Dream Diary - June 16th 2015

Dream Diary - June 16th 2015

A Chapter by dw817

Soprano In The Choir / Bad Dad / They Run You Down / Perfect Hand Lotion / What's In Stall For You / Squeaky Music / Funeral For The Silent / Crazy Captcha / Super Mini Car / The Spider In The Web



  Dream Diary   


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© June 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] Dreamed that me and Dad were going to church, but travel by air ! A helicopter in blue paint arrived in Dad's backyard and him and me were all dressed up to go to church. We got in the helicopter and was shuttled straight to the front door much to the surprise of everyone there.

We walked in, but then I was pulled aside by Fr. Worrell and told that I would be an acolyte that day. So I hurriedly slipped into a cloak and went to light the front candles.

From there I was told to go to the choir room. I did so and my music teacher was there. She said, David, let me teach you how to sing this song.

As she was singing though someone was passing around a basket that had wonderful granola bars in it. I grabbed one, peeled it open and started to eat when my music teacher looked at me and said, okay, David, now you do it.

My mouth was still full of granola bar so I managed to blow out a few puffs and the seeds stuck in the walls and immediately germinated into full-bloom flowers. One of the girls in the choir there laughed at this.

I finally leaned over a trash can and spit out the rest of the bar. Had a drink of water, then started to sing, and it was the most shrill high-pitched sound you could imagine.

While all the other choir members smirked at me, my own instructor smiled widely and said, David, that's perfect, we're going to put you in soprano.

I sighed, I didn't want this. It was a bunch of giggling girls 10-years old compared to my being 16 at the time.

Well, we all started to sing. The choirmaster walked out the door and all the 10-year old girls followed after her continuing our opening song. I followed after the last soprano.

I wasn't even paying attention to where we were going when suddenly I realized I had followed them all into the girl's restroom on the lower floor and they were laughing and giggling like mad that I had idiotically followed them there. One girl reached over to try and take my cloak off of me.

For a moment all I could see was the white material. Then I woke up to hear my cat, Isis, meowing on the bed. I pet her for a bit, then went back to sleep.


[2] My sister, Emma, came to visit me and Dad. I think I was 15 at the time. Dad didn't want her to go so he locked himself in his room until she said she was going to stay.

I knocked on Dad's door and offered that we could all 3 go to Westside Cafe and talk about Michelle and see about getting her back in the house.

But Dad was weird. He got mad and yelled, well, go on then !

I knocked politely on his door again, don't you want to come, Dad ?

I head a loud thump. I opened his door to look and see that he was banging his head against the wall and making a hole in it like I do when I get frustrated. Then I woke up.


[3] I've had this dream a few times, where someone is trying to run me down with their car. I know this actually happened back when I was going to middle school. I had threatened to tell the teacher what the bullies were doing with me every Wednesday and they thought they could scare me enough so I wouldn't.

And yes, it worked. I was walking home across a field of grass when I heard a sound behind me. They were going about 30 MPH and while I don't think they really were trying to run me over, they wanted to get as close as they could so they could knock me over with the side.

And Scott, the leader of the bullies yelled out the window to me, "Better keep your mouth shut, Poindexter, if you know what's good for you !"

Yeah, bad memories, and that's likely why I have recurring dreams like this. Anyways in this particular dream I could jump like 15-feet in the air so I did and the car whizzed right beneath me.

They go for another pass and this time I jump up on their back fender. They see this and try to run me against a wall from under a bridge, but I'm still too fast and jump onto the top of the car, keeping my head down so I don't scrape it against the top of the bridge.

Then I wake up.


[4] Dreamed Rose came to visit me. She had brought a huge dufflebag. I asked her what was in there, she said perfumes, lotions, and body wash.

She opened up her bag and showed me. It was a crazy sight seeing so much stuff that women vie after to be prettier or smell better than the other.

Then she went to my sink and started to pour them all out !

I went to stop her but then realized she had put the stopper in so the liquid wouldn't run out.

I asked her what she was doing.

She said she was going to make a new perfect hand cream by mixing them all together.

"Won't they create a bad chemical reaction or something ?" I asked her.

As if on queue, suddenly this thick pink smoke started to pour out of the sink. A moment later I heard a loud metallic crash as the sink was apparently burned by the acid of the concoction and smashed into the floor below.

There it continued to sizzle and fell even further down.

I opened up the sink's cabinet to look and saw that it had apparently gone miles underground.

Rose put a hand on my shoulder which startled me and I suddenly fell into the hole !

Then I woke up in fright.


[5] Dreamed I didn't have a home but I lived in a public restroom from a subway. I tried to keep one of the stalls of the four closed and locked and that was where I lived. I had a few reading books, coloring books, puzzle books, some pencils I took from the local library.

I also had a SMALL pillow and comforter so I could curl up around the seat at night and sleep.

While I wasn't outright slovenly my hair was a tattered mess and my eyes were gray instead of green.

All was actually going pretty well with the occasional waking up to hear a fist fight break out, or someone getting swirled in the toilet, or someone with a most unpleasant using-the-bathroom sound.

Outside of that I wasn't in prison, no policeman was looking for me, and things were pretty well all things considered. I even had the mailman deliver mail to me at my stall. It was all junk letters and advertisements but better than nothing at all.

