Dream Diary - May 12th 2015

Dream Diary - May 12th 2015

A Chapter by dw817

No More Needles / Music & Drawings / You're Different / Teleportation Worms / Gift From The Don / The Value Of Stones / Stray Deer / Give Me Some Skin, Man / Perpetual Energy / The Dark Tunnel


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  Dream Diary   


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© May 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


* * *

These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] Dreamed I was in school. The teacher was handing out a test, I was the last to receive one. Instead of a test, on mine was an application to join this secret agent company, I just had to sign and date it and I would be accepted.

At that point I heard something outside like a traffic accident. I got out of my seat to look and apparently the teacher didn't mind. It was someone dressed like Captain Marvel crossed with Super Dave Osborne, and his vehicle had collided into a school bus.

I was going to open the window to listen better when my teacher called me to return to my desk.

I did so and then then filled the form out to the best of my ability and looked up to the teacher. She seemed to understand that I wasn't given a test but a form for employment. She quickly came over, took it, then asked me to go outside the room with her for a second.

She stepped outside and I followed after her. Waiting for me was not just her but two other women in sexy military fatigues, very short skirts, and Kay who was dressed like he was from Metal Gear Solid, apparently also part of the team.

The teacher introduced them as Klara, Roxy, and Kay. Despite the interest and where this was going I had I asked what would happen to my bicycle.

Roxy, clearly the more mature of the two girls laughed and said I'll get a better ride than that.

I asked what ?

She said, how would you like to drive a brand new motorcycle, would that make you happy ?

I looked down at my feet and told her I didn't know how to operate one.

Klara got a big grin on her face and stepped over putting a supportive hand on my back and spoke in a thick Russian accent, well maybe I should drive then and you can SEET behind me !

So saying she twirled around and bending hard at the waist bumped her leather pleated butt up against my front.

She bumped so hard that I fell down to the ground. All three women laughed at me except for Kay who just rolled his eyes. Roxy giggled that maybe Klara was too much woman for me to handle.

Klara frowned after a moment though and asked Roxy, are you SURE he's the one we want ?

Roxy pulled out a black scanner that shone a red line up from the top of my head and she trailed it down to my feet. She looked at the screen and a green light reflected in her eyes from the instrument showing, I passed, whatever it was looking for.

"'Fraid so." Roxy said simply, also apparently a little disappointed that a bump could knock me over. She then held out a hand to help pull me up, and I let her.

After I was standing she added, "But we can't let you know where we are going from here though." she said after I was raised and fished in her purse for a needle.

I have had enough needles to last me a lifetime, especially from my times in the ward, so despite how good this all looked and sounded I started to run away down the hallway. I took a left turn and was in the principal's office. Then I heard running feet behind me and suddenly I woke up.


[2] Ron Glass and the guy who plays Barney Miller are playing some music in a bar with a guitar and electric keyboard. I'm not sure what the music is, it sounds really original and good. Suddenly the music ends and Ron starts to dance on the stage while Barney steps off it to approach me.

I don't know what to say when he suddenly reaches over and gives me a great big hug, he smells like sweet tobacco and snuff.

I then look down and see that I have been drawing pictures, of Barney and Ron with pencils. When I look up, the club and pair are gone and I am in church, seated at a table and a vocal sermon is progressing.

Suddenly someone behind me grabs my drawings and says they have nothing to do with the church. They then run outside and I am chasing after them to get my pictures back.

I turn a corner and I am in a kitchen and the stove is on. On the stove are 4-pairs of underwear, over each burner and they are on fire. I try to turn the stove off but the knobs come right out in my hands.

Dad walks around the corner asking me if there is a problem. I decide to take things one step at a time and ignoring the burning underwear I say I'm missing 5-pictures that I drew in a club.

You drew ? He asked, as if I didn't have any artistic ability.

Yes, me. I reply.

Dad gets really mad for some reason and storms off. I go to follow after him when I wake up suddenly.


[3] Dreamed Emma my sister, my Dad, my Mother, and me, were all invulnerable and immortal and nothing could ever hurt us or age us any older than we were. In my memory of the dream it had something to do with the secret work my Dad was doing at the lab and he brought it home.

Nonetheless we couldn't walk down the street or even into a store without someone trying to stab or shoot us. I am really confused at this and finally ask one person who is stabbing my chest over and over again.

WHY ? I ask, why are you doing this ?

He looks up from his knife and addresses me, to be sure, he says, and then runs away. Later I hear several gunshots and one bullet bounces off my head.

"You're a goddam freak !" the gunman said and scowled at me, obviously unhappy his bullets didn't hurt me.

"I'm only here to buy some groceries. Why can't you just leave us alone !?" I ask.

And then it dawned on me, we were different, so different from them. It's not just fear of the unknown it's outright jealousy. Who wouldn't want to be immortal or have bullets bounce off of them ?

