Dream Diary - May 26th 2015

Dream Diary - May 26th 2015

A Chapter by dw817

Chocolate Wedding / Screwed By Faith / The Glass House Revisited / Snow Hockey / Esoteric Hair Styling / Kiosk Launcher / Advanced Chess / Curse Of Runes / Missing Church / Travel By Sphere



  Dream Diary   


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© May 2015 Written by David Wicker
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This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place. BTW, I have determined that I have on the average 25-dreams in one week's time. Now, on with the dreams !


[1] Definitely an unusual dream. Me and my Mom were to be married.

There were all kinds of procedures and arrangements to put together. I know I felt like I was being pushed from behind. Pushed until I arrived in this room. But then it wasn't a room, but a metal cylinder.

I was being mashed up in there and my clothes removed by metallic arms. I was apparently to be made into a large chocolate bar. And there was a bunch of people standing around, smiling, and looking at me like this was an important part of the marriage ritual.

I tried to look at my Mom's face but it was all blank. In fact a lot of dreams I have I can't see my Mom's face, but I can always see Dad's.

And then I was surrounded by nougat, other chocolates, peanuts, all kinds of stuff, all swirling in a center vortex. I was to be made into a chocolate bar, but a perfect and good one.


[2] Dreamed I was working for Father Jon. He had me hanging up religious pictures and tapestries from throughout the ages. Many of them were very detailed and beautiful. I remember using a screwdriver and attaching hanging hooks on the back of many of them.

I put the screw near the top center so they would hang straight but Fr. Jon didn't want that. He said, no, put the screw in the middle. Then he took one I was working on and the screwdriver and drove it straight through the middle.

Then he hung it on the wall and gave it a twirl. It spun around and didn't stop.

I asked him what makes it do that, where it doesn't stop spinning.

Faith, he told me. Faith.

Then we got to some sparkly masks. They were to represent the emotions a person goes through in prayer. One of which was a woman's face with colored streamers coming out the back of her head.

Medusa, I told myself. Then I hung these masks on the wall. At once the mouths started to move and began to chant in frantic and harsh whispers. I woke up in fright.


[3] Dreamed I was in this new house I bought. I was with my friends, it was nighttime and people's headlights from their vehicles were shining on my home straight through the windows.

I was trying to close and shut all the shutters to have privacy, but they were ill-fitting shades that either didn't go down all the way or wouldn't reach all the way across the wall.

We were fussing with them and then there was a team of bad people outside. They wanted in. They were tapping on the glass windows and pounding on the front door.

Then there was sand trickling on to the roof. I knew it had something to do with a mechanism of protection I set up.

Although I couldn't see it, I heard a loud yelp and I knew someone was plucked off the roof of the house and hurled several blocks away. Then there was angry yelling outside and I heard a window break.

I ran to the broken window, it hadn't broken all the way. There were people outside just staring at us. They wouldn't let us have our privacy, it was so weird. Then I woke up.


[4] Dreamed it was dark and snowing outside. Winter was upon us. I was outside with a few friends and we entered this small house, really more of a storage shed. I stepped inside and there were small piles of gold filings each with a light shining on them.

Against the far wall was a collection of hockey sticks. I went over there and took one. The stick itself lit up. I then hit it straight into one of the piles of gold filings and the air was filled with gold crystals and glowing particles.

My friends went to pick up some hockey sticks too. There was a puck in a small box, and it too lit up when raised.

I smiled and told my friends we should play some hockey since we can see everything.

But what about the snow ? One of my friends asked me.

I thought about it for a second, then went through a door of the storage shed and right there was a clean ice-rink. I smiled as did my friends. An well - we played a little ice hockey.

There was another door on the other side of the rink so I opened to see what was on the other side, and it was strange. What I saw showed that this 'room' was actually rolling down a hill of snow.

I took a further look out when a tree branch collided with my head removing it. I woke at once.


