Dream Diary - "The Shopping Store Sprite"

Dream Diary - "The Shopping Store Sprite"

A Chapter by dw817

It was then I realized she wasn't wrapped in paper but receipts from the store. All somehow carefully stuck together to create a dress for her. She also had 2-beautiful rings on each of her hands.



  Dream Diary   


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© August 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.

This entry is of a single long dream


* * *


This entry is Rated: EVERYONE

This was a very long dream and detailed dream. I woke up about four times last night only to fall back asleep and continue the same story.

It starts with me working for the grocery store across the street from where Dad and me lived. Usually it was pretty slow. I was just asked to mop up the floor where someone spilled something, to load or unload boxes from the back, or help the customers out with their groceries.

Normally it was the latter and it was a pretty easy job.

Well, one day we had an especially busy time. As I helped everyone out there were mounds and mounds of shopping carts all piled outside.

Now by nature I don't volunteer to do jobs unless they are asked of me. I did walk in to see a woman pull on the next to last shopping cart. The two were stuck together and wouldn't come loose.

"Here ma'am. Let me try." I offered.

She smiled and backed up. I pulled on them too and they were connected pretty tightly. I got closer and lifted the bottom of the basket part up and pulled it free. But then I stopped to look at the very last shopping cart. It wasn't that off-green color like the others but had a pretty blue trim, like it was brand new.

I ran my fingers across the top of it and it felt really cold, but a comfortable type of cool, like snow just beginning to fall. My mind wandered and for a moment I thought I saw snow trickling down from the ceiling.

"Can I have that now ?" I heard the woman's voice behind me.

I shook my head for a moment to collect my thoughts.

"Yeah, sure. Sorry. Here you go."

I pulled the cart away and it rolled to her.

"Wake up, will ya ?" she grumbled. Then took the cart and started to go shopping.

But I wasn't satisfied yet. It was almost as if the last shopping cart were calling to me. I put my hand on it to roll it out - not really knowing what to expect. But it wouldn't.

For some reason the wheels were locked in place and couldn't be rolled.

"What the heck ?" I asked myself.

Then I heard a small whispery voice say, "Trapped. Trapped."

I whirled around, looking in all directions, but no-one was there.

Then the loudspeaker crackled, "David. Would you go to retrieve all the carts from the parking lot for the customers ? Thank you."

I let go of the cart and started to walk out. Wow, that would certainly be a lot of work for me !

"I'm trapped." I heard the voice more distinctly now. I turned away from the door and went back to the last cart.

I put my hand on it's handlebar and this time saw snow easily trickle down from the ceiling.

"I'm trapped." the thin voice repeated. "Can you help me ?"

And right then I saw a beautiful and very small elfin woman wrapped in paper sitting inside the basket. She got up to sit on the edge - but for some reason I knew she couldn't leave.

"What happened ?" I asked her.

"Trapped. A curse was placed on me."

"Why ?"

She stirred for a moment and it was then I realized, she wasn't wrapped in just paper but receipts from the store. All somehow carefully stuck together to create a dress for her. She also had 2-beautiful rings on each of her hands.

"Oh my." I said in shock. I held out my hand and she reached 4-small fingers around my own index finger.

"I was cursed because I spent too much time with the humans. I was outcast for it. But it was worse. When it was found that I had made my home in this store, I was trapped in the last shopping cart as penance for my crimes.

"You're - beautiful ! What's your name ?" was all I could say.

She smiled shyly and looked down to her diminutive elfin toes. "Tatiana." Then she looked up, "What is yours ?"

I nodded, "David. My name is David, and - I'll help you get free, can I call you Tat ? Right, Tat - but I - I'm not sure how."

"Give me your hand, human." she said.

"It won't hurt will it ?" I asked.

She smiled again, "No. Not at all."

I held my hand out for her again. This time she took a grip on it with both of her own smaller hands. As she did so, I saw a white glow occur around the middle of her waist where she was sitting on the cart, and the metal from it.

"Now pull." she commanded.

I retracted my hand slightly and she came free from the shopping cart with a shower of sparks to sit on my hand.

"You're really pretty !" I said, still captivated by her beauty, and she was too.

"You said that already, but that's sweet of you to say so." she smiled and this time motioned me close to listen as she was going to whisper in my ear.

"I want to go home with you, can I, David ?" she asked in a serious whisper.

"People will see you !" I interjected.

* * *

"No they won't." and she reached over to touch the top of the first ring she had on her small left hand. With the sound of a gust of air, she suddenly vanished from view.

