Dream Diary - Special Entry, "Z-Space"

Dream Diary - Special Entry, "Z-Space"

A Chapter by dw817

She explained, "This area is restricted. No criminals are permitted. If you're wearing plain clothes you are either a criminal - or you're a stupid norm who doesn't know our dresscode."


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  Dream Diary  


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© February 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.

Occasionally there may be a special entry, such as this one, which covers the week.


* * *

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I feel like I'm 20-years old in this dream. My Dad is working for this space travel organization; it's not NASA but it still seems like it has an importance to it.

Dad, me, and Emma, my sister, are inside this rocketship. Dad is checking the controls making sure everything is ready.

Suddenly he says, "Is everyone ready to go ?"

I ask, "Where to ?"

He replies, "To Z-Space, of course. You've had a week to get your stuff together. We're not backing out now. We have a good window."

"What do you mean by window ?"

"The sky is favorable. Not too much wind, no precipitation, no storms or rain. Good time to take off !"

With that he smacked a rounded red button and the door behind me whistened closed. There is a sudden feeling of movement and a few seconds later, complete weightlessness.

I struggle to keep stuff in my pockets, especially this neat pen I have. I wanted to go to the library today to work on some homework but THIS is much more interesting.

My sister is quiet and sits by the rounded window to look out at the receding image of Earth.

"How do we get to Z-Space ?" I ask Dad.

He scratches the back of his head, "Well, we don't. First we need to be immunized and inoculated against disease."

"Disease ? From where ?"

"Where we're going, of course. Planet Klepthar. Absolutely awful air pollution. A bit of a resort really, but not just for us, but - " and he paused for a moment before continuing, "OTHER people."

The way he said that made me ask, "What do you mean OTHER people ? Aren't they human ?"

"Not in the least." Dad replied as if that was common knowledge. "And you two would be best to stay by the area around the ship when we land. Can't have you wondering and wandering off getting lost."

I nodded. Looking on the computer display I saw we were approaching what looked like a giant wagon wheel, except that it was made out of metal and had a ring of lights and small windows around it. Measuring it had to be well over 1000x the size of a single person.

"Our destination." Dad pointed out.

I nodded. Suddenly a strong force gripped the ship. "Magnet." Dad said simply.

I watched on the computer display all the way until we were just about ready to dock. Sensing it might shake the ship, I grabbed on to a handrail on the side.

Sure enough the ship careened crazily to one side and with a shudder on the flight deck, docked to the wheel.

An airlock hissed open and I followed my sister and Dad into this waiting room where gravity was definitely in effect. It had to be from the rotation of the wheel.

There was a pretty nurse there with pink hair, like spun cotton candy.

She spoke, "Mr. Wicker. You're next."

Dad started to rise when she corrected herself, "David Wicker, I mean. You're after him, sir."

I stood and followed the lit arrows in the floor to find the correct room. In there were three people, a doctor and 2 more nurses.

The doctor held a hand out to the medical bed. I sat on it. He motioned I lie down. So I did. Then he motioned me to turn over, so I did.

A nurse lowered my shorts and underwear. I felt cool alcohol for a moment and suddenly a jabbing pain. Clearly the shot for inoculation.

He tapped me on the shoulder to turn around again, and this time sit up. I brought back up my shorts and sat up facing him, if a little painfully on my bottom.

"Take this." he said, and offered me a spongy blue pill.

"What's that for ?"

"Weren't you briefed ? No ? Okay, well, simply, it will filter out the Z-Space air to normal air. Hmm ... Sort of. Actually better. You won't have any problems if you take it."

I nodded, a nurse gave me a paper cup of water to swallow it with.

I swallow it - or so I thought ! Suddenly it grew 3 times larger and lodged in my throat. The doctor was there to assure me, "Don't worry ! It's not supposed to go down. In a moment it will ventilate with holes.

And then it did. The pill may have been stuck in my throat but tiny holes appeared around it so I could breathe through it, leaving the air tasting funny around me.

