FB2-25 "Return To Stefani"

FB2-25 "Return To Stefani"

A Chapter by dw817

I AM AWAKE ! I cough hoarsely and rise up to cover my mouth as it feels like a sharp toothpick jammed up in there. I find I am still bound to the bed by the security bracelet.


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© February 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 25 - "Return To Stefani"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

The camera pans from the elevator to scroll past the large central's dome-shaped city where fireflies of colored lights are gliding around, air cars taking their passengers to their destinations.

The planetary surface is left, not Earth, but something similar. The troposphere, the stratosphere, the mesosphere, and finally the thermosphere.

The camera then zooms past millions of stars itself, so fast it distorts space, and enters a time warp. It's ultimate destination:

0-0-2010, Wanabee, USA

The lonely planet Earth. The camera playfully glides and collides through the clouds to see a wide continent below it. Then it falls faster than the speed of sound with only a slight reddish glowing ring to its edges.

Briefly we see Tyr's Home, Dev's Home, The Wanabee Police Station, Wailaiaia Middle School, and then focus briefly on the pineboard ruins of what once was the Arkos Institute.

Then the camera submerges underground, past the dirt and clay, past the bricks that once were Stefani's boyfriends
(you'll have to view the Character Synopsis to find this out), and to the elevator that Stefani is in.

She has just left Tyr at the Holding Cells and is traveling back to see Dev. She walks with deliberate gracefulness. Her strides alone are beautiful and her dazzlingly beautiful blue eyes rarely ever blink for fear of missing something interesting.

She returns back to 486-A and sees a notice on the door addressed to her. Before she opens the door she tears it open to read.

Stefani Charteiris: Return Dev to the surface tomorrow morning to his family and then proceed to work on Tyr for the next 3 days. Ensure she is suitably submissive for our needs. One of my agents will return for her from your care after 72 hours so we can see her telekinetic ability for ourselves.

The Director, Arkos.

"Hmm.." she said and folded it up neatly to put in her box purse. Oh yes, she would break down Tyr quite effectively. She was, after all, just a little girl. She tapped her security card on the door and it opened. The soft music was still playing and Dev was still asleep in the bedroom.

She sets down her purse and opening it, pulls out a small rectangular-shaped needle that houses a bright yellow liquid in its injector. It is enclosed in a vacuum-sealed plastic sleeve. She tears the strip to release it from the cellophane and holding the needle in her hands, taps the side of it confirming consistency and freeing it of bubbles trapped therein.

She then enters the bedroom and leans over to injects it straight into his neck.

* * *


I cough hoarsely and rise up to cover my mouth as it feels like a sharp toothpick jammed up in there. I find I am still bound to the bed by the security bracelet. Stefani ignores my look of confusion and rapidly enters a complex set of codes on his bracelet which suddenly pops off.

"Is everything okay, Stef ?" I asked her scratching my neck where she injected me with one hand and rubbed my wrist ruefully with the other.

She sits down on the bed and meets my eyes fully with her own beautiful deep blue eyes. "Yes, Dev ! Everything IS alright now. I - just wanted to say. I LOVE you. Very much. And to show that, we're going to have that date now I promised you. Are you ready for it ?"

I stretch and yawn, crinkling my eyes shut trying to remember my dreams but can't find any thoughts of them. I shrug. "Sure."

Then in my excitement I tried to rise out of bed but tipped over into her awaiting hands. She was ready to catch me "I feel - so dizzy." I said slurring my words and drooling slightly.

She wipes my chin with a kerchief from her pocket, "Well why wouldn't you be ! You had a busy day earlier. Don't you remember what happened ?"

I rubbed the top of my lip left and right puzzled. Finally I spoke, "Nope."

"Well then that's just fine. Go and get yourself cleaned up." and she pointed to the bathroom. And without waiting for me to tip over again she lifted me carefully up and set me gently on the floor. It was then it seemed like the bed had risen up. But that was impossible, wasn't it ? Did I feel smaller somehow ? I mmphed it off and toddled off to the restroom.

"Such a good boy." Stefani said watching me carefully. I was still dressed in the panties she had me in earlier and she leered at the delightful sight of my small butt as it wiggled its way in the bathroom and closed the door.

She got up to knock on the door.

"Yes ma'am ?" I asked politely.

"You take a shower, hun, get yourself all cleaned up, thoroughly. You've got a nice change of clothes here for you. We're going to go get you that ice cream I promised you earlier."

"Awright !" I said and whooped excitedly. Then fell over cause I was still feeling dizzy from sleeping so long. Finally I got in the bath and clicked on the shower and cleaned with lots of soapy suds and shampoo all over. I brushed my teeth and gargled with mouthwash. I felt a lot better now.

I stepped out of the bathroom and found Stefani waiting for me. She was on her knees to meet me and held a soft towel. "Wow, thanks." I said. I knew there was still something wrong in my brain. Shouldn't I be concerned someone twice my age was drying me off naked and it wasn't my own Mother ?

"C'mere sweetie." she said and dried me off especially rubbing me down around my legs and butt.

"Hey !" I laughed, "Quit it." cause it tickled in a -funny- way and I pulled away, and she had a playful smile on her face too. This wasn't so bad. I - couldn't even remember what I was - I guess I was - angry - about something earlier ? I dismissed it as a bad dream.

She handed me the towel and stood up to leave. I finished drying and returned to the bedroom where she insisted on dressing me myself. But she wouldn't let me wear underwear.

"Why ?" I asked. I thought it was so stupid I had to wear panties.

"Just for me sweetie. I think you look cute in them."

"Why ?" I asked again. And then it looked like she got cross and snapped back on my bracelet. I looked at it for a moment. There was - something - painful about it - a memory - it caused pain I think. I couldn't remember. Finally I sighed. "OK, that's fine."

"Good boy. It'll all make sense later." and then she started to dress me. I was only enough to dress myself, but she insisted on doing it herself.

"Now Dev, don't you want to look nice for everyone to see you at the club ?"

"Well, yah, but ..."

"Well people know when someone dresses themselves or when someone helps them. And your Mother helps you with things sometimes, doesn't she ?"

"Well, yah, but ..." I whined again.

"No more buts !" and she swatted me painfully on it. A tear poked out of my eye she had smacked me so hard. "This is one time I want you to look nice when you meet my friends tonight." and she proceeded to dress me. It really was a nice outfit, not like the natty Arkos school-uniform I had but something like a business suit for a little gentleman. I guess I qualified.

"Wonderful !" she said when she finished. I even had a bowtie. I gulped. I hoped no-one from my school was down here as well or when they were inevitably released they would guffaw all the way to school on how "nice" I looked.


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