FB2-43 "The Terrible Awful Dare"

FB2-43 "The Terrible Awful Dare"

A Chapter by dw817

And I was almost going to kiss him on his bare, butt but I couldn't see it with everyone crowding around me earlier ! I swallowed sickly, glad Scant intervened.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© July 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 43 - "The Terrible Awful Dare"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

FINALLY Scant had turned away from the librarian who had been bickering with him for nearly 10-minutes now, to get back to the his cronies which were all curiously huddled around me.

He stepped between them and saw the nonsense that was taking place and suddenly smacked his fist on the fat boy hard against his back, knocking him off of me and onto the floor. It was then I noticed that he had his underwear down !

And I was getting ready to kiss him on his bare butt but I couldn't see it with everyone crowding around me earlier ! I swallowed sickly, glad Scant intervened.

Scant's face screwed up in rage looking at all of them, "You wanna die ? Get away from him, all of you ! What're you doing !?"

The fat boy frantically faced his back against the bookshelf on the far wall and adjusted his shorts from behind and curiously wasn't noticed by anyone else in the library.

Then since Scant was still furious, more I think of being left out of such wicked abuse, he punched hard on the shoulder of the boy that started this whole mess, clearly the ringleader of the bunch. The one who first whispered in my ear and held me down so I couldn't escape.

"Chowderhead, are you ready to die !?" Scant said, and he held up his meaty fists up like he was ready to duke it out with him, right here and now !

I coughed quietly in an effort to quell my queasiness and skretched my chair back around to face the table and closing my mind I swallowed hard several times and buried my face in the book I was reading earlier but the tears were so great there was no way I could make out a single word of it and I knew I was getting the book wet with my tears.

My own face burned in fiery shame and confusion at what they had almost done to me and what - apparently - I was going to do. My belly made a low uncomfortable moan and I completely sympathized with it.

I shuddered swallowing hard again, realizing many future nightmares would be built upon this terrible day.

"Chowderhead" was clearly taller than him when they were both standing side by side, which they did now. The others pulled away slightly at the clear show of a pecking order taking place.

He did, however, back down at the sight of Scant's boldness but spoke evenly trying not to show any fear, "No." and then added, "Not today." and then tried to appear tough again, rather unsuccessfully.

I felt like I was ready to pass out from tension if not from being violently sick, but I breathed a sigh of relief, glad to be free of the terrible situation finally.

The others gave me a bit more distance as Scant requested. Scant sat back down in the small chair and slammed his fist down hard on the table but stopped just as he reached it to tap it softly so it made no noise. Apparently he didn't want any more trouble from the librarian, but I knew he was very frustrated right now.

He looked like what he did had frightened himself as well though he didn't dare show it to his crew, "Dev, pick someone to float goddammit. Recess is almost over !"

"I can't." my voice squeaked out, surprised I could speak at all after that terrible ordeal. I was still trying to recover my senses from their earlier attack on my sanity. I realized they would be forced to take me. But I didn't want anyone else going through the nightmare Scant had in mind.

A swirlie. That would be a blessed relief compared to what I went through earlier. And I brought my towel too.

And, at another level in my brain, I sighed in frustration. Wouldn't they ever get tired of it ? I always hated it cause you felt a little like the opening at the bottom of the toilet when they were through with you - and maybe that was what they wanted ?

Scant stood up suddenly, towering over me and totally surprised me with the next few words he said.

"Hokay, that's fine. I don't have a problem with that. You guys don't have a problem with that, do ya ?" and his voice rose in an angry tone.

There was a murmur of disappointment. Someone kicked my chair hard enough to crack the plastic leg on it, angry for losing their earlier opportunity of 'business as usual.' I jumped in fear at the movement which got a round of wicked smiles from them.

Scant, oblivious to my fright added, "We'll find someone else for our fun. And don't worry, none of THESE - " and he pointed to his cronies who were standing around still trying to look tough, "will be here at your Birthday party."

He squeaked the chair back in with one foot, "They obviously don't know how to behave anyways !" and glowered at them angrily.

Chowderhead started to speak, "But dude ! You shoulda seen it - he was grabbing my -" but Scant who had enough insolence for one day, quickly jabbed him hard in his chest with a curled fist. He urped in pain which shut him up instantly.

"Get outta here !" he hissed to all of them, and despite them easily outnumbering him, they obeyed. They still fixed me with steely eyes on the way out. I realized without Scant as their leader to hold them back, things could go worse, much worse for me than just the usual Wednesday swirlies.

Scant barreled after them but not before adding back to me in a strangely encouraging tone, "See you at the party then, Dev !"

As soon as all of them were out of sight I got up hurriedly to use the Reading Room's bathroom and pee noisily in the bowl as my bladder couldn't take any more stress than it had already gone through. It almost hurt and made the sound of an angry buzzing bee.

* * *

I then looked at the mirror and a horrific vision of what I was going to kiss earlier appeared in it. I faced the sink, ready to throw up, but I caught myself and tapped my tightened fist on the wall, coaxing my stomach to behave despite what it went through earlier.

