Dream Diary - July 14th 2015

Dream Diary - July 14th 2015

A Chapter by dw817

Insect Extermination / Read My Lips / Unwanted Guests / Green Fighter / The Joker In Concert / Underwater Chorus / The Board Of Education / Thorough Robbery / Prison Bus / Just Another Manic Movie



  Dream Diary   


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© July 2015 Written by David Wicker
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This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] Dreamed me and several other people were trying to catch these animal-like things. Most of them looked like prickly baobobs, a type of rolling land anemone insect. I was told they are born pregnant, squirt acid, and try to lay their eggs in whatever they touch, so don't pick them up.

We were to stand in to two lines and each at a time pick a weapon from the bag in front of us. I guess I wasn't paying attention because I let the side to my right go 3-times before I finally moved forward to collect the last weapon.

And according to the person working there, it was the best weapon of all. While other people had taken what looked like walking staffs with blades on the end of them, I had received what looked like an umbrella with a laser sight and a sharp tip on the top of it.

The umbrella part was to protect me from the spitting acid.

I tried it out, opening it like an umbrella and noticed it opened a lot faster than a regular one and the blade shot out the top a good 2-inches.

We were now ready to clear the room of these creatures. I watched two other people use their staffs like skewers to slam their blade through the red center of them killing them outright.

As for me, I did okay for the first two creatures and my blade sunk deep into two of them, but no-one told me they could jump. The third one bounced up on my hand and shot acid straight into my wrist !

I clutched it in pain and saw the creature drop what looked like 2 little pearls, and because my hand was burned open, they neatly fit in there. Then something caused the skin to cover over it again and I threw down my weapon picking madly at my skin trying to get the eggs out.

Finally the two egg pearls fell out. I was still crying though. A woman older than me, I felt like I was 16 in this dream, she was 30 or so, came to my side.

She said, "Oh, you poor baby, you don't have to do this if you don't want." She hugged me but then did something odd and put one of her fingers in my mouth. I think she wanted me to suck on it, to show I was a baby or something. I woke up in confusion that point.


[2] Dreamed I was at a friend's house. There were a few snacks on the table and the conversation had something to do with home security. I didn't think the meeting was making much progress so I got up to leave.

Kay was there and said, "Please don't leave us. We need your help here."

At that point I pulled a large sheet of paper right out of my mouth, cutting the sides of my cheeks in the process. It was hard to breathe but I managed to get it all out.

Written on the page was all kinds of crazy rules like you might have in a house, don't run with scissors, don't get soap in your eye when bathing, etc.

After that I went upstairs to find a restroom but instead found this very messy spare bedroom and I felt compelled to try and clean it. I knew at some point in my head it was trashed out earlier by this little girl that wasn't here at the moment.

There were sharp nails sticking out of boards from the floor which was also torn up. I cut my leg up pretty good on a nail trying to cross the room. At that point I woke up.


[3] Bad dream. For some reason Joshua's relatives are trying to get in Dad's house, where I am now. I am trying to lock the door but as you know in these dreams, the door will shift and change size and consistency to not even work right.

When they get in, I pound my fist against the wall once to get the whole house to shake to show that I am angry. They look to me fearfully and I say in a loud and steady voice, "You need to leave."

I then pick them each up by the scruff of the neck and hurl them outside the front door which has fallen down now. One has escaped, however, to the bathroom. He has the door locked. I know how to handle this though and I try to lock the door from the outside which causes it to warp and fall.

He has a lit firecracker and launches it toward me. It avoids hitting me but explodes into the wall behind me. I grab him, stick him in the tub which is full of water and pull the drain. He goes right down it with the sound of a flushing toilet. Then I wake up.


[4] Dreamed that I was swimming in a pool at night not just with other boys and girls but this race of children who had green skin and webbed fingers and toes. Their race was called the Pecca pronounced, "pah-kah."

Their favorite food was "bacce" pronounced bak-she, which was a type of mix of different seaweeds, cut fish, sea salt, and stalks of underwater sugar cane as sweetener. It was served as cold as possible.

I also thought for a moment of their religion which was similar to Mormonism. The leader had found mystic words carved in two large green conch shells and started the religion based on this.

I remember there was this one bully alien in the pool, he kept picking on me and slapping me in the face. Finally he got out of the pool and said he wanted to fight me. I scowled, "You've been spoiling for a fight all day, haven't you ?"

