Dream Diary - February 17th 2015

Dream Diary - February 17th 2015

A Chapter by dw817

Lego World / Old Germany / Bad Virus / Beyond Drilling / Errant Patient / Super Strength / Class For One / Tomy Pocket Games / It's All Linked / Burning Wires


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  Dream Diary   


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© February 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


* * *

These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


 Dreamed where I was in this LEGO type of world where my sister made a LEGO princess, but the princess was very wicked. I remember looking all around when I suddenly got run over by a LEGO car.

The vehicle was in reverse. I looked to where it was going and saw my sister's hands putting down new bricks to the world.

Suddenly everything was on fire though and I was running but my plastic feet were melting in the heat. Then I felt my face slip off, as if it were a sticker on plastic. I suddenly woke up in fear.


 Dreamed I was in some world where it rained all the time. There wasn't one day of sunlight ever. Everyone was speaking German though in the dream I understood the language. I was in a classroom and the teacher was showing us how to operate war machines.

While it was similar to my other dreams of school where I couldn't find a pen or paper, this place was really creepy. The walls were mental ward green, the lighting was minimal, and the teacher looked like she had barbs coming out of her chest and back which was part of her uniform.

I was joking to one student behind me that she probably gives killer hugs. The student was not amused, however, and just pointed ahead fearfully.

I turned around and she was right there in front of me. She said something in German, angrily, but this time I didn't understand her, like I suddenly didn't know the language.

She took my silence as insolence and directed me to go to the principal's office.

I left the classroom and it was really spooky. Very little lighting and the floor in the hallway was wet like with scummy water, corrosion, and rusted metal. Then I wake up.


 Dreamed I was working on my computer when a nasty virus got a hold of it. I tried to run GOOGLE and it wanted to run an executable infomercial instead.

It was very bad, I tried to reboot but the virus intercepted that as well and before Windows loaded, this new horrible and crippled operating system took over and directed me only to pay sites, pyramid schemes, chain letters, demo games, and sexual services.

I was at wit's end trying to get my anti-viruses to run when I suddenly woke up typing in thin air.


Dreamed they were making another drilling site, like the one I have a few blocks from where I live. They were drilling for oil at this site too.

There was a church to my left and a shopping center to my right with the drilling site straight ahead.

Carlos showed up and said he wanted to take a drive to get a better look at it and did I want to come along ?

I said sure and brought along my camera just in case there was something interesting to photograph there.

We turned around the back side and found they didn't have it barricaded like the front and you could see inside. There was a steady stream of orange vapor coming out of the center and people were wearing military style gas masks.

They saw us taking photos and sent someone with a machine-gun to intercept us.

Carlos took off and away but looking behind us we saw this high-speed police vehicle was quickly closing on us.

They turned on their siren and Carlos pulled over to the side of the road. But only for an instant because instead of parking to give us a ticket, he fired the machine-gun at the window.

Carlos was injured in the line of fire but took off again. His driving was erratic and we plowed into trash cans and other items on the sidewalk. Suddenly he slumped over the wheel and was driving straight into a wall !

I woke up suddenly trying to grab the wheel and found the pillow in my hands.


[5] Dreamed I was in a hospital. I had Susan with me and it seemed like I was 16-years old. I had a room to myself, I had just showered and dried off and was changing into clean underwear.

I stepped outside my door for a second to look and saw nurses carrying empty trays outside of rooms. One nurse saw me, I thought she was going to tell me to get dressed as I was in the hall with just my underwear.

But no. She looked at my face, then down, smiled, and back up. I looked at her for an answer, but she just held her hand out and motioned me with her finger.

"You need to come with me." she said.

I asked, what about my stuff in here ?

She said, it will be fine, but you need to come with me now. Then she reached for a little gray box on her side and pressed the button there. Notifying someone I thought.

Go with you - as I am, I asked ?

Yes, as you are, she assured me.

I didn't like this so I ran back in to get Susan and met her in the hallway again. She smiled even wider seeing this which froze me in my steps. I didn't like this at all and wasn't going to go with her now.

