Dream Diary - September 1st 2015

Dream Diary - September 1st 2015

A Chapter by dw817

Canadian Comforts / Ant Annihilation / Princess Position / Obvious Theft / Marvelous Music / Tricky Legal Tender / The Awful Fight / Locked Door Revisited / Five Alive / Midnight Sunlight



  Dream Diary   


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© September 2015 Written by David Wicker
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This will be my new main Tuesday writing and I will add a new listing of 10 of my
dreams every week as long as I can remember or am reminded to do so.


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These entries are Rated: TEEN

Here are 10 more unusual and bizarre dreams I have recorded. And like the others - they seem to go all over the place.


[1] Dreamed I was back again working for Star Telegram. And this dream like real life, I was the top producer there and earned many bonuses. In this dream, I received a free flight to Canada. An all-paid vacation package including room and board.

I was supposed to meet Dad, Dottie, Sue, and family there. We were just going to have a nice get-together. So I called them 2-hours into the flight using an on-board public telephone which was available for the passengers.

Sue answered the phone. I told her I was running a little late.

She answered back, oh, I guess we won't see you then.

I shook my head, no, of course I'm coming ! I countered.

But she seemed insistent, we'll miss you.

Finally I asked, how long are you guys staying in Canada ?

She replied, we're leaving on the next flight.

Now I was a little cross, I thought we were all getting together ?

She countered, but you're running late, we don't have time, I'm sorry.

So - now I was flying to Canada and outside of accommodations, I would be alone.

As I stepped off the flight into the airport, there was a strange item there. It was a fortune-telling machine that had a large black mechanical raven in it. I reached in my pocket and put a coin in.

The metal bird unfurled its fabric wings and spoke in a deep tone, "Quoth the raven, nevermore."

Nothing else happened, no fortune as far as I could tell and no slot to receive anything.

What a gyp !

Someone approached me and identified themselves as the people I was supposed to meet regarding transportation to my hotel. They said it would be just a few minutes.

I reached in my pocket and pulled out this game machine. It was really primitive. Used red LED pixels that were 16-across by 3-down, so everything in it required a pixel to flash on and off rapidly to make it stand out from the others.

Suddenly someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned to look but then woke up.


[2] There was this Online game I was playing at my sister's request. I think I was doing fairly well in it when she wrote me back in chat and said, "You're doing good. You've killed over 1,000 ants."

"Ants ?" I asked her.

"Yes, ants. That's the purpose of the game, to kill them."

"Why would I do that ?" I asked her, really not wanting to harm anything, even virtual, without cause.

"To get high score, dummy !" she told me.

I played the game a little further and got to level two where the score showed that I killed a little over 10,000 ants now.

And I guess it was a strange game indeed. While I was being attacked by soldiers and ninjas from all sides, the actual purpose of the game was the annihilate the ground where they stood. And apparently under their feet were tiny and busy little ants.

You got no score for hitting or killing any other opponents; just ants.

What a weird game, I told myself !

Finally me and my sister met a little later at this new restaurant. I got french fried worms. Emma didn't like me having these however as anytime I bit into them, worm guts squirted on her face and her shirt.

Kay was there too. He was about to punch me in the face for what I was doing when I suddenly tossed down the package of fried worms and ran off.

Then I woke up.


[3] Strange but perhaps familiar dream, like I have had it a few times before. One of which I had where I had entered this wonderful kingdom and met a beautiful princess there.

She told me that the kingdom would collapse without a princess, as she was next in line to the throne, and her mother had apparently passed away.

Then she invited me to a private dinner set for two, only to find that my food was drugged. I woke up hours later in her bedroom in her bed and there was a note pinned to the pillow.

"I have gone to see the world. See how the other half lives. Marilyn."

I got up out of bed and realized I was wearing a full-length dress !

I looked around and found a large mirror and saw that she had somehow attached a wig that matched her own hair design - to my head ! I also realized that her facial structure and mine were identical, which is why she chose me !

There was a pleasant knocking at the door. It was apparently one of the maids. "Mary ! Get ready hun, you have the court in 5-minutes !"

