FB2-48 "Unusual Medicine"

FB2-48 "Unusual Medicine"

A Chapter by dw817

Lemonie's expression hardened and she spoke more seriously, "Yes, Dev. It WAS medicine, for YOU ! Yas head was always swellered up in class, yas thought yas knew all the answers all the time !"




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© August 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 48 - "Unusual Medicine"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Then Sharon started pulling on me, forcing me to stand back up, and follow her out the gym door, and I did. I would go anywhere with her. Anywhere at all.

Lilly started running after me, aware I was not thinking clearly, but was stopped by others asking her on microphone how she felt about the tournament as she said earlier that she was my G/F and they wanted her input on it.

My heart raced in my chest, I was so excited ! I was so happy ! I was on top of the world ! couldn't believe it ! I thought I would NEVER see Sharon again ! My mouth tangled on words but nothing intelligible came out.

As soon as we were away from the crowd in the adjacent hallway, she backed me up against the wall near a set of trophies for basketball, but something didn't look right when I was this close to her. She had two different colors of hair, a wig perhaps ? Then I felt a terrible blow on the back of my head from someone else and darkness surrounded me.

I awoke an unknown time later to find myself flat on the floor and two girls I didn't recognize were holding my arms down. Then I saw Sharon, Sharon ? What was she doing here ? Then I saw The Queen and she was looking in a mirror. Where had I seen that mirror before ? I was in the girls' restroom ! I recognized it from when I was dragged in here when I was back in 3rd grade.

The Queen had apparently been crying as her eyes were red. Another girl stood over me and I fought to not move at all, pretending that I was still unconscious. But one of my muscles betrayed me, and my eye jerked suddenly trying to keep it closed.

The one staring intently at me said, "Lemonie, he's awake now." I then opened my eyes, cursing to myself and watched what was happening. The girl looming over me stepped back so Lemonie could take a look.

The Queen, or Lemonie whirled around from the mirror to stand to the side of me and spoke angrily, "Well, congratulations, shrimp ! I had to think how it was possible a man could have possibly beaten me at a game I'm an obvious expert in, having learned since I was a baby. Chess ! And then I realized, you didn't. No man can beat me. I am certain of that."

I shook my head, confused at what she was saying and reached my arm up for Sharon who also stood by looking a little odd herself, her hair drooping to one side, and a different style and color of hair beneath it, but I ignored that hoping she would comfort me and hold my hand again.

"Sharon." I said, "Please."

Then "Sharon" reached up to her head and pulled off the wig and gave me a mean smile. It wasn't her ! It was someone else ! She took off the pretty blue bobbies in the wig and tossed them down to me where they clattered on the tiled floor. She was a fake ! I kicked my legs hard now to get away suddenly realizing I was tricked !

Then she and another girl standing on the far side dived down on the floor to hold my twitching legs as my arms were already held down by the two other girls behind me. And Lemonie came up to the side of me to talk as I jerked my arms and legs, fruitlessly to get away. After a moment I gave up and decided with a sigh to listen to what she had to say.

Lemonie explained, "Dev, I knew yas were smitten by Sharon years ago when we had our fun with yas in the bathroom years ago. I was gonna get back at yas whether yas won or lost this match. But since yas WON, that changes everything !"

"This isn't Sharon ?" I said, still not believing what I was seeing. I looked down to the pretty girl holding down my left leg. She smiled up at me. Not a nice smile, I noticed. And she didn't loosen her grip one iota.

"No, Dev." Lemonie said, quieter now. She saw I wasn't going to let this go so she enjoyed the moment of anguish I had in losing my childhood "friend" from years ago and reached down caressing my face gently as she spoke, making certain I had her undivided attention.

"This isn't Sharon, I know yas would like her to has been. We really don't know what happened to her after she transferred to another school. It was - sweet - the way that she held yas hand to comfort yas as we gave yas your medicine years ago in here. Yas hadn't forgotten, had yas, Dev ?"

"Medicine !?" I asked incredulously. "Is that what you call it ! Drowning me in the toilet every week !"

* * *

Lemonie's expression hardened and she rose up and spoke more seriously, "Yes, Dev. It WAS medicine, for YOU ! Yas head was always swellered up in class, yas thought yas knew all the answers all the time." she turned her head in thought and her voice softened for a moment.