[5] Kind I was in some kind of hair-styling place. I was getting my hair styled for my sister's wedding, when the person working on my hair left for a moment to answer a phone call.

I got up seeing this silver stream hanging from the edge of a wall, and started to pull on it.

Apparently I was really strong in this dream as the stream pinged and popped out screws, metal fasteners, nails, and all kinds of other items to hold the wall in place.

The person working on my hair returned and demanded to know just what the heck I was doing.

I told her, you had a loose wire and I pulled on it.

She raised her voice, stop destroying our property !

And just then, I felt I needed to be somewhere else. So I told her, I have to go. But there was no door leading out !

I finally went over to one windows and tracing my fingers along it's sharp edges pulled out the window and set it down by the floor. Then I stepped out of the hair-salon and walked quickly down the street.

I came across a bunch of bullies harassing someone that went to school with me.

The leader was saying I am going to punch you as hard as I can until I heard the correct answer from you.

I intervened and grabbing the leader by the back of his neck smashed his head into the concrete.

The others seeing this stupidly decided to attack me. I then started to recite from Parappa The Rapper. Kick, Punch, Block ! And like watching on old 60's episode of Batman complete with expletives flashing on the screen, they were made short work of.

I then introduced myself to the student who was being bullied and told me his name was Morjoram. Which I thought was an odd and interesting name.

Then I was watching a woman going down the sidewalk with her baby carriage. A huge glop of vanilla ice-cream fell directly on top of her and the carriage, at least a 10-feet high mound !

I looked up to the sky and saw the sun was actually a pearl. I plucked it from the sky, put it in my pocket and then woke up.


I was staying in Paris with these trade students. It was part of a foreign exchange student program and somehow I was shipped to Paris.

Even though I was in Paris there wasn't a lot to really stand out from living here in the states according to my dream. I was with them and we were walking down the road to find this library when we came across this strange contraption.

It was like a gun I supposed but huge in size, at least a 6-foot radius firing point and had like a large umbrella loaded in the chamber.

Then there was a loud bang and I saw what happened. The umbrella flew out at high speed and chonked itself hard into the concrete popping open and releasing 4 shelves around it.

It was an automated kiosk maker ! I was really excited and went to the guy operating the switch for it. Let me do it, I yelled. He shook his head and rotated the cannon for further down the street and changed the angle of elevation.

He hit the red button again and a new umbrella shot out, this one with rainbow colors and the traditional 4-shelves around it again.

I nodded appreciatively but continued to walk on with my friends. The first kiosk shot already had a label of what it was for by the time we arrived and someone was working there. It was for video-games.

But the videogames were really old, like for 8-bit Nintendo, which surprised me, because in the dream I was in my 20s so I knew technology was better than that.

I woke up puzzling over this.


[7] I was playing this interesting chess game. It wasn't 3D per se, but it was complex nonetheless.

You had two boards to go to. You made 2-moves instead of just one for your turn. When you were captured, you arrived on the 2nd board in the position you were captured.

If from there you are in a position to be captured but your opponent does not permit it, then you had the opportunity to return back to the 1st board, as if you were never captured at all from the 1st.

If there is a piece in the way from this maneuver, you swap positions of your captured piece with it and place the 1st piece on the 2nd board, which could dramatically tilt the game in one's favor.

You could also only win by capturing the KING on the 2nd board, which means the KING had to be captured twice.

As I was playing it, there was this cool air that kept blowing down my back. I absently scratched my back and while I was wearing a shirt, it felt wet to the touch. I woke up finally trying to feel behind me.


[8] Dreamed I was staying in this beat up housing community. Sort of a half-way house. But it wasn't in good repair. I was climbing down the stairs when I suddenly fell through the planks and landed hard on the bottom level.

Fortunately it didn't hurt me. There was also these metal bars they had on the front door so no-one could leave, like we were prisoners or something. I looked around and no-one was here.

I wanted to leave so I went to the bars and bent them apart enough so I could get out. As I was stepping through someone yelled behind me and tried to get in front to also escape, but I was faster than them.

