Dream Diary - May 5th 2015

Dream Diary - May 5th 2015

A Chapter by dw817

Not Taking It With Me / Matter Of Light / Free Purchase / Security Measures / My Sister's Party / Psychological Test / Be It On Your Head / Telekinesis / Strawberry Shortcake Pop Tarts / Prize Poem


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  Dream Diary   


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© May 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


* * *

These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] Dreamed I was visiting my Mom at her place and she was putting together a huge yard sale. She wanted me to help out so I worked on taking the stuff out of her house and putting prices on them.

She was selling everything imaginable - all the stuff I had seen her collect over the years. For a moment I wondered why and then came across the possible realization that she was going to die and that's why she didn't need the items.

I started to cry and she came to me and asked what's wrong.

I said with tears, you're going to die.

She gave me a soft smile and said, I never could hide anything from you, my love. Then she took a step backwards and seemed to fade into a cloud of mist.

I woke up feeling very sad.


[2] I dreamed there was a new operating system out for computers. It used a very high resolution - but I was not happy with it as everything was so small. I wanted my standard 1024x768, and while it did it with some work, when someone asked me to put it back the way it was, it wouldn't do it.

I scowled, what idiot would make such a system that can't change it's resolution later ?

I called up the people who sold me the computer and they said they would send someone out. An hour later she arrived. She quickly took a pocket mirror out of her purse and held it up to the screen.

I thought this wasn't very helpful so I asked what she was doing.

She said that the light reflected from the mirror will return back to the computer and tell it to reset to it's default resolution.

But something stranger than that happened. The reflection from the screen suddenly took a flaming white light and the mirror she was holding got red hot as the beam pierced it. She dropped the mirror, but still light continued to stream from it.

Then a circle of light flashed from the mirror to vaporize half the wall to my apartment on the left-hand side !

I woke up in fright.


[3] Dreamed I was in an absolutely beautiful giftshop. It was wonderful ! They had little plastic and blown-glass figures for every character ever made for a company including the TU Electric Bolt man, Mickey Mouse, Sonic the Hedgehog, and the little grocer pig from Piggly Wiggly just to name a few.

My appearance was different too. I had long blonde hair that went down my back and I felt like I was close to 20-years old.

What I didn't like was that everyone was stealing stuff in there left, right, up, and down. At some point in my memory I believed that I was the owner of the giftshop and that I needed to get a lock made to keep people out until I secured the place.

I went outside to check the lock with a new key I made when I saw a trashcan filled with stuff from my giftshop. There was a woman there hauling it away.

I asked why she threw all these items away,

She said that it was easier to carry them.

I asked why she didn't pay for any of them ?

She said she thought that all the items were free as there wasn't a price on anything.

And she was right, for all the beautiful baubles I had, there was no price listed on anything. I yelled, you're all thieves ! then hurriedly ran inside and closed and locked the shop up as well as I could.

There was banging on the windows and doors and then I woke up.


[4] I dreamed that the previous dream continued at a later date. I looked around my gift shop and even though nothing was priced, I had a scheme.

Since everything was either blown glass or plastic I had a scale by the checkout, 10 cents per ounce for plastic figurines and 1 dollar per ounce for blown-glass figurines.

I also hired some security guards, a bunch of them ! I had two by each door (there were 3 in all), one by each opening of the aisles where the figures were positioned, one more by checkout, and two that wandered the aisles watching people.

Then I opened the doors and the customers outside started to yell at me.

I asked what the problem was now ? They said they liked it better when everything was free. I sighed and said I can't make a living this way now can I ?

They got quiet. Finally a few grumbled and walked in, they picked out what they wanted and brought it to the front checkout.

One person entered and tried to pocket a glass unicorn but got caught and I called the police. While they seemed to know their job they TOO also tried to steal some of my figurines !

I finally woke up sweating from this intense night-long dream.


[5] Dreamed I was forced to work in this particular office so I would be a mental patient for life at this hospital. I couldn't quit my job as they said they would transfer me to a higher security ward and, their words, I WOULD NOT LIKE THAT.

My sister's birthday was today. I told the people I was working for that I would be leaving office after 5pm that day.

They asked where I was going ?

I told them, I'm going to my sister's birthday party. I'll show up for work tomorrow, don't worry.

They grumbled, apparently wanting me to LIVE in that office and hospital but finally decided it was okay for me to leave as long as I would be back. But they insisted one of the nurses accompany to make sure I don't try to escape.

