FB2-28 "Cheani The Time Traveler"

FB2-28 "Cheani The Time Traveler"

A Chapter by dw817

"My real name is, Cheani Juntour, I thought up Betsy Katelin to throw people off guard. My God they're experimenting on kids down here, me included ! There was an accident in the Gate and ..."


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© March 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 28 - "Cheani The Time Traveler"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

I sipped on the shake and recalled for Stefani, "Well, I really don't know too much about Darvin. I know he was Tyr's friend. He was always a real spacecase at school. Never seemed to pay attention to what was in front of him, and he had a strange way of getting angry or aggravated when he'd ask about something to someone that was perfectly trivial."

"I remember he really got himself worked up one time trying to figure out why some toothpicks were round and others were triangular-shaped. He told me it was one of the most important questions of all time."

"I visited him at his house one time and saw he had hundreds of toothpicks laid out on the floor and some were taped up with weird codes attached to them that he wrote up with a pen."

"It was so bizarre what he was doing. He hadda microscope and was carefully analyzing them and writing digits beside each one. It was then I noticed he had -"

Stefani stopped rubbing, "Go on."

"Well, he ..." and I didn't want to say any more because if I did, I would be saying that I saw the plugin in his own computer, SIM.

Stefani shifted her hands from my back to my neck and squeezed, not so kindly. "Dev. I need to hear the rest of this story."

I reached down to take a sip of my milkshake which she let me and she massaged her thumbs on the back of my neck, but after I had swallowed and was silent again, she started squeezing with a bit of pressure on the sides of my neck. I felt a little dizzy.

She repeated louder, "Dev. I need to hear the rest of this story. Please go on."

My vision blurred and I felt a little woozy, and I coughed because she was cutting my air off. I guess I was frightened so I continued, "Well, ahhm, he had the plugin. It was in his computer, and he was telling it what to do."

"Where is this plugin now ?" she asked frantically, recognizing a keyword I said.

"I've got it, but listen - " I started, but she interrupted me.

"The plugin !" she suddenly said, a little too loudly, and then patted me on the head, it was all too fake, and then she faced me. "Dev. I need to meet someone for a moment. Can I trust you to behave until I return. DON'T LEAVE THE PARK. Finish your ice-cream milkshake if you like. DON'T make me search for you, understand ?"

"Yes ma'am." I said, a little scared. And then I felt my neck was a little sore so I rubbed it a bit.

"Good boy. I'll be right back." and she reached down to give me a friendly swat on my butt before running off top speed to what appeared to be the girl's room. It was a concrete structure, like you see in a park.

I looked around. It was kind of like a park we were in, and it was beautiful. I wanted to explore but I also didn't want to make Stefani have to hunt to find me.

So instead I got curious and followed after her. I stood outside the bathroom door deciding whether or not I should go in as I wasn't allowed in the girl's restroom and suddenly, there was the kid I saw that got the "Inner Cleansing" earlier from Umeko.

"Betsy !" I said in surprise !

She looked at me curiously and adjusted her blouse before looking at me. "Do I know you ?" she said, and she had a kind of funny voice. Like it was older than her own, I guessed double or triple. Somehow she sounded older than me ! I thought it was a neat trick she was playing on me.

"Yes, well, I know you, sort of, ahhm, I saw you getting an Oriental Cleansing from Umeko earlier."

She blinked at me and gave me a look like I was seriously stupid. "Is THAT what she called it. Offered to give you one did she ? Doncha know what an enema is ?! It's a form of torture, you stupid boy !"

I was a little huffed at being treated this way so I straightened my shoulders and said, "Yeah, I gotta enemy at school, his name's Scant, he's a bully. He tortures me."

"No you brainless idiot ! I mean an enemy, an ENEMA ! You don't know the difference - God. How old are you anyways !?"

* * *

"I'm 17. I said, I'll be 18 near the end of November."

"Well, I'm actually in my 20s, but I don't tell everyone that." and she looked away, not as if she was lying, but to confirm the fact. And somehow, I believed her, though I didn't know why.

I looked at her, but she had to have only been 9 years old ! That's what she looked. "You are NOT ! You sound older but anyone can clearly see you're not THAT old ! You're smaller than me ! Your hands are smaller than me. If you were 20 -"

"I'd be older than you, and yes, I am. Lookit I don't have time to explain. The Gate -"

And then one of the counselors went by. She, too, had a hard face and a strange kind of smile as she saw us two talking outside the girl's restroom. "Behaving Betsy ?" she said and patted her on the head before going in.

Betsy was livid with rage once she was out of sight and muffed up her hair angrily, "GOD ! I am so tired of looking and being treated like a preschooler !" she fumed.

"But, aren't you ?"

"Haven't you been listening, dummy ?" and then she paused to look closer at me. "Look, are you Dev ? Because you look like the person I'm supposed to meet if I couldn't find her."

"Well, yes, I am. But who are you looking for ?"