They were angry and disgusted because we didn't take advantage of our super powers and commit crimes or hurt other people - and I guess we were expected to. They hated the fact that we were so special. Almost a type of racial prejudice.

And that made sense. Anyone who was richer, better, or more famous than others often was ridiculed by those who weren't - and yet I couldn't really fathom why as it didn't make them any richer, better, or famous because of it. If your only plans are for getting even in life, you'll never get ahead.

I scratched my head in confusion at the whole ordeal and then woke up.


[4] Dreamed that it was the future and mankind had finally and indeed mastered teleportation.

Unfortunately it brought with him this green worm from another dimension. At first it was a small little thing imagined at first to be a rare caterpillar, but upon squishing it, it divided, and the more people who tried to get rid of it, the more it procreated on it's own, till eventually the whole world was filled with them.

It was a very nasty creature, green like rubber with sharp teeth and legs like little metal wires, and about as long as your finger.

There was such a proliferation of them that the government found a way to transmit images in the skies across the planet and sent news and images in all languages of how to handle them when found.

While no poison or really anything could affect them, you could grab them with gloves and herd them into piles. Each city was given a 'pile' area to put these alien worms, a space dug in the ground, so they would not attack or hurt other people.

I remember watching the news in the sky. Then I reached in my pocket and got savagely bit by one of the worms that was in there. Then I woke up.


[5] Dreamed I was working for this military establishment. Apparently I owed money to this person called The Don. I was walking down the road to check out this new museum when two of his agents appeared.

Without a word one just punched me hard in the chest forcing me to collapse to the ground. The other one held his hand out to help me up. I was a little suspicious, but I took it.

Instead of raising me though he quickly strapped a wrist watch on my outstretched wrist. I looked to him with query. He said, it's a gift from the Don.

Why, I asked ?

He said, you can sell it to pay us back, that watch there is worth about $600. Sell it so you can start to pay us what you owe.

I looked to the watch and it really was impressive. Not only did it tell the time and day it had a stopwatch, a heart meter, a video-game based on Legend Of Zelda, and a little Mp3 player with removable USB plug to both charge the watch and transfer files to it.

I looked to him again clearly letting him know I can't take this.

No, he said, you take that, don't try to give it back to me. Now you sell that for $600 at the local pawn and you'll be alright.

I bit my lip as they started to leave, then I asked, just how much do I owe The Don anyways ?

One turned and said, $250.

I did some quick math in my head, what about the $350 extra ? Do you want that money too ?

He said, no, you keep that extra money, a gift from the Don.

Despite my chest hurting from being punched, I suspected I could pawn the watch easier for $250 instead of $600. With that in mind I got up and started down the road when I woke up.


Dreamed I had this beautiful home with all kinds of lovely knick knacks in every corner and wall. It was a bit like a museum but with things I wanted, like collector item teddy bears, wall hangings of anime posters, and objet d'art.

I held an open house as I wanted to share the beauty of my home with others when those who visited started to take and steal everything I had !

All my little figurines, my teddy bears, my posters, everything ! I reached out to stop them but they countered, why invite us in your place if we can't have any souvenirs ?

I nodded, there was a bit of logic to that. I spoke, well let me see what I can do, but don't just take my stuff, I've worked years to collect them.

And what do you plan to do with them ?

I shook my head, nothing, they are there for beauty.

Why don't you put some rocks up there then ?

What ? I asked.

You heard me - rocks and stones. They will be just as valuable since you don't plan to do anything with them.

I tried to argue with them that it wasn't the same thing, but I just couldn't wrap my head around how to reply to this.

The scene changed and I was driving this really expensive and beautiful car to a meeting that Dad was at. I rolled down the windows a little for ventilation.

No sooner did I get out of my car when two people approached and tried to use coat-hangers through the openings I left in the windows to try and unlock it !

I didn't want to talk about philosophy, or the value of rocks. Instead I beat the crap out of them for trying to steal my car, and they left broken and bruised. I walked up to the door to use the elevator when I woke up.


[7] Dreaming it is in the past and I am in a record store when records were the standard medium for home music. Three people burst in the front door brandishing guns and waving them around.

They say this is a stick up and nobody move. They then order all the customers up against one side of the store. One little boy who apparently didn't realize the danger of the situation kept talking back to the crooks.

Of the 3 bandits, one was a woman and she pointed the gun right at the little boy and said she has had her fill of this kid and that she was going to kill him.

I stepped forward and said no, kill me.

She shook her head, I don't have a problem with you. You are behaving, you got against the wall when told and you've been quiet - until now.

I nodded, you don't understand. If at any point you want to kill the boy, kill me in his place instead.

She looked confused, what will that prove ?

I replied, it will likely frighten the boy into silence and confirm to the other customers that you are serious and intent on killing. It would aid your cause to kill me in those circumstances.

