolently and wet her lips delightedly. Then she returned the lights to the half-pink level.

Jeffrey suddenly trembled his legs, immediately aware of what she was doing. He understood this game perfectly. If she flushed the water would have to rise past his face and quite possibly choke him with it. But would she drown him ? Then she sat her full weight on his back again mashing him in further.

He blew bubbles out his mouth fighting for air out of his nose as she reached for the handle.

There was no way he could pull out now and he stared in disgust at the water wiggling around the hole at the bottom with its little brown stains. It seemed to wait for him, and that would be where he wound up if he let her continue this game.

"Wait !" he raised up a bit to get his mouth out of the water and his neck collar buzzed angrily as it shocked him. He tried to ignore and it spoke plaintively, "What do you want, Sally !?"

"You to know your place. Where you've always belonged, Jeffrey." she said with deliberate slowness and conviction, but in a tone that made him believe she wanted him to think she was a prophet and that she was telling him his unavoidable and inevitable future.

He sighed, his nose was still running down his lips so he spit the dribble into the bowl. "Where is my place, Sally ?"

Without a word she got off his back and stripped out of her clothes again but kept her blouse on. Then she straddled the commode from in front of him and pulling down her undies exposed her bare butt to him.

"Give me a kiss. Just like you did the night before."

"What !?" he said and tried to pull back but apparently she had cranked up the pain level and it felt like the skin around his neck scorched for a split-second. He immediately reversed directions and crammed his face hard up against the warmth of her butt and the pain ended immediately, as he expected it would.

"That's it." she said seductively. "Now a kiss."

He fumed and popped her a quick one, turning his head in disgust.

"Oh, c'mon, Jeff." she said playfully. "I think you've known me a little longer than that. Can't you give me a better one ?" and she leaned in for him to get closer.

He kissed again, eager to end this stupid game of hers.

"Jeff. I've been wanting to tell you this ever since our first intimate meeting. You DO know that you are a perfect match for me."

"I know you think so too, don't you, puddin'head ?" she asked passionately.

* * *

He tried to hold still but found himself nodding all the same. He just wanted free - free of this whole situation. The back of his head ached and it wasn't just from the position he was in, it was REALIZING the position he was in.

Then her voice grew louder, "THIS is where you belong. Understand ?" and she had a voice like a teacher who was scolding a naughty little child.

He tried to reply but couldn't. His mind was in a complete turmoil trying to figure out what was happening around him.

She added in an even louder voice, "THIS is where you will ALWAYS belong. Do I make myself crystal clear, mister ?"

He pulled back a tiny bit and spoke, "Yes ma'am."

"Good." she said and changed her voice to a friendly tone. Then she suddenly reached to the control box on the sink and released his head from its imprisoning position. "Stand up."

He did so and was glad to feel there wasn't any pain at all now.

She had him stand there motionless as she quietly turned around to face him and did her business in the commode. She wiped herself with toilet paper and cleaned herself nicely. She flushed the commode and put back on her own panties and skirt rubbing her butt comfortably at the nice clean feeling up there now that she had evacuated there.

She lowered her eyes to look down at him with an evilness not to be outdone, "You now know your place, don't you. Say it !"

But Jeffrey was crying now. He was so agitated and confused. What was she doing to him ? What was she doing to his brain ? He hated her, didn't he ? So why - why do what he just did ?

He wailed like a baby now and rolled his head in a circle, furious with what he just did for her. But did he do it willingly, was the question he was asking himself right now ? Surely not !

Then she looked at him to make sure he was looking right at her. She stepped over to the cabinet door and grabbed at thin air popping free the hidden video-camera there, the laser-line supports from the top and bottom breaking loose. D****T ! She had recorded another incriminating video ! Another way to blackmail him.

He beat the back of his head against the wall, doing, anything, to release the pain and misery of the horrible memories she just gave him. He was unable to release his rage. He wailed like a child lost in the wilderness, and he was not far from.

She then went over to him and stroked his hair. It felt so good. He leaned his head up against her in surrender. He realized then he would never be able to stop her from blackmailing him. Ever. He belonged to her. And he realized at an unconscious level, she belonged to him.

"There there, Jeff. It's all over. It will get better, I promise. The less you go against me, the easier it will become. You don't ever need to be frightened or scared when I do these things to you, because I will be there to hold your hand for comfort. And I MUST do them to you so you don't ever forget where you belong."

"I know you didn't like what I did. But also know, as long as you remember your place, you won't ever have to do that again. That's just a gentle reminder of what can happen to you if you don't obey me. It's for your own good, baby boy. If you get out of line or try to tell someone about this, you'll get worse, and it can get worse, I'll see to that. Never forget what I'm telling you now."

They were now inseparable, and he knew his place with her. He looked to the toilet and felt a strange and curious longing for it, the coolness of the water against his face, to quell the rage within his burning face and eyes, that even now was being flushed away mentally by the comfort she gave him in her arms.

She had broken his dignity quite neatly until it was less than a millimeter in height, packed his soul in a box and sent it first class to hell, and then proceeded to ship the remainder of his scrambled brain along with a bonus box of crazy to lurid insanity, COD.

A dark shroud veiled over his consciousness as his brain slipped into a comfortable and pacified form of insanity. She had disgraced him like no-one ever was before, and all he could feel now was meek and subdued in her presence.

She looked down with an odd kind of gentle and caring smile, like she was looking at someone who was mentally handicapped. She realized he couldn't do anything against her now. He looked up in defeat at her. She tapped off the handcuffs from behind him and there was no fight left in him with the realization and depth of what she had accomplished tonight.

He reached out to give her a weak hug which she allowed momentarily but then shrugged out of his grip to stand up.

She then spoke more seriously to him, "Get yourself cleaned up, Jeffrey. You do that and we can watch the movie together. You may want to get yourself something from the buffet table too before all the food is gone."

Food ? After what he just did ? He wasn't the least bit hungry after this. Then she totally surprised him by reaching down, squatting to his level, to give him a lascivious wet kiss on his mouth.

"Delicious." she said sensually and then left the restroom and closed the door behind her so he could have some privacy to get cleaned up and put his clothes back on.


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