I looked at the doctor and he looked at me for a moment. Finally he said, "Okay, we're done here. Send in the next, nurse."

I got up and went back out in the waiting room. Dad was next, then my sister. Then we were issued into a different waiting room where there were more people, all from Earth, apparently ready for space flight.

They were sitting in these chairs that had foam inserts for their head, arms, and legs. I realized that these would prevent the body limbs from moving around with what apparently was going to be a violent space flight.

I found a chair to my liking, mashed my head back against the foam insert, pushed down on my arms and curled my legs in the back. I was all set.

Dad and my sister did the same. A moment later there was an announcement on the speaker.

"Attention, we will be leaving for Z-Space momentarily. Please make certain you are in your chair during flight. Thank you."

I looked around. No-one seemed poor financially. It was as if only the richest people were permitted this pleasure from entering Z-Space. So why was Dad ? He certainly wasn't very wealthy.

The voice spoke again, "Attention, we are now leaving for Z-Space. Standby for countdown."

The voice counted down from 10 to zero and then I felt violent tremors in my feet that were painful. I gripped the chair harder and the foam cushioned them.

Suddenly it felt as if the chair were lifting off the ground ! But it wasn't, it just felt that way.

I looked to a display screen where someone had a camera of the torus outside. It, too, was shaking. suddenly it appeared to stretch along it's axis, like someone had turned it into taffy.

I looked at other people to see if the same effect was taking place, but no, it wasn't. It did seem like my vision was a bit darker than normal and I knew the light wasn't going dim, it was what I was seeing.

I watched the wheel then turn around. Half twisted to the left and half twisted to the right like a pretzel. The stars around it seemed to bend too into little circles.

Suddenly I couldn't breathe, I couldn't see, I couldn't think - for what felt like a very long time.

Then I started to see and everything was alright. Well, sort of. I felt like my ears needed to pop and I had the weird feeling that I was somehow thinner even though I knew I wasn't.

The turbulence suddenly increased and then stopped suddenly. I wasn't looking at the computer display, but now when I did, I saw we had apparently arrived where we needed to go.

Some other passengers started getting up, and it was clear to me that they, too, felt they were stretched in some way, like they were thinner.

One fellow lifted up his shirt and felt around his belly. Another woman got up but sat down on a table to examine her thigh as if she thought it had changed size and shape.

I got up myself and felt around my arms. I blinked my eyes several times. For a moment it felt as if I could actually see the bones there but blinking my eyes several more times, the illusion passed.

The voice on the speaker spoke again, "Attention, we have arrived at our destination. If this is your first time to Z-Space, you may feel a little disoriented. You are encouraged to move slowly and take your time acclimating to this new universe - thank you."

Then two flight attendants came in to see if everyone was okay.

I raised my hand to have one approach me.

"Yes ?" she asked.

"For a moment I thought I could see the bones in my arm." I told her.

She smiled, "First time to Z-Space, huh ? It's okay. For the first few minutes you may have some brief hallucinations. It's your brain getting used to Z-Space, which doesn't completely follow the normal laws of our 3-dimensions."

"Is it 4th dimensional then ?"

She smiled, "I wouldn't know. I need to check on the others." and she left.

Dad was there and he didn't seem worried, confused, or appear to see anything that wasn't there.

I spoke, "You've been here before ?"

"Yes, yes I have." he replied.

Then added, "Okay, kids, there is the exit. Let me give this to you."

And he handed me a plastic card with alien lettering all over it.

"This is a day pass for the taxi so you can check out the sights. As I mentioned, try to stay close to the main city. We'll meet at the Fair Flower Cafeteria 2-hours from now."

"Well now wait just a minuette. Aren't we still in space ?"

Dad nodded, "Yes, we are."

"Then how do we get to Klepthar ?"


I smirked, "Why didn't we use that to begin with ?"

"The technology doesn't work in our normal universe. It does, however, in Z-Space."

Dad ushered me and my sister through the door. Inside were pretty discs on the ground, like cut diamonds.

