FB2-33 "Dev's Nightmare"

FB2-33 "Dev's Nightmare"

A Chapter by dw817

Scant reached down and grabbed my arm in a funny way that caused me to cry out in pain, dropping my wallet, and stand up suddenly. He then wrenched the same arm behind me as I gasped from the hurt.


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© April 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 33 - "Dev's Nightmare"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Then my Father spoke, "Sholu ? That's serious stuff, son."

He then went back in the house and found a pen flashlight. He motioned me to come forward and stooped down to shine it in my eyes and peer at the pupils. "Yes, I see it is. The effect is temporary if not used long-term, though some memories never recover. You should be over most of it in 12 hours."

He then stood up to look at me. "How do you feel otherwise ?"

"Tired." and I yawned.

"Well, we can cancel school for today, but I'd like you to be up and early for it tomorrow. I'll call Annie, Tyr's Mother, you do remember that, right ? If you didn't know though, Tyr is still missing."

"Tyr !?"

"Now now, don't get too upset. It seems her and Lilly decided to go galavanting off on their own to try and find you. We found Lilly, but BOY whatta story she told us ! We think your information will be more reliable once the Sholu clears your system."

"Now son, did you want anything to eat before you crash ?"

"Oatmeal ?"

My Mom spoke now, "You bet, with cinnamon, honey, and a little vanilla flavoring, sweetie. I'll bring it up to you." and then Dad gave me another hug. Mom hugged me and Dad again.

But before Mom returned back inside she looked at me and tremored her feet up and down for a bit. Finally she nodded down at me and then got to her knees to start kissing me all over my face.

"Aww, Mooom !" I said and wiped at my cheeks as she continued to kiss me. "I'm glad to see you too, huh, but I'm not going anywhere now. I think the only reason I was kidnapped was because of Tyr. She - "

And then I tried to remember what it was the agents were after Tyr for originally. Something to do with pickles. Pickles ?

My Dad spoke interrupting my thoughts, "Son, with Sholu, your brain is going to play tricks on you. Best to let it flush out of your system. Oatmeal is a good start. By tomorrow you should feel fine and maybe you'll know where you've been ?"

I nodded and then yawned again.

My Mom looked at me and gave me one more big kiss right on the top of my head, "You go to bed honey. I'll make your oatmeal and bring it up to you."

My Dad added, "And I'll make some phone calls. I'm canceling work for today until I know you're feeling better. Okay, Dev ? Also I'm going to call the police to say you've returned, but that Tyr is still missing." and he patted me on the head. Well, with all that attention I smiled and climbed up the stairs.

Once I was in my room, I Stepped out of my clothes I saw that instead of underwear I had on paisley panties. What the hell !? Where did those come from ? I tried to remember but I felt a headache try to split my head as I thought about it. I sighed, stepped out of them and put on fresh clean pair of underwear with the Captain Circumference label. That felt better.

Then I climbed into bed and fell asleep before my Mom returned with the breakfast.

I awoke and it was past noon. I saw the bowl of oatmeal was placed on a tray nearby. I reached over to touch the bowl and it was ice cold. I got up and tossed on some PJs to go downstairs and warm it up.

I saw Dad on the phone and he paused for a second. "How you feeling, tiger ?"

"Rawrr ..." I said sleepily with one hand up lazily in the hair. Dad laughed and continued the conversation. It must not be a serious one as he was laughing on the phone too. I found Mom setting in another room watching a soap opera on the television. I nodded and went into the kitchen to reheat my oatmeal. After 1-minute it was perfect.

I was so slow climbing the stairs I finished eating it before I even re-entered my room. I set down the empty bowl on the night table and crashed in bed feeling completely exhausted then.

And then I dreamed. And it was going to be a nightmare, and I guess my conscience was going to teach me an important lesson, much like it taught Tyr years ago regarding feeling sorry for herself. Except in my case, it was to be assertive, and I wasn't.

For some strange reason and totally out of character, I was talking to my Dad about the abuse I received at school from bullies. In real life, I had NEVER breathed a word about it nor would I ever as he once spanked the bejeezus out of me with a belt when I mentioned even remotely watching a fight at school, punishing me for not spending more time on my studies.

