Dream Diary - August 11th 2015

Dream Diary - August 11th 2015

A Chapter by dw817

Spiders Everywhere / Not Water Gun / Permit To Dumpster Dive / Deadly Subway / Favored Lunch Time / Scatman Crothers / Runaway School Desk / I Don't Wear A Diaper / Drown In Shampoo / The Jeweled Pit



  Dream Diary   


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© August 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] Dreamed I woke up and I was a foster kid in a foster home. I have never had a dream like this before - yet it reminded me a little of being in the ward.

The place was very run down. I know I left my room to try and find an adult that I could speak with to find exactly who I was and where I was, but there were hundreds of spiders running along the hallway.

I had managed to climb up one of the lockers that lined this one hallway and step carefully across to work my way from one room to the next. The spiders couldn't get to me but they sure did jump and try to.

It was just as well as bits of the floor were giving out causing dark openings to appear where more than just spiders came out but roaches too. It was a really nasty dream and I seemed to be the only person in the building.

Suddenly the locker I was standing on top of fell over with a crash. Then spiders were all over me. I stood up in a hurry to stomp on them and they splatted in all directions.

The scene faded and I was in a room with a bunch of other kindergarteners, and - I guess I was one too. I know I got up from my seat to talk to the teacher, but she gave me a look like the words I spoke made no sense to her.

She merely smiled widely at me like - wasn't that nice I was trying to talk to her - but she didn't understand. Instead she picked me up and put me back in the seat around this very low table. I looked and everyone was scribbling on it with crayons as there was a big roll of paper on the table.

Then I woke up.


[2] Dreamed I was working a dead end job, apparently at a shoe store. I was in the back stacking boxes and making room for new shipments arriving.

I remember seeing a sign that said, "Lettuce is better."

A truck backed in and had more boxes. But the moment I lifted these, water started to comeout of the tops of them. I opened one box to see what was causing the problem and saw the box itself was filled to the top with water and in it floated several water guns.

I picked one out and squirted the sign. At once the letters dripped into an inky mess. Someone came by to tell me I shouldn't have done that.

I then squirted him with the water gun, but instead of his face getting wet it MELTED his face in a big bloody pool and he fell over.

I woke up frightened.


[3] Dreamed that I was with Rose and we were dumpster diving - that is we found a dumpster that had wrapped toys and stuff in it and I had jumped in to hand them to her.

The police showed up and had us arrested. We were both handcuffed, placed in the back of the police car and headed towards the main police station.

Once there we were placed in this small room for meetings. Our handcuffs were removed by the driver of the police car and we were left in the room alone.

A moment later a big burly police man entered and gave us these strange cards.

I asked him what they were. He returned, "What ? You've never had these before ?"

I shook my head. Rose did too. We had no idea what they were.

"This is a penalty card." he told us. "You are forbidden from checking out people's dumpsters for 3-months. After that that, you are permitted again."

I thought this was a strange logic so I asked, "Then why were we arrested the first time ?"

He thought that was a simple question and replied, "Because you didn't have this card to begin with."

I couldn't argue with that so I put the card in my pocket and Rose did too.

He then opened the door and added, "Stay out of trouble for 3-months and there won't be any additional penalty. But if we catch you in a dumpster again within that time, we'll put you in prison for a week, understand ?"

I nodded. "Okay then." and he swept his arm across showing us the exit. We left.

We passed a few dumpsters on the way that were filled with really cool stuff, but some other teenagers were already in there.

"You're gonna get arrested !" I told them.

"No we're not." one of them spoke and then pulled the same card we were given out of their pocket to show us that - apparently they had the right to dumpster dive after all.

I was going to ask them something about the card when I woke up.


[4] Dreamed I was at a terminal. People were going through to make use of the underground subway. I went through the turnstile myself.

I remember wearing this funny hat. It was a baseball cap but had an interesting design on it. Like a flash of color from one end to the next. Two people next to me commented on how interesting it was.

I merely addressed them by tipping my hat which showed even more colors to it. I was just about to board the subway when someone handed me a badge. I asked him what it was for. He said it was for safety.