He took a kick at me and said I was a coward. I got out of the pool to face him. "Take your first punch." I said. He did and I didn't even feel it.

He growled, "I will make you suffer."

I replied, "If hurting others is your only strength, then you must be very weak indeed."

He scowled and tapped himself on the chest showing it was my turn to punch him.

"Okay." I said and punched, so hard it went right through his chest on the other side killing him outright. And - I think this is the very first dream I've had where that happened. If I thought the other aliens swimming and milling about the pool would be mad, they weren't.

In fact, they acted like nothing happened. Someone picked up his body and dumped it in the deep end where he quickly sank to the bottom. One of the older aliens tapped me on my shoulder.

"You're very strong." he admitted. "We could use you in the army to defend our emperor. What do you say ?"

I looked at him thoughtfully, "Let me swim for a bit and I'll think about it."

He nodded and walked away. I then climbed back in the pool and went to the shallow end where the kids were playing.

I remember one young little alien girl came to me to show me how pretty her necklace was. It glowed green. I said that's pretty nice but how about we trade ?

What will you give me, she asked ?

I said, how about this. I reached in my pocket and pulled out a similar necklace but it had many colors, all the spectrum of the rainbow and also glowed.

She shy smiled and said, that's pretty. I said it's yours, now let me wear your necklace.

She said, okay. Then she went back to show her Mother the rainbow necklace. And - I guess I did something wrong.

The two alien parents asked me out of the pool. I got out to face them. They were furious. They said that their religion only allows them to wear green and no other color.

I asked why, and apparently that was also sacrilegious to question it, they got very mad at me and started talking quickly in their native alien tongue while gesticulating with their webbed fingers. Then some other aliens heard them and came over to berate me as well.

It wasn't looking good. Finally I took the green necklace off my neck and gave it to them. They exchanged it for this green rock, which at first I thought was a pretty jewel. But then it was really heavy, and I couldn't let go of it as it fused itself to both of my hands.

They then kicked me back in the pool, the deep end, and the rock was so heavy I couldn't swim back up to the surface. Even though I could breathe underwater as I can in all my dreams, the pressure was building up in my ears for so deep and it was causing them to hurt.

Then I woke up.


[5] It was the Joker, live in concert. I guess I was dreaming I was part of some Batman episode. While I myself was not Batman, I was someone that worked with the team he was on. It was my job to go around the city and to speak on a communicator, to mention what items Batman had left lying around.

Like a grappling cable, a parachute when he turned the car in a 180, sometimes a forgotten batarang or two. I couldn't let bad people find these or they may find a way to get around them in the future.

Anyways, back to the concert. The Joker was performing with a music group and the music - well, while I thought it was pretty good, it was certainly too loud and hurt my ears even though I was sitting all the way in the back seats.

And the seats themselves were pretty unique. They had six-sides to them with red, blue, and yellow colors. Each had their own properties. I remember I was writing down one property when the front row of people suddenly launched up into the air on rockets to hurl and bounce within feet of the Joker on stage.

I know one little girl in the front seats screamed in fear to which the Joker just laughed, "Why so afraid ? I thought you were my biggest fans !"

I was then somehow outside of the concert hall in the street. There was an advertisement for a movie coming up called, "Old Man" which was apparently a drama and something everyone was looking forward to.

Oh yes, I remember the year was not now but 2016. Everybody still had their head in cellphones like they do today.

Then I woke up.


Dreamed I was taking school courses and curriculum underwater. Apparently we could all breathe underwater. I remember several times grabbing at my pen which was floating away from me.

In the dream I was missing my shoes and my glasses. My sister was there trying to find them. She opened up my dufflebag and everything started to float out of it. She grabbed a toy, this neat little battery-powered top that lit up when you spun it.

She said, I don't need this, why do I have it ?

I took it from her and stuffed it in my desk saying don't worry about it, and in truth I wanted to play with it later. I think I was 12-years old in this dream.

Then she said something strange, "See me saw me say me sue me." and as she did it was like the lyrics to some pretty song, because then the class repeated it, tonally putting it to music.

A shining light appeared at the front of the classroom and it was a bit like a mirrored ball except that it had light shining from inside so it didn't need an external light source and it shot rainbow beams in all directions. Then everyone started singing it.