"Any baggage ?" a man asked me who was apparently operating the console for this teleportation room ?

* * *

"Nossir." I spoke.

"On the pad then, please."

I chose the middle, my sister chose to the left and slightly behind me.

"Ready ?" he asked.

"Sure." I replied nervously.

"Contact." he said and then looked to a computer screen. Suddenly this sticky gelatin came down from the ceiling to cover over my head and shoulders.

"Wait !" I yelled, "What is this stuff !?"

"First time." he mumbled to himself, "You're fine, just need to get some measurements."

It wasn't cold nor hot, apparently so as not to distress travelers more than necessary.

It continued to pour on top of me and then hardened like a crystal.

"You're good." he said and clicked CONFIRM on his console.

Suddenly the crystal melted away - and me with it !

There was a weird feeling of having my insides turned inside out and then I arrived on a different pad at a different station.

The person operating it had bright yellow skin and long fingers !

"Don't move." he said reading the screen seeing I was struggling against it. His voice sounded like there were two of him.

I stared at him in horror. I had never seen an alien before.

"You don't want to lose a finger do you ?" he said with a bit of irritation to his voice. With that in mind I stopped moving.

"Man they should tranquilize you first timers ..." and his voice went off to a murmur.

Suddenly the crystal sheathe around me melted and I stood in it's place.

"Yeah." he said, clearly bored. "Welcome to Klepthar."

I looked at him. "You're an alien."

He laughed a bit, and I could still hear what sounded like two voices. He replied, "No, YOU'RE the alien - and you just think about that as you check out our fair city. Hope you're not prejudice or anything. Okay, get outta here, and get a SHIRT why doncha." Then he pointed to an exit door.

I didn't understand that last bit, but I did find myself outside. And BOY was it bright ! It was like the sun was two times the brightness. I sucked in a breath and smiled wide. It was like delicious peppermint !

"Wow !" I said and walked turning my head all around to see everything.

I nearly stumbled into a woman who had loops instead of fingers. Her face was triangular too, really attractive in an alien way. I could only stop and stare at her.

"Effing Norm !" she yelled back at me and walked around me.

"Norm ?" I asked myself.

"Yeah, you are." someone else walking by told me politely. I looked. He was a handsome fellow wearing a business suit, but with interesting designs in both his shirt and pants.

"What's a norm ?" I asked him. He seemed like a nice guy and could explain it to me.

"It's short for normal. It's an insulting term though, meant to represent an Earther's first time visit. You should get your shirt changed, that will help."

I looked down at my comfortable blue shirt. "Why ?"

"Cause you look like a prisoner."

This was confusing. "How is that ?"

"Look around, human." he offered. "Do you see anyone wearing solid colored shirts or dresses ?"

I looked and sure enough no, I didn't. Absolutely everyone was wearing something brightly colored advertising some alien product, service, or other.

"We don't put criminals in prison like you do." he explained. "No, we take away their individuality. First time we take away their individual pants and give them solid color. Next their shirt or dress. Next, they wear all gray -"

He pointed, "There, like that one."

I looked and sure enough there was someone with a scowl on their face walking past in the crowd and they had on all gray dungarees.

He continued, "You look like a lawbreaker cause you don't have a custom shirt."

Just then his wrist beeped. All this time I was thinking he was human but then he rotated his entire WRIST around making a metallic click to show a digital clock part of his arm ! It was then I realized he was a robot !

"Yep, I'm late." he said, and started to leave.

"Wait ! Where is the library from here ?" I asked.

"Take a left past the Quo Bakery. You can't miss it." then he dashed off with wheels appearing under his feet to give him greater speed.

I looked around. Yep, everyone looked to me like I was some kind of criminal. I would definitely have to get a change of clothes - but later. I really wanted to see the library and apparently I was close to it !

I walked down the way he described and turned and there was an absolutely beautiful and HUGE garden of flowers of all kinds and paths leading off in all directions.

I walked around and smelled the flowers which were absolutely lovely. But I didn't see the library.