She got a sidelong smile on her face. I guess that it would, she said. She added, okay. If he doesn't shut up, I'll kill you instead. Is that really what you want ?

I nodded, yes.

Suddenly the boy gives the middle finger to the woman and says fnck you ! That is all she needs. With almost a sad smile, she points her gun at me, presses the trigger - and MISSES !

She somehow manages to shoot the woman to the side of me, and straight through her forehead no less ! She falls over in a pool of blood.

I yell, NOT HER ! ME ! Remember me !

Shut up, shut up, the gun-woman says, just SHUT UP !

I jump forward to try and wrestle the gun from her hands at this point. She has the nozzle pointed right at me in the struggle. Then there is an almighty flash of sound and light and I wake up in bed.


[8] This was a bad dream. Not only do I have a bully in school, but he is carrying a gun and firing it in crowds killing students left and right.

I am fighting him as hard as I can. I grab a hold of his finger in my mouth and bite down.

He looks at me and smiles and says, go ahead, take the finger if that's what you want.

I crunch down hard now and start to PEEL him apart. It's hard work and my jaw is aching but I am actually peeling him apart, his skin and bone are coming apart around me.

He can't even scream because his jaw collapses around his neck and blood and body parts gurgle and churn in desperation, now exposed with no skin or sinew to hide them.

In long minutes the nastiness vanishes and is replaced by paper. I have a roll of paper in my mouth and there is a collection of it on the floor.

I spit out the paper and start to walk out the exit to the school.

A teacher there greets me. She pats me warmly on the back and says, that took a lot of guts to do that !

I reply sardonically, yeah, and he had a lot of guts to do it with too.

She laughs and I wake up feeling sick to my stomach.


[9] I was working with magnets. I had these great big ones and small ones and they were all really powerful. I picked up this small dais and on it were several hundred round magnets like little balls.

I took one off and rolled it in my hand. Then I took a few more. Written in small print on the spheres were marks. Like 1, 2, 3, but as I II III. I put the magnets together making sure to cover every permutation.

1 2 3 - 1 3 2 - 2 1 3 - 2 3 1 - 3 1 2 - 3 2 1. No sooner did I finish when the magnet construction design I built of 6-pieces started whirling around in mid-air on it's own.

I realized at some level I must have made a perpetual energy chain where one magnet was both repelling one magnet and attracting another to create this infinite spinning.

But it was dangerous. I tried to touch it with my finger and got knocked hard bruising my finger. I grabbed another magnet in the shape of a stick and tried to interject it between the rotations, but it also didn't work, and the magnetic twig was wrenched from me and with great force was thrust halfway through the wall.

Then it got weird. I heard a female voice coming from the nexus. It was a baby's cry at first but then it got older. It was a young woman, moaning as if she was having sexual pleasure.

Then the voice got older and then voices, as if she was talking to people, listening, and answering back, then laughter, then cackling, then gasping as if she was on the throes of her deathbed.

A woman's life was passing somehow between the nexus and only in a matter of minutes !

After the gasps there was only a whirring sound, but then I heard something else, something truly not human and evil ! At that point I woke up in fright.


[10] Chris and me are with Dad and Emma, my sister. We are on a road-trip, traveling a good distance to go to this really nice beach where there is a lake.

At this point I had just been lazily looking outside when I realize, I didn't bring my swimsuit !

I mention this to Chris and he says, idiot, I brought mine.

I think fast and ask, did you maybe bring one more I can wear ?

Chris gives me a big smile and says I can wear his wet swimsuit after he's used it.

I give him a smirk, I know Chris is gay but that's just not something I want to do. He laughs at me.

The scene changes, we are still going down the road but Emma and Dad are no longer with us. Chris is now driving and Emma is on the radio, but I can't hear what she is saying.

It sounds like from the speech pattern however that she is doing a talk show and on some serious subject too as there is no interspaced laughter and it must be a cerebral topic.

I am about to ask Chris to turn up the volume as I want to know what is being said when he makes a sudden turn and we are in this long and weird dark tunnel. There are no lights but there are Will-O-The-Wisps, trailing by the car creating an eerie illumination.

Chris seems intent on his driving though and the road gets darker and darker and scarier.

I tell Chris to turn around as I don't see an end to this tunnel when we suddenly come up to this stop sign, right somehow in the middle of this pitch dark bridge.

He is stopped and the car starts to vibrate strangely. There is a dull and low moan as if some banshee or spirit is in pain.

I am terrified now, I tell Chris to go, go GO !

He seems unperturbed and says, right after this 18-wheeler.

And then I know I'm dead. There isn't one dream I haven't had about an 18-wheeler that isn't about to kill me. Sure enough his bright yellow lights beam straight down and he careens toward us.

I am struggling to wake up, jerking in my sleep, and finally get awake.

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