I got on board the subway but he didn't. He greeted me with a sad smile, and it was then I knew I was dreaming and this was going to get ugly.

Sure enough the subway lurched forward knocking everyone out of their seat and then took off like a rocket straight down. People first slid on the floor then were falling. I was hanging on for dear life to one of the safety rungs. Then I woke up.

I knew elevators were always dangerous in my dreams, but now I guess I need to add subways to that list as well.


[5] Dreamed I was back in school. There was a cafeteria there. It was lunchtime and I knew I needed to find it. I had to climb a whole bunch of steps to get there and in my dream, my legs were hurting like I was running a marathon or something.

Finally I arrived and got into the lunch line. Someone asked if they could get cuts, I said behind me. The girl there said behind ME, and so on - until the fellow who was trying to get ahead of everyone else actually got in position last and only after everyone had already filled in the line. So in fact, he got worse than if he had just gotten in the back first.

I got up to the lunch lady and she handed me a very nice lunch. It was a cheeseburger, tater tots, a strawberry milkshake, and even a little wrapped chocolate mint.

"Wow," I told her. "Thank you !"

She smiled back, "Enjoy your lunch, David."

I was about to ask her how she knew my name when the girl behind me received her tray.

It was not nearly so good. The tray she received was partitioned and had some gray pudding which I think was supposed to be meat, a slop of mashed potatoes, and cubed carrots spilling into the potatoes.

I spoke to the lunch lady, "Hey, why doesn't she get something good ?"

"Do you want your lunch or don't you, David ?" she asked me angrily.

I sighed and went on. I got to the cashier and sure enough, royal treatment. "No charge for you, David. Enjoy your lunch ! Come back if you want seconds !"

I picked the table closest to the door, where some teachers milled. I always did that cause bullies would mess with you if you weren't inside a teacher's influence.

I watched the fellow ahead of me - his lunch. He had windup chicken nuggets. They were like regular nuggets but had plastic feet and a metal key to wind them.

"That's awful !" I told him. He didn't seem to mind and pulling off the feet and key he ate the nugget in the middle with some ketchup.

A cute girl sat next to me. I looked on her tray and she didn't have anything at all.

"Hey, that's awful." I told her. "Want some of mine ?"

I took my plastic knife and cut my burger into two equal sections. She took one of the sections and then threw it in my face. "I'm on a diet you creep !" she told me.

Geez, try to be nice I mumbled to myself.

A teacher came by and told me not to worry, that I could go up and get another fresh burger if I wanted it.

Despite the stability of this dream with no nightmarish or fantastic elements, I woke up trying to ask the teacher a question.


Dreamed that I was living in a nice 2-bedroom home and Scatman Crothers, that famous actor was coming to visit me.

I set out a nice table with fresh cut fruit and sweet milk to dip them in for when he arrived. There was a knock at my door and I went to answer it. Sure enough it was him. He came in and gave me a very nice hug and in my memory, I knew that he was a close friend and we had known each other for many years now.

In the middle of the room was this triangular shaped computer that could be addressed from 3-different points. I know when I tried to show him the table of natural sweets I set but I kept bumping into it and it kept making an angry beeping sound.

Then I woke up.


[7] Dreamed that I was back in school but at a level I knew I was dreaming, so instead of trying to find the classes, I was trying to avoid them.

This was difficult to do because the hall monitor kept pinning my arm behind me on any floor and forced me to enter the classroom where the other students laughed that I was there against my will.

I tried to walk out the door to the hall but the door was now somehow a chalk drawing, like a teacher drew it.

"David, won't you please take a seat now !" the teacher told me.

I sighed and sat in one of the front seats.

Then the desk ignited from the back. I thought it was a fire but no, it was an engine. Suddenly I could drive the desk. I kicked it into high gear and smashed through the chalk drawing of the door to - sure enough find it was the hallway.

I saw the hallway monitor come running after me, but he couldn't keep up. My desk was far too fast for him. Suddenly I was at the exit to the school and my desk bump-bumped over the entry steps and on to the concrete.

I leaned back in the seat and apparently that was the way to get my desk to travel even faster. A blue flame leapt out the back and I was shooting down the asphalt at high speed. Fortunately there wasn't anyone in the way.