I looked to the window and thought I might be able to escape from there, but I wasn't going to with this - wig ! I pulled out my hair and found that it wasn't a wig at all. That she had somehow made my hair grow longer and then colored and styled it !

Maybe she was a witch ? I looked in the mirror and her words echoed to me, "Without a princess, our kingdom will surely collapse !"

There was more insistent tapping at the door, "Ma'am ! Truly we must go - now !"

"Okay." I answered back but my voice felt tight and funny. I answered in the princess' voice ! So that confirmed it, she had used witchcraft to not only change positions but to ensure that I sounded just like her as well.

I thought about the note then too. It was not just how the other half lives meaning my financial status compared to her worldly riches, no, she was referring to the other half meaning boys acting like girls !

I couldn't possibly do anything about this so I spoke and added, "I don't feel well. Can I stay in ?"

At that point the door flung open, almost cracking on its steel hinges and in stepped this HUGE burly man. It was from the golden crown atop his head I realized this must be the king.

He wide-strided over to me and spoke in a deep but amused tone, "Don't be silly, pumpkin, we've got a busy day ahead of us !"

Then he came over and kissed me on the cheek and patted me on my bottom to get me to stand up from the bed. I didn't know whether to be disgusted or fascinated by the way people would treat me that day. Like royalty.

I didn't want anyone to know what happened, or likely it would be the death penalty for me ! I hurriedly put on some pretty jeweled shoes and stood up, ready to go.

The king, my "father" went over to one dresser and pulled out my crown, decidedly with pink jewels, and placed it atop my head. Then he held my hand and we left the princess' bedroom.

As I walked with him into the torch-lit hallways, it was right then I woke up.


[4] Dreamed I was in my 20s and invited a bunch of people over to have a bit of a party and watch a movie on my big television screen.

Well, a lot of people did arrive, including my Mom. But I was having difficulty getting the wiring hooked up.

I told them, why don't you play a few video-games as I get this fixed up.

And sure enough, in my living room, I had no less than a dozen full-sized arcade games with the bottoms stripped out so you didn't need any quarters to play.

I saw my Mom go to Ms. Pac Man. She fipped the switch below and a credit appeared on the screen. She started to play.

But I was still busy with my wiring. I never could figure out why video required 3-different wires instead of just one primary fatter wire. Doing so you would never need worry that you have the audio in the video jack and vice-versa.

As I worked on the television and player, some strange people came in and tried to walk off with my arcade games.

I stopped what I was doing to confront them.

"Hey, we're just gonna borrow it for awhile, you don't mind, do ya ?"

"Yes I do most certainly mind ! And you were not invited - so you need to leave !"

"That's not very friendly of you."

"No, I supposed it isn't. But it's also not very 'friendly' to walk into a stranger's house and try to steal his stuff !"

They got cross when I called them thieves and tried to attack me. But I reached out and grabbing them by their feet smashed them into the ground. Then hurled them out the front door and locked it.

I turned around to return back to the television when I woke up.

[?] Dreamed that I was singing, "The Logical Song." I woke up humming it and still hearing it. But when I rose out of bed it stopped suddenly. That's not the first time I lay back in bed and listen to music that isn't there. [Link]


[5] Dreamed I wrote this incredible computer program and turned it into a hardware device that worked directly with music. In it, it had the keys of a piano all arranged around in a circle. The black notes were in the middle and the white notes were curled out like rose petals on the outside.

You could press notes in any order and depending upon what you pressed and the difference in time between each, it would add percussion and other instruments. It was artificially intelligent and essentially 'wrote' its own music based upon your own keystrokes to the round keyboard.

With only 4-notes pressed, an incredible symphony of music would burst forth and be completely unique and original, never heard before anywhere else.

My device would revolutionize the way music was written and I was very proud of it.

The dream changed, then I was at church and there was this young woman who was apparently possessed by the devil. I was ordered to go to her house and see if I could find the cause.

In her house were many naked Barbie dolls with dried blood where the eyes would be. I made a decision and popped off the heads of all the dolls and, as I hoped, the woman who was earlier possessed started to feel better and the grip of evil over her slackened.

Then I woke up.


Dreamed I was in my teens. I was in this classroom where I was part of this psychological experiment taking place.

