Dream Diary - March 17th 2015

Dream Diary - March 17th 2015

A Chapter by dw817

Fountain Ghost / A Rose Is A Rose Is ... / Wish Payment / Room 777 / Only A Lie / Swindling Grocery Store / Quiet Of The Earth / Do You Like To Fish ? / It's 5 O'Clock / The Insect Eater


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  Dream Diary   


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© March 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


* * *

These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] Dreamed  I was, I guess, a ghost is the best way to describe it, and I was looking after Rose's well-being.

There was this bad guy that was chasing me, he was part of the ghost world too. I know Rose and me went past this water fountain and the water spoke to me saying, "You shall not take my secrets."

While I managed to avoid the watery grip that reached out, the ghost that was chasing me earlier did not and was grabbed and pulled down the drain in the glowing blue water and you could hear a toilet flushing and it sounded very nasty. Then I woke up.


Dreamed I was at a carnival. I went to buy some candy but someone was trying to steal my wallet. But I caught them, grabbed their hand, pulled them to me and punched them in the nose.

When I finished with that I managed to buy the candy I wanted but somehow lost Rose who was with me earlier. I went into one store nearby and suddenly everyone looked like Rose - all the times I had known her, dressed differently, but still the same person.

I said, "What's going on here ?"

They pointed out a photo cover to a book on sale and it looked just like Rose. Everyone tried to look like her because today was her day, but that made it very difficult for me to find the real Rose.

So I just went around and said, "Rose - Rose." trying to find her. Then I woke up.


I learned this magic word, "Mekshesio" which would grant me favors from the other side of the world, cheats in life. While at first it seemed to be harmless, apparently it was related to evil and devil worship. I was using some black magic spell.

But what I found was anytime I called on this spell, it took something important and vital out of my own world as payment. I said the word one more time to try and be rid of it and the whole world turned into this burning red jelly.

I woke up in fright.

ROOM 777

I dreamed I was traveling 1,000 floors in an elevator. There was something involved with math in it. It had to travel in certain directions in order to maintain the motor speed and stability for it.

There was this table on paper and a set of cuts in it that showed the correct way to use the elevator. I know I needed to use the restroom and took this elevator up to the 400th floor. But it was like the bathroom was being worked on and there were no toilets.

The scene changed and I was behind the wall in the elevator and watching people on it go to the floors they wanted.

A bunch of people in military outfit went to room 777. Suddenly one of the soldiers pointed right at me though I was hidden from sight and said, "Join us. We can always use more help here."

 I came out from behind the wall. I spoke, "You can see me ?"

He smiled, "Of course. We've known about you for a long time." He held his hand out and I took it. Then he started to spin me around. For a moment I thought I was going to fall out of the elevator, then I woke up.


[5] Dreamed of a word, "Tras." Somehow it was a definition for photographs of people who were used in time for political propoganda. I started out saying it was past tense, but then someone told me no, it is the current situation.

I asked, "Current ? People are being used today ?"

The voice replied, "Yes, they are."

I disagreed, "No, that sort of thing doesn't happen today. People are more intelligent than this."

The voice disagreed, "I'm sorry, but it's not."

Then I saw this huge mountain of ugly tar, reaching up to the heavens.

"What is this ?" I asked.

"Lies." the voice said in an angry tone. "Every lie ever said by anyone, white lies too. And it created this mountain. And you see how ugly it is."

"Yes." I agreed quietly. "But what about people who lie and then apologize for it later ?"

"While the lies can be apologized for, the damage is already done."

Then a finger pointed to the mountain and it dried up. It wasn't a black wet mound anymore but the ground beneath it was still wrecked and ruined by the sludge, stained forever by it's filth.

"This is what is left. The knowledge of 'mistrust.' And that is very hard to overcome."

Realizing I wasn't going to actually have a nice dream about flying I woke up from this moral driven one.


Dreamed I was at a convenience store. I had stopped to pick up some beef jerky and snacks. I had with me $20 and the people working there did everything they could to prevent me from buying my groceries.

I was told my purchases come to $5 and I was to receive $15 in change. But when I checked my bag, all I could find was empty wrappers. Someone had eaten my groceries as I was paying for them !

I brought the bag back and showed the checkout lady, she said, my aren't you hungry.

I said NO, I didn't do this, couldn't do this ! You saw me, right here, I didn't have a chance to touch any of this.

She got mad then and said if I wanted more candy, I'll have to pay for it.

Finally I woke up from this frustrating dream.


Dreamed I was at church in the bathroom trying to quickly put on my deodorant before service started.

My glasses were falling apart at the lenses. I've had many dreams where my glasses wouldn't stay on my head. The left lens in this case kept falling out.

I saw Rachel there. She gave me a box present and said it was, "The Quiet Of The Earth."

I didn't like the sound of that so I kept it unopened. I did thank her though. About that time the dream faded and I woke up.


[8] Dreamed I was working for this guy named threepeio, like "3po." He got angry at me though when I fell behind in my work because I had taken too long a lunch break and I was found to be reading a book.

So when I got back, he put some water skis on me and said, "Try and keep up." And of course that was difficult now because it was so hard to walk with skis on. Finally I just started to slide on them and was actually working faster than anyone there.

He got mad though because he wanted to see me fall behind and I wasn't. Some cute girls in bathing suits came by and asked if I liked to fish.

I said yes. Then they took these large wet fishes and started smacking me in the head with them. I woke up laughing.


I had a nice funny dream with Dad. He handed me this can which I opened up and spinach started to fly out of it, literally zooming around in the air. I caught and ate it and Dad told me I was Popeye.

The scene changed and I was on a table and a woman I couldn't see was giving me a nice massage. She told me it was almost 5 O'clock. I knew something important was to happen at 5 but I didn't know what.

I let her continue when suddenly an alarm sounded and she disappeared. I looked around the table and saw that it was balanced somewhere up high and it was a long way down. I woke up due to my vertigo and fear of heights.


 Dreamed I was with a woman and we were in a strange restaurant. She had ordered the special which turned out to be a live death-faced beetle. She ate it while it was still kicking and I felt sick watching.

She then offered me a bite and I turned my head in revulsion. Then a fellow floated by on a river raft and was talking to other people in the raft the different kinds of insects there are and which were poisonous and which were edible.

I woke up retching.

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© 2015 dw817

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