After turning the corner on a block, I woke up.


[8] Dreamed I was 7-years old and being babysat at Dad's house.

She really didn't do much to interact with me. I was watching cartoons on the television.

Suddenly I guess she got bored reading her book in the dining room and entered my bedroom to watch me for a moment.

"Come here." she told me.

I got up and stood next to her as she knelt down to meet me at my level.

"Does your diaper need changing ?" she asked with all seriousness.

"I don't wear a diaper, dummy !" I told her.

But that didn't stop her. She picked me up by the back up my shorts and carried me into the bathroom. I was struggling, kicking and fighting her when I knocked my head hard into the wall accidentally and woke up.


[9] Dreamed I was back at Camp Crucis and 12-years old. For some reason I had a lot of shampoo in my hair and I was trying to find a faucet or something so I could lather it out.

I was also underground in this long stone room that held many toilets and urinals but few showers. It was lit by openings made in the stone ceiling where sunlight peeked through cylindrical cuts and covered by glass to keep out wildlife. Despite this it was remarkably cool in here, and I was only dressed in a bathing suit.

I came across one shower and even though the fellow was finished using it, he said, I'll fight you for it.

Well, I grabbed him by the feet and like in my other dreams, I whirled him on the ground and his whole body twisted up in a painful motion.

I asked if he had enough, he said yes. Then he wriggled away like a turned up worm. I tried the shower but it had only boiling water and I couldn't get anywhere near it.

I finally traveled the length of the stone room which extended for a hundred feet and saw someone had just finished taking a bath in a stone recess at the far wall.

I got in, climbing down the ladder and turned on the faucets. All seemed well with no problems. I let the water fill up a little bit, then I turned off the faucet. But the water wouldn't stop pouring !

At once the water was up to my chin. I floundered and tried to find the ladder, stepping on it to get out only to have it break beneath my feet.

Now I was treading water and water was spraying everywhere. Soap started to get in my eyes as I still had shampoo in my hair and it was now dripping down my face.

I screamed in fear because I knew I would drown, then I woke up.


[10] I was not only playing but designing this complex board game. It had pieces you placed on the board, but they had connectors on the sides so you could pull one piece across into an area and it dragged two others when linked.

There were metal holes in the board beneath and pulling on levers to the sides, these either closed or open depending upon the position of the switches.

The game play was as follows. You move one of your pieces to get to the other side of the board. And you can pull one penalty stick for your opponent.

The trickiness occurred when you linked your pieces together to try and move more than one at a time and there is a hole in front of you. You not only have to backtrack but disconnect your extra pieces as they are not permitted to travel backwards; only forwards or sideways.

Placed on the board were these colored jewels too. The point of the game was not just to get your pieces across but to grab as many jewels as you could too.

The name of the game was called, "Jeweled Pit."

My back hurt from leaning over and examining it for what felt like hours. I got up out of my chair to talk to someone when I woke up.

f I hadn't mentioned it earlier, I have a real phobia of trash trucks. If I'm having a nightmare, you can bet your breeches that a trash truck will be involved.

This dream was just that. I was running away from this trash truck but stopped to watch it pick up an empty car, raise it above the truck then drop it through the top.

I heard the machine crush the car and it sounded absolutely awful.. Then the vehicle was back after me.

I had learned a few tricks on my own, however. As it came towards me I ran sideways, like I do when I play basketball. I knew that the trash truck had difficulty making sharp turns so I could stay out of it's reach this way.

It tried to corral me against these concrete pillars, like we were in some kind of rain gully.

I met a woman in a wheelchair with an umbrella. She saw me and pointing at the truck spoke, "Don't you want to go with them ?"

I shook my head violently, skirting around her. "No, I don't ! They want to kill me !"

She smiled, "Don't be silly. They just work for the city and are taking out the trash."

I was about a dozen feet from her but yelled back, "And that is me !"

"If you're trash." she said cryptically.

Then I heard the machine stop. I looked back and saw the truck pick up with woman with her wheelchair and her in it. Then drop her from the top. I didn't want to see her get mashed up so I struggled hard - very hard to wake up.

I finally did, shaking in fear.

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