I wondered if she teleported or something, but suddenly I felt her tug a finger around my ear, "I'm still here, silly. Now, let's go !"

"I'm at work, I'll get fired if I leave !" I told her.

She was now sitting comfortably on my shoulder and cupped her mouth to my ear speaking seductively, "With what I can offer you, you will never need to work - not ever again."

"Really ?"

"Trust me." she said. Then I felt a soft bit of warmth against my ear, followed by her kissing it gently.

"Okay !" That was enough for me. I took my smock off, threw it on the ground, and ran home.

Dad was still at work but my sister was there, and apparently looking through wanted ads to find a job for herself.

I entered the kitchen thinking maybe she might be hungry. I opened the refrigerator to see what there was.

"I need silk." Tatiana said.

"Milk ? There's some right here." I started to pull the container out.

"No, not milk, SILK, the fabric."

"Why ?" I asked but then came up with the answer myself. "Oh, clothing. Yeah, I bet those receipts itch."

"As a matter of fact they do." she replied tartly. "Silk ?"

With Tatiana still invisible sitting on my shoulder I went to see my sister, Emma, in her room.

"Silk !?" she asked. "What, do I look rich to you ?"

"Fabric." Tatiana whispered to me.

"Well, fabric then ?"

Emma pointed to a table behind her. "Take the blue, it doesn't match what I was wanting it for."

I looked. It was a piece of shiny blue fabric, about 4-feet across folded 3 times to a foot across.

"Ok, thanks." I told her. Then closing the door behind me left her room.

I held the fabric up to my shoulder, "Will this do, Tat ?"

"A tit for a tat." Tat said mysteriously and suddenly the fabric was taken from my hands and vanished into thin air.

"Let's find a mirror." she told me.

"Okay." I went into the bathroom adjacent to my room and looked in the mirror.

I just saw myself. "Just a moment." she said. I saw her again but this time without the receipts, instead a very attractive and rather provocative dress, and she had her finger on the ring that made her disappear earlier.

"Wow !" I said.

"How about that !" she said with a grin.

I was beside myself with embarrassment in the way I felt for her, "I - I - I think ..." I couldn't finish the sentence.

She smiled softly. "Maybe you'd like me to shrink you so we can have a good time. And afterwards go away together ?" she offered with a leer. When I didn't answer she held a thin hand up to her waist seductively and pressed on her shapely breasts.

I looked away. I couldn't get shrunk ! If I did she might not ever return me to my normal size.

"No - thank you." I said and tried to be polite about it.

"Too bad." she looked down at the floor for a moment.

I broke the momentary silence, "Can you grant me a wish, maybe ?"

She spoke, "No ! I can't do that. If I could wish don't you think I could've wished to be free of that damned shopping cart !?"

I shook my head, "Sorry, no, I wasn't thinking about that."

There was a prolonged silence. "I guess I need to leave you, then. Thank you for freeing me." she said somberly.

I rose at once, "Hey, no ! I don't want you to do that. Can't we - can't we stay friends ?"

"Hmm ..." she said thoughtfully. A moment later she pressed the top of the 2nd ring on her right hand. She spoke in some mystical language I definitely did not recognize.

A moment later a pretty blue plastic bracelet appeared, wider than her neck. Apparently it had some weight to it as she lifted it with both hands to give to me.

"It's beautiful !" and it was. Despite appearing to be plastic it had little raised spots all around it where pretty blue lights shone.

As soon as I took it from her grip though the lights went out.

"I will be with you, David." she said. "Anytime you need me - you need me to help you, wherever you may be. Just squeeze this bracelet and call out my name ?"

"Tat ?" I asked her.

"No, Tatiana - tah-shee-ahn-uh, don't forget !"

"I won't - I won't - and - thank you !"

She jumped down from my shoulder. I knelt down on my knees to meet her.

"David. You very seriously should consider letting me shrink you and join me. It would be - so much fun - it really would be."

"Would you be able to return me to my normal size afterwards ?" I asked her.

She scoffed, "There is no afterwards. You can't go back on a deal like that."

"That's - okay then. I have a life, I have a job - well, had a job."

"You'll be fine." she said and gave me a toothy grin. "Like I said, remember the bracelet and my name and I will be there for you."

With that she winked out suddenly in a pretty flash of colored lights and sparkles.

I reached out to where she was and tipped over. My head suddenly hit the floor very hard.

It was then that I woke up. I tried to go back to sleep to continue the dream, but apparently it was over.

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