Dream Diary - February 24th 2015

Dream Diary - February 24th 2015

A Chapter by dw817

Monster Man / Karate Kitty / Reverse Time / Beauty & Wealth / Mustache Mischief / Rescue Her / Washed By A Mop / New Star Trek Episode / Foreign Lovelies / Slides To DVD


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  Dream Diary   


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© February 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


* * *

These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


 Dreamed I was being attacked by this monster man. He looked normal at first but then his jaw hinged open and he was biting at people's arms and legs, tearing them off.

Then he went chasing after me. I was in my car and was going like 60-MPH and he was still chasing me.

Policemen are firing at him but the bullets are just bouncing off of him. It was a very scary dream. I finally woke up when I took a curve too fast and my car flipped.


I remember there was this kitten I knew. She wanted to practice her karate and was actually quite good at it. She came to visit me one time and was practicing in the living room.

I looked at her and said, "Don't break anything."

She said, "Okay, but I need to practice."

I nodded and left the room. An hour later we left to buy groceries. I know she wanted me to buy some rice milk so I could set down a saucer for her. But before we could get to the store, there were these kids that were teasing me.

While the karate kitty was fighting one of them, I found I had a jar of peach jelly in one pocket. I smeared a little on the ground and started to slide forward on it at great acceleration. The other bad kids couldn't catch me now even though they were running after me.

Then I started to slow and had to squat down and push with my hands to try and keep the same speed. Then I ran into a line of people outside a blood donor station.

A tall woman there smiled down at me as I was still on the ground and asked, "Oh. So you want to give blood too, do you ?"

"No ma'am !" I told her emphatically and tried to slide away again on the peach jelly. Then I woke up.


Rose was with me. We were visiting someone but they were in a bad neighborhood, high crime and assault. I opened up the door to let Rose out. Suddenly the motorcycle we both drove on kicked into action and driverless ran her down.

I tapped my left index finger to reverse time. Then I saw it was a guy who had a remote control over my motorcycle. Just as he was getting ready to active it, I leapt over to attack him and wrestled the control away from him.

I beat him up then ran away. I woke up a short time later.


Interesting dream about two teams working separately from each other.

One was working on a formula for beauty and the other for wealth. They were friends earlier when they first started, but now were rivals to each other.

The leader of the wealth organization was this pretty girl who tumbled down a laundry chute and landed on her feet. She was so pretty and sexy.

The leader of the beauty organization was this fat ugly man who had dollar bills hanging out of his neck collar. It seemed each was the opposite of each other, and yet - both were linked in some way.

To keep peace there were these two large teddy bears which came from a different planet, and they disciplined each group when they did something they shouldn't have.

I woke up watching these two.


[5] Super busy dream that I am working for a cable company. These guys show up and said I needed to show them where I keep my fuses.

So I showed them my fusebox. They seemed to do a bit of work there.

While they were working more people came in, apparently for someone's Birthday party. They turned on some great rock music, hit the lights off and used a disco ball with dancing.

I went to go use the bathroom - and thought I locked the door. But as I was on the toilet this guy came in to stare at me. I told him to go away, I can't do anything with him standing there. Suddenly a girl appeared and pulled on his arm saying, don't mind him, he does this with all the guests.

I smirked, finished my business, washed my hands and went to check on the fuse people.

They said they had completed the repairs and then asked to come over to my house. It was then I realized I was in someone else's house - not my own, so I agreed.

I drove in a car and they drove behind me. We got to my place and Rose was there, she had just bought a bunch of Christmas presents.

Suddenly they started acting like idiots and were falling over themselves and their words to introduce themselves to Rose. Rose smiled wide and took in the compliments.

Suddenly one reached to grab her arm. She shrieked, what's going on !?

I told him to let her go. He did, and then apologized. Rose made some corner sandwiches for us and we discussed different methods of video compression. Suddenly one of the guys who had a mustache leaned over the table and kissed me.

His mustache transferred to my face. He said, it's looks better on you than me anyways. Then I woke up shortly after that.


There was this black woman who was asking for my help. She was somehow stuck in her house which was on fire and the front door had fallen in and was burning. I offered her to climb out a window.

She said she didn't want to break it as it was expensive. I pointed out, which is more important, the cost of a window or your life ?

With that in mind she took a chair and rammed it against the pane which shattered in all directions. She then rolled the chair around the edges to remove the sharp bits. Finally she was ready to jump out the window - and then she jumped !

I didn't have anything to catch her with so I just held out my arms. She landed safely in them just as the house collapsed in burning timbers.

As I looked to her she had a wide smile on her face - I guess I saved her life, then I woke up.


