FB2-46 "Who's Cheating Whom ?"

FB2-46 "Who's Cheating Whom ?"

A Chapter by dw817

She stepped even closer to me, almost on top of me. Then smiling softly to herself, turned around and nonchalantly where no-one could see it but me, raised her skirt from the back with her left hand.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© July 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 46 - "Who's Cheating Whom ?"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

A microphone was suddenly pushed in front and someone spoke to me, "As a 10-time champion and winner at Speed-Chess, do you have anything to say to this, sir ?"

"I'm not a cheater." I said flustered, spitting into the microphone, upset she would even making such a lame assumption. "If it makes you feel better, I'll hold Lilly's hand ABOVE the table," then my voice shook and cracked, "but I need her for support for this game."

"But she's relaying chess moves in yas palm with her fingers !" The Queen said and then faced me to see how I would react to that.

Some of the audience had to agree that was certainly possible and nodded their head.

There was no way I could hold Lilly's hand for the match now. I felt tears well up in my eyes, afraid of losing her comfort when I was so stressed already by what The Queen was doing. I wondered if my Mom thought that was how I beat Dad earlier now.

"You little liar !" I said, raising my voice and finally getting angry and rising out of my own chair to confront her. There was loud grumbling from the audience now. An attendant approached and pushed the two of us away as there would've been a fist fight next.

She stood her ground, then an attendant, a boy about twice my age, pushed me back a bit further to whisper in my ear, "Dev, be careful here. She's obviously trying to win the game by discrediting you and seeing if you'll forfeit the match. I know you would never cheat, you're an excellent player. Let me try something."

He unclipped the microphone off my sleeve and spoke into it approaching the table and whispered something in Lilly's ear. She replied back. Then he addressed the audience while speaking directly into my own clip-on microphone.

"Dev has agreed that Lilly can return back to sit with the audience as a show of good faith that he is not cheating for this match. Is that acceptable, Ms. Queen ?" I walked up to stand beside The Queen, to show I wasn't afraid of her as he stooped over to hand me back my own microphone to clip it back on my shirt.

The Queen puzzled her lip for a bit. Standing so close I realized she had also put sparkly glitter as an eyeliner and could smell her perfume too, like sweet lemonade candy. If she wasn't such a B***H she would be a cute little girl dressed the way she was, I told myself. But I focused back, realizing she could stand in my way of victory by making these accusations here.

"Yah, whatevuh !" she said and sat back down in her chair squeaking it angrily. Lilly got up from her chair and patted me on my back. Then she whispered warm in and comfortingly in my ear, "I'm here for you, Dev. Know that I'm with you on this game." and then she got up to kiss me gently on my cheek and returned to sit with the audience.

An attendant quickly scooted her chair out from the table and the audience got quiet again. I sat back down, sighed loudly and put both hands in my lap to show I was ready.

"Are we ready to continue, Ms. Queen ?" the announcer on the main speakers echoed.

"Yah, game on !" she said and leered at me evilly, then touched her finger on her own clip-on microphone to make sure everyone heard what she said next.

"Let's see how well you do now without your nursemaid !" and then she stuck her thumb in her mouth and sucked on noisily making little kissy sounds. The audience exploded in laughter at this. Her meaning was quite clear to me.

I felt a flash of heat sear across my forehead as I recalled a terrible memory from the past. A bully from years ago, a red-headed girl with pig-tails and at that time she said, "Are you a scared wittle baby and need your hand held ?" and she also sucked her thumb, mocking me, like I needed a baby bottle or something.

I looked down at my lap, avoiding The Queen's piercing gaze, and despite how cruel what she said was, the audience continued to laugh at it for over a minute. I looked up in rage now. Even my Mom was laughing ! A few tears fell down in my lap, unbidden, and I looked right at her.

For just a moment, my Mom stopped laughing and looked serious, knowing that was a terrible insult The Queen just gave me. Her face softened in concern.

But then she got ribbed by Dad sitting beside her who was still enjoying the joke so she covered her face with her hand laughing again, but avoided my look after that. I pinched the bridge of my nose with my fingers, trying to stop the tears and rubbed my wet nose and sniffed loudly. Then the announcer's voice came on to save me.

"Awright now, folks. We'll have none of that ! This is going to be a fair match now. MORE than fair ! Ms. Queen, you've already bent the rules once by insisting on having the black pieces, and now you've verbally insulted our undefeated champion. Anymore out of you and I'll have YOU disqualified !"