In this dream, it was a Saturday and I was bicycling to the Arcade. I passed by the College, where I would be a few years from now and thought I saw something.

I started to glide on by but as I passed the school I saw Tyr running towards it ! She didn't see me and ran suddenly inside the front door, which wasn't locked ? It WAS Tyr so maybe she wasn't lost at all like Dad said earlier ?

I bicycled into the school's parking lot approaching, then locking my bike up by the bicycle rack near the basketball court and stepped inside the school hallway where I heard her running down the hall.

I was surprised the school was open on Saturday but maybe there was some special event ? The halls were bare. Then I saw Tyr and she ducked into the boys' bathroom giggling as she went.

Oh, she was up to some terrible mischief again, only this time she didn't see me, so I was going to catch her at her own game ! I smiled eager to catch her red-handed at her shenanigans.

I sat down on the floor and waited outside the restroom. She had to come out sometime and then I was going to greet her with a big surprise hug when she did. Oddly enough as I was waiting I saw a strange sight. One of my own teachers from Middle School was walking through the hallway. What was she doing here at the College ?

* * *

I looked at her curiously. She stopped to look at me almost equally curious. She smiled pleasantly and held out her hand to me. When I didn't respond she motioned with her hand, "Stand up. Stand up."

I stayed sitting on the floor. "No, I'm good." I said, not really understanding what she was meaning. She then she grasped my hands and tried to raise me with a frantic look in her face. "Stand up. You need to stand up for yourself, Dev."

I didn't catch what she was driving at so I held firm and stayed sitting despite her pulling on me. Suddenly she looked to the restroom door and ran off down the hall as if she was afraid of something. Curious, I thought to myself as I saw her dash around the corner.

Even more curious was when I turned to look, the bathroom door was wide open, Tyr must have propped it open from below when I wasn't looking. The lights were off so I stepped inside and turned them on to see these huge urinals.

I looked at the size of them. "Whoa !" They were definitely bigger than our Elementary school's and were raised several feet off the ground. I also saw Tyr's little feet beneath one of the closed stall doors. I decided to sit down and wait in the corner until she finished her business and then surprise her with the hug I promised.

As I was sitting waiting for her, I was suddenly horrified to see Scant step from outside the hallway to the restroom I was in. Even worse he was older and accompanied by 4 HUGE guys apparently from College and they towered nearly a foot or two taller than me !

I wasn't really so concerned as to why Scant was inside the College as to to what him and his cronies had in mind for me as they approached me with serious and determined smiles on their faces. They all saw me sitting on the floor in the corner, rather vulnerable at the moment.

And I knew how his logic worked. If I did stand up now, he'd punch me in the face until I fell down again. Better to stay on the ground, I thought to myself and avoid a beating. I looked up fearfully at the towering seniors who smiled menacingly. One backed up to push the front door closed. Aside from Tyr, we were all alone now. Then they turned to regard me.

For some strange reason I couldn't hear Tyr in the stall anymore.

Scant crouched down on his knees to look at me for a second, biting his lip as if deciding something. Suddenly two of his friends grabbed on to my arms and Scant, not missing the opportunity, grabbed my toes to pull the shoes off of my feet. I started to say something but pinched my mouth closed and held my tongue despite the anger building up in me.

Seeing I wasn't going to do anything about the shoes, he took off my socks besides.

Then he looked at me curiously tossing down my socks in disdain and stood up to step forward and hold out a curled fist against my face like he was going to punch me with it. "You were going to say something ?" he retorted angrily. And his voice was deep and full of hatred.

This was the opportunity to stand up for myself ! To assert myself ! But I didn't. I shook my head miserably and curled my toes at the sudden cold air in the bathroom. I really didn't want to fight, certainly not all of them. Scant alone was nearly 5 inches taller than me in real life and in this dream he was enormous !

I knew I couldn't do anything about whatever he had planned. His friends would pound me into pulp besides and I had never seen bullies this big before !

It would be better to let him get it over with so I could find Tyr and we could both go to the arcade. I knew this was a coward's way out but that was one practice that had saved my head from many a thorough beating from him and his friends.

"Reeeally." he said seeing I wasn't going to stand up to him again, and then they all grabbed me and took off my clothes stripping me down to my underwear and hoisting me on my knees painfully before Scant. I didn't fight them at all. I knew I might get hurt, but shouldn't I say something. Anything ?

