FB2-50 "Horrible Treatment"

FB2-50 "Horrible Treatment"

A Chapter by dw817

Then Lemonie leaned forward hard, putting her entire weight against her hands on my head and mashed me in the hole until both my mouth and nose disappeared in there.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© August 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 50 - "Horrible Treatment"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Then with both hands, Lemonie dunked my head in the water and it was freezing !

I shivered and was chattering my teeth when she pulled me back up after for air after several uncomfortable moments. I was not expecting how cold it was going to be !

Then she jammed my head back down and held me there for a long time, scooting forward on her butt towards my neck. My nose burned too as it was going right up there. I coughed and glubbed on the water, drinking quite a bit of it noisily as I fought for air again, which definitely made her laugh.

When she was certain I had drank enough to the point of drowning, she let go of me completely, knowing I couldn't fight her for a few moments.

I peered up raising for a bit, coughing out the water from my lungs hard, echoing it in the bowl, and turning my head slightly seeing her left hand vanish around the back of her head and saw she had pulled out a stretchy hair-tie from the back of her own hair.

Then in one quick move she wrapped it around the flushing handle and the other side of the piping for it. This held down the flush handle for her automatically.

At once the mechanism started up and I had always been amazed and frightened at how much stronger the suction in commodes were in my school than those at home. It noisily sucked the hair around my face and right down the hole.

In a weird feeling, my own face was sucked down with the water too and stopped at the opening. My lips were also being tugged at by the suction of the water running around it.

I had enough of this abuse ! I reached around with full strength in my left hand to knock her off and suddenly heard her scissors snip and there was a terrible pain in the cleft of my pinky finger !

For a moment she let go of my head completely so I could raise it up and peek out the edge of the bowl to see where she had cut, not deep, but pretty hard with her scissors, bright red and bleeding right in the fold separating the pinky from the other finger beside it.

I turned my head back at her, or as well as I could, looking in fear as she continued to sit on my back.

She snipped the scissors in front of my face, threateningly, "Try that again, Dev, and I'll be keeping one !" she challenged. "Now you knows Ise trying to help yas so get yas head back in there where yas belong !"

I clenched that fist hard, feeling a few drops of my blood come out and I sat them both in surrender on the tiled floor. It was quiet for a moment. I felt her rock from her perch left and right to see both my hands were on the floor in surrender. I turned my head and stared straight ahead, incredulous to the fact what she said.

Then I thought in horror what just happened. She cut me with her scissors and now threatened to cut off a finger !

Satisfied I was appropriately terrified of her threat, she inched up a little closer on her butt and rotated my head back in the bowl with her free hand. I didn't resist her for fear of my fingers or any other part of my body she could cut right now. I had a fear she might jam her scissors straight into my back she was sitting on, so I didn't fight her.

Then I heard a distinctly metallic clink as she put the scissors up ahead of me on the flat hexagonal screw of the piping of the commode.

With that I carefully reached up my hands and gripped the sides of the porcelain bowl loosely pushing hard to keep my head out, but not enough to make her mad, however my strength was waning and all I could feel was the terrible cut in my finger.

Now that she had both hands free again, she grabbed the sides of my forehead rotating it down slightly forcing my eyes to look right inside the nasty hole with the caked brown stains for a moment. I felt my lunch jerk up against my chest, ready to come out.

"See that Dev," she said almost as if we were good friends somehow now, "That's where yas gone tonite." then she lowered her voice and whispered to me like it was a great secret she was revealing, "Cause that's yas favorite place to be, aint it ?"

* * *

I knew I couldn't fight her at this point and my pinky finger ached in agony, so I swallowed hard, trying to not throw up just yet, and nodded weakly, eager for her to be done with it.

With not as much roughness, for apparently agreeing with her, she lifted my head slightly by the temples around my eyes and gently rotating it up so my mouth and lips were jammed against the opening.

Then she leaned forward hard, putting her entire weight against her hands on my head and mashed me in the hole until both my mouth and nose disappeared there. She grunted in the effort, making sure I stayed there. I grimaced in pain as she suddenly dug her fingernails into my earlobes, eager for me to attempt to fight her again, which I didn't at this point.

One of the other girls ran into the stall as the door was wide open and without looking at what was going on blurted out, "Lemonie, we got her, she's not really Dev's girlfriend as she says but one of Tyr's friends."

And then her voice trailed off as I heard her walk up slowly in clicking shoes to see Lemonie sitting comfortably on my neck, my head jammed at the bottom of the commode and her leaning down to hold onto my ears, already turning pink from tugging down on them too hard to hold me in place.

I saw the other girl out of the corner of my eye to peer down curiously into the bowl to see the horrible expression on my face as I breathed raggedly in and out of the u-joint. She gave a big smile jerking her head back up and asked eagerly with excitement, "Hey, can I help ya here, Lemonie ?"

"No !" she said, angry for being interrupted at what apparently was to be a private session between just me and her.

Then she added angrily, "Keep an eye out for anyone else. I'm not done giving him his medicine yet."

I coughed in reply to that, my voice echoing, "Worst tasting medicine ever !"

"Aww ..." the other girl said, sounding like she was was missing out on something great.

Lemonie replied to her sound of disappointment, "Yas all get yas chance to do it ta him tomorrow cause this is a lesson he don't larnt so easy. Right Dev ?"

I didn't reply and for a moment I really wished I could crawl down in that hole she had my face jammed in to hide right now as I was so ashamed that a strange girl saw where she had put me and even more disgraced by the fact the same girl was eagerly looking forward to doing the same thing to me tomorrow herself.

Then I felt the tears start up again. I'm better than this ! I don't deserve this ! This kind of crap was supposed to have ended when I was 7-years old, and here it is, 6-years later and it's still going on ! What the f**k ! I curled my fists up tighter and my pinky ached even harder from the cut she gave me earlier.

"Shut the door." Lemonie added quieter, completely unaware of the rage building in me. The other girl nodded, then I heard her walk out and the light changed to darker as she closed the stall door behind to give us privacy, and ran back to the front bathroom door to keep a lookout for anyone else approaching.

I listened intently for Lilly but it was hard to under the loud rhythmic sound of the water rushing around the bowl.

As for me, the sides of my soaked hair continued to dance around the turbulent whirlpool in the hole and I was looking straight up into the white porcelain above the hole where the water swirled around my face. I coughed again and you could hear my voice echoed and muffled by the pipes inside the commode.

Lemonie leaned her head down again, eager to continue the abuse, and sucked in a deep breath noisily through her nose as an example, "Take a DEEP breath, Dev. Let all that smartness of yas just wash righten down dat stinkin' crap hole and STOP being such a F*****G KNOWITALL for once in your life !" she said raising her voice angrily.

My fingers twitched spasmodically, my brain clearly starved for oxygen, as she had me down even further in the hole than Stefani had me earlier, and I felt my fingers fall limp to the sides of the bowl, on the cold tiles.

The cold actually felt pretty good against the wound in my finger so fighting for what little consciousness remained, I remember flattening the cut out against the tiles to numb the pain and give me something else to think about.


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