Dream Diary - April 8th 2015

Dream Diary - April 8th 2015

A Chapter by dw817

Tapping Your Brain / Lack Of Parenting / Some Kind Of Nut / Flavor Of Chicken / The Ace Virus / Totally Blown Away / Cursed Halloween / Unwanted Visitor / The Traitors / Out Of Bounds


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  Dream Diary   


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© April 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


* * *

These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] Dreamed of this small computer that fit on the finger that had only one button for input. If you tapped it, it would choose the item currently selected. If you double-tapped it, it would change categories. If you held it down, it would start to scroll the categories.

I thought it was a pretty neat idea (not taking into account that systems today use a a rollover touch sensory input method).

What was really interesting about this device though is you could gear your brain to do this single 'tap' so you didn't have to touch it at all. And at the speed off your brain you could write music, code programs, draw art, etc. All from using that single tap method.

I was going to ask some further questions about the device when I woke up suddenly.


Dreamed my Dad was friends with these idiot race car drivers. They were all vroom-vroming them in his parking spot at home.

They all wore baseball caps backwards and were a seedy looking bunch to be sure. One of them accidentally drove through Dad's garage smashing the wood and they all laughed at it.

I got mad though and told them GET OUT OF HERE NOW ! And then it got worse. They opened up the doors to their cars and these kids started pouring out, the most unruly bunch of kids you have ever heard and seen.

They quickly ran into Dad's house, knocking over furniture, raiding the fridge, whooping and hollering and making a terrible nuisance of themselves.

I repeated myself, GET OUT NOW !

Everyone stopped to look at me, but they didn't say a word. Finally they all left. I spent several hours scrubbing down the floor, vacuuming the carpet, and trying to get everything to look normal back in the house.

Dad returned, he was from the grocery store and asked where his friends were.

I replied, they couldn't make it. Then I woke up.


I was at a party and the police came. I asked what the problem was. He said we were disturbing the peace. It was after 10pm and the neighbors were complaining of the noise, that we need to keep it down.

I said something strange, "Speak with patience. Speak quietly and with patience and kindness." the officer gave me a look and was quiet for a moment.

Finally he said, "What are you, some kind of nut !?"

I woke up laughing.


I dreamed I discovered a way to lock in superb chicken flavor to anything. Somehow the chemical was linked to flavonoids so they were unbelievably healthy as well.

One company wanted to buy my formula, which surprised me, I asked them, can't you just dissect the ingredients and figure it out yourself ?

They said no, that while my formula works the end result has nothing to show how it was made. And my formula was very successful so in the dream I became a millionaire overnight.

It also had this silly logo of a chicken and a hula hoop. The motto beneath it read, "Get around it !"

But I had competitor companies and they were angry and furious that they couldn't crack the code for my secret chicken flavor. They wanted to know how I did it. They kidnapped Rose and said we'll trade her for the formula.

And - I agreed. They stole my formula, become very profitable, and my company took a nose dive. I then woke up.


[5] Dreamed I was working on my computer and got this very nasty virus on it called ACE.

It had pop-ups, movie trailers, game trailers, sex ads, the whole works, and I was tearing my hair out trying to get it removed.

It had replaced my OS and had this horrible limited shell system called Ace In The Hole, and yes, I felt like I was a bit in the hole with it.

So voracious was this virus that it promptly deleted every single program on the computer that could be linked to tracing or removing it, even a file manager. Putting in a thumb drive it also methodically erased all my utilities with a notice, "Cleaning unnecessary files ..."

The computer itself was running so slow with all these pop-ups, ad windows, and forced flash entries, I just couldn't keep up with it.

To top this off there were two women that were there to 'babysit' me. I guess I was 12 or 14-years old, they were each 30 I think and Dad hired them to babysit me, and they kept dragging me away from the computer so I would work on coloring books and stuff.

One time one of them dragged me in the kitchen and turned the burners on. I asked her why she did that ?

She said, it needs to be done. My sister was there too, but she was much older than me. She took my hand and we both went running into the bedroom. When we got there I asked her why I could still hear the gas on the stoves.

The only logical reason could be, the stove was walking down the hallway ! It was then the door crashed open and there was a red hot stove wobbling on it's sides to get to me !

I woke up in a terrible fright.


It was October, near Halloween, I was near a marketplace. There were these old women, grandmothers, making gifts for upcoming Thanksgiving.

There was a little boy trying to smoke a cigarette. I kept trying to take it out of his hand saying he was too small to smoke. He then pulled out a different cigarette, a smaller one.