I found myself singing the words too, "See me saw me say me sue me," and watched as bubbles popped out of my mouth as I was still underwater. Then I woke up.


[7] Dreamed I was old, at least 70-years old. I was the dean to this school. The director of a bunch of teachers and the classes they taught the students.

But today wasn't a school day. I was walking with a long cane down the road and saw what appeared to be a circus entering the town.

Then the dream changed and it was a school day. Monday.

I remember having a long memory of students I had paddled because they got into trouble. I was looking at the paddle on my desk and it had written in easy writing, "The Board Of Education."

I remember I felt dizzy a lot. The doctor said I had a weak heart. I was supposed to take this medication with a lot of water. I pressed a button on my desk which called the secretary outside, "Could you fetch me a glass of water, please ?"

And I heard my voice which was old and creaky, very strange as I don't often dream I'm old.

"Yes, Mr. Truncheon. I'll bring it to you."

I waited a moment and she stepped in. She couldn't have been over 20-years old with a very low cut miniskirt. I smiled as I saw her and she returned a cheery grin.

"Here you are." she said. But I was so caught up in how sexy she was. I grabbed at her hand, the glass fell on the floor, then I placed her over my knee. Next I grabbed the paddle and spanked her, all the while she was giggling like it was funny for her.

I looked down to my lap to see her panties which were a beautiful pink and purple color, then my heart started to beat rapidly in passion - and I guess I died because it was too much excitement for me at my old age.

Then I woke up.


[8] Dreamed I had been robbed, extreme. I was in an alleyway with only my underwear. I know in the dream my glasses, clothes, wallet, hat, belt, pants, shirt, socks, shoes, and my keys were taken away by some earlier robbers in the street.

I went to go see Robert who was nearby. He looked at me with wide eyes, surprised at how little the robbers left with me. But he held out a magnanimous hand and said, "Don't worry. I'll take care of you."

I didn't think it was safe in my own apartment so I know in the dream I had told my parents to send my Christmas presents to Robert. So I went inside with just my underwear and started to open presents as it was Christmas day, only to find that the contents of the gifts were all new items to replace the ones that were stolen.

New socks, glasses, keys, and clothes.

It was then Dad peeked around the corner and confessed to me that the robbery was just something he setup to give me a good scare, and that he had everything. I hugged him but pounded him on the back for being so mean to me.

Then I woke up.


[9] Dreamed I had somehow gotten on the wrong public bus. This bus was full of convicts and we were all going to prison. I tried to tell the driver that I wasn't a prisoner but he wouldn't believe me.

I sat as close to the front as I could to avoid the burly men. It was apparently a VERY long ride too. I know I fell asleep and one of the other convicts was trying to rob me. I told the driver and he reached over with this strange mechanical apparatus that had a rubber fist on the end of it.

He pushed the button and the thing ther-whacked right around me and straight in his face, giving him a bloody nose.

"Back of the bus, NOW !" the driver said, leaning his head over one side to address the guy who was trying to steal from me.

He smirked, held his nose to try and stop the bleeding and went to the back of the bus as he was directed.

I know I was looking out the window and there was this beautiful looking restaurant that said, "Christmas Pizza." It was all bedecked in pretty lights and was apparently a Pizza parlor where when you bought a pizza, you also got a stocking filled with candy and gifts. An interesting gimmick I thought.

Suddenly someone grabbed me from around my neck to turn me around and try and punch me in the face. But I dodged it, and in return punched him back in the nose. Suddenly he turned into a small dog which I leaned down to pet and talk to friendlily. The dog scampered to the back of the bus.

Then the bus stopped suddenly and we had arrived at our destination. As we were exiting the bus, I woke up.


[10] Dreamed I was at the movie theater with Chris. We were going to watch this movie, but I can't remember what the name of it is now. In any case, someone had earlier stolen $15 from my carry case.

In this dream I had my stop time and reverse time ability. I used it to back up time and get back my $15 from the thief. Then I know we both entered to watch the movie, and it was very busy.

There were people screaming and yelling, dishes breaking, people laughing, and people getting cut down by knives and blades and hollering about that.

I didn't like it. Then the scene changed and I was at Rose's house and she was with a friend of hers.

I was showing both of them how to levitate. By squatting down and pulling up on your ankles, you float just a few inches above the ground this way.

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