TNP2-35 "Full Release"

TNP2-35 "Full Release"

A Chapter by dw817

So saying Susan then gave that weird screech again. And this time the building reacted ! The WHOLE building ! It shimmered in ripples very reminiscent to me of an electrified underwater sea creature.


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© January 2015 Written by David Wicker
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* * *


Then I heard a weird screeching sound from deep within the structure, or was it outside ? I couldn't be certain.

Later a swarm of people appear from around the back and started to run to where we were. They were not so much interested in capturing me and Susan as they were to escape the structure from it's impending self-destruction.

"You now have 5-minutes remaining to safely escape." the quiet voice of SHE spoke.

"What's going on here !?" a familiar voice shrieked. It was Tricia.

"I need everyone out." Susan replied simply.

Tricia honed in on the voice. "You ! You did this !? I couldn't countermand the self-destruct either ! What are you, a complete idiot !? There are years, decades, of research material in there."

"So there are." Susan said. "But there's something else you have taken that is not your property."

So saying Susan then gave that weird screech again. And this time the building reacted ! The WHOLE building ! It shimmered in ripples very reminiscent to me of an electrified underwater sea creature.

Then the building started shucking off. Like a gooey gelatin it started to pull up and beneath was the framework of the structure itself minus the walls as they were gathering together in ripples.

Tricia stamped her feet in frustration, "No no no ! D****t ! Do you know how long it took for us to capture that !?"

"What's happening ?" I asked Susan.

"Can't you see ? This building is nothing of the sort. It's a Quasid Mentoor, a free roaming space creature that normally eats dead particles and asteroids in space. It's harmless - but apparently Tricia and her company captured it and forced it to be the building for their structure here."

"And that's not too surprising since when in a solid form, no type of matter on Earth can penetrate it. Not bullets, missiles, bombs, or even radio signals."

Susan smirked and looked towards Tricia, "A perfectly protected and impenetrable building - but at a cost to the Quasid's freedom - and life."

Tricia interjected, "No ! It's nothing like that at all. We fed it. We made sure it stayed healthy. We -"

Susan interrupted in a darker tone, "No you didn't ! You only gave it enough food to maintain it's solid shape, but not enough so it had the strength to break free. I gave it some of my energy so it could 'wake up' and get away."

SHE interrupted both of them, "You now have 1-minute before self-destruct activates."

Susan raised a paw and an arc of electricity shot the base of the framework of the building.

SHE spoke again, "Confirmed. Self-destruct has been canceled. Repeat. Self-destruct has been canceled."

At this point the Quasid had shucked off the last of the framework of the building and was hovering motionless above it like a giant electrified manta ray. Then it made a strange cry.

Susan in turn returned the cry - then the Quasid stretched up until it appeared to be a silvery dagger, and then shot straight up at a high velocity, clearly to enter free space and escape Earth's atmosphere.

Tricia bit her lip, angry to lose such a prized possession, "We still have you, bear !" Tricia spoke and, snapping her fingers, encouraged the guards to surround us.

"Only temporarily." Susan casually replied. Then she looked up at me holding her paws up. That to me was the indicator to pick her up. I held her close to my chin.

She spoke in my ear. "I have to go away now. But you can come with me. Would you like that, David ?"

I paused to think for a second. Tricia ran around to the front while her guards surrounded me from behind.

"Quickly, decide." Susan continued, "Would you like to go with me ?"

I finally nodded but couldn't say anything.

"Then close your eyes and prepare for a journey."

* * *

I did and Susan and me suddenly started to float up in the air, not very high, just a few feet. Tricia and her crew backed away, terrified of this new exchange.

Beautiful sparkles appeared all around Susan - and me !

She ascended a bit further, but I didn't, as if I were too heavy or something.

"You are carrying baggage, David." Then she reached out her furry paws around me. The sparkles increased until they were blinding in their magnitude. As for me, I felt like a great weight was being lifted from me. A weight I carried - well - all my life.

It was my life ! My life was the weight !

Skin, bone, muscle, and sinew all melted in the perfect light and for the first time ever I felt FREE, no longer limited to the paltry 3-dimensions. I laughed and my bodiless voice was immediately carried on the wind as it was so light and ethereal now.

Susan still floating higher than me smiled gently, "Now follow me."

I really didn't know where else to go despite entire dimensions opening up before me - so I followed Susan. I held out my hand - well, what was left of my hand after leaving the physical world, and she in turn took mine.

And we traveled directly into a cryptical form of light that was a message. It was a door of admittance. And that message read HOME.

THE END ... ?

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