"And maybe yas did." and then she got angry again, "But yas wouldn't give anyone ELSE a chance ! Not even yas friends and they raised their hand polite-like and as yas didn't !"

Lemonie put her hands on her hip. Her rage was easy to see now.

"But cause yas were such a brainiac and were NEVER wrong in yore answers the teachers allays took yas side ! Yas were rude to others between the classes too, making fun of them cause they didn't know the questions yas asked them the way yas wanted them, or donchu remembers that ?"

"Yas were a real knowitall, Dev, a smartass and EVERYONE HATED YOU for it ! I HATED YOU SPECIALLY !"

"Yeah." one of the other girls said and pulled painfully on my arms showing she apparently hated me too.

Lemonie let that sink in for a minute. I felt tears bob in my eyes and she saw them and reached down with a finger to catch a tear on her finger before wiping it disdainfully on her skirt like she didn't care whether or not I was crying at this point.

She continued, seeing I was genuinely surprised others hated me so much, "At first we gave yas swirlies for fun cause yas pissed us off so much yas SMARTASS !"

She stooped down to meet me in my eyes and added, "But then we found after yas had one, yas behaved better after that, yas were actually NICE to others and yas didn't know all the answers anymore in class, yas had some goddamned RESPECT for others !"

"Yore mouth was f*****g quiet for once in your life !"

She continued, "But KNOW THIS," she said and raised her voice on me again standing up, straddling my waist and towering over me frighteningly again.

"=I= was the one that held yas head in da bottom of thas stinkin' toilet every Wednesday, I told my friends about it too is why yas been getting it still, not just from girls, and I thinks that's where yas head belongs again, RIGHT NOW."

I shuddered and twitched my chin uncomfortably and she moved in closer, leaning down putting her fingers on the sides of my head, like she was measuring the size of it.

Finally she added, "As yas head has obviously gotten swelled up biggery since then." Then she leaned down and caressed my hair for a bit, shocking me at her sudden anger and kindess both in less than a few seconds.

She then spoke in a tone like she was somehow a very special friend of mine, "Dev, yas knows how much better yas feel after yas had a good swirl in the pottie ? Its good medicine for yas, Dev. It calms yas right down, don't it ?"

Then she curled up on her legs to talk seriously to me and touched her fingers on the side of my face. "Dev, yas gotta serious attitude problem. I'll cures yas of it, but yas gotta trust me completely, do everything I tell yas, no matter what. Can I count on yas to do that ?"

I grimaced, pulling away from her gentle fingers but I knew she was right, to a degree. But I had to think about what she said to see just HOW right she was.

I remembered prior to swirlies I was a real chatterbox in class, hyper, manic, and obnoxious, always knowing the right answer, seldom raising my hand when I did, and always being the teacher's favorite, especially making them laugh at my silly intellectual jokes when no-one else in class did or even began to understand them.

I made few friends this way and even more enemies it seemed. I had fights after school but it was no fun for them as I never fought back. The moment someone hit me I sit down Indian-style - and it was no fun hitting someone that didn't even bother to defend himself. It was stupid to try.

However, after I had a swirlie, the classes that followed and for the next few days after I was more timid and respectful to the bullies, which they liked. And they learned. And that knowledge was apparently passed on from one student to another.

And somehow after that, I didn't know all the answers to the questions anymore keeping quiet, I couldn't think straight, I felt tired and dizzy and sleepy the rest of the day and even thought I heard rushing water in my ears, giving them and other students a chance to raise their hand and answer the question when a teacher asked.

In a twisted way of logic, it seemed Lemonie was right - the swirlies at school DID keep me tranquil and quiet afterwards for a few days. I didn't really know how or why it worked but it did. It might've had something to do with the way I focused, almost hypnotically at the swirling water ?

And then I was back staring into Lemonie's face. My own face froze up in fear when I realized, all this bullying, all this time, while a great deal of it was in anger, the swirlies continued for years quite simply, because THEY WORKED.

"Mm hmm.." she said suddenly and quietly reading the frightened and knowing expression in my face, "It's good medicine for yas." deciding that my prolonged silence was my way of agreeing to her question.

Then she leaned really close to me and I could smell that pretty lemon-candy perfume again, "Know that everything that happens to yas tonite at dis point is for yas own good. You remembers that." and she patted me on my cheek.


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