She got very excited then, "My real name is, Cheani Juntour, I thought up Betsy Katelin to throw people off guard. My God they're experimenting on kids down here, me included ! There was an accident in the Gate and my age got fouled up. If you're Dev then you'll know where Tyr is ?" she said rubbing her hands together delightedly.

"How do you know her, and what is a Gate ?" I asked suspiciously.

She pulled me aside painfully by my arm, which I thought was rather strong for a little girl. "The Gate is a time travel device. I DON'T HAVE TIME to explain every little thing, Dev Borne ! But it's urgent I MUST find Tyr Cryshta ! The survival of your planet is dependent upon it and my future, one MILLION years from now is dependent upon it as well, OKAY rocket science boy !?"

I pulled back for a bit and looked at her to think about this. A strange little 9-year old girl was making some very strange statements and knew both our first and last names AND claimed she was a time traveler from a million years in the future to the past, here. This was getting too weird.

Suddenly Umeko, of all people stepped out of the bathroom. "Oh, Betsy. You didn't make it hard for me to find you this time. I like that. I guess you are ready for sleep now. All good little girls need their sleep !" then she turned to look at me.

She had a wide smile on her pretty face, "Ah, Dev ! I was just talking with Stefani inside. We're going to have your wonderful, "Oriental Cleansing" when you get back tonight.

Then she noogied my hair, "You are such a lucky boy ! Remember, it is the highest honor to get one. I will have -very- special ingredients in yours. It will feel so good, I promise you." and then she dragged Betsy away.

Betsy's face looked back at me with a fierceness not to be outdone and shook her head violently in NO ! Her expression said it all. The PLANET ! Earth - destroyed ? Dependent upon finding Tyr ? I shook my head. Then I heard Stefani inside talking to someone, but then I heard a man's voice as well ! Inside the girl's restroom ? That wasn't possible !

Curious, I looked around. There were some kids getting cotton candy, ice cream, candy, and other things but no-one was near the girl's restroom right now. I looked around one more time and setting my milkshake on a table nearby. Then I crept inside the bathroom's entrance.

It was terribly dark with only a single yellow lightbulb above, and I couldn't see very much and it smelled like rank little girls' perfume. It was AWFUL ! The floor itself was slick too I guess from pee, so I walked carefully trying to make as little noise as possible and not set my feet right in it.

Then I heard Stefani's voice in the very last stall farthest from the door, but I couldn't make out what was being said. So to hide myself from her seeing me, I climbed into the stall nearest to the door and squatted down on my ankles to look down at the floor at her.

She was the only person in one and she was sitting down and from the look of the shadow appeared to be talking into her bracelet.

so I climbed under the floor towards her, which I noticed was rather wet and sticky and smelled salty and felt oily on my fingers. I yukked to myself but crept ever so quietly closer until I was in the stall next to hers. I finally reached the stall next to hers and braced myself carefully standing on the seat of the toilet there to peer over and listen.

I had to stand on my tip-toes but at least now could now hear the words clearly. I peered over the edge and saw she was just sitting on the edge talking to her arm.

Stefani sounded frustrated, "You tell me which is more important, Director. Tyr's limited telekinetic ability or a plugin from one million years in the future that GAVE her that ability and can quite possibly do anything else we want it to ?"

The Director Arkos spoke on her bracelet. "Stefani, I don't care about that right now. I really don't think Dev is involved, but we are curious to see what device Tyr may have given him earlier. It might be what you are talking about. But we don't have any EVIDENCE to this effect !"

There was a moment of silence before he continued, and he sounded tired as if he had been talking with her for a-while. "Release Dev. Those are your orders, Stefani. We'll deal with the other problem when we get to it. Is that clear ?"

Stefani sounded deflated herself. "Yessir. I understand."

The Director continued, "Good. Where is Dev ?"

"He's outside eating ice cream for all I care right now."

"That's fine. I don't care what you do with him tonight, have your fun if you must, but release him in the morning, and I will be checking on that. That's all I have to say on the issue. Arkos, Out." and then her bracelet went silent and dark.

I held my pose carefully and tried to pull back, but then my foot slipped on the wet seat and I fell in, butt first - right into the toilet with a loud splash ! I tried to raise back out but couldn't get my balance and there wasn't anything I could grab on to except toilet paper so I pulled on it till the roll bounced off its groove and rolled under my door towards Stefani.

I tried to pull up but I was stuck in good. My shorts and underwear were soaked all the way up to my thighs. She reached down to pick up the roll and knocked on the door beside me. I swallowed my tongue in fear. I wondered if I could sound like a woman to throw her off guard but the best I could do was squeak like a trapped mouse. That was all it took.

Then I heard her angry high-heeled footsteps on the concrete floor as she left her stall to turn left and swing open the door to see me there, my legs stuck in the air as my butt was all the way down the bottom of the bowl.

I thought I had to look pretty silly so I laughed out loud hoping she would laugh with me. I looked to her with a grin on my face hoping it was infectious.

She didn't laugh or crack a smile, not one bit. In fact, she looked rather angry right now.


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