Dream Diary - June 23rd 2015

Dream Diary - June 23rd 2015

A Chapter by dw817

The Helicopter Ride / The Jewelry Store / The Dharm / Insect Picnic / The Great Game / The Secret Military Team / The Taxi From Hell / The Killing Elevator / The Case Of Double Dads / Robbing A Church



  Dream Diary   


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© June 2015 Written by David Wicker
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This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] Dreamed this helicopter made an emergency landing in Dad's backyard.

Me and a friend of mine ran to it and got on board, or rather he tried. While I made it, he did not as it took off in such a hurry. And in a way, I wanted to be in it by myself.

I asked the pilot where we were headed. He had on a helmet and pointed straight up with one gloved hand.

"The moon ?" I asked.

He nodded.

I smiled. In many MANY dreams I have had, I always am trying to reach or touch the moon and have never been successful.

And like all the dreams I have had before, Dad was there to stop me from reaching it.

I saw him run out of the house and yell, "No ! Get out of there ! Get back in the house, now !"

And despite the helicopter being nearly 50 feet in the air, he reached his hand up and stret-tched it all the way to the helicopter, grabbing the rudder and trying to pull it down.

The helicopter lurched to one side and I saw the pilot pour it on, the propeller spun so fast now it was like a silver coin. But still he couldn't break free of Dad's grip.

There was a terrible explosion and a spray of red blood up front. I woke up in fright.


[2] Dreamed that I was up in a high bleacher. I knew it was Mother's Day and looking around realized that I was at the circus with my sister and her husband. Mom was not there though.

The scene changed and I was in a jewelry store. I was looking at one piece of jewelry, a beautiful pin and turned it over. When I did a security alarm went off and I couldn't see the price as it looked like it was blurred or something.

The storekeeper came by me and reaching around the side of a door turned off the alarm. I shrugged and showed him the piece of jewelry I was examining. He seemed serious and had a piece of paper for me to sign.

He said, sign here and here. I asked him what it was for. He said the alarm. I said, all I was doing was trying to read the price.

He got gruff with me then and said, if you have to ask how much any of my jewelry is, then you clearly can't afford it.

I ignored that statement and showed him that the price was blurred and just how much was it anyways ?

He looked and said, you can't afford this.

I got mad, why even have it here if you're not going to tell anyone how much it is ?

He seemed to relent a little and brought me to a glass case. He pulled out a different pin. This one had a price on it, of $20.

Then Kay, my sister's husband was there, looking at a piece of jewelry. I don't think he was so much interested in the jewelry as the box it came in. It was a complex combination type of cardboard and tissue paper that made intricate and interesting designs when you opened the box for it.

Then he did something strange. He picked up the box and tossed it over his shoulder, saying it was not his.

I heard the security alarm go off again and this time I woke up.


[3] In this dream, I actually had a ring I wore which could turn me invisible and back again, and it could could turn time back a few minutes. Usually in my dreams I just touch one of my fingers with my other hand to do this, but this dream had a mechanism, the ring to do it all.

I remember buying it from a yard sale for $4. I showed Rose what it could do and she said she wanted one.

I looked at the sale items but didn't see another one. But then I had a clever idea, or thought I did.

I told her to hang on to the ring. I gave it to her. Then I told her to turn time back 2-minutes but just for me.

She did so and the ring re-appeared on the table, for sale for $4. I went through the same motion of purchasing it, and when I was done I had synchronized my time with Rose's and we had 2-of the same ring now.

But then I heard a weird definitely not-human scream. I looked and there was a duplicate of me crossing the street ! What's weird is, I never did that. And the mouth opened up and it was like a blue-light shining within and a slight greenish glow to the skin of my doppleganger.

The 'creature' introduced itself as one of the Dharm. I asked what that was. He said he was a keeper of time and prevented cross-overs like I did so as not to disrupt reality.

I was going to ask him what's the harm of tricking time to get two rings when the sky suddenly got weird. It was like a tear appeared in it and this weird purple goo started oozing out, burning the Earth's atmosphere.

"It's begun," the Dharm said.

"What can fix it ?" I offered.

"Give me both rings." and the Dharm held out his hand.

Rose, terrified of what she was seeing in the sky, obeyed. I did too and took of my ring to give the Dharm.

The Dharm held both rings in his hand. Then closed his fist around them suddenly. There was a mighty crack of thunder and a blinding light.

I found myself on the ground and got up. I helped Rose up too as she was also blown back by the explosion.

We looked to the sky which had it's natural hue again, but both rings were gone as well as the Dharm.

I asked the person running the yard sale if they had any more rings like that, but they didn't seem to know what I was talking about.

Then I woke up.


