Dream Diary - Special Entry, "Double Time"

Dream Diary - Special Entry, "Double Time"

A Chapter by dw817

I feel like I'm 18-22 years old in this dream, and it's the middle of the night. My Dad and me are going to visit a friend of his. He is a scientist, but has vanished from his home without a trace.


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  Dream Diary  


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© March 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.

Occasionally there may be a special entry, such as this one, which covers the week.


* * *

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I feel like I'm 18-22 years old in this dream, and it's the middle of the night. My Dad and me are going to visit a friend of his. He is a scientist, but has vanished from his home without a trace, and we're trying to figure out why.

As we drive up to the house, we can see there are already people, reporters, and police here.

We get out and start to push through the crowd. None of the reporters stop to ask us any questions and may not know that my Dad is an acquaintance of his vanished friend.

Finally we get to the police. "No-one gets through unless you're related to the case." the cop says and holds a hand out to stop us.

My Dad pulls out his wallet to show a photo of both the scientist and him in the shot. "We're friends. I may be able to help."

The policeman looks at the picture, finally he sighs. "Aye, you might at that. Go on through. Don't get in the detectives' way."

And sure enough inside all the lights are off except for a flickering TV. Milling around are two detectives trying to get some clues as to what happened.

Finally, frustrated, they leave me and Dad alone in his house, the TV sound of static being the only sound that's heard.

Then my Dad rubs his chin thoughtfully. Finally he says, "I know Mattox, he doesn't like TV. So - why is this one here ?"

He tries to turn it off but receives a nasty shock and is blown back by the force.

I reach out to feel the screen without getting shocked, noticing it is smooth and almost cold to the touch. But the sound of static has stopped.

I take a look and see the TV is still turned on, but a strange sight greets my eyes, the static is locked in on one frame. It's not flickering all over the place like it was earlier.

I look to see Dad sitting on the floor. I go over to help him up, holding my hand out absently as I continue to look around for anything else that might be amiss.

Dad stays on the ground still looking ahead. I get worried, "Hey, Dad, are you all right ?"

There is no answer from him. It is then I also notice his chest is not moving in and out, he's not breathing !

I go to try and straighten his legs out so I can do some CPR but it's like iron. I feel his skin and it's like rock-hard clay and barely moves when I press on it.

"What's going on ?" I ask frantically.

Then I hear some noise outside. It is a pair of thieves who have apparently robbed a safe from an adjacent house.

"Hey, what are you doing here, kid ?" one of them snarls.

"I - this is my friend's house." I tell them.

"You touched the TV, right ?" the first one asks.

I nod incredulously, "Yes, but how could you know ?"

* * *

"You're not very bright are you." the second one speaks.

"If you hadn't noticed, time has stopped. We're taking advantage of this and getting some free money. Did you want some ?"

My mind is still stuck on what he says about time stopped.

Sighing he repeats, "Do you want some free money or not kid ?"

I nod, I need time to think.

"Thattaboy." the thief says and throws me a wad of money tied up with a rubber-band which I catch in my hands.

"Be seeing you." he says and the two run off to an adjacent house, apparently to rob it as well.

There is no sound of birds, cars, well - really anything at all. It is still as the grave.

For a moment I wonder why the thieves didn't break the glass of the TV to prevent others from entering this stopped time zone so they could freely enjoy it themselves. But then again, it's possible that by doing so it would blow up the city block - or maybe even the entire city !

Likely they anticipated this and are grabbing what they can before the stopped time effect wears off.

But WILL the effect wear off ? I look around now to see police cars and the crowd of people. The police lights are stuck on red on some cars and blue on others, and nothing - absolutely nothing else moves.

One of the persons being interviewed by a reporter his pants pulled down, apparently done by one of the thieves to confirm with them that time had truly stopped.

I pull them back up and button the front. I turn to see the reporter, she is a very attractive young woman in her 20s - and like everyone else is stuck in time.

I get curious, and sneak a peek by lifting up her skirt from the front for a second to see bright red panties with a small shiny lipstick kiss fabric print sewn right on the crotch area.

"Naughty." I smile and tell myself before smoothing down her skirt again. Then I re-enter the house with Dad.

There is no doubt in my mind now this time stop thing could be dangerous. Perhaps I can touch the surface of the TV again and return back to regular time ?

It's worth a try. I do so and then I hear a quick high-pitched sound and then it's normal again, except for the hiss of the TV. I am staring at it when Dad behind me says, "You going to help me up or what ?"

I turn around, he was frozen in time all that period I was wandering outside talking to those thieves.

"Yeah, here." and I reach over to help him up.

He rubs his wrist which apparently still hurts. "Strange that thing would shock me." He then scratches his head for a moment. "Stranger still there's a TV at all in here. Did you see anything unusual ? Maybe checking outside ?"

That's right. Dad didn't know I was outside earlier because time was stopped for him.

At first I don't want to tell Dad what it does, maybe it would blow up the Earth if it wasn't treated right. Or if someone tried to unplug it. I don't know. I =DO= know that anything miraculous usually doesn't stick around very long.

I decide to keep my silence. Dad walks to the kitchen to put some water on his burned hand when I touch the screen again, this time with 2-fingers.

There is a whirr of air as time stops again but this time it feels different. Like a thickness in the air. A darkness in the dim light - hard to describe.

I walk outside with effort and see the two thieves over at the crowd emptying their pockets.

"Hey ! Get away from there !" I yell but my voice sounds weird and deep.

I approach and realize they, too, are somehow stuck in time.

It's then I realize with a deep fear that I'm in a double-stopped time. Where time is stopped for those who were moving freely in the first stage of stopped time.

And there is an ominous feeling. Something unpleasant.

Then I hear an evil whispery voice, "You - "

I look around but don't see anyone talking to me. "Me ?"

The voice continues, "should - "

"I should what ?" I ask the empty air. And now the air is hard to breathe like it's gelatin or something.

"not - "

"I shouldn't ? I shouldn't have what ?" I cry fearfully realizing it's harder to breathe now than before.

"be here ... !" the voice concluded.

"You have that straight !" I say and start to walk towards the door to touch the TV again to get out of this nasty double time stopped mode.

It is then I hear - well, what can only be described as thoughts. From everyone around ! Apparently in this double time stopped mode I can actually hear what everyone else is thinking as they are in this mode. And then it gets louder !

I start to run away frightened, But my feet can't quite catch the ground and I start sinking in, like a ghost. A ghost ? What !? I =AM= a ghost ! My hands and legs are translucent and I can see right through them.

Then I start sliding faster and faster down and it gets hotter and hotter. I realize I'm sliding towards the core of the Earth, and despite being a ghost it's starting to melt me !

I suddenly wake up in fright.

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