Then I saw a woman who was basically a belly and a head in some kind of floating cart. Mechanical arms reached out to bend the flowers to her nose.

"Excuse me !" I said and ran towards her.

"What do you want, norm ?"

I was tired of that word, "What makes you think I'm a norm ?"

"You're - not a norm ?" she said and grew fearful. Then I saw a robotic hand start to punch out a series of buttons on the front of her cart.

"Wait !" I said, "Yes, I'm a norm. But why should it frighten you if I wasn't ?"

She explained, "This area is restricted. No criminals are permitted here. If you're wearing plain clothes you are either a criminal who is being penalized of your individuality - or you're a stupid norm who doesn't know our dress code here."

"Stupid norm." I nodded.

"I thought as such." She shook her head angrily. "I hope you got a shot before you arrived here."

"I did. I can't catch any alien contaminants now."

She scoffed, "Is that what they told you ? No, it's so =WE= won't get contaminated by any of your filthy human diseases !"

I thought about that for a moment. She spoke again, "Just what do you want anyways ?"

"Library ?" I asked.

Suddenly one of her mechanical arms sprang to life and zipped past me pointing.

"That doorway there, that will get you in the library."

I looked to the door. "Thanks." then back to her, "Thank you - "

But she had already floated to get away from me.

I walked inside and everyone gave me sour stares.

I remembered what the lady said, plain clothes you were either a criminal or a norm. And this area is off limits for criminals so - I must be a norm.

I reached to a shelf and found an absolutely wonderful book, first pick ! "The Future Of Earth"

I started to sit down but a green-skinned and scaly woman spoke to me with a hiss, "Ressserved."

"Okay." I started to walk around. This was no ordinary library. There were seats everywhere but they were like in a twisted coffee shop. A round seat to sit on and a winding table that extended for hundreds of feet ahead of me making turns to the left and right.

I saw another seat, "Can I sit here, please ?" I asked.

The person I spoke to had to have been a Norm ! She was wearing plain clothes.

"You better not." she spoke and eyed me cautiously.

I sighed. Finally I found 3 empty seats. I took the middle one and sat my book down. For some reason I had a notebook with a pen too. I was going to take notes on what I was to read.

A heavenly scent of fresh coffee wafted to me. Then I heard a voice speak, "The station for free coffee will be closing in 5-minutes !"

I looked behind me. Right there was the coffee station, complete with ready-made cups of coffee in styrofoam cups !

I set down my pen and notebook on top of the book and got up. Suddenly a tall fellow with yellow and blue striped skin picked up my pen, sniffing it.

"My pen." he said simply.

I stopped him, "No, it's mine !"

"My pen." he repeated. Then he did something weird. He shoved it up his nose which had wide nostrils and pulled out two - what looked like little green strawberries with apple jelly on them.

"My pen !" he yelled holding it out to me so I could see the alien fruits.

I smirked. Suddenly someone wearing a silver and gold outfit approached.

"What's the problem here ?"

I immediately interpreted him to be with security. "He took my pen." I said.

"My pen." the thief spoke.

The security guard pulled out two things. They were identical and appeared to be corners to a picture frame, gold with detail. One he held at the top-left-hand and the other at the bottom-right-hand.

A shaky holographic picture appeared showing me setting down the pen and him taking it. He nodded and pocketed the corner pieces looking at my thief.

"Your pen, is it ?"

"My pen." he repeated.

"Okay, what do you use it for ?"

"Picking floogleberries."

"Out of your nose, right ?"


The guard took the pen from him and wiped it on a kerchief he had. Then he handed me back the pen. The thief shrugged and left.

"Norm, right ?"

"Yessir." I certainly didn't want that to be a mistake.

"Right." he sighed and looked around. "How would you like your own room to read this book ?"

"That - that would be great !" I spoke.

"Okay then, follow me."

I picked up my book and notepad and started to follow him.

Right then I heard a shrill beeping sound. I looked to the security guard but his face melted away. Then I was awake. My alarm clock had gone off, 9am.

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