Occasionally I received the odd gift from an unknown female admirer. One was a comb, the other was a little pat of shampoo. Someone apparently knew that I could use a little cleaning up and wanted to help me with that.

I was trying out the comb with a pocket mirror when the side of my toilet stall was suddenly smacked into - by a hatchet ! At that point I woke up in fright.


Dreamed I was part of this music chorus with a bunch of girls. They were in their 20s and I was 16. They had me dress up like a woman with a wig, makeup, and everything, and they taught me to do the same dances they did, including high kicks which I thought was a little humiliating for me.

I know there was a time when the music didn't sound right and they asked if I could play the piano. I said sure, so they let me look at the keyboard - but it was all wrong !

The keys were like finger-lengths of unpainted wood and they appeared to be randomly jumbled together with no particular rhyme or reason. I hit one key and two incongruous notes played together.

There was no way I could figure this out from here. Finally I opened the top of the piano to see inside and saw mice running in all directions ! I hit one of the piano keys and a mouse stopped to emit a sharp squeak, and ran off.

I woke up laughing to this.


[7] Dreamed I attended the funeral of this girl I knew in college. Dottie was there doing sign-language for the hearing impaired, which was most of the people who showed up since the girl herself was deaf.

Then Dottie started to sing a song along with sign language on how we'll miss you, all across the world, you are always in our hearts, and we will never forget you.

I woke up crying to this as it was beautiful and original music.

I went back to sleep and I was talking to a preacher about the song. He asked, can you sing it for me ?

I replied, I think so. And I sang, and as I did a swell of music joined me and suddenly the pretty stain-glassed window that was behind me started to shoot up the little wedges of glass into the air and sparkle like a million diamonds once they reached the top. I woke up crying again and this dream did not repeat.


[8] It was early in the morning. I was wearing a robe and apparently living at a house that I purchased.

I was going out to my mailbox when my mailman stopped me. He said, how do I know for certain you are the recipient of this mail ?

I replied simply, I live here and this is my address.

He then handed me an electronic board. I looked at it and it said, complete the captcha. I grumbled. It wanted me to make a sound like a dog and speak that into it's speaker.

WOOF, I said.

ERROR, said the machine, try again.

WOOF ! I said even louder.

ERROR, the machine repeated.

The mailman gave me a look like he was going to take back my mail.

Finally, I got down on all fours with the tablet and barked like a dog.

ACCEPTED, said the machine and dinged an apple pop-pie sound.

I sighed, frustrated, and got back up.

I then handed the board back to the mailman. He looked and said, everything seems to be in place.

I shook my head, why on Earth do I have to fill out a captcha just to get my mail ?

He said, security reasons. You never know with some people. With that bit of mysteriousness he walked down the road to the next house and waited for that person to step out and get their mail.

I woke up then.


[9] I had stolen this super car out of an auto exhibit. It was very small but very powerful nonetheless. It had excellent acceleration, brakes, and turning.

Before that a friend who worked there invited me to see this auto show. It was really impressive but I was mostly interested in the small one-seater car that claimed to run on dry oatmeal.

When the crowd of people moved on, I quickly got into the driver's seat and took off, bouncing over the dais and onto the smooth floor of the studio.

The motor in it was so quiet no-one really noticed until they said, "He's got that mini car !"

Then it was a matter of zipping in and around mall security trying to find my way to the front door so I could head to the open road.

Once I did I heard a hissing sound from around me. At first I thought it was someone after me, but no, it was the tires of the vehicle ! They now floated inches above the ground. I turned the wheel to the left and the car immediately rotated in place like on a pendulum.

I bared down on the accelerator and the car shot straight ahead at least 100 MPH. I grinned to myself, no-one could catch me now !

But then I looked behind me and it was like a rocket-powered police-car was after me. With the tires still floating in the air I took a risk and checked something. I headed for the lake that was nearby.

I ran the car straight into the lake and sure enough as I expected, the car did not sink but floated on top. The car barrelled and careened crazily on the water but I soon got control. I had just about reached the other side of the lake when I woke up.


[10] Dreamed I was in the forest with Chris. We were just talking when I started to get dizzy.

I looked up at the sun but it was like a kaleidoscope, twirling, spinning, mesmerizing.

I looked to Chris who was blurry, I told him, I think I have a headache or something. I need to sit down.

There was nothing to sit on except the ground. So I did. I bid him to sit with me so I didn't appear so awkward.

The scene changed but the dizziness was still there. I was in my room sitting on my bed. A woman I hadn't seen before walked in and asked how I was doing.

I nodded, and said, okay, just a little dizzy.

She lowered her gaze on me, perhaps you just need to lie down for a bit.

A bit maybe, I repeated, and lay down.

But then it was strange, the covers were binding themselves around me and I was being twirled round and round. When I looked again I saw the woman had grown 4-extra arms and each hand had sharp fingernails to them.

She appeared half human and half spider. I quivered in the sheets but it was no good, I couldn't move.

"I'll save you for dessert."

I was about to ask her who the main course was when I woke up finding the covers all bunched around me.

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Entertaining as usual. My heart aches for you doing your bullied days. I hope people aren't still taking advantage of you.
Thanks for sharing!
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