[4] Dreamed that I was out on a picnic with Rose. While we had brought a nice spread, there was little to no place to put it as apparently many other people also thought it was a great day to have a picnic, too.

We finally settled on a ditch with a huge rainpipe nearby. Rose was just starting to set the picnic blanket down and take out the food when these giant insects started coming out of the rain pipe.

As I looked a woman looking quite a bit like a witch walked by. She pointed to the rain pipe and spoke, "The difference between them and us is that they do not want to cohabitate. They were here before us by millions of years."

"Millions ?" I asked her in surprise.

She nodded, "Since the time of the dinosaurs. Insects have always been with us. And we have always been with insects."

As I watched her, she transformed herself into an ugly giant green beetle with iridescent wings and took off into the air.

"What can defeat them ?" I yelled up to her.

But she only buzzed in my face teasingly and finally took off. I looked to the rain pipe and saw BIG insects walking out there now on all 6-legs. Then I felt a pinch on my feet and saw all manner of scary insects running around now on the picnic blanket. I woke up in fright.


[5] Dreamed I was helping design a new type of video game. Much like the WII or the U-Force, you need only stand in front of it without controls and moved your arms and legs in different poses to enact and enable different commands in the game.

The hardware itself was fairly complex. You set down a metal triangle that when pulled open expanded to 7-feet across. At each of the vertices you had a small elevated projector that shot a colored image.

The player was to stand in the middle and a true 3-dimensional hologram would be generated from the 3-different projectors. Sensors around the projectors determined the player's motion and form.

While I thought the technology itself was pretty cool, what I especially liked about the game system is it was very VERY easy to play. And it got harder based upon who was playing and how well they could 'keep up' with the motions.

So no matter how adept or deft you were, either good or bad, the game adjusted itself to compensate.

I was sitting in a chair looking over the technical specs for the game when someone put a shipment box in my lap. I then woke up.


Busy busy dream. I was at some kind of carnival and there was an auto-race that was going on beneath one of the tents. I felt like I was 14 or 15-years old in this dream.

Emma was there and she let me borrow a unique bicycle. Unlike the regular foot-powered one, this one you lay back in and pumped up and down with your hands.

I used it to travel around the carnival and see all the amazing sights there were. Then I pedal-powered back to the race where we were all supposed to meet later.

I step off only for a moment to get some cotton candy when a guy tries to take my bicycle. I get mad and toss him and off and pedal away in a big hurry.

I also see DAD there. In dreams, sometimes you remember things from the past, or things that are only used in a dream, and you can forget things you normally remember when you are awake.

This was one of those times when I wasn't going to remember just how to get home. I went up to Dad and said, hey, let's go to Emma's house. I'm not sure how to get home myself.

Dad says Okay. Dad opens the trunk to his '66 LeMans and puts the hand-powered bicycle in there. He closes it up and we drive to my sister's, which apparently isn't very far away from the carnival.

I am at my sister's, but my wardrobe seems to have changed. Instead of being nicely dressed like I was earlier, I'm now only in some very embarrassing and tight-fitting white underwear.

I went inside and my sister had cattle in the backyard. One grabbed my arm and toothless started to suck on it. I was trying to pull my arm away and it smelled awful, like old hay.

I looked to one of the cattle and he seemed to have a human face. I - well - I think I did anyways - I made the motion in my face that I was asking him a question, that a human who could ready body language would respond to.

But the face remained like a mask and finally brayed. Very scary to see a human face on cattle.

I was about to believe that there was no intelligence when the same cattle spoke in a man's voice. "One is the loneliest number."

I asked if this was a trick question ?

I asked Dad where Dottie was and he said, oh, she must still be at the carnival. I'll go get her, and then he drove back to the carnival leaving me at my sister's.

And in a way I had eyes for just a moment back at the racing tent, and apparently there was a collision as all the cars were stopped and people were told to leave for their safety.

One vehicle just then collided with a ramp, but instead of getting out of the car with the others, he continued to drive, pushing down on the pedal and thoroughly destroying his car. The metal peeled off of the car to the stronger concrete and STILL he wouldn't relent or leave.

He tried to drive away and chunks of concrete fell all around.

Back at my sister's, this group of people show up. They are outside her front door and I go to meet them.

They are some type of strange team of military people lingering outside my sister's home. And in my dream instead of her living on the farm, she had this type of home that was almost underground with a long sloping driveway and from the street you could only see the top of her 2nd floor.

Still in my underwear, a woman approached from the military team, identified herself as Sandra and pointed to a pile of items that were circled with a white string and asked me if any of these items were mine.

I looked to see that there was a bottle of liquor and some toys for a 6-year old. Bright colorful metal toys, pretty cool stuff actually that I could easily play with. But I think I was being tested so I said no, none of these items belong to me.