I grabbed it, but then he told me, no ! This is just the right size for me. For a moment I thought about it, then agreed, not wanting to argue with him.

Finally I addressed him again. I asked, do you know what is in that cigarette ?

He said, cocaine ?

I said no, but the next addictive substance to it, nicotine. Then I sat down and tried to tell him the evils of smoking. It seemed like he was listening when a wind blew from around the corner of the marketplace.

All of a sudden his head blew off, as if it were made of ash itself, showing a glowing smoldering ring of fire around where his neck was, very reminiscent of a cigarette. I woke up in a fright.


Very freaky dream. There was this store that was underground and they had all of this cool Halloween stuff. The stuff was on sale, 50% off.

Then it changed to 80% off - 90% off ! Then it was all free and people were all over snapping up everything they could carry. It was Halloween masks, candy, baskets, bags, lights, decorations, everything imaginable.

Then suddenly I realized that the items were cursed. One person put on a mask and it snapped around her head then the back of her neck. Two sharp blades came out and severed her head from her neck ! Her head fell off like a lump of heavy cabbage.

Rose was there too trying to grab stuff. I ran out to warn her, NO ! Don't touch any of it, it's cursed !

Rose didn't believe me and took a basket and filled it with candy. We went outside where the sun was shining. She opened up a chocolate to eat it when it suddenly screamed in her hand, "NO SUN !" it said.

She dropped it and it sizzled on the concrete. Quickly I took her bag and emptied the other chocolates on the ground. Nothing happened. I crouched down to unwrap them and quickly flung them on the concrete.

Without their protective wrapping they all started to scream and melt. Some tried to slide their way back in the Halloween store - to get away from the bright sunlight, but were unsuccessful.

I told Rose the basket was cursed too but she wouldn't give it up. There was a cutesy decoration of a spider on the front. Until I picked up the basket to look at it closer. Then the spider came alive and went after my face !

And I quickly woke up. I'm terrified of spiders of any kind and that always ends my dreams, no matter how good they may have been earlier.


[8] This is a recurring dream I've had before. There is a woman living next door to me. I myself live in a high rise apartment. She has a key to my place. I didn't want her to visit so I took her key away.

The next day I find her in there playing videogames on my console and eating snacks from my fridge. She must have a master key or something. I then toss her out and get my lock changed.

The next day she is there again. Very bad invasion of privacy. Finally I wake up.


Dreamed I was at Dad's. The country was at war. It wasn't World War 3, but we were told that this war was necessary to AVOID WW3, so it was supported by the majority of the U.S.

But we weren't alone. There were soldiers stationed at Dad's home. The reason they said was his location was key to receiving foreign radio transmissions from the enemy and they were deciphering them there and sending them on to the main base for consideration.

But then we learn something. That these soldiers are not our own but the enemy's - dressed to look like our soldiers. And they are using our house to receive enemy broadcasts for actions to do in the war against us !

We managed to trick a few of the soldiers to go outside while we locked the door, but there were still a few in the garage. Dad pulled out this experimental weapon that he explained to me used a cold fusion of hydrogen to create a controlled blast of coldness.

He pointed it at one soldier and in seconds was frozen solid. It was like a blast of arctic wind flashed out of the gun and then sprayed out in a fine and deadly mist of ice, and was so powerful it blew back the others.

They ran away. The phone rang and Dad answered it. Then I woke up.


Hadda very busy dream, I was part of a society. I was called the OUT OF BOUNDS. Whenever I committed a crime, they would send me to area called THE EDGE, which was outside the city.

Located there though, we had our own group. A bunch of survivalists and outcasts.

Then a new group arrived. They were not like us. They were smart and intellectual. At once we hated them because we were the Bounders, we didn't take time to think things through.

We fired first and then - fired again, and usually fired one more time, and then asked questions - if we felt like it.

The leader of the intellectuals raised his voice though, and said, we are going to test your leader to see if he is worthy of attaining his position. No-one seemed to argue with that as leadership with us almost changed daily, whoever was stronger and braver usually got the position.

He spoke with him as we were all there. He asked, what do you do.

He said, we do what we want. we have no laws. We break things, we defend our own, and we always follow through on vengeance and vendettas. It's all good. That is our way.

Then a truck arrived that was loaded with fresh hot tacos and Gatorade. Our leader spoke, my gift to you, and pointed to our group.

We rushed the truck and after we had our tacos we smashed up the vehicle with oversized hammers and baseball bats, whooping and hollering as we did. The driver ran away and we laughed at his cowardice.

The leader of the intellectuals spoke under his breath, we have a long way to go. Then I woke up.

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© 2015 dw817

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