A $10 bill was placed on top of a cabinet. There was a single individual who climbed up to see that the money was still there, which was a little odd as we could already see it ourselves.

Once he confirmed the money was still up there, he came back down, and then the experiment began. We were to determine how to get the money without touching the cabinet or its surface.

I puzzled over this. I asked if I could use a step-ladder or rope ?

The teacher said no, try again.

Suddenly one girl on my team said out loud, "I take it from the person who examined it earlier !"

So saying she grabbed the right-hand of the person who was chosen to confirm the money was up there. There in his palm and hidden away was the $10 bill.

I was suitably impressed. "How did you know - and what is on top of the cabinet then ?"

She went to the cabinet and pulled down the money to show me. It was a single $1.

She then explained it to me, "When he went to confirm the money was still there, he palmed the real $10 and replaced it with $1. As the experiment called for us to retrieve the money without touching the cabinet without the use of any tools, I realized that it was impossible - and therefore, there had to be a trick to retrieving it."

"And there was !"

She triumphantly held forth the $10 to the teacher. The teacher wrote A+ on a page in front of her.

Then she asked me, "David, did you think the money was still up there ? Even after I told you that you could not touch the cabinet to retrieve it ?"

I was prepared to reply when I woke up suddenly.


[7] Dreamed I was over at Kay's house, visiting his Mom. Kay got angry at me for some reason and leaning back, punched me hard in the mouth, knocking out one of my teeth.

I tried to tell other people that he was just being a bully to me and even showed them the tooth he punched out.

Well apparently he wanted me to keep quiet about that, and we got into a big fight. So I picked him up by his feet and smashed his skull in.

Then I asked as I always do in my dreams when I am fighting someone, "Are we done yet !?"

"No !" came back the angry reply.


I smashed his head again in the concrete.

"Are we done YET !?"

So I kept smashing him over and over again until finally he didn't reply, which told me that he had in fact enough.

I hate dreams like this because it always winds up in me killing someone that just does NOT want to back down under any circumstances. Whereas with me in real life I always want the peaceful solution.

It's like the classic story of the tree and the reeds, have you heard this ?

. . .

There was a tree, mighty and proud who chastised the reeds beneath him. "See how strong and proud I am. Yet you poor pathetic reeds bend over for even the slightest breeze. You disgust me !"

The reeds did not reply, not wanting to invoke an arguement nor a fight with the massive tree.

Then a terrible storm came. A tornado ! The tree faced the tornado and held strong, not bending back one branch to show any weakness. "Do your worst !" he said in defiance.

The wind became stronger - and stronger - and STRONGER !

Suddenly there was a terrible cracking sound. It was the tree, proud as it was, the wind had snapped it in half.

As for the reeds, they were as low to the ground as they could be, bending all the way down meekly and humbly to stay out of the path of the terrible wind.

Finally the storm ended, the wind receded and the sky cleared. The reeds returned back to their gentle upright position, not even remotely damaged or hurt by the tornado. But as for the tree, all that remained of it was a stump which rose 2-feet in the air and the wooden tear where the powerful wind had torn off the top half of it.

. . .

There is something to learn from this ...


[8] Dreamed I was at Dad's house. It was the same situation. The front door that would not lock - not correctly anyways.

Even when I got the lock correctly done, the door itself wilted forwards and backwards, like a limp noodle, and wouldn't stay in its groove.

Outside cars drove by, smashing into one another; bits of metal and glass flinging in all directions, cutting people walking and those that were running. It was definitely a nightmare and one I was quite familiar with.

Then they see me, trying to keep the door closed and come running. I am holding the door trying to prevent them coming in. They push against the door and jiggle the handle.

Then they rush in and attack me with knives and other weapons. I grab one and smash his skull in the carpet, but more bad people come in.

Finally I wake up. Very familiar but very uncomfortable dream and nightmare.


[9] Dreamed that these aliens from another world came down. But they didn't want to hurt us, no, they wanted us to partake in these complex games they had set up for us.

The games themselves were taken entirely from old television shows, and ultimately were a lot of fun.

If you did well, you could stay in the game, but if not, you would lose a 'life.' You only had five lives to mess with, and once those were gone, they would take you out of the games and put you back on Earth.