One of the other military people spoke up, a guy and he said, we can't leave him here like this. He'll tell the others about us.

"Are you not supposed to be here ?" I asked Sandra.

But Sandra didn't say a word. She approached me and licked her lips. I noticed then that she had some kind of thick purple coating on them that sparkled like glitter. "I'll take care of this." she told her team.

"What are you - " is as far as I got. She leaned down suddenly and putting one hand around the back up my underwear right on my butt and the other tightly clenching the side of my neck, she pulled me forward very close to her. I squeaked at the sudden violation of space and proximity.

Then she pulled me even closer for what I thought was a kiss. But no, she wanted to lick - my - MY EYE ! I closed my eyes.

And when her tongue touched my closed eyelid, it stuck there and I felt really REALLY dizzy, like there was some kind of drug in her tongue that was connecting with my brain and it was causing me to forget everything - everything - even who I was !

I fell back on the ground but she stayed with me and kept her tongue on my eye. Then she wiggled it a little, like trying to convey a message to my brain. The message was, "You don't need your underwear."

Then I felt like I had was naked on at the top of a beautiful waterfall. And I DIVED - straight down - down and down - and there was no ground beneath, just a series of layers of - sky - ground - and the ground turned into another sky.

Then I woke up.

And right then it reminded me of the time when I was back at Summer Camp and we were all going to go swimming. The same type of sleepy dizzy feeling.

I had on my swim trunks and my undies under that and I was 12-years old and a girl older than me to the right of me was also dressed for swimming. She was like a head higher than me.

She leaned down and grabbed me in a similar way to the agent girl above, both the butt and the neck, and whispered hard in my ear, "This is your conscience -"

I can't remember what the rest of the message was she spoke though except that I felt like I was under a deep deep hypnosis when she spoke to me.

I remember waking up hours later with no memory of what happened between, except for hearing a bunch of older girl's giggling and screaming with laughter, but my eyes were closed and I know I didn't move a muscle during it all. Actually it felt like I couldn't move and I was frightened.

And now I was in the girl's camp which was this stone building designated for girls only,
and I was sitting on the floor where all the bunk beds were and it smelled of girls' stinky perfume, but there were no girls around. The building was empty.

I knew I'd get in trouble if I stayed here as the counselor said to all the campers when we arrived to stay in our designated camp, so I left to find the swimming pool which was between both the girls and boys camp and everyone was swimming and having a good time already.

I jumped in myself found that I was only in my underwear. I never could find the swim trunks I had on earlier. I told a counselor that I lost my swim trunks but I don't know how and he said it's okay, I can swim in my shorts if I want next time we all go swimming, which was the next day.


[7] I was staying at a hotel. I've had a dream similar to this in the past, where I am outside the hotel and I can't seem to find my way back. It may have to do with a trip to Mexico one time. I went outside to find this kiosk selling fruity ice cream bars and these neat plastic toys.

But I walked too far away to try and find the seller. I think I was 10-years old when I stepped out of the hotel to look. I found a taxi driver some distance away and he said it will cost me $5. I said that's all I have cause it's my allowance, he said, you do want to get home don't ya ?

I said yes. He took the $5, drove not even a block and said I was back home. And yes, I was. Back at the hotel. I spoke with the fellow behind the desk there and he told me to sit on this little chair behind him, and he gave me a little bag of peanuts.

I sat in the chair and ate the peanuts in silence. Then he called up the rooms from the latest tourists and arrivals and finally my Dad came to see me at the desk and he was giving me a real smirk, angry I think cause I left my room when I wasn't supposed to. I don't remember much beyond that.

Anyways, back to the dream, it was similar. But I was in Fort Worth, I knew that. And the hotel was not in Mexico, yet I still didn't know how to get back to it.

It was getting dark outside and rowdy people were starting to show up on street corners. Thieves, prostitutes, and the like. I felt like I was 12-years old, maybe 13.

One person yelled at me from a street corner, "Lose your Mommy, kid ?"

I started to run away from him and he laughed.

I looked to a building and saw bright orange flames coming out of the top of it, but they were decorative paper. And for some reason in this dream I realized I was in hell.

Then my brain started to fill with weird facts and figures. Like a voice spoke to me telling me the rules and laws of hell.

"15-seconds counts as a day." the first memory spoke.

When you arrived, there was ANOTHER you that arrived on the opposite side of hell. And it was his or her job to try and find you and trick you into deep sinning so you would stay in hell. I realized the most popular 'sin' was for your opposite to have sex with you.

There was a taxi driver. I said, could you take me home please ?

He said sure.

I asked how much ?

He smiled with one gold tooth. "On the house ! Here, get yourself acquainted !"

