FB2-23 "Jeffrey's New Home"

FB2-23 "Jeffrey's New Home"

A Chapter by dw817

"Hey Jeff, you okay ? I thought you died in there." he joked. Jeffrey met Josh's laughing eyes and tried to mash the humor out of there, "I did die, I am dead now, can't you tell, Josh ?"


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© February 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

CHAPTER 23 - "Jeffrey's New Home"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Jeffrey heard the door clicked closed behind him and it was perfectly silent.

Except for a little pipes under the commode gurgling slightly from recent use. He quickly stumbled to his feet and put his head in the bowl and tried hard to vomit from what he just went through. As hard as he could. He gagged and coughed and choked and wheezed for all he was worth.

Aside from spitting a few drops, nothing else came out. Nothing. He stared at the clear water in horror.

"GODDAMMIT !" he shrieked in rage and punched his chest hard for betraying him. It hurt and bruised and he coughed in pain and fell back, his legs splaying around the bowl and his head nearly on the hard floor as he rubbed his forehead miserably.

In the past, he had accidentally drank rotten milk, eaten a rancid sandwich, and had a single tiny bit of molded cheese and found himself flying to the bathroom to vomit it out with great repugnance, purging his entire belly. But he couldn't vomit with what she just put him through ? That was impossible !

What could it possibly mean !?

There was a polite ding on the door and a speaker spoke. It was Sally. "Hurry up, baby boy, Pearcy needs to use the bathroom." then it was silent again.

He clambered to his feet and stood over the sink. He took the mouthwash there and gargled with it hard in his mouth for three times, going so far as to swallow a bit of it to ease his stomach. Finally, satisfied his mouth was as clean as it was going to get. He took a towel and dried his hair as it had gotten amply damp from the toilet.

He brushed his hair with one she had in a drawer then looked to himself in the mirror. He looked fine, aside from the soulless look in his eyes. That might never leave, with what she just did to him. She had taken his soul away with her words of absolution.

He then hurriedly got dressed again. He clicked open the door and Pearcy was standing outside.

"'bout time, Jeff ! I'm gonna explode !" and she roughly pushed him out of the way to hike up her skirt and sit her bare posterior on the commode without bothering to close the door.

He winced in disgust and reached for the door but not without hearing and seeing that, had he still been there where Sally was going to leave him, he might well have died of suffocation.

He coughed feeling sick again and closed the bathroom door for her. He then spoke gagging his voice with difficulty, "SAN, purify air please, 20%."

There was a gentle mist and he heard the guests, still watching the movie cough suddenly. Josh spoke up, "Who the hell turned on the air-mister ?" he coughed violently for a bit and got up to refresh his drink and get a snack from the table to lose the taste of the purified air.

He saw Jeffrey there who looked ready to hurl. "Hey Jeff, you okay ? I thought you died in there." he joked and then laughed at the silly way he looked right now.

Jeffrey met Josh's laughing eyes and tried to mash the humor out of there, "I did die in there, Josh, I am dead now, can't you tell." he said in his most serious voice.

* * *

Josh didn't get it. "Ahum." and turned away to look at the table. "Hey ! They got little cheese capers. These are really good for a movie." and pulled out a little crystal plate to nosh some goodies around it.

Jeffrey looked to the food and felt quite sick again. He moaned uncomfortably and clutched his chest. Josh spoke again, "Hey, Jeff ? You feeling okay, man ?"

Jeffrey spoke in an acidic tone, "Not ever again."

Josh laughed and clapped him on his back friendly, "Get yourself a drink man, you'll feel better."

He looked and saw she had a wide selection of wines and poured himself a glass. Josh watched him, kind of concerned about the tone of his voice and his slow behavior but went back to return to the movie to watch it.

Jeffrey took a sip and at once the horrible things that Sally did to him earlier seemed to be smoothed over, like a pearl in an oyster. He poured another full glass and drank it down. Man, that did feel better ! He drained the remainder of the bottle in his glass and sat down next to Sally watching the movie and feeling refreshed now that he was buzzing.

Sally smiled at him with a playful look and took his free hand in hers patting it while whispering in his ear. "You're spending the night with me, baby boy." and this time she slurped wet the inside of his ear.

He nodded numbly, not even bothering to wipe it. Then he started to watch the movie himself. It really was quite good. While he missed a good chunk of it, he could gather it was indeed a murder mystery involving a blackmailing scheme on, guess what, a sexual scandal.

However, every time the girl spoke in a condescending tone to her boyfriend in the movie, Sally gave Jeffrey a friendly squeeze and turned her head to look at him. Oh he knew what she was telling him.

She would be the one making all the decisions in this skewed relationship they now had and he had better not get in her way or he just might get hurt or more humiliated than he was earlier tonight.

He sipped on his drink quietly and finally the film ended showing the credits. Jeffrey didn't understand all of it but he could see why Sally wanted him to see it. She was one very controlling b***h and when he didn't do as she said, she made him pay for it, by humiliating him thoroughly and publicly in front of his friends.

To make it worse, Josh thought the film was not tragedy but a comedy and laughed out loud seeing the terrible things she was doing to him in the movie, knowing they would never happen to him. And Sally looked at him to share the laughter.

Sally let go of Jeffrey's hand as the credits finished and he put it back in his lap, realizing that he was cold sweating in it. He was - very afraid of how this relationship was going to work out.

"Idn't it time for a party game now, Sal ?" Danielle asked.

Sally spoke, "It's kinna late, gang. Lookit's it's already nearly time 2.00 !"

"That late !" Pearcy squeaked. "I gotta be in the office at 6.00 tomorrow !"

Danielle grumbled but said quietly, "Yah, I'm sposed to getta raise tomorrow myself, can't be late for that." and she laughed. Apparently she wanted a party game as she considered herself quite good at them.

"That's fine." Sally agreed and they all got up, shaking hands as they headed out. Josh shook Jeffrey's hand earnestly on the way out. Jeffrey kept trying to look into his eyes to leave -some- kind of message with him.

Finally Josh spoke quietly to him, "Hey, if something's wrong with ya, look me up, we'll chat. Later bro !" and he cuffed him on his sleeve before heading out. Sally tapped a button and the 5 chairs vanished to be replaced by a comfortable couch. The viewscreen pulled up to vanish in the ceiling.

Then the room was silent as both Sally and Jeffrey looked at each other. He looked away and fingered at his neck thinking maybe she had taken it off as he couldn't feel it, but no. It was still there. He felt his fingers around it trying to find an opening clasp when he suddenly felt it vibrate and beep politely.

He whirled to look back at Sally who had the remote, a green light shining on it. "No tricks now, baby boy." and then she pocketed the remote and put her hand in his. Then with her other hand she clapped on the boxcuffs which sparked with the green circular light so they were both on her left-hand and connected to his right-hand.

She then held on to his hand and headed back for the bathroom. Jeffrey pulled on her hand slipping it free of hers but the handcuff held him tight to her. He did NOT want to go back in there with her. She looked back at him with an angry expression. He hurriedly put his hand back in hers.


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