I cupped water in my my hands and drank it, then spit it out, washed my mouth out with as much water as I could stand, wiped my face with a million paper towels filling up that poor wastepaper basket in there to overflowing, and finally returned to my book and heard the bell signalling the end of Recess.

There were only 2 more classes left. The worst was over ! And surely NOW I wouldn't be involved anymore with Scant's bullying. But I also remembered the importance of Scant. I must - make sure he stays their leader, for my sake.

Without him to keep sanity and order to their bullying antics, there was no telling what his cronies would do to me unchecked. I didn't want to think about it.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully. I told Lilly about the chess tournament as we both walked home after the last class was let out but kept the horrible incident and what happened in the Reading Room to me to myself. I would tell no-one till the day I croaked as I would clearly die of shame if any of my friends found out.

She clapped a hand to her face, "Omigod, Dev ! I'm so sorry, I completely forgot. Butchu know I'm no good at chess is why I dint remember !"

"That's fine." I said consoling her.

Then she changed the subject. "Can I sleep over ?"

"Lilly !" I spat out, terrified at her suggestion. "What would my Mom say ?"

"Oh, c'mon, Dev. My own Mom is doing absolutely NOTHING tonight and she broke the TV cause she got mad at a show she was watchin'. Asides, they're having a creepfest tonite on TV and I'll let you hold my hand if I can stay and watch it !"

That was my weakness. Hand holding. I knew that Tyr knew about it but I didn't think she'd blabbermouth about it to Lilly. Apparently she did. I always tried to keep that little bit of information away from others who would often take advantage of it and then lead me somewhere where I really didn't wanna be.

Scant knew about it quite from accident when he saw me and Tyr hold hands and she led me in the girl's room onetime for a forbidden kiss between classes.

"Hokay," I huffed. And to emphasize her point, she held out her hand for me to hold. I did so and as I did I felt a delicious warm feeling tingle up from her hand to mine, to my shoulder, to my chest, to my heart, to my soul ... I was enveloped in electricity and it felt so delicious !

"Dev ... ?" Lilly asked concerned as we walked.

"Wha ? Huh ?" I said feeling rather light-headed at the moment.

"Your face is alla red and you're hyperventilatin' and stuff. You feelin' okay ?"

I suddenly realized I was breathing hard without knowing it. All from her holding my hand. I coughed suddenly and used the hand she was holding to cover my mouth so I wouldn't be so caught up in it. It distracted her and we arrived at my place.

I told Mom about Lilly staying and (naturally) she said it was a WONDERFUL idea.

"Mom ?" I asked totally confused.

My Mom took me aside and spoke, "Dev. I didn't want to worry you. We don't have any guarantees that Tyr will be found. While we'll be at the police assisting Annie, I want Lilly to be with you in case you start getting depressed. Now don't make me start having to give you medications again for anxiety !"

And she laughed out loud. A little too crazily I thought. I wondered for a moment if she had been on the same pills for years now herself. She realized the look in my face showed that I thought she was a little, well, crazy herself ?

Then I saw tears at her eyes. She added, "Dev. I'm just so concerned about Tyr right now I can't think straight ! Be a good boy. Do as your Mommy says."

"About Lilly ?" I asked exasperated. I WAS a good boy and I didn't need Lilly coddling after me ! I was gonna rescue her anyways !

"Yes, you stay close to Lilly, Dev and that's FINAL." and her voice crossed over to anger for a bit.

Lilly who was sitting on the couch bounced up to give me a nice hug to seal the deal.

"Aww Mooom !" I said and pinched my eyes in disgust. Girls were yecchy, I thought to myself. Tyr was - well, different, when she wanted to be, which wasn't very often I had to admit. Usually she was abusive. Lilly would probably be tons better in behavior than her.

My Mom looked at me. Lilly realizing I was vulnerable in my thoughts, right then she slurped a cinnamon kiss on my cheek.

Mother just took it as a sign of support, "That's a good girl, Lilly. You keep an eye on Dev. I'm worried about him ! Sometimes my baby doesn't know how obnoxious he can be at parties."

"Mom, I'm right here !" I said angrily, hating the third person tone she used when I was in the same room. "And I'm NOT A BABY !"

Then she changed her tone to one of total chastisement and patronizing, "Yes, of course you are dear !"

For a moment I didn't know if she was agreeing with me that I wasn't a baby anymore or she was just assuring me that I was.

Then Lilly added like she was tattling on someone, "Ms. Borne, Dev's gotta be at the school for Chess tonight !"

I heard my Dad stir from his chair. "Chess ! That's a man's game ! You've got 10 straight wins ! I'm glad you weren't forgotten, Dev ! Of course you'll be ready for that !" and he paused to look at his watch, "That's 3 hours from now !"

I groaned, wondering to myself, with everything that had already happened, would I really be ready for Speed Chess tonight ?


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