Suddenly she reached over my shoulder though and I thought she was going to push me or something but instead got a needle there and pressed it into my shoulder squeezing the contents in there.

My vision at once got blurry. I looked up and saw a bunch of other nurses with a gurney and from the looks on their faces they were up to no good. The nurse I was with offered me to lie down on the gurney. After that injection I was going to collapse on the floor if I didn't.

As I lay there the four nurses then put their hands on me all over me, like caressing. One put her hand on my underwear and felt around there for a second while whispering and laughing to her friend. Then the gurney was in motion and she rolled it into this one empty room.

I heard a voice whisper, is he asleep yet ? Then some giggling. I struggled to keep my eyes open but couldn't.

Then their hands were all over me and I felt my underwear being pulled off and my legs being spread apart. Then someone I couldn't see was laying on top of me. Their warmth pressed against me.

I woke up suddenly from this curious dream feeling quite aroused.


Dreamed I was in High School. For some reason I was in the gym and they wanted to see me lift this tremendous weight. It was a bunch of metal rectangular bars all stacked together on a single metal carrying plate.

I knew it was heavier than any single person could lift. But I was dreaming, so I went over there and picked it up and balanced the whole load in one hand.

While there was cheering and applause, someone approached me and shot me with - well, I guess what could be described as glue.

I was stuck in my tracks and I couldn't move my legs or arms. Then people came in to pull me free from the floor and started to wrap me up with some kind of paper.

They explained to the crowd, thanks for attending, we'll take it from here.

I knew they were spies for some company and they wanted to know how I could lift so much. I reached up and broke the glue bond and wrapped paper from around me.

They reached for guns and shot at me, but it wasn't bullets, instead little needles. One needle hit me but bounced off. Apparently I had skin like iron and nothing could penetrate it.

I picked up one of the agents and slung him into the ceiling where there was a shower of sparks and the top light gave out.

Then I ran out of there as fast as I could. I was in the hallway when I suddenly woke up.


 Dreamed I saw this fight at school. Two kids were fighting. One of them was really fast and strong whereas the other one was slow and not doing as well.

Suddenly the slower one was down on the ground and the faster one was punching him in the face. I didn't want to see that so I reached over and grabbed his wrist with my right hand to stop him.

He tried to punch me but I grabbed his other hand with my left. He then started kicking me but nothing was happening.

I pulled his wrist just a little and he flew over the back of my head crashing into a locker where he was knocked out.

I reached out a helping hand to the guy on the ground and heard myself tell him, "You need my protection."

He nodded, got up and ran away. Then I was aware that I was going to be late for my English class so I ran off in the opposite direction.

I arrived in the class. I knew I wasn't early but there weren't any other students there. The teacher was and she offered me to sit down in the closest desk.

I did but felt something in my back. Apparently I was wearing a backpack and didn't know it. I looked inside and it was all kinds of snacks and sweets, wrapped donuts, bags of candy, and cookies in a plastic box.

The teacher walked over to look with me and shook her head smiling, "That's too many sweets ! You'll make yourself sick."

I returned the smile and nodded, "Yeah, I don't know why I'm carrying this."

Then she looked at me and said with a sad voice, "You are the only student to show up to my class."

I looked around and it truly was bare. Then I head the bell ring, meaning you had better already be seated in the class you are supposed to be, and still the place remained bare.

I shrugged, "I'm not sure why. Are you sure you're supposed to be here ?" I asked the teacher.

She puzzled her lips with two fingers for a moment and said, "You know - I'm not sure. Come up here for a second, would you ?"

She then motioned for me to stand. I did and she started to unbutton the front of her blouse when I woke up suddenly.


[8] I dreamed that I was poor and destitute. But I wasn't alone. There was this man who looked in on me and showed me how to get around while I was homeless.

He showed me chalk symbols on walls and what they represented. An arrow facing up into a crossing line meant that a bad person lived there. But an arrow facing up by itself means I can get help here.