I stepped in the back of the taxi and there was a woman, I guess she was in her mid-thirties, and she was a prostitute, sitting in the opposite seat.

She spoke and I could tell she smoked from the breath, "As he said, honey. On the house !" And then she tried to rape me for all I was worth. I looked to the taxi driver for help but he just looked over his shoulder and breathed a little fire out of his mouth. His eyes were red coals.

I woke up in fright.


[8] I was in an elevator, which is pretty odd by itself as more than 90% of the elevators in my dreams always crash so I always take the stairs.

Anyways I guess I was on the elevator anyways, felt like I was maybe 21 or 22-years old, not too long ago. It was me and 2-other people.

The elevator's light suddenly went out, and when it did the guy standing behind me put a supportive hand on my shoulder and spoke. "Nothing to worry about son, it's just getting to the next floor beside it."

And I guess the next floor it was ! The elevator was traveling sideways and I knew this cause by looking around the walls themselves were not steel like most elevators but thick transparent acrylic, and you could see perfectly well that the elevator was traveling sideways.

There was another bump as it started to travel up again. Then the door opened up, or well tried to, with a shower of sparks coming out of the button controls. I am so used to elevators crapping out in my dreams that I barreled out as quickly as I could, hopping up on to the floor as it was stuck between 2 of them.

Even though I cut my hands pretty bad on the metal between floors, I looked behind me to see the very walls tilt and crush the other people still inside.

I woke up in fright.


[9] Dreamed I was in the kitchen helping Dad putting in new kitchen tiles for the floor. I was not very good at walking though. I sort of toddled and seeing Dad's height compared to mine deduced I must be 7-years old.

We did good. Dad picked up the bag and there where still several tiles left.

I asked what he was going to do with them ?

He replied, oh, we're not done yet, son. Now we tile outside.

Outside, I repeated ?

He nodded. I followed him and sure enough on the edge of the porch he put down a tile right directly in the grass.

I just watched Dad do it. Then Chris came by, he looked to be 20-22 himself, yet for some reason my memory in this dream was that despite our huge age difference, we were the best of friends.

He took me aside for a moment. He gave a curious look to my Dad and wanted me to see the way he looked, and I did. It was puzzling that Dad was tiling the grass.

"Let me talk to him for a bit." Chris offered and left me on the porch.

"Which one ?" I asked.

And sure enough, there was Dad putting in tiles on the grass just a few feet in front of me. And out mowing the grass in a riding mower - was ALSO DAD !

Chris rubbed his his head and pinched the bridge of his nose, "Oh no. This is no good. We're gonna have a breach in reality, a rip in time. I better stop him."

And Chris approached Dad on the mower. But when he did it was like electrical strands and glowing fibers came down from the sky to encircle and envelope Dad on the mower.

I realized reality was doing it's best to try and level the playing field. Like getting caught cheating in a game of cards it was going to eliminate one of the players.

Suddenly the mower stopped and Dad was nowhere to be found on it.

Dad was still tiling the grass when he looked up.

What's that ? He asked.

Chris is handling it, I told him.

Then I woke up.


[10] Dreamed I was at church, All Saints. The preacher called me by name to come to the front of the church. I was 30-years old in this dream and my hair was peaking a bit of gray.

As I got up and approached, someone suddenly spoke and I recognized the voice. It was Richard and he said, "Hey ! You're disrupting the wedding ! Have a seat will ya ?"

The scene changed and I had actually gotten between both the groom and the bride. She was scowling at me and it was the groom who spoke earlier.

"Oh, sorry."

There was some scattered laughter in the congregation like I was a bit of an idiot. But there were no seats left. Even the one I left now had someone sitting in it.

I did the next best thing I could and got in front of the first pew and sat down on my legs trying to be as unobtrusive as possible.

The wedding was a quick one. There was no after-service ceremony or cake. Richard and his new wife stepped outside the church. He was carrying a bag of groceries and asked if I would carry them for him.

I picked them up with one hand and nodded.

A vehicle showed up, a luxurious limousine. They stepped inside. I was still holding on to the groceries when Richard opened up a window to yell at me as the engine started, "Try to keep up !"

"What !?" I spat back.

The limousine drove off and I was still left holding the groceries.

"Mine now." I said to myself.

I looked inside but only saw some silver candlestick holders. These had to have been from the church !

One acolyte taller than me looked in the bag. "Hey, he's robbing the church !"

I spoke back immediately, "No I didn't, this is theirs !" and I pointed to the receding limousine.

The congregation outside apparently didn't believe me and started to make grabs at me.

I fumbled with my fingers to try and turn invisible or reverse time but my fingers weren't working correctly so I forced myself to wake up.

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