 Dreamed I was at high school, having just run a long distance outside for P.E. I was now back inside trying to take a good shower but there were bullies there who were messing with me as I was nude.

I went to the corner office and saw the coach there, and told him what was going on. I was still nude except for a towel I wrapped around my waist.

He nodded and said, well, we're going to wash your hair, right here.

I asked with what ? He suddenly reached for a mop in a bucket and started to smear it all in my hair. It smelled like the toilet so I pulled away from him, but now my hair was a real mess and smelled awful.

He tried to grab me and said, no, you'll look good, I promise, just give me a chance to get some suds in there.

I looked outside his office and saw the bullies were still looking for me. I sighed and walked back to the coach where he squirt some shampoo in the mop and then started to scrub my hair with it.

There was a full-length mirror on one door. I looked at myself and not only did my hair look great but it had colored sparkles and sequins in there now.

What did you do ? I asked him.

He smiled and said, oh, it's just a little extra something. You don't have to keep it if you don't want to.

I had never seen my hair look so clean or pretty before so I said, no, that's fine, I'll keep it.

I looked down at the ground and saw this cougar there. The coach said that was his pet.

I told the coach about the bullies outside again and he said he would take care of it. He leaned over to whisper something in the cougar's ear and the animal took off snarling into the hallway.

Suddenly I could hear the cries of fear of the bullies who were still looking for me. I looked to the coach and his hair which was brown earlier had now turned blonde and his face was lit up like it was glowing. He was so handsome at that moment.

I'll look after you, he said. And - well, right then it was just awesome what he did for me, I reached over and gave him a hug. I woke up with tears in my eyes.


[8] Dreamed I was watching a new episode of Star Trek, the original series with William Shatner as Kirk.

The Enterprise was fighting the Tholians, but this time you could see them clearly. They were dressed like bees. They caught the starship in this complex hexagonal woven energy cage.

Then the Tholians started shooting at the Enterprise and she had nowhere to run. The Enterprise had its shields on but the ship was shaking inside. Kirk asked for more power to the shields and Scotty said we're at full output as it is.

Well to me this was really exciting ! I called my sister up on the phone to tell her there was a new Star Trek episode never yet aired and it had Tholians and everything !

She sounded bored on the other end, that's nice. But there are some storms headed your way. You had better bring the cardboard back in.

And I knew she was talking about a clubhouse I had built out of cardboard boxes which was outside - and that also told me I was 12-years old in this dream.

I said oh noes ! And ran out to fold up the cardboard and bring it inside. The sky rumbled with thunder and strange purple clouds rolled in. Then I woke up.


Dreamed I was at school. There was a bus arriving that was full of girls from foreign countries that were going to enroll at the school. It was a big major event and everyone crowded around to see the new arrivals.

Then the bus arrived in a cloud of vanilla cream scented exhaust. The door to the bus opened and out stepped these very attractive young girls all dressed in clothes of their country, Switzerland, France, Philippines, Japan, and Australia - just to name a few.

Each had their own heady perfume which was heavenly to behold. Me and a bunch of other guys crowded forward for a better look. There was a teacher there to keep order. She said, "Give them room ! They still have to sign in !"

We pulled back a bit and noticed that each was wearing a pretty bracelet, and that bracelet in turn was linked to a golden chain to the girl behind her - I guess so they wouldn't get lost. I followed them all the way up to the school office.

Just then the lights turned red - signifying something bad was going to happen.

A different teacher behind me put a hand on my shoulder and said, "Andrew ! You need to get out of the school, now !"

Then the walls started to move and shift around. I cried, "Where are the stairs !?"

Someone yelled, "There's the elevator, get on there !"

I looked to see the elevator there with the door open and a few other people on it. I shook my head, no, I knew better. Almost every dream I had the elevator was a bad idea. It would crash or crumble up with people still in it.

Then I heard a bunch of people scream so I ran away in fright.

Finally I found the stairs and started running up them as fast as I could. It was only minutes later did I realize I was trying to leave the school going DOWN the stairs, not UP them ! I looked in fear to see the ceiling above me crumble and finally smash into me.

I woke up suddenly with a headache.


 Dreamed I had dislocated my arm and my left arm was in a sling. I was talking to Dad about converting his 35mm slides to DVD. It was going to be a bit of a process at that. I would need to use a scanning device attached to the 35mm viewer, then convert that to a decompressed 24-bit bitmap image.

Then from there use a DVD authoring program that would insert these bitmaps spaced at 15-seconds apart from each other. And I would need to convert that to an MPEG-2 video of a fixed length so it wouldn't exceed the standard 4.7gb size of a DVD.

And I needed to make a custom DVD menu so they could each be accessed by category.

Phew ! I woke up thinking about math and computational tables.

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