A wavy line meant that there was someone kind who lived there and helped the homeless. A triangle meant the people there call the police, a circle meant safe place. A double circle meant free shelter. All kinds of symbols, I couldn't remember them all.

He also carried a Bible. He went up to people in the street and asked them, "Would you be interested in the word of God ?"

Sometimes the answer was, "No."

He said, "That's okay." and then went to another person.

One person was angry though and accused him of being agnostic. Before he could reply they added, "You fell from the roof into a swimming pool, and that alone does not make you a holy person !"

I thought this was a little far fetched so I interceded and said, "He's just being kind. Give him a break !"

They muttered under their breath and left. Then I asked him, "You fell off a roof into a swimming pool ?"

He nodded. I asked, "What does that have to do with religion ?"

"Nothing." he replied. "Absolutely nothing, but that shows you how defensive some people can get about it."

Just then I realized I had a bag of toys, they were the Tomy Pocket Games and we were living in the far future, about the year 2120. I told him, "I could sell some of my toys and maybe that would help us ?"

He said, "Show me one."

So I did, I showed him the TOMY Obstacle Course. He played with it for a bit. Then said, "Computers are far more powerful than this. This is - mechanical, with a spring. It's an antique. No-one would want to play with it."

I nodded, "If it's an antique, then maybe it's worth something to a collector or a pawnbroker ?"

He sighed, "You can try."

I ran off, excited, with the bag to try and find a pawn shop.

I did and ran inside. He asked where the fire was. I just smirked, took out one of the games and showed it to him and asked, "How much will you give me for this ?"

He took it. Peered down at it. Then put on some reading glasses and turned it over, clearly to look for the copyright date. Finally he whistled, "Wow, this is really old."

"How much ?" I asked.

"How many do you have ?" he asked in return, taking off the reading glasses.

I started to take them all out. He sat and counted them. Finally he spoke, "$25."

"Each." I confirmed.

He scowled but finally nodded. He was hoping to get the lot of them and only pay me $25.

"Yeah, for each of them, that's fine. Listen do you have any more ?"

"No. This is all I have."

He started to count them when I suddenly woke up.


 I was called into a company I worked for to stop this program from running. I remember being on the computer and first hit the ESC button to see if there was a menu. Nothing happened. I hit CTRL-BREAK. That didn't do anything.

I then tried the WINDOWS button to see if I could START to appear. Also nothing.

I then hit CTRL-ALT-DEL to see if the Task Manager would appear. It didn't.

"Rather aggressive program you have running here." I commented.

The guy in the room with me nodded, "But can you stop it ?"

"I could if I could bring up a task manager or something."

"And you can't right ?"

"No, not easily. I'll try to reboot, will that be okay ?"

He put out a hand to stop me, "I wouldn't do that."

"Why ?" I asked.

"It's all linked together."

"What is ?"

"All of it." and he looked around like he was being watched.

I smiled shaking my head, "You're goofy. Here." And I hit the RESET button.

The program continued to run, but just then the light above me winked out. I heard what sounded like a massive generator powering down.

"Oh no ! It's too late !" he cried and suddenly ran out the door.

I tried to get up but my legs weren't there ! Wherever there was darkness now nothing remained. It got even darker and my hands and arms vanished too. As my eyes adjusted to the new darkness, there was an eerie purple glow where my limbs used to be.

"It's all linked !" I told myself fearfully and suddenly woke up.


 Dreamed I was a superhero of sorts. Kids were doing mean things. One of them gave me a light bulb and said, don't break it. I climbed this tall pile of shopping carts and they couldn't get to me then.

They were trying to mess me up. One took my belt off and tried to hit me with it by swinging it. I climbed even higher. It was like I was reaching up to the sky, but I couldn't cross it. There were electric wires above me and touching them not only burned my skin but made it stick to them.

I was trying to pull free but only got pulled in deeper. I heard a hissing and sizzling and realized my skin was coming off in chunks.

Suddenly I woke up in fright.

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© 2015 dw817

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Added on February 17, 2015
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