Dream Diary - March 24th 2015

Dream Diary - March 24th 2015

A Chapter by dw817

Alice Gone Wrong / In Underwear / Final Scenario / Gun Me Down / Vengeful Spirit / Scary Flowers / Carnival Game Medal / Rocket Skates / Different Money / The Odd Alien


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  Dream Diary   


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© March 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] Dreamed  I was only a few inches tall. I was caught by this person, placed me in his pocket and said he could write all the fairy tales in the world with me.

I poked my head out of his pocket and looked around, and the world was all - strange. There really was a big bad wolf, an Alice In Wonderland, a Mad Hatter. It was like I was in a world that was - well, a refuse, or refuge for fairy tales long forgotten.

But instead of being cute and funny like the stories, they were old, serious, and scary.

Alice was an old woman with a tattered colorless dress. She had long hairs growing out of her chin yet she spoke like a little girl, and it was unnerving.

I remember being introduced to the Mad Hatter and he had a beard that went down to his knees. He spoke with an unusual voice, one of - well, madness, and he had this odd cackle to him.

Finally I woke up from this very strange and disturbing dream.


Dreamed I was with Dad. I was telling him, why don't you go by yourself, be back in 10-minutes. Don't put me on a timeline just because you have a timeline yourself.

If you have a time limit, go. Don't incriminate me for it. And Mom was there and we were talking. Then there were two kids from school and they were laughing at me. I realized I was dressed just in my underwear and that is why they were amused. It was not fun.

Then I woke up.


Wonderful and bad dream both. Dreamed that I had completed my Scenario 3 project exactly as I wanted it. But then someone stole it and tried to sell it commercially. Anyways, I manage to get it back.

I am in this videogame store and saying, excuse me, can I have your attention please ? I just wanted to introduce a new RPG Maker on the block, mine. I hope you like it. And then I held out my hands and boxed copies started to pour out.

The people in the store took it and looked at the box. Impressed, they went through checkout. I was smiling about the whole thing, then I woke up.


I dreamed I had pulled a gun on someone and they had pulled a gun on me. We were facing each other, each wondering if the other even knew how to fire it.

Suddenly she pulled back her gun and holstered it saying, she folds underwear for a living for this clothing store.

The scene changes and I'm cleaning my hamster's cage. In the back of it though is raw honey. I tap my finger to taste it and it's really good. There are no wasps or bees nearby it either so I'm puzzled how it got there.

There are 3 hamsters in the cage as well, not just Teddy. Then I wake up.


[5] I'm watching a TV show and a guy in a sports team kills a foreign woman. It's on the news. She's Irish.

Then I'm sitting at a table and her spirit is being summoned. She seeks me to carry out revenge for her wrongful death. Her name is Sunny. She's very friendly to me, very nice.

But she was somehow associated with spiders too. It was as if when you died if your spirit wasn't claimed by heaven then the beasts and creatures of the Earth would take it - and also charge you a price for keeping you.

I remember she waved an arm at me and this sticky webbing shot out. It's so thick I can't pull free of it. Then I see spiders coming from all directions and I wake up in fright.


Dreamed about this man who was advertising these scary flowers. He told me that these flowers are better than scorpions or snakes.

I gave him a funny look and said scorpions and snakes are very bad. I wouldn't want a flower that is associated with those venomous creatures.

In the dream my wrist was cut open and I was leaking blood out of it too. He asked to see my wrist. I asked why. He said he could fix it.

He then used a laser pulled down from the ceiling to shine on to my wrist and it burned and sealed the skin back up.

Once he finished he smiled at me and said, now you're going back to the ward.

"No I'm not ! I don't like pain and they hurt me there !" I yelled back at him and tried to leave.

The scene changed and I was at a rock music concert. Chris was there and told me, "It's starting, it's starting !" all excited.

I was trying to tell him where I was, the guy that threatened to put me back in the ward. But Chris was more interested in the concert. He patted me on my back and said, he's not here now, relax already, that guy's not here now. Just enjoy the concert.

I remember wearing a backpack and trying to get it off. Then I woke up.


I'm over at my Dad's house. I just received a bunch of snacks from this vending machine that was all messed up. I was showing Dad what I had when the scene changed.

I was back in an arcade where loud music was playing and there was this game where you had to roll the marbles into this slot. They made a spiral around this plastic platform.

I was making high score on it and an alarm sounded with a rotating red light on top. Dottie was there too.

Then I was approached by this small monkey that could speak English. He was apparently impressed by my score and offered me a medal. I reached behind in my backpack and pulled out one of the snacks and handed it to the monkey.

It was kind of like an ice-cream and I'm not sure why it hadn't melted already. But then I was saying, where's the monkey ? I wanted to give him this.

There he is, there he is ! Someone said and I traded the plastic award for the ice cream treat from the monkey.

Then I wake up.


[8] This dream played out like Japanese anime. First time it has happened. Two teenager girls were on super high-powered roller blades. That had a little engine in each of the wheels and they were traveling at a high speed and velocity.

And I was humming a theme to match the animation, watching them barrel up walls and over buildings. It made me think, wasn't there a series based on this ? And then I remembered, yes there was, AIR GEAR.

Then I woke up.


Dreamed I had different kinds of money and currency. One dollar I had was interesting. It was thin plastic, hard like a credit card, transparent, and could reflect rainbows and light through it.

One was a quarter that was wrapped up in plastic and apparently you were supposed to leave it wrapped all the time. A different quarter was shining reflective silver, like a perfect mirror.

I was over at a 7-11 showing the guys my money there. Then I woke up.


 Dreamed of this alien that wanted to be connected to a soccer ball. He was also interested in our atmosphere; our air. He kept making holes in the building he was in with his laser gun.

When asked why, he merely replied ventilation. Apparently they didn't like to feel cooped up and he was in fact in an examination room with no windows.

The scene changed and I was outside with him. He twirled his finger and I was caught up in a wind storm, straight up into the sky. He said this is how he travels from place to place on his own planet.

He had a big mouth and wanted it to be attached to a tube all the time. I asked him why and he said it hurts unless there is something connected there.

Very strange dream, and I finally woke up from it.

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© 2015 dw817

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