I conceded, showed up at my sister's party. It turned out she was not just having a party for her Birthday but she was leaving Dad. She was 17 and thought she was old enough to leave.

I remember her telling me she did this in real life but I don't actually remember it.

Some of the giveaway prizes at her party were flashing light toys that put rainbows and cool blue laser-lines on the ceiling, it was really neat !

I know I was having a good time at the party when the nurse that was with me said it was time to go.

I told her the party was still going and I would stay until it ended. She waited until I turned my back on her and injected something in my shoulder.

The scene changed and I was in a rundown part of the city. I was in a building without electricity. Someone shone a flashlight in my face and spoke, "We need you when you go through here."

"Go where ?" I asked because I didn't know what I was supposed to do.

"Have you forgotten ?" the voice hissed angrily. "Remember you were supposed to go across the street, wait in the bathroom there for your cellphone to ring. When you get the message, "All clear." leave as quickly as you can as there will be an explosion a few minutes later.

I shrugged my shoulders.

There was more than one of them. The light retracted and there was whispering, clearly about me, deciding whether or not I was right for the job now. I stepped forward to listen better when the cheap and weakened wooden floor gave way and I fell through the planks.

Then I woke up.


Dreamed I had my job back at TCJC campus, tutoring this girl on how to program in 6502 assembly language. I know I had a drink there and almost spilled it.

Someone was rating my performance and wrote down a red X as I caught it before it spilled.

I got mad and asked him does he really need to give me a demerit for an accident.

He clicked the pen closed and addressed me, there are no accidents in this world.

I smirked and rolled my eyes at him. The scene changed. I was back in the ward.

I was mopping up a spill on the floor. The cafeteria woman was earlier attacked by one of the patients who was escalating and all of the fruit and apple juice spilled on the floor.

I offered earlier to clean it up as I wanted to be seen as helpful and compliant there. Then I recognized the same guy rating me from TCJC.

I shook my head in derision, what, are you rating me on absorbency now ?

He said no, just that it was unusual that I would clean up someone else's mess, even though it was not my responsibility.

I stopped mopping to look at him.

He continued, how long have you been doing that - cleaning up other people's messes ? All your life is it ?

And that did give me pause to think. Then I woke up.


[7] Dreamed that there was a new fad. During the winter ice cream sold well because you could take the ice cream cone and, without a hat, stick it on your head. The ice cream was made out of some kind of slippery substance so while it would stick to the head, it wouldn't stick to the hair, and still taste great no matter what.

It was so silly, I pointed at people and laughed. They asked what was so funny. I said they were like miniature DUNCE hats, every one of them, even if they are delicious ice cream.

Well apparently that made an impact cause the ice-cream company discontinued their cones but still continued to sell ice cream you wear on your head but in different shapes now, like a car, plane, small animal, a candle, or even an edible hat.

I would have nothing to do with it. Someone said that =I= was the one that looked weird without it.

I countered saying I was not going to fall for this fad, especially one as silly and stupid as this one. Then I woke up.


[8] In this dream, I have strong telekinetic ability. I am in a grocery store. I was showing off my ability making toilet paper rolls float in mid-air and dance all around.

There was this serious guy there, said he was from the government and wanted to talk to me about my ability. I said no and ignored him.

He went away for a few minutes, then came back with a big fruit basket of bananas and pears, my favorite, he gave me the basket and said, my phone number is included there. When you have a chance, please call me.

I nodded and said thank you, then he left the store. I got home and all my friends were there. I guess they were amazed at my ability too and didn't want to be far from me.

I offered them some bananas and pears. Then I took a bite out of a pear and it was sweet and delicious. Then I heard a strange sound outside. It was Dad yelling at someone.

I set down my fruit to look, there was a police car outside and Dad was getting in his own '95 Fiero to get away from them.

The police saw me and approached with a pair of handcuffs. I waved my hand and the cuffs suddenly flew out of their grip to embed inches into the nearby tree. They looked at me startled and slowly started to reach for their guns.

I crossed my hands extending my fingers and the two police officers guns flew out of their holsters and collided together with a loud metallic clink. They were fused together now and couldn't be used.

Then they backed away but spoke on a megaphone and said that my Dad was under arrest for avoiding authorities. It would be better if I went with them to clear this up.

I was thinking of doing so but then I saw the agent guy, the same one from the grocery store sitting in the back seat of one of the police cars waiting for me to sit next to him.