I couldn't let this continue ! There was no telling what they were going to do next !

Then Scant reached in my removed shorts and yanked out my wallet to count my funds. I only had 2 $1-dollar bills in it and a few pennies. From the angry look on his face I could see that wasn't enough though he pocketed the bills and then threw the wallet in my face.

I hurriedly opened it up to see that the nice picture I had of Tyr was still in there, and I cried thinking of her wishing I was anywhere except here right now.

My knees hurt from the hard tiles so I leaned down on them for a bit but one of the bullies pushed roughly on my back, "Stay on your knees for Scant !" he said. I regained my pose kneeling to him, but continued to look at the photograph of Tyr for comfort.

Scant then leaned close to my face and I noticed that the center of his eyes looked hollow and empty. I was still unaware this was a nightmare made just for me, my conscience trying to teach me an important lesson in growing up. He growled at me, "Aren't you going to say anything about this, Dev ? Don't you want to tell someone what we just did to you ?"

I shook my head again. He looked quizzically at me. Could anyone be this pathetic ? Finally he said to no-one in particular, "Two-dollars is not enough to get away this time, Poindexter ! What are we going to do with you ?" and towered over me standing and drumming his fingers on his arms as he crossed them deep in terrible thought.

There was a moment of silence. I pulled my eyes up from my wallet to look and thought I saw Tyr running out the door, but my gaze fell on the large urinals again, I guess I was fascinated by the size of them.

Scant caught my gaze and smiled, then looked over his shoulder to see what I was looking at it. I had quickly turned my head away and shuddered in disgust, but it was too late, he had already caught what I was looking at. Then he turned back to grin with big teeth back at me as I met his unwavering gaze, and I had to raise my head to look at him.

He nodded to the fellow behind me and he, too, looked at the urinal, and then laughed cruelly. Oboy, I was in for it now !

Just then the light above flickered suddenly to red, the sign of a dreaming nightmare to get worse.

Scant then reached down and grabbed my arm in a funny way that caused me to cry out in pain, dropping my wallet, and stand up suddenly. He then wrenched the same arm behind me as I gasped from the hurt. His other friends roughly grabbed my shoulders and lifted me up straight up in the air toward the middle urinal.

They picked me up and turning me around, sitting me inside so the back of my head was touching the top where the water sprayed out and my legs dangled over the porcelain edge. Then they flushed it. The back of my shirt got damp at once.

While I immediately wanted to jump down, if I wasn't careful I could sprain my leg as it was a bit of distance down for my short reach.

I leaned forward eager to not have my hair touching the back of it but Scant grabbed my neck and pushed my head against the back and the other fellow flushed it again and the cold water trickled around my hair and back. I tried to jump out anyways after the flush but one of the bullies held my shoulder there forcing me against the back of it.

I looked on in fear, my legs dangling from my high perch. I might be able to jump safely if everyone backed up, but they didn't and crowded in closer so I had no chance of a careful landing.

Then Scant nodded again and the main one unzipped and lowered his trousers and underwear and stepped forward so I could see what was beneath. I stared shocked and felt a curious weakness in my knees. While I was a boy and had one, maybe it was small in comparison to others, HIS was absolutely HUGE and threatening-looking.

Seeing I was too scared to jump down now, the one holding my shoulder let go of me and stepped back to smile evilly at me seeing how I would react. The bully with his pants down stepped forward so I could get a better look and tugged on it watching the expression on my face, obviously horrified at the terrible sight of it.

I hurriedly reached my hands forward to cover my eyes in fear. I did NOT want to see what he was showing me ! There was a moment of silence and then I heard a splash as I felt warm oily liquid hitting the top of my face and hands. I could only imagine what was going on. I kept my eyes covered and whimpered in fear.

I heard more unzipping pants and shorts and several more streams joined in and I heard hooting laughter from them. The liquid dripped down my hair to the fingers over my eyes. It got quiet for a moment but I didn't dare pull my hands away to look yet.

Just then the barrage stopped and I could uncover my eyes to see what was happening now.

I looked to Scant's face and could see he was mad. For WHAT !? I wasn't fighting back, they had me where they wanted me. What more did they want out of me ?


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