I bent the bars back so they were trapped in again. They then yelled, "Someone's getting away !"

I then had to deal with these security guards who were patrolling outside the half-way house. They made a grab for me. I reached up, grabbed the upper part of his arm and flipped him over me where a cloud of dust sprayed up.

I was then running to get away. I didn't have to run too far. Then I saw a type of diamond in sky, sort of like a Skylon.

It winked colors in and out and finally bathed me with a deep purple radiation, then it took off at high speed.

I didn't think anything of it and started walking again when people pointed at me. I looked to them and they appeared frightened and greatly disturbed by what they were seeing.

I looked down at my hands and almost as if I were tattooed, I had these mystic runes burned into my hands and apparently my whole body !

I leaned against a light post to look at my bare legs and raised my shirt to see that I was covered in runes there too. From a small bit of water collected near the lamp I saw my face also had runes on it.

Augh ! I got up to run away when someone grabbed my arm to hold me in place. He had a strange machine that he was scanning up the part of my back.

"Your back has it too." He scanned some more. "The inside of your back, too." he added.

I shook my head, "What does that mean ?"

He smiled, "It means we need to flay your skin off your back so we can read the runes on the inside of your skin, different from the outside."

I woke up in fright.


I Woke up wondering what the word, "perfunctory" meant.


[9] I dreamed I had moved my address. I had some Easter candy and stuff I was donating to Christ The King church. Even though I was on the right road, I just could not find the church for any reason.

I finally called out to people on the road to try and help me. I came across these strange creatures that wanted my candy. They were like cute stuffed animal spiders, if there was that sort of thing.

They had crayon faces drawn and their eyes were wrinkles in the fabric. I told them they couldn't have it as it was for the children at church.

They sided that if I couldn't find the church, I should give them the candy. I didn't disagree with that - but I said, only if I can't find the church.

I looked some more and came across a child's drawing of the church with yellow yarn to outline it done with glue and glitter.

The spider creatures were still with me. They were quiet for a moment, then spoke, you can't find the church, we'll take your candy now. And they did without a fuss from me.

Then I woke up still wondering why I couldn't find the church as I was most definitely on the right road.


[10] Strange dream that me and Dad were going on an outing. I had two big book bags with me. One of which was filled with snacks and treats for whoever wanted any.

We weren't in a car either. It was a type of metallic sphere that was being transferred from one pod to another by a series of long metallic spoons that were weaving in and around each other.

I was getting rather dizzy from the exchange when I reached out and accidentally popped out a small window on the sphere vehicle we were in.

The fellow at the front of the sphere who was apparently operating it, heard the sound, looked back and scowled at me, "You're going to pay for that."

I waited until we reached our destination. Just as he got up to address me, me and Dad ran past knocking him down and got outside to see a whole bunch of other spherical vehicles being passed from one huge metallic spoon to another. apparently the only way to travel in this dream.

There was the sound of a whistle behind us and I knew it was the guy from the sphere we left was calling the authorities about the window I pushed out on it.

The scene changed now though and everything quietened down. I was with Dad, we were on the road in his '66 LeMans. Instead of being in my 20s I felt like I was 10-years old now.

Dad reached over and tousled my hair before saying, "We're going to Dairy Queen for breakfast."

"Awright !" I pipped back, very excited.

Dottie was there too which was definitely out of context as I didn't see her until I was older. Nonetheless we arrived and she offered to pay for everything.

I didn't complain as I think I had 17 cents in my pocket and that was about it. I said I needed to use the restroom for a moment so I hopped up out of my chair to go find it.

I went inside and there was a bully waiting for me. The scene changed and the bathroom was now back at school. The bully was still there and it was clear that he wanted to wash my face in the toilet and I didn't want that as I had nice clean clothes on.

I ran out of the bathroom and the hallway was filled with these shrieking monkeys. Then I woke up.

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