With that I ran back in the house and slammed the door shut. Then there was a loud thumping as the police were using a battering ram to enter.

Then I woke up.


[9] I was back in 3rd grade but the year was current. My Writing teacher wanted me to write about some kind of food I liked.

In the dream I seemed to be especially fond of cinnamon Pop Tarts so I went to the store to buy a box. When I got to the breakfast aisle, there was a fully grown woman who was dressed up like Strawberry Shortcake.

She saw me suddenly and grabbed me. She pulled me close and someone took a flash photo. I pulled from her grip and then took a good look at her.

Wow - I hope she was getting paid well enough to look that goofy.

"What do you want ?" she asked. Then without waiting for a reply, reached behind her and handed me a box.

"Oh ! I know JUST what you want ! Every good little boy and girl wants a brand new box of - " and then she sang like a jingle from a commercial, "Strawberry Shortcake Pop Tarts !"

"They're not just for breakfast !" she added.

I smirked at her, well yeah, I guess that would do. I went to check out. Then I started to walk home. I read more on the assignment and not only were we to write on it but to bring the food back in class so we could share it with others.

My first class was History. For some reason I had a stamp from 1908 and I handed it to the teacher. She nodded approvingly, "A+ David, well done !"

Then I went to my next class, Writing, but I arrived a little early and some bad teenagers burst open the door to see me sitting all alone at my desk with the pop tarts in a paper bag.

I tried to ignore them when one suddenly came close to glare at me.

"Whatcha got there, Poindexter ?" he asked pointing at the bag.

I didn't want to say the name so I just said, "Breakfast."

"Breakfast, huh, you don't mind do you ?" and he grabbed the bag and pulled it out of my grip.

His whole face lit up in a leer reading the box, "Strawberry Shortcake Pop Tarts ! What are you, a sissy or something ?"

"It's for my sister," I lied.

"Yeah, I'll bet." he said.

Then the rest of the class quickly showed up. The teacher shook her head, "David ! Your friends are out of their class. They need to leave now."

They stood behind me now. I got angry and took a sharpened pencil from my desk and jabbed it into the guy hard behind me. I was really mad, "DO NOT DISTURB ME !"

"We need to leave ? Oh is that right ?" one of them asked and confronted the teacher up at the front of the class.

He was nearly as tall as she was, but she held her ground. "Yes, that's right. You don't scare me. Now GET !" and pointed to the door.

Apparently that was enough. He looked down at his shoes for a second mumbling unintelligibly and finally told the others, "Come on, just a bunch of zeroes in here anyways."

They left without further incident.

Then the teacher came up to me and smiled wide.

"What ?" I asked her.

She giggled, "Is that what you usually wear to school, David ?" and pointed at me.

Somehow I was now wearing the very outfit that woman at the grocery store was but it was fitted for me. I was in a Strawberry Shortcake dress complete with stockings, Buster Brown shoes, ribbons in my hair, and makeup besides !

"Augh !" I shrieked and fell out of my desk where one shoe fell off to reveal I was wearing pink socks as well. Then two girls my age jumped out of their desk and came over to point with their fingers and laugh. They could see my underwear from here. I tried to push the dress down to cover my dignity but it had a wire or hoop in it and refused to move.

One girl was nudging the other to do something. Then with a wicked look on her face she leaned in close to grab the band of my underwear and pull them off when I woke up shaking my head and patting hard at the covers.


[10] The dream after was about writing a poem about Strawberry Shortcake Pop Tarts. I was dressed normally for school now, still in 3rd grade. I was in an auditorium. And I spoke the craziest poem I just cannot remember now.

But it was met with thunderous applause from everyone. Someone spoke on an echoing microphone, "Okay, that was David in Strawberry Shortcake Pop Tarts ! That puts you in the finals, well done, son !"

The applause turned to whistles of appreciation. Finally I sat down.

Then there was this weird guy going around eating everyone's poem out of their hand. He was badly dressed as a dog. He came up to me and I started to punch him in the face so he wouldn't eat my prize poem.

As I was doing so some other guys got in and started to help me beat him up.

I woke up with my fists clenched.

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You seem to have some crazy dreams there. Very entertaining to read your nightly adventures

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Indeed, Briana. I have been told that Seroquel is Dreamer's medicine.
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Briana O'Connor

6 Years Ago

If you get a chance could you pls review one of my writings? :D

6 Years Ago

Sure, I'll go to do that now.

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