But I didn't think this was very fair, as you had no opportunity to gain any extra lives. I considered the videogames that were being made today, how when you die or do something wrong, you are only put back a short ways.

And never EVER is the game entirely over, not with the games made today.

I was in a game but I stopped and told a wall that I want to see the owner of the games. At first nothing happened. There was a warning that I would lose a life unless I played the game. But I persisted. Finally the game faded around me and I found myself setting in a beautiful crystalline chair.

Ahead of me a single light shone, and I could not make out the shape of the person who talked from it.

"What do you propose ?" the voice asked politely.

"Just this," I said. "You took us from Earth because you want to see how well we will do in these games, right ?"

I paused for a moment. The light just continued to shine. I continued, "Well, if each of us are only given five lives, then by the end of the month, all the hard work you have done to keep us here will be for naught."

"We will all eventually be back on Earth and your games, no, your ZOO will be OVER." I emphasized the last two words.

The light ahead flickered, then dimmed. A sallow and pale-headed figure, clearly an alien, stepped forward and offered me his lengthened fingers.

Feeling a little afraid, I took them in mine and wasn't surprised that his hand and digits were as cold as the room with no warmth to them.

Seeing I still had the spotlight I added, "No. Give us infinite lives. If we do poorly in a game, you can put us back a bit, but don't just give five chances to termination of the game. I think I speak for all of us. Your games are interesting. I can't think of a single human being that wouldn't want to be in them."

Then the alien spoke and it was in a beautiful feminine tongue, "Okay, little one. We will consider what you said."

With that the room vanished in a puff of sweet-smelling smoke and I was back in the game, but I was at at a pause, where I could talk to my family and we had a break for 8-hours to eat and sleep.

I was talking to my Dad about changing the rules so everyone could play forever and he seemed truly delighted at it.

Just then I felt a prick on my neck from behind. I looked and recognized one of the long alien fingers I shook with earlier. Yet it was not bare. Attached to the lengthened digit was a device for making injections.

It hissed and injected its contents into my neck. At once I felt dizzy and sleepy.

Then the pretty feminine voice of the alien came back to me, "You are too smart, human. I am sorry but we must do this. We must determine how it is you know more about effective games than we do."

With that coils of tubes with sharp piercing pieces impaled me from many sides of my head, my chest, and my arms and legs. Then a mask with sweet-smelling gas was attached to my mouth and nose.

Finally I was dragged back into the darkness.

As I lost consciousness, I woke up in real life.


[10] Dreamed I was at Dad's, having trouble sleeping on the couch. It was 1am yet sunlight was streaming through the front door. I had earlier confirmed that it really was 1am by calling time and temperature on the telephone, and looking at all the clocks in the house.

I went outside to look briefly at the sun, really ensuring that it was daylight and not something else. Dad was there with me. He put a hand on my shoulder to glance up himself and yes, to see our solar star, fully illuminating everything around us.

"Now that is odd." he commented.

I looked across the street and I wasn't the only one out of doors checking to see it really was daylight at 1am.

Finally I got cross, "I go to school in 6-hours from now. What's going on ?"

Then I saw this strange image cross the sky. It was like a giant and beautiful robot, but it was 2-dimensional. It wafted in and out of the clouds, like a giant Mylar sticker. I looked to the sides for any strings that might be carrying it, but there were none to be seen.

For some reason I needed to use the bathroom then. I went back in the house and entered the restroom, only to find that for some strange reason it extended down nearly 50-feet !

I started to run to the toilet, but it was like my feet were slipping on the tiles and I was making little progress. Suddenly I sped forward like a shot in a bullet. And I couldn't stop myself !

I smashed into the wall right where the toilet was. Picking myself up I looked but there was no toilet, just a fixture where one could be installed.

Then I heard Dad from the other end of the lengthy hallway, "What are you doing in there, son ?"

"Trying to take a poop !" I yelled back. But I certainly couldn't since the toilet had apparently been removed for repairs.

There was a bit of a hole in the floor. I dropped my underwear and tried to position myself over it, but fell over, unable to keep my balance. Then raw sewage started pouring and gurbling out of the hole !

I woke up in fear.

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