* * *

At once, the audience got quiet with this threat hanging over her head. The Queen only, "Hmphed." to herself and turned her head away disdainfully.

"Ready, Dev ?" the announcer continued in a cheerier voice. "Sure." I squeaked out quietly, uncomfortable that I couldn't hold Lilly's hand now. I wiped my eyes drier, getting ready to continue.

Someone from behind patted me comfortingly on the back, realizing she had really shaken me with those mean words and my terrible memory of the past didn't help the matter right now either.

"Right !" the announcer spoke and echoed above everyone else who started murmuring again, "Places everyone." another moment of silence as we sat both ready, "We continue the match ... NOW !"

It was now her move after I had captured her Queen. She moved at once and then I realized how she did it. Now she's cheating !

She was studying the board while she gave her little tirade earlier and she was thinking 6 moves ahead of me now. I was so upset I didn't even think to study the board for advanced moves cause I don't take advantage of others.

The clock was tapped again for my 10-seconds and she faced me with a smug look of confidence. So she clearly had the edge now, having had several minutes earlier to study the board after she launched her ammo at me. And there was nothing I could do about it.

I tried hard not to think about the advantage that this girl had against me in this chess tournament and concentrated instead on my next actions. Sure enough, for the first few moves, she had already planned what she was going to do and captured one of my knights ! There was polite applause for that.

My other knight was at the far edge on my side, and driving off challengers.

The clock was paused as she lifted it from the board and appeared to study it for a minute like she was interested in the way it looked.

An attendant approached her side to take the piece from her hand but she made a show of it, squeaking her chair to stand up and walk around him and over to me like she was going to hand it to me, as an indicator that there were no hard feelings about her capturing it. She leaned in closer until she stood a foot away from me.

I smiled at her, pleased, she was apparently going to be a good sport after all, and felt my hand automatically reach to extend out to accept it when she suddenly whirled around causing me to retract my arm in surprise.

She smacked the piece in the attendant's hand to the side of her. Her back was to me and I focused my vision on the pretty decorations and hair ties she had in her all lemon-colored hair for a moment.

With her back still to me she spoke in her microphone like she was teaching chess to a bunch of idiots, "The knight is da most wuthless piece on da board lemme tell yas." and after the attendant left with it, she peered over her shoulder for a moment to see where my eyes were.

She stepped even closer to me, almost on top of me. Then smiling softly to herself, turned around and nonchalantly where no-one could see it but me, raised up her skirt from the back with her left hand, noticing my eyes, unbidden, flickered down in deviant curiosity at what she was up to.

Then with her other free hand, she wiped those fingers on her panties, her arm brushing up against mine as she put her hands back there. She rubbed each finger there consecutively on both the front and back, mashing down against the softness of the cotton beneath her skirt.

Then she let the skirt fall back down and took her skirt back up with her opposite hand and then wiped each finger on the opposite hand from the other hand. She leaned back a bit like she was bored and I could feel the warmth of her hips against my bare knees as she stood mere inches from me.

She made certain I would get a good eyeful, like somehow showing me her own bottom was cleaner than the piece she just captured and she was wiping off the dust from it right onto her panties.

I felt a little queasy now what I was looking at and for her having it so close to me but I also found I couldn't look away as she tugged the skirt up a little higher from the back for my benefit to make sure I wouldn't miss the little show she was giving me.

My tummy rumbled in confusion and I bit my lip, confused and angry with myself as to why I couldn't tear my gaze from her panties as she stood so close to me rubbing her fingers over them in plain sight for me to see. She hummed a little, contendedly, peeking over her shoulder to see that I was still mesmerized.

The audience was also not really aware of what she was doing as the cameras were still on the motionless chess board and they were all looking to it, studying what the next moves might be.

But they did murmur amongst themselves uncomfortably, wondering why she was holding up the game and standing with her back to me as close as she was and as long as she did.

And then after she had finished "washing" her fingers which really was done in less than a minute, she tugged back down her skirt with both hands, hard, like she was suddenly aware I was looking there and I wasn't supposed to and whirled around quickly to face me, with her hands planted firmly on her hips.

Her eyes bored directly into my own looking level with me, seeing my look of confused feelings. She returned it with a leer like I was something to step down on and squish nastily with her heel.

Finally ready to continue the game, she walked quickly away and sat back down in her own chair again, opposite of me. My heart was racing in so many directions, confused and perplexed at what I saw earlier, but not knowing how to handle these feelings.

I think she knew this and I felt especially sick at my stomach now the more I thought about it, and, unfortunately for me, chess was the last thing on my mind now.


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